Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Sivarasa bertaubat

MM Online - Sivarasa apologises to HRH Sultan Selangor (extracts):

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kaytee advised me to "Knua P'ua Nia"

KUALA LUMPUR, June 7 — PKR’s R. Sivarasa today apologised to Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah for delivering a speech inside a mosque in Subang last month.

The PKR man said he has sent an apology letter to the Sultan of Selangor after the Ruler decreed that all politicians, irrespective of faith should not speak inside a mosque or its surrounding areas.

“It is clear that I have gone against the orders by delivering a short speech at Masjid An-Nur in Kampung Melayu Subang on May 24.

“Therefore, in my letter, I have said I am sorry to the Tuanku for this mistake in a letter, which I have sent on Monday,” he said in a statement.

Smart, Sivarasa. You've done the right thing to bertaubat, regardless of the facts of the matter. Protect your head lah, wakakaka.

By the by, did you once play Judo, Aikido or Tai-Chi?

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Aikido focuses on harmonizing with your opponent to bring peaceful resolutions to situations involving conflict

Wakakaka again.


  1. So crownish cur, u still believe in kuasa mutlak of the feudalistic past!

    Perhaps u too believe in a flying unicorn despite yr atheist claim!

    1. politics is based on PERCEPTION - and that's the perception of the Heartland (and their votes) whether you like it or not, so why should Sivarasa bang his poor head against a brick wall? wakakaka

    2. YES, politics is based on PERCEPTION!!!

      But how truth IS yr perception about the perception of the Heartland neh???

      Could it be a kampong myth perpetuated​ by the ketuanan freaks, using the RAJA in the kerajaan, to secured their claim of the mutual dependency of bluebloods & blur-sotongs within concept of the bangsa Melayu?

      Moreover, the OLD feudalistic heartlanders r dying off. Meanwhile NEW & less royalty inclined young Melayu r growing in number.

      Based on numerical analysis, these young & self-awared Melayu will be the determinant of the future direction of bolihland.

      There r signs that if they're​ been radicalised by militant Islam, then they WOULD more likely to do away with a feudalistic royalty governing system!

      The increasing number of cases of royalty bashing involving the young Melayu in bolihland is the case in point!

      The fovour 3P (punishment, persecution, prohibition​) high-handed preventive attempts WOULDN'T work anymore to hold them back!

      If the bluebloods r NOT diligently guarding their fading responsibilities & namesake, their days r in numbers!!!

      Thus, IS Sivarasa banging his poor head against a brick wall???

      He could VERY well be misguided by his umno-gene infested 'comrades' within the pkr for doing something that's NOT wrong in the 1st place!

      In so doing, he is unknowingly perpetuating the spurious power of the bluebloods, which is so elegantly prostulated by yr sifu as that imaginary fourth leg of the constitutional monarchy system of bolihland le.

    3. If what you say is true, then why does Pakatan require Mahathir?

    4. R u confused???

      Machiavellian moves lah!

      Didn't I say the old is dying. Not totally finito lah. Mamak still has some influences over some of those survivings.

      It's a bonus, near term for GE14.

      But a non event into GE15, bcoz mamak will be gone.

    5. wakakaka, it's so difficult to make you acknowledge your reckless mistakes - too hubristic, too aggrieved, too eager to lash out, wakakaka again

    6. Someone once said

      If a public scheme is not easily understood by lay man, then that scheme will fail miserably

      So, what's yr hare brain takes, again?

    7. so your Maddy's "Machiavellian moves" will fail? Wakakaka

    8. Wakakakaka..

      Let me states CLEARLY that I have only proposed opposition's Machiavellian moves in engaging mamak for political expectancy.

      Yr Maddy's "Machiavellian moves" is yr OWN wet dream lah.