Saturday, July 14, 2018

Chinese Malaysians will protect Malay culture that Kelantan spurns

MM Online - Khairy rapped for ‘neglecting’ Malay roots (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, July 14 — An Umno lawmaker questioned whether Khairy Jamaluddin had forgotten Malay culture after the former party Youth chief criticised some members’ donation drive for embattled former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman said those party members’ solidarity with Najib, who has since been charged with three counts of criminal breach of trust and another of power abuse, is part of Malay culture in respecting their leaders and helping them when in need.

“Does Khairy not understand the Malay culture?” Tajuddin told Malay Mail yesterday.

It's not just Malay culture but also Chinese culture - recall how supporters of Lim Guan Eng collected more than RM1 million for his then-anticipated bail money when he was ABOUT to be charged for corruption regarding his bungalow purchase?

Hmmm, I wonder what happened to that more than RM1 million? Tabung Harapan or Tabung Simpan?

On same subject, to wit, Malay culture, let's read ...

... NST - Kelantan: Sexy dresses, indecent behaviour see more than 300 hauled up for counselling:

beautiful lah 

KOTA BARU: More than 300 people in Kelantan have been slapped with notices to attend counselling sessions for wearing sexy dresses and behaving indecently at public places.
Kelantan Islamic Affairs Department (JAHEAIK) director Datuk Che Mohd Rahim Jusoh said the notices were issued in a series of operations carried out between January and last month.

“All of them were slapped with the notices and need to attend the counselling sessions in stages as set by the department.

“However, 80 per cent of them did not attend the counselling sessions.

“We will send them another notice urging them to attend the sessions,” said Che Mohd Rahim.

He said the department would not hesitate to take the matter to court if the individuals issued with the notices failed to turn up for the second round of counselling sessions.

Checks by NSTP at several shopping complexes and malls in the town area showed that many Muslim women were still wearing tight fitting clothes, exposing parts of their aurat.

Section 5(1) of Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code 1985 states that Muslims who were found guilty for acting or behaving in an “indecent manner” will be liable to be slapped with a fine of not more than RM1,000, imprisonment for a term of not more than six months, or both.

Those found guilty by JAHEAIK are required to attend a counselling session, but will be fined RM1,000 if they do not attend.

I wonder what would or could be defined as "behaving in an indecent behaviour"?

Like a 41-year old man marrying an 11-year old lil' girl?

indecent behaviour? The world says YES 

that's why, so don't worry lah


Now, more on Malay culture, with an extract from Unique artistry of Malay dancing in the 1950's posted in my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok follows:

Today it seems to me the Malays have in the majority discarded or abandoned their quintessentially tradisi adat Melayu to opt for an Arabic culture, as if we live in a mid latitude desert-type environment instead of a low latitude humid tropical country.

Hmmm, is it necessary to observe and practice Islam only in an Arabic way?

Kelantan prohibits wayang kulit performances

wayang kulit is a century-old Malaysian-Kelantan cultural treasure 

Meanwhile, from
Star Online (extracts only):
Khoo ... said that there’s nothing alien about the wayang kulit culture, to who the Malays are.

While religious practice among all Muslim is the same, your culture can be different and they are not irreconcilable. Many people say that wayang kulit is not Malay in essence.

“Its origins may be Indian, not Hindu, but it has been adapted and ingrained in Malay society. It expresses Malay sensibilities, states of being and, attitudes about love, death, war, jealousy and so on. So, this traditional art form is innately Malay,” asserts Khoo.

The wayang kulit is our national treasure. It behoves us, then, as Malaysians, to realise the importance of such traditions and culture in the face of modernisation. What else besides traditions and culture that can fill the hollowness experienced by many of us today?

“If you have no tradition, you have no culture,” concludes Abdul Rahman Dollah.

OK, leaving aside the Mak Yong and Wayang Kulit, perhaps it's time to ask what has happened to such stuff as the lovely sarong kebaya?

Ironically, the kebaya originated in the royal courts of the Majapahit era when the Javanese nobility adopted Islam as their religion. The kebaya evolved to modify the traditional Javanese women's sexy Kemban (torso wrap, also known as Dhodot) into a modest dress more acceptable to the new religion of Islam.

sexy kemban (or dhodot) with sweet uncovered shoulders 

a semi-transparent brocade blouse to cover bare shoulders turned the sexy kemban into an Islam-halal kebaya, and I like it very very much

complete it with a selendang to cover the head and Buotros' (Bob's) your uncle

But alas, today the kebaya, which as mentioned had ironically evolved to respect Islam, might have become non-halal in modern-day Malaysia. Regression?

However I believe we needn't worry too much at the potential loss of this beautiful Malay heritage as Chinese Malaysian sweeties love kebaya and will definitely maintain the gorgeous Malay dressing tradition, all complete with beautiful intricate kerongsang and silver or gold belt for the sarong.

photo 'borrowed' for non-commerical republishing from
(thanks Aaron)

Kerongsang is the brooch (usually 3 pieces linked by a delicate chain) to 'pin' the kebaya front together (like buttons on a blouse); the brooches were usually of intricate Malayan design like flowers, leaves, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, etc

Kerongsang is/was made of precious metals, usually gold like the one in photo above, or gold inlaid with precious gems.

My late mum had a kerongsang of 3 carved jade goldfish joined by a gold chain (probably of less expensive jade as we were a pokkai family, wakakaka), but before her death, she gave to my cousin sister - sorry, my future sweetie.



  1. It's on the cards. KJ will lead an UMNO split, before GE15.

    1. Zahid is already signalling his vision for UMNO, after defeating KJ and the labourer. He just appointed Appandi as Supreme Council Member meaning his vision is "No Change, Same Same and No Idea". KJ won something like 45% of the raw delegate votes so has considerable support. Watch out for some in-fighting.

    2. sure as the sun rises from the East, KJ will do the lickety split from Umno sooner or later....and as sure as the matahari sets in the West, a white flabby mat salleh raja pandai kelentong will proclaim that Malays are split 6 ways while the Chinese are all united and this is proof Dr M is controlled by DAP and Christianity will be the official religion, Mandarin the official language, Malays lose all rights and privileges.....we live in exciting times, hehe

  2. Giving support to a corrupted leader and calling it a Malay culture?

    Is he preparing himself to face corruption scandals all conveniently silenced during the previous UMNO regime?

    The saying "Crooks and thieves band together" is more apt.

    Don't the ordinary Malays feel insulted by such cultured moronic thugs?

    About the adopted Arabised culture among Malays. The shift of the old Malay culture in physical appearance and language is all due to the feeling of being more religious and holy with the rise of Islamisation among Malays.

    It's not only among Malays and Moslems in Malaysia but all across the world.

    Does it not show Moslems who discard their own culture in favor of an Arabised one pays more attention to physical forms Arabised way of dressing and speak rather than the teachings itself which does not say anything about the adoption of an Arabised culture?

    Is it because of the inferiority of their own cultures which caused them to adopt another culture?

    Likewise, what makes other different believers and cultures of past generations adopt westernised or their home country or community's culture either half way or in full?

    And finally, which religion specifically says or states that believers must adopt a particular culture to be more pious or holy?

    1. GUILTY until proven innocent???

    2. Vis-a-vis the pedophiliac marriage of the 11yr old girl to a 41yr gatal zombie!

  3. To stay in power , Bijan played the race-religion card to the fullest for many years .... with full support from Chinapeks like Ktemoc and MCA, Gerakan.

    1. an how did Maddy come into power now?

    2. All national politics in Malaysia is necessarily a compromise; the important issue is where the compromise point lies.

      Your Bijan played the race-religion card to the fullest.

      Mahathir 2.0 has NOT played the Race-religion card.
      It is still early days, but since you have been unrelentingly attacking Pakatan Harapan 24 x 7, this is a valid observation.