Sunday, June 26, 2016

There are prisoners, and then ...

Currently I am watching a Korean TV drama series titled 'The flower in prison'.

The story is about a gorgeous sweetie who was born in prison and brought up by one of the wardens to become a warden herself. Sweetie Jin Se Yeon acts as the delightful delectable delicious prison warden cum heroine.

Jin Se Yeon
when you see her you want to be a prisoner too


What is interesting about the story is that in those medieval Korean period there were prisoners and then there were prisoners. If one was rich, then one could live like a lord even in prison, not unlike some Mafia godfathers in American prison and Yakuza big bosses in Japanese penitentiary in more recent times. Even the prison wardens had to kowtow to those VVIP jailbirds.

In the TV drama, rich prisoners could pay other prisoners to take the flogging meant for them and even take permitted though illegal 'leave' to visit their spouses back in their palatial mansions, wakakaka, but of course returning in time to be present during audits by external officers.

In Malaysia we of course have had big shots put behind bars, people like the former Selangor MB, Harun Idris and an UMNO former minister who shot one of his party members dead (rumour has it the dead bloke bonked the murderer's sister).

The latter jailbird was once said to be UMNO PM-material but alas his trigger happy self killed that (excuse the unintended pun). But fortunately he was pardoned (from the gallows), eventually freed and now presumably rehabilitated, and still retains his datukship which he took into prison and emerged from it with that title all intact, wakakaka.

But I wonder how these former UMNO VVIPs were treated in jail?

Oh never mind, because today we have an interesting story on another "VVIP prisoner", namely Anwar Ibrahim, former deputy PM, though I'm not sure whether he's still Pakatan Harapan leader?

In Malaysia-Today's INJUSTICE AND INEQUALITY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER? author of article Umar Mukhtar laments and is also disgusted by the 'act-dunno' on both sides of the political fence because of the special and preferential treatment Anwar Ibrahim has been receiving in prison. He wrote:

I have written here before that it is not difficult for Anwar Ibrahim to indulge in politics while in prison. The facilities accorded to him in order to able to do that is unbelievable. Maybe even a smart phone with scrambling abilities. Even without that he is probably the only incarcerated person in Malaysia who can respond to current events in real time and whose mail is not censored, with carriers at his beck and call.

I am not bitching about the fact that he can do that. He can translate the whole works of Shakespeare for all I care. I am just citing this as an example of the malaise that has overcome over public service can now be detected everywhere. Do you mean to say, for example, if the minister in charge of prisons is once your ‘macai’ you can expect a bit of favour as if he owns the prison? So it pays to be connected then. No wonder the country is going to the dogs!

Imagine, nobody is going to raise this matter in parliament. Because this miscarriage of justice benefits the opposition and nobody on the government benches dares to be on the wrong side of the minister. It is these kind of little favours between friends that open the floodgates of injustice. This would be a terrible place to be in if you are born of the wrong pedigree. I guess that’s why the pariahs of the world look up to an underground godfather!

Really, I am just so curious that an incarcerated person can so free to rally his troops. Imagine if Botak Chin, the Mamak Gang and Bentong Kali could have communicated to their followers about where to stash the weapons, etc. There are two types of criminals? And it is up to the Director-General of Prisons to personally decide who deserves what? Humour me.

Well Umar, I suppose like in that Korean TV drama, in Malaysia we also would say there are prisoners and then there are prisoners, just as a Malaysian adult having sex with 13-year old girl could be considered as either consensual sex or statutory rape, depending on who the Malaysian adult male happens to be - see Warped sense of values.

Hmmm, I wonder whether his cell is air-conditioned, equipped with a comprehensive library, private toilet, spa bath, Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair, fridge and coffee-tea bar and a Samsung 50" Series 5 Full HD LED LCD TV?

Hoe liao!

Oh, by the by, may I also say that in Malaysia there are statutory declarations and then there are statutory declarations, wakakaka.


  1. As far as I am concerned, Anwar Ibrahim should not be in prison at all. Full stop.
    One of the gravest injustice in the country's judicial history has been perpetrated against Anwar Ibrahim. Not once, but twice.

  2. regarding pak syeikh being accorded a vvip treatment (not only this round but the previous one also) is(was) already an open secret.

    question; is(was) he really guilty? if yes, why was the need for shafie abdullah & menantu abah (judiciary & executive branches) travelling all over malaya to do a road-show?

  3. Umar Mukhtar's antipathy towards Anwar is unrelenting, pursued even across the walls of Sungai Buloh prison.

    I have a sense that his (and your) hostility towards Anwar crosses the boundary of human decency.

    Anwar Ibrahim is an elderly man with a very painful chronic spinal problem which has been certified by international specialists as well as locally by the HUKL.
    It has been seriously exacerbated by sleeping on the thin standard foam and concrete platform of the prison cell.

    Anwar's family's request for him to be allowed a proper bed had already been denied by prison authorities last year.

    So Umar Mukhtar's insinuation of thick mattress and a special bed, and your speculation about message chairs etc. are totally uncalled for and repulsive.

    Pray that you do not end up with such a chronic back ailment in your middle age....or maybe that will teach you a lesson.