Saturday, June 03, 2017

A step too far?

There is the constitutional monarch and the absolute monarch (autocrat).

Generally in today's modern world, the line between the two is very clear except in the sultanate states of Malaysia, where uniquely the monarch of each state (and the Agong federally for non-sultanate states) is constitutional in the political realm while absolute in the religious (Islamic) sphere.

The latter is because each ruler (sultan) is the head of Islam in his own state, though not of politics.

In politics the ruler is the constitutional head and is required to automatically approve the political process and policies exercised and advice issued by the politically-elected leader of the majority-ruling party (or coalition). That's what is meant by a constitutional head of state.

But it is a fine line between the two when some areas overlap, not because the constitution is ambiguous but because of the unique and revered status of a sultan with the Malays in his state.

In a previous post titled Cow I wrote that the 'sacred cow' is (extracts):

financial & military aid for Israel is a 'sacred cow' in the USA's budget 

..... not something you can touch with impunity because the adverse fallout will be drastic.

Another example would be the status of HRH. In Malaysia (not Indonesia) they are definitely 'sacred cows' in the eyes of many Malays.

Thus Azmin Ali has cleverly, cunningly and craftily somehow coopted HRH Selangor into approving the continuing tenure of the 3 PAS exco members.

Cerita habis, because now no one, not even DAP, dares question those dedak-makan-ing PAS continuing to gulp unashamedly from the gravy trough of Selangor. The edict of a sacred cow is immune from mortal criticisms.

In the above last two paragraphs, while the political party PAS has recently severed relationship totally with Pakatan, it brazenly refuses to leave the exco (cabinet) of the ruling state government which would mean it will lose many rights and privileges which hitherto it only enjoys in a remote corner of our nation, wakakaka (sorry Sabarinon sweetie).

PAS is not alone at fault on this as the MB, Azmin Ali, covertly wants them to stay behind for 3 major reasons, namely:

(a) the state government can at least be stable until the next state elections,

(b) PAS provides a bulwark against the major Pakatan component party the DAP whose numerical dominance Azmin fears (out of jealousy and worries his 'policies' could be blocked), but mostly,

(c) Azmin still hopes to have a secret alliance with PAS as PKR itself is pathetically weak and in internal disarray, and won't survive well in the coming GE-14.

There had been constant pressure from DAP for PAS, now a de facto squatter party, to exit the state exco in decent a.s.a.p. The DAP pressure on PAS was in itself a humongous indirect pressure on Azmin as MB to do something instead of sucking up to the Moon party, so Azmin did some Edward de Bono and fell back on the state's 'sacred cow', namely HRH.

It so happens that constitutionally HRH has his royal prerogative in appointing and removing excos in accordance with Article 53(7) of the Selangor state constitution.

But the key word is 'constitutionally', though what can you do when HRH chose to take Article 53(7) and those governing the appointment of the MB, namely, Article 51 (1), Article 53 (2)(a), Article 51 (2), Article 53 (4) literally, meaning he intends to exercise them as per the wordings and to ignore the constitutionality of his role altogether, wakakaka.

And within a Malay Heartland context, who dares to tell or argue with a 'sacred cow' that his actions have not been constitutional?

So Azmin's appointment (against the advice of the majority ruling Pakatan or its component parties of PKR and DAP) as MB is subject closed and likewise with the bizarre continuing tenure of PAS ADUNs in an exco run by its enemy Pakatan.

But wait, there is more, wakakaka.

HRH has just singled out poor Sivarasa of PKR for a royal blasting, basting and baking, wakakaka.

While I don't intend to split hairs on whether Sivarasa has violated HRH's edict on no political speech to be delivered in mosques and suraus in the state, I in my personal humble opinion, believe HRH might have gone a step too far in singling out a particular politician for excruciating public criticism.

In doing so, HRH has unnecessarily feathered and tarred poor Sivarasa politically (especially for the coming elections) and thus has unwittingly put one toe into the political arena.

HRH could have easily passed his royal displeasure through his palace secretary or the MB, though I suspect the latter might have done a Pontius Pilate.

'Nuff said.


  1. R u trying to propagate yr sifu's imaginary fourth leg of the bolihland's constitutional monarchy system?

    This part is manipulatively twisted.

    Generally in today's modern world, the ………………. ………………. ………………. is ambiguous but because of the unique and revered status of a sultan with the Malays in his state."

    1st, u r NO constitutional lawyer. So, yr conjecturalized FedCon mines r full of holes.

    2nd, the Fed Constitution is based on the Pommie Westminster format.

    Bolihland hasn't reverted back to feudalistic time le, so mana kuasa mutlak?

    3rd, this blueblood doesn't know how to enact his given duty. Ill adviced by imprudent sidekicks?

    4th, perhaps, he still believes in the spurious royalistic power in government administrative mechanism as spin by his egomaniac cousin.

    5th, there is a living proof as in the person of the Queen Elizabeth II, who serves as the constitutional head in the political realm while absolute in the religious (Anglican) sphere.

    She is the BEST example of a well respected constitutional monarchy le!

    So overstepping the line, who???

    1. reality of Malay perception vs Westminster constitutional monarchy


    2. Frozen in Time Malay perception.

      Here laid the pink elephant that every blur-sotongs refuse to see!!!

  2. "Sebarang majlis anjuran wakil rakyat boleh dilakukan di masjid dan surau tetapi biarlah ia dilakukan di perkarangan kawasan berkenaan sahaja, bukan di ruang solat” ~ Azmin Ali

    I agree with HRH Sultan Selangor (Daulat Tuanku) and also with Azmin Ali's above statement.

    To give 'duit raya' and donation of RM71,000-00 to mosque(s) by a non Muslim MP or ADUN should be held outside the prayer hall. It is clearly political.

    In this incident Sivarasa was standing just about the Imam's position during prayers and which is also quite near the pulpit.

    Lawyer YB Tan (Pandamaran) who was also there with Sivarasa should have advised him to have the event outside the prayer hall.

    I also read that that event was actually planned by PAN? tsk..tsk..tsk..

    1. issue isn't so much whether Sivarasa was wrong in his activity, but more about HRH criticising him specifically in public. It unwittingly, unhelpfully and unnecessarily rendered a pseudo public perception that HRH might be pro BN

    2. Perhaps, there are a few monarchs that have made politically or diplomatically sensitive remarks.

      I think HRH Sultan Selangor has been careful to keep his views of anger private. Under his constitutional role it is indeed rare for HRH Sultan Selangor to scold anyone publicly in the past.

      In this case HRH Sultan Selangor has given his 'perintah' two years ago of not to use the place of worship for any political agenda.

      Sivarasa has 'langgar' that perintah' - hence he has crossed the line.

    3. A regal personality should admonish in a regal manner which in essence should be in private or via a third person (eg. private or palace secretary or MB or party leader), and never directly at the target. Thus he maintains his regal aura

  3. KTM,
    If the Tuanku is to go about things in a very regal manner, written or verbal, its going to be a very long and winded thing.
    It takes another bangsawan to decipher what his highness is trying to convey.
    Saw and read one letter from a sultan to Stamford Raffles. I can't really make head or tail about the content!

    1. if HRH wants to preserve his august regality, he needs to do so - that's wy he has private/palace secretaries

  4. QE2 has been a class act during a long reign - and she has not been a cream puff.
    She has expressed her concern over important state issues in the past , never taking sides politically, and never singling any persons or groups in public.

    Suffice that those involved know who and what she is referring to.

    Malaysian royals need to learn the art of exercising the monarchy's state responsibilities without appearing to take political sides. That is how you ensure the monarchy's continued relevance and respect in a modern society.