Friday, July 06, 2018

As Teochews would say: Kakinang?

Mahathir says: Zakir Naik can stay if he behaves (extracts from MM Online):

F**k you all - Aneh says OK what! 


  1. India is really pissed off with Malaysia. Not only do they want Zakir Naik deported but they also want Tony Fernandez and T Ananda Krishna to face charges there.

    1. Tony and Ananda now got strong influential godfather to protect them from deportation.

  2. Wakakakakaka…

    Behaves as in what?

    Who set the guidelines?

    Why jump the gun so fast?

    This zombie pipe Piper will have his music silenced. Cuba tunggu sedikit masa lah.

    A master politikus WON'T take on too much in one scoop. Suspenses kill both parties, especially the recipient.

    No wonder u r just a wordsmith working with yr pen lah!

    Betul2 putih lens mulut sua!

  3. Pin drop silence. Suddenly all the hellhounds here can accept that he stays. Whatcha gonna do now, roll in front of PM Office to demonstrate? Even without ISA, now you can still go to lockup with no due process. All he needs is to setup a Council of Eminent Security Experts(so called lah!)

  4. Najib's son Nazif came to his father's defence. Very loving and loyal of him. But the wiser thing to do is to avoid public comments, otherwise it will attract more negative press for the Najib family as this report of him dating a Taiwanese actress recently shows, and of course a romantic date can't do without a glass of ribena in a wine glass. Just watch the video.

    The son of former prime minister Najib Razak today poured his heart out on social media, claiming that the much-touted “New Malaysia” was not that much different from the “old” Malaysia. Nazif Najib’s comments come just a day after his father was charged in court. Yesterday, the High Court set a bail amount of RM1 million on Najib who is facing four charges linked to RM42 million transferred into his private bank account. Nazif took to Facebook to thank all friends, supporters, netizens and all those present to support his father. He said this helped the family through tough times. As hard as it was, Nazif said he needed to share his feelings and stated that the person who had been charged in court was once the country’s leader, and that during the entire 14th general election campaign, he had been falsely accused non-stop. “I am saying this not to get sympathy, but to speak the truth for everyone to see and understand. If the suffering of an ex-leader accused can make Malaysians happy, we are ready to face that suffering. “He is my father, and I know Malaysians know how he was like. If for 42 years he served in the government as a bad person, or if he merely wanted to steal money belonging to the people, I do not think he would have been appointed prime minister all these years,” he said on Facebook. Nazif said the New Malaysia today was not that much different from the old Malaysia almost 30 years ago, with lopsided prosecution taking place today, very much similar to the past. The only difference, he said, was the person and, coincidentally, it was still the same prime minister, referring to Dr Mahathir Mohamad. “I wish to state this fact: as a country which champions democracy, we are definitely not politically mature, and still practising feudal politics filled with vengeance. “The planned police raids was seen with the Black Marias, where they came in droves just to attack the former prime minister’s house, even more so during sahur in the fasting month. “On top of that, the press conferences were held incessantly, with the aim of making the public more angry.

  5. I am still wondering when the Indian Govt. if allegations of charges are true against Zakir Naik, to formally ask to extradite him to face charges in the courts of India. Why so long?

    Malaysia have an extradition treaty with India or not?

    What about the Tamil Eelam fighters given asylum who lost the war against the Sri Lankan Govt. being given sanctuary in Malaysia and not deported?

    This Zakir Naik looks like another reincarnated Imam Mahadi to most Malaysian Moslems.

    Surprisingly, in all his lectures, this Zakir cannot speak well in Bahasa Malaysia but well verse in Hindu, Arabic and English.

    In UK and Europe, there are so many preachers like Zakir Naik are seen everywhere but their Govts allow such freedom of speech and religious sermons.

    What Kakinang is Kaytee talking about? Trying to associate TDM ancestors with Zakir or because both profess the same religion? Please elaborate further.

  6. Good sense prevails. The RM85k a month glorified Customer Service Manager (Complaints Department) will leave MAVCOM. He is a technical guy and does not belong in this job. Good Luck to him.

    KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) executive chairman Tan Sri Gen (Rtd) Abdullah Ahmad is stepping down, a source confirmed.

    “I cannot say anything at this point of time. But, I can tell you that he is on his way out,” the source, who requested anonymity, told Bernama.

    She said a statement on the resignation would be issued later.

    Mavcom has been under the spotlight recently following calls for its abolition by local airlines, namely AirAsia, Eaglexpress Air Charter Sdn Bhd and Suasa Airlines Sdn Bhd, saying the Commission did not understand how the aviation industry really worked.

    Abdullah, a retired Air Force general, has served Mavcom for more than two years and during his tenure, the administration received over 3,900 public complaints and managed to resolve up to 93% of them within 30 days.

    Transport Minister Anthony Loke had previously revealed that Abdullah's salary was currently about RM85,000 a month, which was four times more than what Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad earned.

  7. Najib's daughter complains her son's CIMB bank account which contained RM100 duit raya was frozen by the MACC.

    Sorry Nooryana, crooks have sometimes used children's bank accounts to hide and launder money, thinking they can fool the authorities. And your son's bank account, although under his name, is operated by you as mother. MACC will now check all historical transactions going through all the frozen accounts. It's SOP.


  8. Anyway Dr M should know that what goes around, comes around. Therefore, don't expect India to reciprocate in the future.

    I guess Jho Low should feel safe in India now.

    1. Jho Low need not even go to India to feel safe. It seemed he's now in Macau and one wonder what Dr M will say if Macau governor were to say 'Mr Low could stay put if he behaves himself here' ?

      But i do suspect there's more than meet the eye in this Zakir Naik issue. We know the majority Malays here are taksub with this Naik preacher...even that Perlis Mufti went uncharacteristically off his rocker in defense of this Indian preacher. So why is Dr M willing to take in the barrage of opposing voices to his decision to allow this Naik guy to stay put ? He knows full well that we have extradition agreement with India and he can't really not comply in the long run. Methinks this grand old foxy man has really proven that he's eaten more salt than us eating nasi. He allows all these yelpings in the social medias, mostly from non Malays, pouring out their outrage. You see how quiet the Malays are on this issue. The Malays feel comforted and satisfied that Dr M 'supports' them. Foxy Dr M is indeed the political master...he's not going to alienate the Malays this round...not on top of already pissing them off by appointing a Chinese finance minister, a Christian AG and putting in so many Chinese faces, and to some extent, Indian faces in his cabinet. So in religious matter, he's playing it cool...and then when that provocative Naik preacher had to be sent back finally, Dr M can always shrug it off as being out of his hand.

    2. wakakaka, the dedak makan-er is surely spinning to his worth

    3. Kaytee.....cheebye nothing new to say....why you just shut down the blog and then put a bullet into your head

      Or you prefer charles manson's style of killing u hah

    4. That's my conjecture la. Not too far fetched. That's why he's still PM at 93 and able to make your Najib al Songlap bite the dust against all odds, with all the then-incumbent's arsenal against him. Eat your heart out la, hihihi. He plays it smart with RELIGION. Jangan main main with Agama in this country...Malays will go berserk and when the mengamok genie gets out of the bottle, then May13 will look like a pinic. But what do you know, you a Najib kok sucker ....shut down Jakim immediately indeed as per your previous write ! Ahh..just stick to writing batu api articles everyday la...hihi

    5. I want too see Pauline crush your head with her powerful heavy thighs, with your tongue stuck forevermore in her, and her thatch stuffing your nose, eyes and mouth, wakakaka

    6. so JJ has joined the cock sucker mob, wakakaka

  9. In a legal counterattack, Najib is suing three top officials involved in the investigation into the fund, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). Najib's lawyers alleged that anti-graft chief Mohd Shukri Abdull, police commercial crimes head Datuk Seri Amar Singh and Attorney General Tommy Thomas were prejudiced against him over the course of their investigations.

    Why stop at these three? Many other people in power have also spoken out against Najib, including TDM. Please sue him too. Please sue also the Board of Directors of 1MDB and former CEOs who, according to Najib, did not do their duty and as a result many dubious transactions were made, for which Najib is now taking all the blame.

  10. Malaysia should cooperate with formal extradition requests from other countries, following due process, of course. The person has the right to defend himself in a court.
    A few points.
    As another commentator pointed out, why is the Indian government only now, years later, making the extradition request ?

    Another point , which Dr. M no doubt had on his mind. India itself almost never agrees to extradite anyone to a foreign government request. For decades, many Malaysian Indian fugitives from the law have fled to India as an effective sanctuary.

    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones ?

  11. India's dismal record on extradition - it's a worldwide issue.

  12. Even more dangerous than Zakir in person is his on_line TV Network, Peace TV, used to broadcast Islamist Hate against other religions and other Muslims who do not subscribe to their extreme views.

    It is now operated from Malaysia. MCMC should shut it down , cut off its servers.

    Mahathir must stop his myopic but long_standing view that foreign Islamist extremists can stay as long as they do not direct their activities at Malaysia.

    The 9/11 attacks were at least partly planned in Kuala Lumpur - unmolested by Malaysia because they were "not causing trouble in Malaysia".

    Other Pakatan leaders must not be afraid to speak up when Mahathir gets it wrong.

    1. Other PH leaders are either beholdened to Mahathir for bringing them into power or got their balls caged by Mahathir's red files.

  13. Talking about Islamists, it must be galling for PAS leaders and supporters to watch Parti Aminah rebels Mat Sabu, Salahuddin Ayub, Khalid Samar, Dzulkefli Ahmad, Mujahid Rasa take their oaths as Ministers.
    If events had gone according Hadi's plan, those should have been PAS leaders instead, as kingmakers and full partners with Najib in the aftermath of GE14.

    Man proposes, but Allah disposes.

    1. "Man proposes, but Allah disposes."

      For your fitnah on Najib too. We shall see how disposes fitnah.

      BTW PAS got two states. What has PAN got?

    2. PAN has the Malacca Chief Minister's post + a seat at the table at 6 other West Coast states + plenty Ministerial and Deputy Minister posts.

    3. PAS got two states!!!

      Based on impulsive taksud decisions of the blur-sotongs + zombies lah.

      Kelantan has been in the bag of pas for umpteen yrs, what does it have for show?

      Incest? Mass migration of youth to other states? Forever drown in the poverty soup? Only hope is that afterlife 72 virgins?

      So, would be the fate of Terengganu under pas!

      Based on this lousy management record how could yr head zombies face the rage of their almighty, unless that almighty ISN'T one known as Allah!

      What to be proud of, when the amanah of the rakyat is been taken for granted?

      Tau maruah tak?

      Or yr zombieism dictates to keep its followers poor, ignorant in present life!

    4. It was never PAS intentions to be in a Government that it doesn't run. Unlike in those states that PAS has free rule, PAN electors are only lackeys to a larger party. What's the point of being in so-called important positions if they cannot make their own decisions? Therefore it was wise for PAS to be independent, better to be poor but free than being rich but a slave.

    5. Whether PAS likes it or not, it will have to deal with and negotiate with a Pakatan Federal Government for at least the next 5 years, potentially a lot longer.

      Instead of a Hadi-friendly UMNO regime.

      Including the much hated DAP ministers..
      And worse.. a Christian Aneh Attorney General...

      Ouch...painful... painful..Sakit.. Sakit...

      One of the most important lessons I learnt from a school teacher so many decades ago.... be very careful who you make enemies can cause you a lot of grief later...

    6. Poor & free!!

      Then stayed back me-layu-layu lah under the kelate pokok kelapa le!

      Why carma di negeri luar & kena kerja macam hamba?

      R u talking through that sun doesn't shined orifice?

    7. If only the leaders themselves are "poor and free" ! Instead, the leaders are dedak rich and free to fuck the village maidens as new young bini.

      The rest are truly the poor, kais pagi makan pagi type...and NOT free at all. In dressing, in the food they eat, in how they pray or not to pray, in how they conduct themselves, in what they believe, in which political party they must associate with, which friends they wish to mix with....all these are controlled by a small group of hypocritical 'holy' shits who managed to convince these poor zombies that only they have a direct phone line to their god in heaven. Definitely poor and not free la...these poor buggers in Kelate dan 'Ganu.

    8. JJ thinks that to be free, one must be rich. Sorry to burst your daydream mate, but there's more to life than money. And living life according to religion tenets doesn't make one less free than one who has plenty of money but no higher calling. In fact, many of these folks felt empty and discontented because their "freedom" makes them endlessly lost hence being enslaved by their fears, gluttony, greed, anger, sadness. Their soul isn't free.

      @Monsterball. PAS has no trouble working or not working with whoever is in charge. If Kelantan & sometimes Terengganu, can survive the onslaughts during a certain 22 year period, then they can survive against anything or anyone. Bring it on, PH. Do your worse.

      @CK. I just read yours for the lulz, so got nothing more to say to you. Hohohoho!

    9. I'm NOT writing for yr rd mind to read lah!

      Don't still itself, OK?


    10. john obviously didn't know this PasPisPus elite gang well enough ...or rather pretending here NOT to know, hahahaha. No less one of the elites sudah dedah that mereka sudah makan dedak pau pau la....and the evidence for all to see...a sudden surge of new mansions, spanking new luxurious cars, new young bini and exotic holidays....your fear of them being 'empty' and 'discontented' are wasted. These people are soul- less...they will jolly with their young bini and then when back to their kampungs, will don their skull caps and Arabic gowns and will quote chapter and verse from their holy books, and the zombies will eat out of their hands. Poor sods la these zombies...poor and NOT free at all, wakakkaka, worse of the worse.