Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mahathir protects Zakir Naik, but fCk Chin Peng & Ambiga

Malaysiakini - Dr M, why are you protecting Zakir Naik? (extracts):

Malaysian PM with alleged terrorist, convicted blackmailer, alleged pilferer

Anonymous 2413471460628504: If there is a formal request from India to extradite preacher Zakir Naik, what is the Malaysian government waiting for?

Unless there is no extradition treaty with India, whether Zakir behaves himself or not in Malaysia is immaterial. We wouldn't want this kind of reason from another country in reply to our request for extradition.

It is not our government's job to decide if Zakir has committed a crime in India. It is for India to decide, and if we think India is incompetent to do so, then we should terminate any extradition treaty we have with them.

Otherwise, please comply with our international treaties and obligations.

Gotcha: Malaysia should not set a bad example by failing to deport Zakir back to India as he is wanted by Indian authorities.

Since the Indian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that a formal request has been made to Malaysia for the extradition of Zakir, it is best that we comply.

It is also pointless for Malaysia to allow a person who allegedly promotes terrorism and racial hate to remain in our peace-loving nation.

6th Generation Immigrant: Hang on, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, that does not sound right. India had requested we extradite Zakir, and we have a mutual agreement to facilitate that.

Malaysia is also seeking to extradite a number of others – 1MDB-linked Jho Low, former police officer and convicted murderer Sirul Azhar Umar, former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman, et cetera.

How would Mahathir feel if Macau, Australia and United Kingdom answered as you just did in a tit-for-tat diplomacy?

Leave religion out of your decision, Mahathir, your answer will not be anything else but a definite return of Zakir to India.

If he is found innocent in India, he can return to Malaysia with his permanent residency. If he is charged, jailed and fined, we should strip him of his permanent resident status. This is the international rule of law.

Ambiga Sreenevasan

in 2013 Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir wanted to have Ambiga's citizenship stripped for being involved with BERSIH, which Mahathir himself subsequently participated in, wakakaka.

Shouldn't he then strip himself of his own citizenship?

It was in early 2013 that the Star Online reported that, in Laws to protect your citizenship (extracts):

Many individuals, including Ibrahim [Ali], ........ and even former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad have called for Ambiga’s citizenship to be revoked, following her involvement with Bersih.

In reaction, Penang Gerakan leader Baljit Singh demanded for Ibrahim’s citizenship to be revoked, saying the Perkasa chief has committed treason in questioning the “King’s decision to grant a royal audience to Ambiga”.

Earlier this year, Dr Mahathir reportedly said the Government needed to amend the constitution if it wanted to strip the citizenship of lawyers such as Ambiga.

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Malaysia would not give in easily just because there were demands made by others.

Responding to questions on controversial Muslim preacher Dr Zakir Naik and India’s request to have him extradited, Dr Mahathir said the government would always ensure it looked into all factors before responding to any demand.

“We do not easily follow the demands of others. We must look at all factors before we respond.

[kaytee note: Mahathir has been renowned for ignoring international treaties including extradition treaty with India. He has recently decided to unilaterally cancel internationally agreed and signed for projects as well as ignoring an international treaty to allow Ong Boon Hwa (Chin Peng) to return home to Sitiawan]

“Otherwise, someone will become a victim,” he said.

A DAP leader had recently questioned if there was a “secret deal” between the Malaysian and Indian government, after Putrajaya said it would not deport Zakir.

Dr Mahathir last week said the cleric would not be handed over to Indian authorities as he had been granted Malaysian permanent resident status.

The prime minister said Zakir, who left India in 2016, would be allowed to stay in the country as long as he was not creating any problem.

However, the decision did not sit well with several groups, who insisted the government return Zakir to India following his alleged tendencies to make racial and religiously insensitive statements.

It was reported that India had made a formal extradition request for Zakir to be returned to the country after accusing him of inciting youngsters to commit terror activities through his hate speeches.

However, Zakir has accused the media in India of subjecting him to a campaign of vilification over the past two years.

He has also pledged to expose fake news about him soon.


  1. https://www.malaymail.com/s/1649901/backs-against-the-wall-najib-and-his-men-turn-to-religion-human-rights

    Your dearest Bijan is playing the race and religion card to the fullest.

    I would think Mahathir will not hand the Bastard free ammunition , at least where no vital National interests are at stake.

    1. Cheebye kaytee tactic is to cucuk us into doing his dirty works. Why should we give him the pleasure?

      I say expose this kaytee and make him suffer....hahahaha

  2. Time for India to employ pressure on Malaysia...

    India is Asia's 3rd largest economy and a large export market for Malaysia.

    India has the equivalent of a heavy-calibre machine gun if it chooses to bring out the pressure.

    1. To paraphrase: F*ck you all, Aneh says OK what

  3. Just wondering why Indian Courts cannot charge Zakir in absentia.

    After that, if guilty then request for extradition formally.

    Likewise, why the AG cannot bring charges against all those involved in 1MDB, SRC in absentia?

    Why mucking around trying to nab them overseas?

    1. Because their courts don't do kangaroo trials like the one here recently?

    2. Really? Like letting modi go even though he is reponsible in killing many many muslims such as john.

      Dont go to india.....indians do hate john.

    3. Because they didn't have hard evidence that Modi ordered the killing lor just like the court here then, didn't convict Mahathir for his killing in Memali. But now the courts are subservient to him, even the supreme judges have kowtow'ed to his Cronies of Eminent Elders.... I mean, Council of Eminent Cronies.

      As for travelling to India. They too, hate slithery forked tongue creatures, because it gave them a bad name. So if they see a snake like you and a Indian, they will kill the snake and any snake-like creatures instead of the Indian.

      So Looes, better don't travel to India unless you wanna be a casualty there. Hohohoho!