Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Four Nemeses

Star Online - Dr M: I had no inkling what Najib would do as PM (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has absolved himself of any blame surrounding corruption charges against his former protégé Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak over the 1MDB scandal.

In an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, he said that he did not know that Najib would be charged with corruption.

"At the time when I was supporting him, he appeared to be a good candidate for prime minister," he said.

Dr Mahathir admitted that when he bowed out of politics in 2003, he had no
intention of making a comeback into politics.

Wakakaka, that brazen bullshit thick skin of his.

Didn't he himself complain about then-PM Najib not reporting to him for 6 months. Prior to that, he undermined then-PM AAB continuously from 2003 to 2009, and thereafter, Najib.

He had then conceived of the Council of Eminent Elders who would scrutinise and vet PM and/or Cabinet policies which must then be approved by him. Today he lives that concept, with goofy gullible guppies applauding him

Yes, after he has kow-tim-ed Najib, he'll do a lovely panggang job on Anwar. Yep, the 4 persons he hates most in this world are Anwar, AAB, KJ and Najib.

In his mind it will be panggang a la "one by one", wakakaka.



  1. Based on actuarial tables, his remaining life expectancy is 2 years.
    There is very little opportunity for mischief from him.

    1. In fact DAP is being panggang now.. slowly but surely. Just look at the appointment of minsters/deputy ministers from PPBM/PAN. Easy does it baby.. wakakaka..

    2. UMNO shills like Unknown playing Batu Api.

      DAP itself knows political competition well.

      If DAP got the lion's share of the Ministerial assignments, the new Government would have been vulnerable to accusations of "DAP Dominated Pakatan Harapan" which cybertroopers like MOM and Unknown
      are working hard on.

      See how insidious the Najib-UMNO cybertroopers are , attacking from both directions.

      Mahathir is dictating the Ketuanan agenda - Ktemoc Konsiders.

      Mahathir is a DAP puppet.

      Obviously both can't be true at the same time
      In fact, both are not true.
      The New Regime is trying to do a balancing act, taking care of various stakeholders.

    3. Exactly right, Monsterball ! These dedak-ers are back to their dirty game again. Told you all here before....MOM Mabuk Liar covered the Malay Ketuanans, Blur Sotongs and Zombies...with the narrative that Chinese DAP will take over the country with Lim Kit Siang as PM...and even if he is now proven NOT to be the PM, he is still the puppet master behind the scene, controlling Dr M and the Chinese is in fact ruling the country in proxy. And our dear Ktemoc here...he takes the other end...putting the fear in the Chinese...that Dr M is the dictator who won't/can't change his leopard spots and will make Bersatu the new Umno and DAP will be MCA-rised.

      They forgot that both the Malays and Chinese are privy to the spins and fabricated lies of their 2 prong attacks...and when we asked them to make up their minds who exactly is the can't be both Dr M and Lim Kit Siang at the same time...they pretend bodoh je...ignored that totally and continue on their stupid of the reasons why they lost the plot and hence the election, hahahaha. Padan muka !

  2. Wa! Wordsmith can't make a living. Now making side incoming by playing clairvoyant with hindsight!

    With this sort of hindsight must be 101% spotted on.

    Time to give up the pen le.

  3. the rakyat support him, what u/we can do abt it?

    i think the best is we could at least not to idolised him to become a benevolent dictator like some oxymoron fan here did wakaka

    1. The best is not trusting anybody especially that cheebye motherfucker kaytee. If i spot him, i will pelt him with rotten eggs

    2. Moron… dictators DO exist in yr demoncracy! They do more harm than good in the name of 'fairness & choice'!

      In yr tempurung dream, u just refuse to see & yet idolise the same to no end.

      Oxymoron has a new meaning with yr thinking!

      U just