Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sodom dalam Selimut

Many years ago a joke yet not a joke went around a place in Australia where I worked, that one out of every eight men Down-Under was gay.

Strangely, many Aussies themselves agreed but there were some outraged protests, wakakaka. Today, gayness among Aussie males is not strange, unusual nor a significant social concern anymore.

Besides, medical scientists in America have confirmed 'gayness' as contained in inherited DNA, a design of the respective god or gods.

Que sera sera - what will be will be, and what is, so be it. Thus it's not a social stigma to be a LGBT in Australia, given that one has been ordained by the almighty to be such a member, much as conservative members of the Abrahamic religions (Judaists, Christians and Muslims) won't accept such an idea.

I have to say I wonder whether the biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah was fabricated bullshit much as was the pathetic UMNO fabrication about LGE's son harassing Ms Anya Sun Corke of Britain.

We also know the Battle of Gibeah, a vile one-sided badmouthing of the Tribe of Benjamin by the evil Tribe of Judah was deliberately back-dated to the period of the Judges in order to hide the evil genocide during King David's time by the House of Judah of The House of Benjamin because of the acrimonious feuding legacy of King David's hatred, envy of King Saul and the usurping of the latter's throne.

Many biblical scholars analysed the account of the Battle of Gibeah as a piece of political propaganda or spin, with the sinister aim to disguise atrocities carried out by King David's Tribe of Judah against King Saul's Tribe of Benjamin.

They concluded that it was an act of revenge or spite by David against the people of King Saul, but backdated the evil genocide or fratricide some 300 years to the earlier Era of the Judges, and adding a motive already used in the Sodom and Gomorrah saga.

Quite frankly, if the Tribe of Benjamin was so degrading, horrifying and evil, why would the 12 tribes of Israelites, including the Tribe of Judah, pick a Benjaminite, Saul, to be the first King of Israel some 300 years later, and which drove a jealous deprived-of-power Samuel to furious rage and to constantly plot against and bad-mouth King Saul?

But trust the Davidic writers of the Bible to cover up the crimes, sins and evil of the House of Judah. Yes. the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) was written by various people but mainly by (though not all) Davidic supporters (obviously of the House of Judah).

‘Davidic’ supporters mean supporters of King David who was of the House of Judah, the most evil and treacherous man in the entire bible.

David was even more treacherous than his eponymous ancestor, Cheating Jacob (also named Israel). David plotted the murder of King Saul who naively doted on him, and f**ked Saul’s wife and Saul's son Jonathan (yes, he and Jonathan were lovers) to get to the throne.

The Davidic-written Bible also covered up the heinous sins and crimes of Judah, 4th son of Jacob and the founder of the Tribe of Judah. Judah wanted to murder his brother Joseph, who was his father's fave, but eventually ended up selling the poor bloke to the Ishmaelite traders who took Joseph to Egypt and sold him off as a slave.

Judah ignored his Israelite god not to marry out of his tribe; he married a Canaanite woman. Then he lusted after Tamar, his daughter-in-law so much so that he eventually bonked her (and I suspect, after murdering his two sons), an act of incest punishable by execution at the burning stake according to Israelite laws. But he was not executed. Did he self-spare himself. Why? How? Wakakaka.

And the Bible hid that story between the pages of the story of Joseph, one of Judah's victims.

The Bible, written by his descendants, naturally gave Jacob's most glowing praise to the Tribe of Judah, wakakaka.

In Malaysia, there was a not-quite-similar allegation about Malay males, that there have been many sodomites among them, yang suka main belakang, although unlike the Australian case, no percentile ratio was mentioned.

Needless to say, true or otherwise, the sodomy issue has been given prominence by a very senior politician. And as we have been informed by RPK (wakakaka) there are more than one well-known sodomite in our nation, including a prosecutor, so on, so forth.

Once, a very prominent former civil servant (Indian) mentioned that sexual activities among males themselves would likely exist in boys boarding schools like MCKK, etc.

Thus I wasn't surprised to read MM Online's Three boys sodomise fellow inmate in Melaka rehab school, assuming they are Malay boys.

And very sadly, regarding the recent case of T Nhaveen, an 18-year old Indian teenager has been bashed so mercilessly until he went into a state of comatose, where now the doctors have pronounced him as brain-dead.

Then from (extracts):

2. He was also allegedly sodomised by his attackers

According to reports, Nhaveen was taunted by two of his former schoolmates, who met him outside the Taman Tun Sardon Mosque.

Allegedly, the two used to bully Nhaveen in school for being "effeminate".

In this, I suspect latent gayness arising in forms of violence, employed to mask the sexual proclivity of the offenders who subconsciously must be ashamed of their sexual needs.

While Nhaveen pleaded with the two to stop, [they called?] the former schoolmates called their friends and six of them arrived on motorcycles at the spot.

The eight then started beating Nhaveen along with another boy, Previin, who was with Nhaveen, repeatedly with helmets.

One of the youths on the motorcycles then forced Nhaveen to a nearby Padang at Jalan Kaki Bukit. While it is not known what happened at the Padang, an unconscious Nhaveen was taken to the Penang Hospital at 2am by a brother of one of the assailants.

3. Nhaveen's injuries indicate that a blunt object was inserted into his anus. There were burn marks on his back.

Nhaveen's 43-year-old mother was only told of the alleged injuries to the anus and genitals some 36 hours after he was first taken to Penang Hospital, reported The Malaysian Insight.

"His genitals were twisted. The news just destroyed his mother. She is traumatised.When the boy was declared brain-dead, his mother accepted the news. But this, she could not accept. She fears for her children. If he ever recovers, what future will he have?" Nhaveen's uncle was quoted as saying by The Malaysian Insight.

While I personally don't care about consensual acts of sex between consenting ADULTS, we need a national survey with a view towards treating those with latent gay proclivities from descending into acts of violence.

Latent gay people who are embarrassed by their own sexual proclivities are known to mask their personal preferences with extreme violence. They have to be treated and cured (to be sufficiently courageous enough to say to the world "I am gay", as have been done by many Aussies, Americans and other Western sportspeople and celebrities).

Michael Kirby, an Australian High Court Judge, an openly self-confessed gay, has been one of the MOST respected and adored judges if not the MOST respected and adored judge in Australia.

Bob Brown is also another open gay. Brown was a former Green Party senator and one of the most respected politician in Australia. He is retired now.

But I doubt Islamic Malaysia (courtesy of Mahathir in 2002) will reach that open tolerant state.

Harassing or punishing gays with 100 lashes of syariah flogging won't cure their misguided wannabe violence.


  1. I thought the ratio is at least 1 in 5.
    Ozz-kistan is full of Poofters....that is why Ktemoc is hiding there...

  2. I just look around me. Out of 100 guys that I am in touch with, at least 4 are gays.That's one every 25.