Friday, June 09, 2017

Why our universities are jokes

Please read Why Malaysian universities are disgraceful over at my other blog BolehTalk.

The Asia Sentinel's article 'The Disgrace of Malaysian University Education' by Murray Hunter may explain why the Red-dots have such fantastic academic excellence while our Malaysian universities have become jokes in the academic world and region.

what 'someone' achieved in 22 years 


  1. Sharif University of Technology Iran (43rd) is better than University Malaya? Hello..very weird lah? I don't trust the rankings! Bullshit!

    Our universities should measure their own performances. It is subjectivity over evidence!

    Two of my kids graduated locally with first class honours (VC List) and now both are working in MNCs. I am damn bloody thankful to our local universities who had trained them. Viva.

    1. Bro Hasan, it's NOT the ranking per se but the profiting, pilfering and sheer corruption and the associated neglect by VCs and Administrators that have shot the rankings of our universities to shit

      Look at the World rankings and see which universities are among the Top 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 100 and you can then decide whether those rankings are false and unfair to Malaysian unis

    2. The main purpose of universities is to ensure that graduates acquire the knowledge and skills needed to live a good life. The universities should focus on industry connections/training and entrepreneurial development. This global ranking and branding what ever is utterly irrelevant!

      I read this book "Second Chance" on Arshad Ayub; it is touching when he even rode a trishaw to earn a living. I fully agree that everyone should be given as many chances as possible to live a good life.

      But how? Even studying at any open university is so bloody expensive? You guess.. how much does it cost to earn a certificate and then a diploma and then a degree via distant learning?

      By the way, as a sequel, you should blog on corrupted Deans and VCs. Perhaps, in view of the deplorable global ranking of our unis, the Ministry of Higher Education should be abolished? There are too many little Napoleans!


    3. that's the whole point of my posting the article from Asia Sentinel. I am not suggesting we deny our people freer and more easier accessed uni's but look at those corrupt self-serving traitors to our education system. They should be jailed.