Saturday, June 24, 2017

Glass houses (2)

The following Malaysiakini headline is funny. It reads:

Hadi now greater defender of 1MDB scandal than Umno - Kit Siang.

Kit Siang has been right of course, but I consider it 'funny' because I wonder what Kit Siang will say if tomorrow the Malaysiakini headline reads:

Kit Siang now greater defender of FOREX scandal than Mahathir's Umno - Hadi Awang.


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  1. Politicians are thick skin.That is the reason most of them last such a long time.They can turn and screw their most trusted comrades at a second's notice.I am sure that most if not all politicians know that there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.

    That may also be the reason why thin skin politicians, like statutory raper and "Groper in Chief",Donald Trump might not last their first term.

  2. This article can also referred to "botak" RPK.It is okay if he changed sides to Najib.Afterall,no one can argue that Najib is very generous when it comes to rewarding surrogates.Just look at Najib's cronies.One chummy fatso can afford a yacht for USD 300 million.How many people in this world can afford this type of luxury?

    What I like about RPK these days are he got nothing much real news to write about.But he fooled his benefactors by writing things that makes no sense,over and over again.And laughing all the way to the bank.Smart chap with moronic sugar daddies?

  3. irrelevant analogy. lks didnt criticise mahathir recently, simalar to u who make najib n 1mdb a cow, can i say u r a great defender of najib?

    lks comment make perfect sense, u r one that confuse. kalu dedak tak ada, makan la ubat.

    1. HY.. kau ni kawan.. tak habis habis dengan dedak kau! Your budget propaganda perhaps?

      Cubalah tanya LKS kenapa Mahathir tidak sue Barry Wain; and, what is the status of DoJ's first submission in regard to that KERA or KARA thingy?

      Where did DoJ submitted its recent civil suit? At a small district court in California? Wakakaka..

      Why is 1MDB is still alive and kicking and making money too?

    2. my dear friend, first of all, selamat hari raya. let me try to answer some of yr question.

      mahathir, unlike lky, rarely sue anyone, that's y.

      the most pertinent thing on doj i care is did they tell the truth, what do u think? n y so many countries start the due process n legal proceeding toward those involve in 1mdb? they have nothing better to do?

      lastly, proton oso alive n kicking, in fact there r many years they reported good n fantastic profit. it is not hard to guess y isn't?

    3. HY.. if we can save PROTON and 1MDB and other mega projects we should save them. It is for industrialization and internationalization; the world is our market.

      1MDB is in the process of taking-over all the sweetheart-deal IPPs that have been given to cronies but you have put a wrench in the works. If not, 1MDB energy sector would have been listed and progressing on its way to supply energy to South East Asia. We have abundant energy resources especially natural gas.

      The political donation is not from 1MDB. Saudi Arabia had confirmed that the $681.0 million transferred into Najib Razak’s personal bank account was a genuine donation. But you chosed NOT to believe it, and even connected it to the murder of former Ambanker near Bukit Ceylon.

      The IPIC and 1MDB arbitration has been settled in an amicable manner. But you do not want it to be settled in that manner, do you?

      The KARI allegations initiated by DoJ is NOT moving even at snail pace! And now a fresh allegation that 1MDB had given expensive jewelleries and gifts to Miranda Kerr, to Leonardo DiCaprio, and financed that megayacht Equanimity. What the heck! Wakakaka..

      MAS had shut down BSI and Falcon, and fined UBS and DBS, and jailed top bankers because of financial dealings backed by hazy or fraudulent financial instruments initiated by one fat bloke who promised to bring in investors into 1MDB. But, unknown to 1MDB, he was also using 1MDB as a conduit to convert laundered black money into white. Well, perhaps many banks have done this before and get away with it. Perhaps, LKY had got away with it? Hence, we need AMLA.

      HY.. my observation is you have no solid evidence but only acting like a monkey holding opposition propaganda placards to subotage Najib, the government and the country. Wakakaka...

    4. hasan, of course i dun have evidence, that is y i asked is doj telling the truth, r u telling me doj lying? if that is the case, to preserve our sovereignty n dignity, all our govt officer, pas people n pas supporters like u can do is only to shout like monkey wakekekeke that usa meddling into our affair n did nothing else?

      most investigation pertaining to 1mdb is on money laundering, where the money come and where it goes, i am not sure if this is okay in the context of islamic law, from u n hadi response, it seem everything is fine n no crime committed (I am fully aware up to now doj have no evidence mo1 committed any crime). the sources, the diamond, the yacht, the woman r not sin in secular world, thus pas n u choose to stay grounded in a secular platform bec islamic law allow it, or when it suit u?

      i am oso curious on this saudi political donation since u brought up this subject, is this permitted because the donor is arab, an islamic country, n goes to a muslim acct or how? if the money fully return, where aziz n that fatty get their money, from their dad or stepdad? if partially return, the rest channel to who? umno division? pas? or who? all r questions, u can choose not to answer if u dun know.

      now back to proton n 1mdb, both survive on peoples money n state asset. I have no complaint if both compete n conquer the world market, however fact remain that their presence is also to feed the crony ie dedak eater.

      n sorry bro, if I debate ellese, I would limit to fact n evidence. u used to be my moral compass on anything religion, so I cant help it wakaka.

  4. After reading quite a few past US legal papers & talking to some American business associates about legal procudure, let's throw some spanners to wack these tempurung myths currently r perpetuating amongst the blur-sotongs & zombies.

    1) Why is 1MDB is still alive and kicking and making money too?

    Where is the profit when u don't have ANY operations?

    Simple business common sense to kill a stupid question le!

    Still alive & kicking?

    Based on short term extensive audit acrobat using tax payers fund for interest payments, while struggling to 'milk' international sharks to HOPEFULLY blanket the future loans (principle + interest) repayments due!

    DON'T forget 1MDB has a committed ~US$8B bonds/debts (1MDB ENERGY LTD.DL-NOTES US$1.75B 2012(22) + 1MDB Global Investments bond US$3B 09Mar2013(23) + US$3.5B bonds due in 2022 originally guaranteed​. By IPIC but taken over after the London Court of International Arbitration). These bonds/interests MUST be settled latest by 2023!

    2) Where did DoJ submitted its recent civil suit? At a small district court in California?

    ONLY one answer for this ignorant question - Nixon's Watergate impeachment leading to his final disgraceful resignation was initiated from a small District of Columbia court Circuit!

    3) The possible IPO of Edra Global Energy Bhd DOES NOT hide the FACTS that there r hidden hanky-pankies in the financial term sheets of 1MDB. At most it's a carefully planned monetary scheme to try to clean up part of the hidden dirts of 1MDB le!

    4) The political donation is not from 1MDB. Saudi Arabia had confirmed that the $681.0 million transferred into Najib Razak’s personal bank account was a genuine donation.

    Wakakakaka..up till now there is NO concrete proof to show that the Saudis royals have done so, except a simple sentence!

    Granted if the camel head(s) is that generous, then that raise another financial Blackhole of where those US$600M+ that has been laundrized via those CONFIRMED foreign banks transactions (those banks r been closed/fined/sued w/o strong challenges) in the DOJ's filing coming from.

    Wakakakaka... talk about covering 10 holes with 5 covers! Banyakx2 pandai le.

    5) u r giving too much credit to that fat bloke about conning 1MDB.

    Logic, & simple common sense, will indicate such an inter-convoluted financial con-manship needs many accomplishes to works.

    Even if that fat bloke u mentioned is that infamous hippo of bolihland, she won't be able to pull any wood over the blur-sotongs, least over the snipping international journalists.

    Oui....another example of that month long fastings & food indulgences put u into the same category of yr zombie chief ke???