Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bullies are born!

MM Online - Families of Nhaveen’s attackers fight lonely battle (extracts):

grieving Shanti, mum of murdered Nhaveen 

GEORGE TOWN, June 19 — Families of the five suspects accused of beating teenager T. Nhaveen to death are said to be unable to find legal representation.

A brother of one of the suspects said none of the five families were successful in hiring defence counsels as the legal fraternity had practically abandoned them.

The five suspects are expected to be charged for murder today where the mandatory punishment is death.

The brother suspects that public sentiment had gone against them, influencing professionals such as lawyers and politicians.

Former counsel V. Parthiban stood in for them during the remand process, and has since declared that he would no longer represent them because there were no new instructions from them.


The brother claimed he had also received threatening calls after his identity was revealed to certain quarters.

He added that the entire neighbourhood in Gelugor seemed to have forsaken them, and it was sad that innuendo and presumption had come to influence society as a whole.

There is a “herd mentality” in this case, the brother said, urging people to remain calm and to allow justice to take its course.

He said that he was disappointed that the common belief where a “man was innocent until proven guilty,” was not observed.

My simplified answer to the/his belief 'a man is innocent until proven guilty' would be there's no such thing in reality, as the average human beings living in society are generally suspicious, prepared to believe in the worse and plain damn bloody nasty.

And it seems, from the complaint that the families of the four charged with murder have being unable to find legal representation, my reckoning would also cover the legal fraternity in Penang.

Since the recent happenings of alleged murders of young men resulting from bullying, beating and torturing, either by fellow students or by an assistant school supervisor, there have been all sorts of pontificating articles sermonizing that teachers share part of the blame as do parents, as do society in general, namely, that we are all to be blamed for the non-reporting and condoning of such bullying, that we failed to raise those bullies up decently, that bullies are not born but 'made' through piss-poor adult behavioural examples, etc etc etc.

Kaytee's reaction to all above is yes, that might have been 'some' iota of truth in those (above) pompous pontificating pathetic self-flagellation, but the reality is that, for example, 'serial killers were not made but born'. Thus, similarly, bullies were not only made but also born. You can't 'un-made' such bullies.

And that's precisely why you have bullies, abusers, sadists, torturers and alleged murderers of T. Nhaveen, Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain and Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, as we had such people in the past before, in fact, all over the world.

the late Joyti Singh

in India in 2012

As an earlier report on The Huffington Post noted Wednesday, the young woman, reportedly a paramedical student, was brutally raped by up to six men on Sunday. The sexual assault spanned several hours and left the woman close to death. Her friend, described as a “male companion,” was also attacked, reportedly beaten with metal rods. Both were assaulted after boarding a private bus and were eventually dumped on the side of a road.

A Hindustan Times report on Thursday has revealed more shocking details about the assault. The paper reports the woman was not only raped and beaten, but was also “violated with a metal rod.”

“It appears to be that a rod was inserted into her and it was pulled out with so much force that the act brought out her intestines...

That is probably the only thing that explains such severe damage to her intestines,”
said a doctor at Safdarjung Hospital where the woman is being treated.

Indian prosecutors revealed shocking details about a recent infamous gang-rape. A juvenile suspect was the most brutal abuser: He reportedly pulled out the victim’s intestine, and offered to toss her out of the bus. He may avoid capital punishment.

I know of brothers where three have been good men but one (the fourth) would be real nasty, naturally nasty with a lust for heckling, hurting and harming people.

I have personal experience working with such an evil man (Chinese, no racism involved) who just loves to be a really bad bad bad batu api, to fabricate tales to harm his office colleagues, to poison the Boss' mind against them.

He came from a good family but unlike his family, he was a real bastard, a man so bad and black in his heart I have to call him evil in the very sense of the word.

Part of his poisonous campaign against his co-workers was for his self-promotion but I could see part of it was his perverse sense of delight, a man with a terrible toxic pool of Schadenfreude within his black soul.

Bullies are born!


  1. All human behaviour, good, bad, indifferent , are the product of a combination of nature as well as nurture.
    As biology and technology advances, scientists have more and more identified genes as well as brain structures that have significant impact on how a person's character and personality develops.

    Gambling addicts, for example, are partly born with such tendencies and partly made through life influences.

    However, nobody is a prisoner of their birth. Environment, upbringing, social influences and a person's inner beliefs all have major impact on how a person turns out, for good or for evil.

    The world's militaries specialise in breaking down and rebuilding both well behaved kids and indisciplined ruffians into disciplined soldiers who will shoot to kill as well as charge straight into danger when ordered.

    Many criminal gangs use similar processes to ingrain compliance from their members.

    1. Your comment that bullies and nasties have been "the product of a combination of nature ........" seems to support my belief bullies (like serial killers) have been born with that sinister instinct