Wednesday, June 21, 2017

93 by GE-14?

FMT - PKR Youth tells Mahathir not to stand in GE14 (extracts):

GEORGE TOWN: PKR Youth wants former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to assure everyone that he will not contest in the next general election or offer himself as prime minister-designate.

PKR deputy youth chief Dr Afif Bahardin wants the veteran leader to make way for “vigour, charisma and new blood”.

Dr Afif said PKR Youth had the highest respect for Dr Mahathir for joining the opposition pact, but felt it was better for the “next generation” to take over Putrajaya.

He said PKR Youth respected its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim for staying out of contention for the post of prime minister if Pakatan Harapan (PH) were to win the 14th general election, but expressed sadness nevertheless.

His statements come in the wake of talk that Dr Mahathir would become interim PM if the opposition were to win in GE14, as its original PM-designate Anwar is currently in jail.

In Dr Afif Bahardin saying PKR wants the veteran leader to make way for “vigour, charisma and new blood” and for the next generation to take over the reins of Putrajaya, he was reminding everyone that Mahathir is not only 92 years old, but also a former PM who:

  • trashed the Constitution,
  • emasculated the Senate and Judiciary
  • controlled the EC & BTN, and 

... wasted billions, yes billions and not mere millions of ringgit, in:

  • Forex trading as if Malaysia was a casino player,
  • Maminco as if he could outwit the Poms,
  • Perwaja in his unrealistic dream of having heavy industries under his reign,
  • Bakun Dam,
  • Proton car, his pet toy.

not true, I support BR1Malaysia though I may restrict it to pribumi's only 

He even 'persuaded' Petronas to build (at that time) the world's tallest building because he liked/likes silly records of 'biggest, tallest, longest, thickest, etc etc etc - money no problem when there's Bank Negara and Petronas.

What an expensive way for Malaysians to see him as a former PM indulged in his likes and dislikes. As for dislikes there was Memali, Ops Lalang, Sabah election 1994 and various allegations of Ops Blue IC.

But we read in Malaysiakini that Dr M: It will be churlish not to accept PM post if... (wakakaka):

In an interview with Channel News Asia, the man who believe the delusion he is Emperor of Malaysia said:  "If, in the end, nobody comes forward, nobody agrees to any candidate and they point out to me, it'll be churlish of me, just because I want to retire and rest and all that, not to respond to them.

"If there are no more candidates and if all the parties in the coalition agree I should be a part-time, interim prime minister, I'll come back," he said.

Mahathir, however, admitted that he wants to "participate in the restructuring of the nation".

Ya right, of course you can bet your bottom ringgit he wants to "participate in the restructuring of the nation".

And hadn't he already informed us that under a Pribumi government, the PM will have to report all new policies to the Chairperson of Pribumi (which coincidentally he is) for approval before those cabinet proposed policies can be announced and implemented.

By the by, 'churlish' is a very Pommie word, how impressive considering he was known for his 'Look East' policy, wakakaka.

Japanese proverb 蓼食う虫も好き好き
tade ku mushi mo suki zuki "There is no accounting for tastes".

But let's look at some possible seats for him.

When he was warring with AAB, Kubang Pasu played him out, so I wonder whether in GE-14, when UMNO is still under Najib, Kubang Pasu will screw him again?

Pagoh? But then Moody will have to look for a new seat which may be perilous for a future Minister of Oil & Petroleum, wakakaka.

Jerlun, Mukhriz old seat? I heard it's saturated with the Moonies.

Gelang Patah? Wakakaka. Hmmm, I could bring myself to support Mahathir replacing Lim Kit Siang.

Batu? Why not as Tian Chua will be barred from GE-14 unless his appeal against his RM3,000 fine for mouthing obscenities at the police will be successful.

didn't your mum tell you not to say bad words?

But Dr Afif Bahardin and the Youth section may rebelled against Azmin giving Batu away to his Uncle.

He could of course either contest in Pekan (wakakaka) or in Putrajaya (his creation), presumably against UMNO midget Tengku Adnan, wakakaka.


  1. mahathir said "if", his criticism towards bn/najib r mostly valid, all u could do is to dig more than 10 years old history, imitate that umno tipu opps deputy minister.

    n y look east, according to that liar mot that smart daughter, mahathir is now looking west where money can buy anything, if this is true, then ask jho loh to buy off doj la. must be the gene kot, liars r born, or born stupid?


    1. you have always been very pro mahathir, wakakaka. was he out of the country during memali?

    2. nope, u r wrong, I am waiting for the govt to lock mahathir up for all his doing that r against the law, I however think they can't because what they did now is no diff, or worst. unlike u n the dedak eater including pas, I dun stay silence. so when r u going to sound the current regime of their wrongs? 2030?

    3. no one person has so mutilated the Malaysian Constitution, our Senate, and the once-independent Judiciary as Mahathir

      no one person has so wasted so much Malaysian wealth for his pomposity and hair-brain schemes as Mahathir

    4. "no one person has so mutilated the Malaysian Constitution, our Senate, and the once-independent Judiciary as Mahathir"

      Mamak's 22 yrs (1981-2003) of dictatorship has seen 24 constitutional amendments out of the total 57 (last counted Sept 2015), since the FC's enactment in 1957.

      There r 225 articles been amended/added/removed during his regime. This is about 33% of of the total 674 amended articles up to Sept 2015.

      There were duplications in the amended articles too ie same article been added then removed or changed in the subsequent amendments.

      The most critical ones r

      **32nd amendment with 11 articles been affected during the M'sia constitutional crisis of 1988.


      Article 121 amended, effectively putting the judiciary under Parliament's influence.

      The attorney-general is empowered to determine the courts for cases to be heard.

      Separation of the jurisdiction between the civil & syariah courts, whereby the former would have no say over any matter under the syariah court's purview.

      **38th amendment in March 1993 where 10 articles were amended.


      Limiting the monarchy's power, stripping the nine hereditary state rulers of immunity from prosecution.

      The rest of the amendments were just administrative issues of minor significances.

      So, ada ke semua tu pertukaran di label macam mutilations????

      Most of the notorious amendments to the FC were actually done during ahjibgor's father's (Razak) watch as in the 17th amendment in Mar 1971 after May13.


      Freedom of speech, special position & privileges of the Malays & natives of the Borneo states & the legitimate interests of the other communities, & the ruler's sovereignty.


    5. "no one person has so wasted so much Malaysian wealth for his pomposity and hair-brain schemes as Mahathir"

      Wealth management is a sum total of profit & lost.

      For a country, there is also a consideration for the welfare of the people, which is ALWAYS a drain in monetary term!

      So, mamak has wasted billions of M'sia wealth as yr gang has continuously emphasized.

      BUT he also has many positive gains like the building of the North-South highway, the uplifting of the many blur-sotongs from rural to urban stages, reduction of the feudalistic thinking & in general keeping the economy of the country in check & in control.

      He also raised the status of M'sia, especially amongst the 3rd world.

      Can u say ANYTHING about yr ahjibgor, besides the billions of wealth, hidden 💰 & blinking jewelry, saput from the coffer of M'sia?

      What about his efforts in listing M'SIA as a top 3 contenders for kleptocracy?

      Or ANYTHING positive about him/hippos for the good of M'sia via his pomposity and hair-brain schemes??

  2. Who is PKR to tell the old man what to do?PKR and the opposition needs Mahathir more than he needs them.No wonder Mahathir is showing these useless good for nothing from the PKR,the middle finger.

  3. As usual, u people r so thick into the broil that ALL logical senses r gone with the bath water!

    What a contrast - 🔥 & water!

    Mamak ke, ahjibgor ke - all r reminants of that umno ketuanan hegemony!

    The beginning of an end to this bigoted outfit needs some out of the box thinking!

    Someone, who has just being waking up from reading SunZi, FINALLY​ realises that short term tactical approaches require mamak's caustic inputs of whatsoever forms to continously stirring the growing under-current of discontent of joe M'sians.

    Long term strategic aim is letting the kleptocratic ahjibgor to continously finding leaky blankets to cover his humongous thievery holes.

    The blur-sotongs CAN only be imprinted with a hard conciousness of been cheated by hitting them with something they CAN truly understand - the shameless acts of the grabbing of blinking materials by their elites.

    The simmering blur-sotong Spring is coming to boil, in pronto le!!!

    The elites r not sleeping either. Thus, instructions r given to create as many diversions, logical &/or illogical, to confuse the blur-sotongs, who r umno's biggest political fixed deposit.

    So, who care mamak's 93 by GE-14 ke. DOJ drops another hydrogen bomb on 1MDB ke. Doearom cripples the HSR projet just like his hallmark in FGV ke.

    The more the merrier!!

    New life ONLY comes after a complete cleansing of a carrion by fire.

    It's painful but a necessary process of reborn for Bolihland le!