Thursday, June 02, 2016

Is PKR still interested in Pakatan?

MM Online - PKR veep says party still allies with PAS after Muslimat calls to cut ties

Malay unity 

KUALA LUMPUR, June 2 — PKR will not sever ties with PAS unless the directive comes directly from the Islamist party’s central committee, Chua Tian Chang said today.

Chua, who is one of PKR’s three vice-presidents, said his party has yet to speak with PAS about the proposal by the Islamist party’s women’s wing to end their political cooperation.

“As far as we are concerned, we will maintain ties with PAS. We will maintain things until PAS’s central committee says otherwise.

“Until then, we will maintain the status quo,” he told Malay Mail Online over the phone when contacted.

Remember last year's headline by the MM Online about Tian Chua and Nurul Izzah meeting up with Jacel H Kiram?

Jacel Kiram is the daughter of former Sulu militant group leader who led the militant intrusion in Lahad Datu in 2013. The Pinoy intruders not only killed several Malaysian policemen but also mutilated their corpses in a horrid display of barbarism.

you only met up with Jacel Kiram
but I also bit a Malaysian policeman 

Readers had then only focused on Nurul's lack of judgement but very few mentioned the naughty insensitivity of Tian Chua who was also there with her.

Yes, though Nurul was silly to demonstrate her piss-poor judgement in being outrageously insensitive to the families of the dead policemen killed at Lahad Datu with their bodies so cruelly mutilated by the Filipino intruders, especially for one who's touted as a future PM, I want to point out what DPM Zahid had said at that time.

Zahid had then accused Tian Chua as the person responsible for the meeting with Jacel Kiram. He stated: "Tian Chua was the man who arranged the meeting. He was the person responsible in connecting with the Sulu sultanate. He has to be very careful with his action." 

If Ahmad Zahid's accusation has been true (Tian Chua threatened to sue him but Zahid gave him 2 fingers), then we need to ask ourselves a sensible question: Why would Tian Chua involve Nurul in a meeting with Jacel Kiram which would incriminate Nurul and likely her position in PKR?

Tian Chua might have been snaky, as DAP people see him, wakakaka; he might have bitten a policeman, as confirmed by the courts, wakakaka; he might have behaved like a wannabe martyr, as we know of him, wakakaka; but he wasn't/isn't exactly stupid or like sweetie Nurul, politically gullible. Au contraire, he's quite cunning and snaky.

Whatever Tian Chua did or does or will be doing, you can bet there's usually a well thought-out motive behind each of his actions, programs or plans.

So, assuming Ahmad Zahid's accusation has legs, should Tian Chua have positioned pseudo-Princess Nurul in a cozy photo-ops with so-called Princess Jacel Kiram to win the favour of the Sabah Bangsamoro voters, many of whom have relatives and connections all the way back to southern Philippines, the bailiwick of the so-called royal Kiram family who still have pretensions to ruling Sabah?

What had been Tian Chua's real motive?

By the by, it's said that within PKR, Tian Chua is allied to the Azmin Ali faction.

This was apparent in the Pakatan chaos during the recent Sarawak state elections. A Malaysiakini report tells us:

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali was alleged to have authorised Sarawak state chief Baru Bian to issue appointment letters to the candidates of the five contentious seats. This is according to a party source.

This was against the decision of party presidential council, which only authorised 35 candidates to stand in the May 7 state election.

This may see three-cornered fights in five state seats - Mambong, Simanggang, Ngemah, Murum and Mulu - where DAP will field candidates.

"Azmin gave the impression to the state PKR that he could push it at the central level to allow three-cornered fights with DAP in Sarawak," said the source.

He then claimed both Azmin and party vice-president Tian Chua instigated Sarawak PKR to take a hardline stand with the excuse that this would force the party and DAP to re-open negotiations. [...]

The source, however said the party president, who signed the appointment letter for 35 candidates, had turned down the request for three-cornered fights.

Now, in this latest MM Online news, Tian Chua has let us know of his party's insistence on remaining in alliance with PAS, something that Azmin Ali has often said he wanted.

Does that make sense for a member of Pakatan Harapan where the other two members, namely the DAP and Amanah, are completely at odds with PAS?

In short, he is telling DAP and Amanah to f**k off, and that it's all about numero uno, to wit, PKR.

So Pakatan, Quo Vadis?


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