Thursday, June 01, 2017

Numerous Police probes

It's heartening to note police had immediately probe The Star newspapers for its front page alleged misdemeanour which offended Muslims.

If non-Muslim female women officers of the police have to wear Muslim tudung headgear, why aren't the men doing likewise? 

we saw the Royal Malaysian Police copycat-ing the military, requiring its non-Muslim female officers to don tudung headgear during parade, on the argument they would then present a uniformly dressed rank and file.

What bull! Because prior to this pathetic excuse for unnecessary and insensitive Islamization of uniforms affecting non-Muslims, did Sikhs in their magnificent turbans on formal parade for the last hundred years ever present anything significantly non-uniformed and out of place to the rest of their non-Sikh colleagues on parade?

I wonder how the police is progressing with its probe on Sulaiman Yassin (Mat Over) slapping (assaulting) David Teo in front of the PM at the TN50 forum?

I wonder how the police is progressing with its probe on the Johor surau assault where members of the surau assaulted a motorist who blared his car horn.

I wonder how the police is progressing with its probe on a slapping incident at Masjid Jamek Simpang Enam in Penang where ex-major Zaidi Ahmad, an aide of CM Lim Guan Eng, was assaulted by Jalinin Muslimin Pulau Pinang chairman Mohamed Hafiz Mohamed Nordin.

competing with Mat over?  wakakaka

I suppose such must be the complexity involved in analysing the anatomy of a slap or/and assault that the police have been taking weeks on ends to come to a finding on those 3 cases.

But I commend the police for their speed in investigating The Star and for being vigilant at the border to prevent the seditious ashes of Ong Boon Hwa from slipping into our country.



  1. is this not selective prosecution? u oso very selective on who to attack what.

  2. You are right, I agree with you. He's selective in who to attack.

    I guess due to his defiance character, oppose for the sake of oppose. A bit of shiok sendiri....... wakakaka

    1. but aren't we all 'selective', wakakaka