Friday, June 10, 2016

Azmin abandons Pakatan candidates in by-elections?

Malaysiakini - KJ: Why vote for Harapan if Azmin isn’t committed to Sg Besar?

am too busy for those Amanah small timers 

SG BESAR POLLS: Azmin Ali’s absence from the Sungai Besar campaign trail shows that Pakatan Harapan’s candidate does not have the Selangor menteri besar’s blessing, said Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

As such, the youth and sports minister said voters in Sungai Besar should opt for BN as the Selangor menteri besar is not committed to the constituency.

“Do you see the Selangor menteri besar in Sungai Besar after nomination day?

“The party and candidate contesting here did not receive the blessing of the menteri besar due to problems in Pakatan Harapan.

“The menteri besar does not show his commitment to Sungai Besar,” he said during a ceremony with youth associations where sports equipment items were handed out.

Azmin had only made an appearance during nomination day but has been absent since.

In contrast, Khairy said the prime minister, deputy prime minister and other ministers have turned out in force in Sungai Besar.

“I see every day, there are ministers coming here, I think the deputy prime minister is in Sungai Besar almost daily.

Adoi, KJ has made a sharp damning point against Pakatan Harapan.

We know the reason, don't we?

It has been reported:

a) Azmin doesn't want Amanah to win because that will strengthen Rafizi Ramli's position in PKR.

b) Azmin is still eager to be allied with the Islamic Party, thus supporting and campaigning for Amanah will f**k his aim to play footsie-tootsie with PAS kau kau.

c) Azmin frowns upon a strengthened DAP-Amanah combination as that will by default weaken his position in PH.


  1. Unfortunately for Amanah, the most serious damage to its campaign in Sungai Besar so far has come from DAP's objectionable and insensitive posters.

    Ostensibly put up for Amanah's benefit, they turned out to have not been approved and not vetted by Amanah.
    It is a symptom of DAP's Bossy attitude towards Amanah. Simple courtesy should have DAP asking Amanah "Kawan, here are the draft prints of our proposed poster campaign in Sungai Besar. What do you think ?"
    Nothing of that sort happens.

    DAP has been thinking and acting like the Boss of Pakatan Harapan......they need to get something straight...the Malays will never accept a DAP dominated coalition, unless it carries out such a radical makeover, DAP would have essentially ceased to exist...

    Many in PKR "tak boleh tahan" their domineering attitudes and behaviour anymore. Unless Amanah can move out of DAP's shadow and thumb , it will end up in oblivion.

    Meanwhile, the only beneficiary is UMNO, which will now likely win Sungai Besar with a big majority, and Kuala Kangsar with a landslide....

    1. What do we expect when its presiden got to cari makan from the sec gen. Adik abang katakan.

    2. DAP might have been crude in its poster campaign but it's still helping and supporting Amanah wholeheartedly, unlike a treacherous anti-Pakatan/Amanah PKR which prefers PAS.

      Pakatan only exists as a coalition between Amanah and DAP. PKR is treacherously allied to PAS and against the two Amanah candidates