Friday, June 02, 2017

Curse of Malaysia's Oil Wealth

Well, would you know that while Maddy doesn't own a normal Proton the type which ordinary Malaysians own, he claimed he "test-drives" his specially modified Proton each week all the way up to Genting Highlands, wakakaka.

Oh, who is that with his Porches? 

Apart from that, he was "chief test-driver" for Proton, bigger wakakaka.

Yes, beat that, for no company in the world than Proton could dream of having a (then PM and now) former PM as its chief test-driver. Mind, we need to check with Proton people how 'mampu' he was as a test-driver, wakakaka.

One of his sons, who owns a company distributing Porsche, alas, does not own a company distributing Protons.

Tsk tsk tsk, not enough support for Dad lah, though Dad himself should have owned an ordinary Proton in line with his professed love for that car, but no, that has not been the case.

We know Maddy is unhappy that Geely has bought 49.9% of Proton because the sale happened under the Administration of his current bête noire, though some years back he and his made-billionaire crony, Syed Mokhtar went to China to suss out Geely themselves. Mind, Maddy claimed that was not to sell away Proton.

You can either believe or disbelieve him. If you disbelieve him, then he is a bloody green-eyed hypocrite.

But Maddy's other business mateys, wakakaka, the Proton vendors may now face less-than-protected-favourable terms. The following was what I obtained from Malaysiakini's Reality check for Proton vendors after sell-out (extracts):

In the case of Malaysian vendors, it is really a sad indictment of the business-politics nexus. Cronies entrusted to build up a support industry wasted the opportunity.

Vendors are a major bane on our economy as they leech off government-linked companies which have a dominant role in the Malaysian economy, such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Telekom Malaysia, etc.

If for 20 years or more, the Proton vendors, protected by iron-clad contracts by virtue of their political connection and gifted with government handouts, could not make a dent in the Asean market, how do you think they can survive a more open vendor system?

Asean has a thriving car market and industry. It is really sad that despite Malaysia being first of the mark, Thailand has already overtaken us in car support industries.

That's the age-old story of Malaysian cronyism, and its stupefying effect on our industrial-commercial-etc efforts. Cronyism has been one of Malaysia's greatest enemies, regardless of who the godfather might or may be. But in the current case under discussion, it's Proton's vendors.

PM Najib has become one of the most hated political person in contemporary Malaysia due to various allegations, accusations and attacks, but today I thought he said something worthwhile (regardless of his unpopularity).

kow-timed 1 , no prob

kow-timed 2 , no prob

kow-timed 3 ... er ... 3. .. er, did you hear what I've imperiously pronounced
dei, lu deaf ah?

KUALA LUMPUR, June 2 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today questioned critics who insist on Malaysia retaining full ownership of companies that are not doing well, pointing out that it would be more beneficial to open up such businesses to investors.

Najib also highlighted Malaysia’s popularity as a country for investors, saying that it would be bad for the country to turn away foreign direct investments out of a “narrow and foolish belief” and “fundamental misunderstanding of economics”.

“Some people seem to think that it is better to have loss-making companies that are 100 per cent Malaysian owned — instead of a smaller percentage in a company that stands to gain access into bigger markets, economies of scale and cutting edge technology.

“I ask you, which one will create more wealth and jobs for Malaysians? The answer is obvious,”
he said at the opening of China Construction Bank’s branch in Kuala Lumpur, but did not specify who or what he was referring to.

Today, thank goodness, the loss-making Proton company is no longer a personal syiok-sendiri "toy" for someone who once had the power, authority and ruthlessness cum heedlessness to do what he wants with an endless stream of public (tax payers') money, just to satisfy his misplaced and over-pompous conceit.

We can no longer afford such ego-pampering bullshit as Maminco, Forex, Perwaja, tallest building in the world, Arabian Nights' Putrajaya, Bakun Dam, proposed undersea cable from Sarawak to Peninsula, Grumman HU-16 Albatross (a WWII vintage seaplane forced onto an unwilling RMAF where one nearly sank at sea but was fortuitously saved by a passing RMN boat towing it to land) etc etc etc, and most of all, a perpetually loss-making lousy car like Proton.

a f**king useless seaplane which better belongs to WWII 

'Nuff of a profligate (former) dictator, who was cursed by Malaysia's oil wealth, leading him to wrongly believe he can/could spend like there's no tomorrow.


  1. ok, one downed i.e. proton. bila dia nak hapuskan ipps, jangan hanya tukar towkey. any deals that involve orang tengah surely escalate cost & prices.

  2. it would have been worthwhile too and more admirable if he also mention about a similar lost making entity that have not even got up and running but already lost an arbitration but ah tee is not too bothered about it

    1. those under najib is cow according to this host.

  3. "All of Dr Mahathir’s piratisation projects failed. The profits and returns they expected did not happen but the profits of the cronies are legally protected. His Malay crony-billionaires failed spectacularly while his Chinese backers and their crony Malay non-executive directors continued to rob the country dry while at the same time are financing DAP".
    ~ Hattusa Zahn

    1. sweet irony/justice for a man who dislikes Chinese though he believe(d/s) he could use them when he pleases

  4. Wakakakaka...

    'Nuff of a profligate dictator, who was cursed by Malaysia's wealth, leading him to wrongly believe he can/could spend like there's no tomorrow.


    Mamak got money then, bcoz of the high oil price.

    Ahjibgor got billions of personal pocket money by borrowing against the fixed assets of the country.

    No manna for u for trying to be a smart aleck. 拍到屁股了!!!!

    1. same same my dear CK, wakakaka

    2. Same same?????

      I be damned!!!

      U r the host of a blog with a huge possibility to gain 'manna' by kakiampu-ing using what u would publish.

      I just sniper idiotic writers in their comment pages.

      So WHO needs to do a**kissing le?

      Losing yr touch as a wordsmith;

      1) not willing to apportion evilness between the initiator & the perpetuator of bad deeds!

      Just wanted to condemned singularly the initiator only!

      2) assigned full criminality to a single person when quietly sanctioned impunity to all the other co-players!

      Again, just wanted to target a particular person only!

      3) claimed to be an atheist & yet unwilling to source god & Pandora box have the SAME origin.

      Didn't believe in human will power to determine the future & yet subscribed to unnatural power to guide human future!

      Again trying hard to twist logic just bcoz of one person he hates!


      Yr sifu's bruised ego & yr hatred for mamaks put pay to this phrase of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned le!!

      R u members of the LGBT ke???

    3. you could e Maddy's paid gunslinger (a makan-dedak freelancer), wondering around to defend his indefensible record, wakakaka

    4. Am I defending mamak????

      So ready to label & to profile people who caught yr verbal tricks.

      Show concrete proof lah!

      Do done away with yr sifu's & yrs type of wishy washy irrelevances vis wakakakaking.

      Blur-sotongs & zombies will swallow them wholesomely to keep yr 'manna' flowing continuously le.

    5. what tricks have you caught other than your paranoid fantasy, wakakaka

    6. See....paranoid fantasy!¡

      & wakakaka!!!

      What a poor soul !!!

      Case rests.

  5. Going bay Najib's logic, FGV, DRBabi and a host of other "Malay" companies which are losing money should also be sold to foreigners. Why is Najib not doing so?