Friday, June 24, 2016

What goes around .....

Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman must be having the last laugh. If he sees us from heaven (if there is one for a compassionate kind Muslim, he must be there) he would smile and probably say 'Padan muka' to Mahathir.

Mahathir's political dynasty has virtually ended today with the expulsion of his son Mukhriz from UMNO.

m afraid the UMNO situation today for Mahathir is not quite the same as it was during AAB's days when Mahathir still had a lot of pull. I don't believe Mahathir can perform any miracle to save Mukhriz's political career, and I suspect Mukhriz must be quietly glad about it, the poor sweet boy being a reluctant pollie.

Let's attribute the End of Days for Mahathir's political reign to Najib's cunning and pandai political skills and manoeuvres.

C'mon Azmin Ali, buatlah thunderous applause kau


Mahathir had been the man who ousted Tunku because he said that Tunku was far too accommodating to the bloody Chinese when the late PM should have paid more attention to Malays (as if Tunku hadn't).

Ironically, Mahathir also accused Najib of the same thing, that of giving the Chinese far too much when he (Najib) should have concentrated on the Malays. Thus it's sweet justice for Tunku's soul.

When Tunku was ousted from power, just imagine how our first PM must have felt. I hope Mahathir suffers a hundred times more for the terrible hurt he as a ferocious Young Turk had ruthlessly and uncaringly rendered to poor Tunku.



  1. alhamdulillah? while the meaning is correct, the context not quite. you don't offer thanks to the deity for something bad for someone ever. ha ha ha. you are more pious than some heineken guzzling muslims i know.

    1. alhamdulillah for Tunku's soul - may he now rest in eternal peace in the bosom of Allah swt

    2. kt sometimes behaves like lucifer but sometimes like a fallen angel from heaven... more like an orientalist rather atheist.. ha ha

  2. almarhum tunku & ahjibgor

    persamaan - bagi muka kat cina
    perbezaan - satu cina sayang, lagi satu cina binci.

  3. What goes around, comes around....
    That wise saw may well apply to Najib, much sooner than you expect...

    Najib's so-called cunning and pandai political skills and manoeuvres, much admired by this blog owner, simply serves to shield and defend his kleptocracy.

    Yes, quite a number of Najib's critics may have less than holy motives, but that does not negate the fundamental wrong of Najib's abuse of power and theft of public funds.

    There will be no happy ending for Najib , Rosmah, his UMNO sycophants and his outside supporters (whatever their motives) ...that I am sure of.

    1. wakakaka, you are sure hell-bent on making me a Najib admirer