Friday, June 23, 2017

Lim Kit Siang ain't no Simon Weisenthal

From Wikipedia (selected extracts):

Simon Wiesenthal (31 December 1908 – 20 September 2005) was a Jewish Austrian Holocaust survivor, Nazi hunter, and writer.

He ... was living in Lwów at the outbreak of World War II. He survived the Janowska concentration camp (late 1941 to September 1944), the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp (September to October 1944), the Gross-Rosen concentration camp, a death march to Chemnitz, Buchenwald, and the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp (February to 5 May 1945).

After the war, Wiesenthal dedicated most of his life to tracking down and gathering information on fugitive Nazi war criminals so that they could be brought to trial.

In 1947 he co-founded the Jewish Historical Documentation Centre in Linz, Austria, where he and others gathered information for future war crime trials and aided refugees in their search for lost relatives.


He played a small role in locating Adolf Eichmann, who was captured in Buenos Aires in 1960, and worked closely with the Austrian justice ministry to prepare a dossier on Franz Stangl, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1971. [...]

Adolf Eichmann 

Wiesenthal spent time at his office at the Documentation Centre of the Association of Jewish Victims of the Nazi Regime in Vienna even as he approached his ninetieth birthday. 

The last Nazi he had a hand in bringing to trial was Untersturmführer Julius Viel, who was convicted in 2001 of shooting seven Jewish prisoners. [...] 

Wiesenthal retired (c.2004), saying "I have survived them all. If there were any left, they'd be too old and weak to stand trial today. My work is done".

For close to 60 years he hunted Nazi war criminals.

The Forex debacle under Mahathir's government is only 20 years old, where close to 100 billion ringgit at today's value was said to be lost. 

I wonder whether that would be in addition to the RM100 Billion that Barry Wain wrote of Mahathir wasting and losing in his 22-year reign as PM. Think Maminco, Forex, Perwaja, etc etc etc.

Many criticised his cabinet at that time of the Forex debacle for not saying anything.

But as we know, who dared to question Mahathir in his actions, unless he was prepared to leave the cabinet or even UMNO, as had Ku Li, Musa Hitam, Anwar Ibrahim (expelled for corruption, then jailed for sodomy) and AAB (releasing Anwar from jail, crooked bridge affair)?

Oh, isn't it interesting to note that Malaysiakini reported:

After more than two decades, DAP veteran lawmaker Lim Kit Siang has finally got his wish - a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on Bank Negara's foreign exchanges losses in the late 80s and early 90s.

However, Lim is not thrilled.

I wonder why, when Lim KS had even written a book on the Forex Naughtiness and criticised Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Minister for evasive answers in Parliament?

Wakakaka. What a shameful act of putar-belit-ism!

Time for Lim KS to retire.

Oh, BTW, Lim Kit Siang in his heydays (when I idolised him, wakakaka) wrote the following books:

  1. Malaysia in the Dangerous 80s (1982)
  2. Constitutional Crisis in Malaysia (1983)
  3. The BMF Scandal (1984)
  4. Human rights In Malaysia (1985)
  5. BMF – The Scandal Of Scandals (1986)
  6. The North-South Highway Scandal (1987)
  7. Prelude To Operation Lalang (1990)
  8. The Dirtiest General Elections In The History of Malaysia (1991)
  9. The Bank Negara RM30 Billion Forex Losses Scandal (1994)
  10. Pendedahan Skandal Kewangan – Siapa Petualang FELCRA? (1994)
  11. Land Acquisition Act – Abuses, Injustices, Reform (1994)
  12. Economic & Financial Crisis (1998)
  13. Political & Economic Crisis in Malaysia(1998)
  14. The Budget That Was Never Passed (1999)
  15. Constitutional Case of the Millennium (2000)
  16. BA & Islamic State (2001)
  17. No To 929 (2002)

In case you don't know No 17, please read Lim's rave and rant against Mahathir in the 929 & 617 Declarations where Lim also said:

... the DAP CEC would consider proposal to take Mahathir to court for his “929 Declaration” and his “617 Announcement” that Malaysia is an Islamic fundamentalist state.

Younger people today have unfairly criticised one of DAP's greatest stalwarts, Lee Lam Thye, for retiring from partisan politics and then taking up roles in government and NGO appointed posts without realising the monumental contribution by Lee, and what he had done for the rakyat. Those critics should shut their rotten gaps and grow more pubic hair.

Lee's post-political jobs are not unlike a Gerakan senior politician in Penang being appointed by the DAP-led Pakatan government in 2008 to handle the government's businesses, because he was/is most qualified, yet I haven't heard anyone from the Pakatan side condemning that former Gerakan politician.

Haven't Lim Kit Siang become relatively far worse (and justified in his case) than Lee Lam Thye?


Jangan mempunyai double-standard lah, you pack of mongrels.

Wakakaka again.


  1. y compare lks to a leech lam thye? lks continue to battle a corrupt regime not care on his personal reputation, if given choice, i will definitely give my vote to lks, what abt u, vote umno or abstain?

    1. lee lam thye was and still is a gentleman and a Malaysian, unlike a cock sucker right now

    2. oh, by the by, ,my vote will always go to dap provided it's not lks. then I'll play mahjong, wakakaka

    3. a gentleman that see no evil hear no evil n speak no evil like u?

    4. n btw, u prefer umno to win in a dap seat? mahjong is a skill n brain game, u shd play big small.

    5. wakakaka, HY attempting to put his words in my mouth

      btw, lee lam thye was performing sterling service aeons ago when you were sucking up to anwar.

  2. The RM 42 Billion 1MDB theft is continuing at this very moment, which you conveniently stay silent....

  3. 子曰:“人而不仁,如礼何?人而不仁,如乐何?”

    When Anwar was 'free roaming' in bolihland political scene, threatening the political opportunity of yr ahjibgor, u aimed to nail him every which ways in yr postings.

    When Mamak starts to actively campaigning​ against ahjibgor in his twilight year, u target him as if he is Anwar reborn by digging out his past deeds.

    YES, both men have their fair shares of Machiavellian workouts in corruption/bigotry/governance.

    There is no excuses​ for their PAST deeds. They will have to account for them when they r finally meeting their makerat their own time, which is no far.

    What they have done r all in the past. The lessons learned, should be used to prevent the recurrences in the current & future undertakings of bolihland. Didn't u said something about analysed & prevent?

    Yet, u seem to see NO end in yr diatribes in hatred about both of them while glaringly ignoring the CURRENT ongoing kleptocratic indulgences of yr ahjibgor le!

    Besides, yr ahjibgor is equally bold, if not over, in continuing the handiworks of the anwar/mamak in corruption/racial/religious maneuvers.

    Where's yr claimed analysis & prevention le?

    Have u lost yr bearing of priority?

    Past is a lesson that's gone & couldn't be changed while current pressing pestilence MUST be stopped with all out efforts & consideration!

    Wiesenthal retired (c.2004), saying "I have survived them all. If there were any left, they'd be TOO OLD and WEAK to stand trial today. My work is done".

    This is 仁 at its uppermost revelation.

    Know when to stop persuading yr hatred!

    It seems u want to 'terminate' ANY Anwar/mamak's remaining political 'fights' at all cost. To the extend that u CAN excuse & tolerate what yr ahjibgor is doing CURRENTLY to the bolihland!

    Tsk...tsk.. sigh... any difference as to yr claimed of opposing capital punishment superficially while deep down cursing Anwar/mamak to their death ONLY then u could possibly rest?

    R yr ahjibgor's​ current handiworks any more repugnant than Anwar/mamak's?

    Ain't yr ahjibgor member of the party to Anwar/mamak's past evil deeds?

    What makes him stand out as angel in yr eyes le?

    Apa u punya udang dibelakang batu ye?


    Dedak yang terlampau ke?

    1. saya mahu pakatan tanpa Pribumi (what an insulting and disgusting ketuanan name) to win the elections. I want umno to lose which means prevent mahathir from gaining power as he'll go back to unno

    2. Cockagroo excuses!!!

      U want umno to lose? Then what better way than throwing out ahjibgor/hippo to the pack of 🐺?

      In truth;

      U don't WANT to see any changes in bolihland, despite yr superficial claims time & over.

      U want yr ahjibgor stays in power to cleanse out the coffer of bolihland.

      In turn, u want the continuation of the umno ketuanan regime to be prolonged!

      Stay & play yr mahjong, better still in Oz lah.

      What a hypocritic short-sighted despicable moron!!!

    3. aiseh CK, just your intolerant opinion.

      If I am bad, you're equally as bad for supporting an a dictator like Mahathir and trying to bring him back into rule

    4. Intolerant opinion??

      My foot lah, if yr claimed of my supporting Mamak has any meat in it!

      Read my lip (not yr ahjibgor's pink slimy one) carefully lah.

      My aim of including Mamak into the grand scheme of toppling ahjibgor is just so that with both ketuanan freaks infighting, umno's day is indeed numbered! & fast too😂.

      Yr dream of Mamak will bring back his old tricks of governance, if PH wins the election, is just yr 1002nt tale of Arabian - thinking all those other component members of PH r idiots/Mamak sycophants/ketuanan freaks etc etc...

      Bloody moronic wordsmith who is constantly living in a ahjibgor wet dream!

    5. touched your nerve, did I? wakakaka