Thursday, June 30, 2016

Guan Eng a flight risk?

FMT - Gobind: Guan Eng’s bail higher than RM1m earlier

GEORGE TOWN: The bail initially set for Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who was today charged with corruption, was more than RM1 million, Lim’s lead defence counsel Gobind Singh revealed.

Gobind, who is representing the DAP secretary-general, said the attorney-general and the deputy public prosecutors had initially come up with a “certain figure” which was higher than what was agreed upon.

“Yes, it was negotiated to RM1 million in exchange for the need for Lim to surrender his passport."

The accused is the Chief Minister of Penang. Is he a flight risk over the charges he will be facing?

The sum of RM1 million is way over the top, of persecutorial proportion. And requiring Lim GE to surrender his passport adds insult to injury. BN is having its moment of viagra-aided pseudo-orgasm.


  1. had he purchased the property at market value, wud he still be charged in connection with taman manggis deal?

  2. unlikely.. as lge can plead defence on willing seller willing buyer basis.

    as i see it, it is quite a clear cut case of corruption. there is a link between the below market price purchase of the house and the approval for land conversation and development by/to the owner/proprietor of the plot of land who sold his house to lge. lge chaired the meeting when the approval was given. it would be a miracle if lge can escape this.

  3. ada orang kata kes ini sama dgn toyo tapi tak serupa. boleh tonton wayang lagi.

    1. aku belikan kau galery seat dan lots of kuaci.. eh kawan? btw orang pas banyak berdoa.. don't underestimate the power of doa(s)...