Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Circumcision probe circumcised?


Invented by ancient (not Arab) Egyptians; "adopted"* by Hebrews (Israelites); ignored by Christians because Paul (he who took road to Damascus) said it was not necessary; and subsequently practised by Muslims.

* there is a great story behind the (kaytee) mysterious-naughty verb, wakakaka. One day I'll tell you the story.

(left) - measuring only is OK but why restrained poor patient's hands?

(perhaps Pharaoh was jealous of patient's ding-a-ling's length and ordered an equalisation-shortening exercise?) wakakaka

(right) - gulp, I don't like the look of that instrument 

Malaysia (Peninsula) has a few medical "clinics" offering circumcision services to Muslims but just some time not too long ago, there were a couple of questionable practices which saw monumental disastrous consequences for a couple of young Muslim boys, one of whom lost his penis.

The public was outraged, the Health Ministry bunker-ed down like KD Rahmat caught in a super typhoon measuring 12 on the Beaufort Scale (Cat 5 major typhoon), and promised investigation, checks on doctors' qualifications and procedural knowledge, and a new set of professional medical conduct for circumcisions, etc etc etc.

KD Rahmat under care of Perak State
trust those bloody landlubbers 

What is the progress? What's happening now?

Another typical Malaysian-Boleh investigation in someone's office Tangguh tray?

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  1. KD Rahmat F24 - a once proud navy ship...how sad.

    The list is alarming, it will soon capsize unless the water inside the ship is pumped out and the leak plugged.

    Typical Bolehland setup...contract for maintaining the ship given to some obscure crony company with no capability and no interest to do the actual job.