Wednesday, June 14, 2017

UMNO shot MCA in foot, MCA failed to do likewise to DAP

In my previous post 10-years old story by UMNO deputy minister (2) in which I pointed out an UMNO deputy minister (in PM Dept) lied, I wrote (extracts):

Liew Chin Tong 

Liew was virtually saying Razali Ibrahim had lied, fibbed, bullshitted, kong-p'en-uwa, bohong, and ...

... please note this, Razali Ibrahim LIED (bohong) during the month of Ramadan.


I wonder whether Razali Ibrahim will burn in hell?

Razali Ibrahim thought Liew and DAP would accept his fabrications claimed from an incident 10 years ago, lying down. Don't play play with DAP (unless it's LKS).

But I wonder whether we should give Razali Ibrahim the benefit of the doubt and say his history has been dodgy-ishly chowkana because he went to a university with a QS ranking of 501?

Razali Ramli 

Yes, the DAP wasn't in any seat in Johor in 2007, let alone Kluang, so Razali Ibrahim and his associate Md Jais Sarday, Kluang UMNO chief, were lying through their rotten teeth in FALSELY accusing the DAP of wanting to close down the bazaar in that constituency, which act allegedly riled the local bazaar traders.

Razali Ibrahim should have played the fair and balance game as a good Malaysian Muslim like KJ and said words to the effect such harassment against the DAP was un-Islamic.

But Razali Ibrahim wanted to be a kampung jaguh and fibbed to make his moronic point, in the process committing the sin of FITNAH during the Holy month of Ramadan.

What could/should a decent man like Liew Chin Tong have done in the face of such a blatant lie? 'Twas blatant because the DAP was NOT in power in Kluang in 2007. Then Hou Kok Chung of MCA (BN) was the MP for Kluang.

Hou Kok Chung 

So Liew just provided correct info for all to assess, which BTW made YB Razali Ramli, who had lied during Ramadan, diam diam like a frightened tikus.

All Liew said was merely: "What actually happened was that an MCA (Johor) state assemblyperson had led a protest against the town bazaar, and made representations to the then district officer."

"I am stunned that Jais and Razali can confuse MCA with DAP. Just in case they have forgotten, let me remind them that MCA is a component party of BN and it is Umno’s close partner."

Well, the DAP are known as Chinese pigs to UMNO, and I suspect the MCA too have been similarly described, wakakaka, so we must give the benefit of the doubt to Raja-Berfitnah Razali Ramli due to his probable dodgy-ishly chowkana because he might have gone to a university with a QS ranking of 501, wakakaka.

which one is DAP, which one is MCA?


So what could Gan Ping Sieu of MCA do when his UMNO matey shot, no not UMNO, but MCA in the foot? Wakakaka.

Gan had NO choice other than to play a hifalutin game of words. By the by hifalutin means pretentious, haughty, pompous, using words or statements expressed in or marked by the use of language that is elaborated or heightened by artificial or empty means, wakakaka.

Gan said Liew should learn how to reason, not politicise and fan up every and any issue. What utter crap!

Hasn't there been 'reason' shown by Liew in providing the correct facts on constituent representatives as per 2007?

And hasn't the whole issue been politicised by Razali Ibrahim who attempted to fan up the issue?

Why has Gan been so scared of criticising Razali Ibrahim of UMNO, but instead chose to unfairly and undeservedly criticise Liew Chin Tong?

Gan Ping Sieu 

Is the MCA scared of UMNO? Oh, please excuse me for asking this rhetorical question, wakakaka.

Gan is like Razali Ibrahim too, wanting to be a kampung jaguh but cleverly playing a hifalutin game with a pretend-hurt but pretend-dignified affectation. He wants to claim the high moral grounds for something he doesn't deserve.

But Gan is a politician so we have to understand his predicament when a Mahathir-ised UMNO shot MCA in the foot, wakakaka.

But what flabbergasted me has been one of my not-so-friendly visitor, Monsterball, seemingly a PKR supporter but with virile anti-DAP dislikes, wakakaka.

He has the moronic sense of poor pathetic pariah-ish judgement to leave the following comment on my post 10-years old story by UMNO deputy minister (2):

Gan Ping Siew's classy demolition of Liew Chin Tong. "I won't play Liew Chin Tong's divisive political game"
I can't believe myself appreciating the words of an MCA politician.

Nonsense, of course Monsterball can 'appreciate the words of an MCA politician', wakakaka.

As a PKR man he follows his PKR idol Azmin in cozying up to UMNO and thus to MCA.

And if he considers Gan's pathetic cry of painful anguish as MCA's foot was shot by UMNO as a 'classy demolition' of an exceptional man like Liew, it's little wonder because Monsterball could well be like Razali Ramli, where he might have gone to a university with a QS ranking of 501, wakakaka.

Monsterball after all thrives in saluting education institutes of mediocrity, wakakaka, besides his constant trolling of opportunities to screw DAP or yours truly, wakakaka. 


  1. "Jais and Razali can confuse MCA with DAP."????

    To these mf**kers both r controlled by the CinaBengs. Thus equally biadap to the sense of ketuanan le!

  2. Is the present Monsterball the real monsterball with the dentures?

    1. No, I suspect the original (who loved Susan Loone, wakakaka) might have passed away. I kinda miss his crazy childish antics, wakakaka

  3. I am a graduate of the University of Life or The University of Hard Knocks,as they say.
    Lets just say, I have over the years employed quite a number of university graduates in my organisation.

    My experience is that, as long as the person has been equipped with the essential skill sets and knowledge, the most important indicator for success is the person's attitude and willingness to learn , put in their best, work cooperatively in a team to resolve problems, and human relationships.

    I have had Monash University graduates (quite high QS ranking) who turn out to be duds, and Unimap graduates (QS Ranking 451) who have made good contributions.

    QS rankings don't bother me much, one way or the other.