Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Suspicion torments my heart

One of Elvis' best songs was 'Suspicion' and the line from it that pertains to this post is:

"Suspicion torments my heart"


Let's start off with Pak Haji Hadi Awang's Private Member’s Bill to amend Syariah Court (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 (of Act 355), which seeks to INCREASE punishments for wayward Muslims caught by Malaysia's Islamic moral police.

Yalah, punish punish punish kau kau - make them shit bricks so they'll fear and obey the clerics and their fatwas. And this will be on top of what Kassim Ahmad had already said of Malaysian Muslims' attitude towards the ulama, to wit:

“This priesthood caste did not exist at the time of the Prophet or the four caliphs. They only emerged about 300 years later by appointing themselves as interpreter of religion for Muslims.”

“They (Muslims) view their religious leaders like gods and goddesses, that these leaders are seen to be protected from maksum (protected from sin) and must decide on everything about their lives.”

Wow, ... This priesthood caste ... treated ... like gods and goddesses ... and with INCREASED PUNISHMENTS via the proposed amended syariah court act, their pseudo-immortality, authoritative invincibility and more importantly, their unquestionable near-divine status on Earth, specifically in Malaysia, will be set in concrete.

Pak Haji Hadi Awang's collaborator on this BIll, Najib's UMNO, had the person of Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, a deputy minister in the PM’s Department, explaining on one of the proposed INCREASED PUNISHMENTS, namely, the flogging to be increased from 6 strokes to 100 lashes. Three days ago he posted the following clarification on his Facebook:

The implementation of the Syariah strokes of rotan is markedly different from the way it is currently carried out under the civil law. The Syariah strongly prohibits any form of harmful imposition of the stroke. For example, the strength of a stroke is predominantly measured by the level of its swing. The Syariah only permits the harmless kind of stroke – if a book is to be placed between the arm and the body of the person applying the strokes, the book must not fall during the swinging process. Clearly, the 100 strokes possibly imposed under Syariah is nowhere in comparison with the one harmful stroke given under civil law.

Dr Asyraf contradicted himself when he argued that 'The Syariah strongly prohibits any form of harmful imposition of the stroke ... the strength of a stroke is predominantly measured by the level of its swing', yet he at the same breath told us the Hudud Bill which seeks increased punishment such as in flogging, from 6 to 100 lashed.

Then we must ask him why is there then a need to increase the numbers of lashes?

Isn't the aim of the increased lashings meant to inflict increased pain, hurt and fear? Or is the increased lashing meant to sort of scratch and massage the victim's back?

About 7 years ago when sweetie Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor was found guilty of yamsenging a Tiger beer, she was fined the MAXIMUM RM5000 and the MAXIMUM strokes of caning, namely, 6 of the best. Why was she as a 1st time offender straightaway given the MAX sentence?

Can you imagine what would have happened if those punishments had already being increased?

100 lashes of flogging?

Then when there was a public outcry, including consoling advice from PM Najib and Sharizat who urged Kartika to appeal for leniency from the syariah court, the Islamic officers (like Dr Asyraf) made a great show of demonstrating how light the caning would be, and the limiting extent to which the caning officer was permitted to raise the cane, and that the caning punishment was only symbolic, more about humiliating the offender so to make her/him repent rather than inflicting pain per se.

If that was the case, why then is there now a need to increase the hudud-ized flogging to as much as 100 lashes? And do you expect me to believe there won't be any pain involved?

If the aim is to shame the offender so as to make him/her repent, won't 6 strokes be as good (even better) than 100 lashes?

Before I leave sweetie Kartika to voice my 'suspicion' on the issue I'm blogging today, wakakaka, FYI, she refused to appeal for leniency and was then adamant that she preferred to be punished and for the punishment to be done and be over with. The situation was complicated by Kajang Prison refusing to conduct the caning.

Anyway, at the last minute, HRH Sultan Pahang stepped in to pardon her thus avoiding an unpleasant incident of a woman being caned in Malaysia by syariah laws.

I beg an additional few more seconds to recapitulate that the PM and ministers and several NGOs were NOT advocative of the punishment of caning a woman, neither was Kajang Prison and HRH's royal pardon a la the US 7th Calvary's arrival at the eleventh minute, all these, spoke volumes of their silent repugnancy of most Malaysian Muslims at such a punishment. Only the ulama and their die-hard supporters wanted to see the punishment executed.

Again, it's all about the undeniable underlying factor of punishing, punishing and punishing as kau kau (severely) as possible, thus 100 lashes beat 6 mere strokes.

And you can bet the punishers will be the ones who won't be punished. Remember the religious police who made the women at Zouk club pee in front of their hot ogling lustful eyes, the JAIS officer in Gombak who forced a khalwat offender to perform a blowjob on him and molested her, those arseholes who persecuted (harassed) innocent Nik Raina, and not forgetting the mufti who made seditious false accusations that there was mass conversion of Muslims at a Perak church and then attempted to place the blame on a woman - were they ever punished?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who will guard the guards themselves?)

But let's leave Dr Asyraf and his euphemistic explanation of Islamic punishment by flogging, that the Syariah strongly prohibits any form of harmful imposition of the stroke, which I'm sure some flogged victims in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc would love to hear, but as bed time fairy tales, while they are recovering in hospital beds after their floggings, and focus on my 'suspicion' which, wakakaka, 'torments my heart'.

Listen Ah Moi, you should have secured 4 Peeping Toms ... er ... I mean 4 credible Muslim eye witnesses

No no, my suspicion is not about Azmin Ali (wakakaka) or his kutu Tian Chua, nor is it about Pak Haji nor Najib nor Ridhuan Tee (wakakaka). 

It's about Liow Tiong Lai. Yes, YB Liow Tiong Lai, who recently went from zero to hero when he vowed to resign from the cabinet if the Bill was passed. There's no doubt he won some brownie points from the Chinese community, as had Gerakan's Mah and MIC's Subramaniam who both jumped on Liow's bandwagon.

Now, had it been MCA's ministers of some strong backbone from yester-years like Lee San Choon, Lee Kim Sai, Tan Koon Swan, Ong Tee Keat who threatened to resign from the cabinet on some principled disagreement with UMNO, I might have bought their resignation vows, wakakaka.

But Liow? He who refers to PM Najib as 'my beloved PM'?

NO! Sorry lah.

Thus my suspicion is that he might have been given 'permission' by Ah Hnea or even instructed to do so.

The hudud manoeuvre has been cleverly conceived and even brilliantly stage-managed by Najib and his men in collaboration with Pak Haji to put Pakatan Harapan on the back foot just before the by-elections, and further exacerbated by an Azmin Ali who said while he supported Amanah he won't campaign against PAS for them. He's rumoured to want Amanah candidates to lose in the two by-elections.

And Liow's show of supposedly principled bravery, in stark contrast to a subdued DAP, might have been 'diaturkan' so as to win back Chinese votes in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar.

Aiyah, what to do lah - kaytee is a very suspicious bloke and always loves a conspiracy or two, wakakaka.

But hey, do also read FMT's Hadi's Bill is not Hudud Bill, an essay written by Shamsher Singh Thind who is the publicity secretary to DAP Chai Leng Park and Legal Adviser to P Ramasamy, the Deputy Chief Minister II of Penang. Shamsher wrote (extracts):

... the PAS-led Terengganu State Government in 2002 did pass a hudud law. It is called the Shariah Criminal Offence (Hudud and Qisas) Enactment, which came into force on 27 October 2003. Of course, no Muslim has ever been punished under this law due to the limitation of the sentencing powers of shariah criminal courts as discussed above.

Now, despite winning the 2004, 2008 and 2013 general elections in Terengganu, the BN has yet to repeal the 2002 Enactment, which is still in force, although not functional.

If the component parties of BN are so concerned about the total ban on hudud, then why are they keeping quiet on this issue?

Based on the two points above, I call upon the party presidents, Liow Tiong Lai, S. Subramaniam and Mah Siew Kong to resign with immediate effect. If they want to resign over a bill that is introduced to amend the 1965 Act, then they should resign for allowing the passing of the 1965 Act in the first place. If they want to resign over a hudud law, then they should resign for having failed to repeal the 2002 Enactment.

Hallelujah .. I mean ... Al-ḥamdulillāh. Well said, Shamsher.

And now something from the 'King':


  1. BN is planning to have its cake and eat it.

    Cooperating with PAS to allow the Hudud-enabling Bill. - winning Malay Heartland hearts and minds.

    MCA and Gerakan prepared to resign (so they say) if Hudud goes ahead - winning some or even most (!) Chinese votes back to BN....

    Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too ?

    Meanwhile , Amanah will be "donating" its deposit in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar to the Government....

    PAS is running an incredibly polite campaign, steadfastly refusing to attack UMNO...they are calling it "mature politics"....

  2. can we hear what amanah is going to tell its partners and supporters on this enhancement of punishment under the syariah laws.. haha. kuncup di hati layu sebelum sempat berkembang.. kesian ek..?

  3. Ktemoc and Liow Tiong Lie have a great deal in common.

    Common support for the most suspicious guy of all...

  4. Hey KT, why dont you comment on this

    1. (a) Chin is a communist country - communist countries are officially atheistic

      (b) Chinese authorities throughout the centuries have a distrust of religious organizations stemming from the Taoist White Lotus Society etc, Christian Taiping Revolution, Chinese folk religion Boxer Rebellion, and various many others up to today's Fa Long Gong and the Dalai Lama. Chinese authorities always discourage its citizens from being too deeply involved in religious activities

      Whether it's right or wrong, that's the way they are from fear of religious organizations due to China's history and painful experience of internal wars, strifes and dissents. It's about various religions, not just Islam

    2. ...and here at our doorstep they're meddling into our syariah laws..tsk..tsk..tsk.. well, it is in their blood? and i am just curious whether it is also in amanah's blood.. since it is considered as dap's offspring? well, suspicion torments my heart too.. huhu

    3. if only hudud would be truly applicable to ONLY Muslims, then that is fine but alas, evidence has proven it's not so, more so for a nation like ours where there are so many ethnic groups and so many religious beliefs. Thus civil laws represents a common denominator for all

  5. There you are let off the horrendous despotic China lightly as chinese official religious distrust. Both Xinjiang and Tibet were independent region before Mongol Yuan Expansion during Emperor Kublai Khan time.

    Muslim are not allowed to practice their religion in Xinjiang by communist China while in Malaysia the offspring of chinese economic refuggees who were given Malaysian Citizenships are trying to dictate their magnanimous muslim host how they should practice their religion

    1. Up to today I have not brought out one real reason for Chinese and Indian Malaysian citizenship, but I will today seeing people still talk about the so-called 'social contract' (there was no such thing other than Tunku's requirement for 15 years of affirmative action for Malays) as a quid pro quo for local Indians and Chinese being offered citizenship in Malaya. The real reason was a British colonial government's demand that Malaya would be given independence on condition local Indians and Chinese were considered as citizens, and Tunku agreed to that.

      Secondly, if Muslims want hudud but which won't affect non-Muslims as currently now in Islamic issues such as puasa, abstention from alcohol, zakat, then the non-Muslims are (and have been) happy to respect that - but alas, we have seen in recent times the Islamic authorities though assuring nons that they won't be affect ta'bikin seperti yang dikatakan, as in unilateral conversion, unisex hair salons in KB, koe-tai shows in Kedah, Chinese altars in flats in Perlis (this is gross interference with Chinese religious beliefs), and the list goes on and on.

    2. just published by MM Online [] - another incident in which nons have been affected by Islamic requirements:

      Pictures depicting non-Muslim primary school students allegedly forced to eat their recess meals in a toilet due to the ongoing Ramadan fasting month has Malaysians up in arms on the Internet.

      Posted by a mother by the name of Guneswari Kelly on social network Facebook, the photographs appear to show several non-Muslim children and even adults at a school named as SRK Sri Pristana in Sungai Buloh taking their recess in the lavatory even as the school canteen went unoccupied.

      According to her, the children were directed not to use the canteen — shown cordoned off in the pictures — as they would “dirty” the area. Instead, they were told to go to the school’s changing rooms and lavatories, and ordered to stay there for the duration of their recess.

      “Is this fair? Can school treat like this. No food serve n no canteen. That bathroom is full of bacteria n smell becoz its a bathroom n next door toilet with the horrible smell,” Guneswari wrote in the post.

      “Is it fair for a sekolah kebangsaan sri pristana treatment our non Muslim children like this during puasa month?”

      Calls to the school for comment went unanswered.

    3. First objection....
      The attempt by Kelantan , likely to be followed by other states to expand Syariah jurisdiction beyond Muslim personal and family matters. Expanding Islamic laws to Theft and Robbery, Murder and Homicide and violent actions, will inevitably interfere with Civil courts, changing the nature of the Malaysian state.
      Once you try to change the nature of the Malaysian state, the non-Muslim citizens definitely have the right to interfere and to object.

      Every day, in Malaysia, there are violent criminal acts carried out by Muslims against non-Muslims, as well as by non-Muslims against Muslims.

      Once you have separate criminal laws for Muslims and non-Muslims, you create an unfair justice system.
      It will be just a matter of time before some Muslims demand non-Muslims be subject to Hudud.

      So,non-Muslims have a right to speak on and vital interests in this debate. We are not "meddling".

      I do not like the way China treats its minority ethnic and religious groups. The restriction against China Muslims to fast during Ramadan is highly insensitive and objectionable, so is its suppression of Tibetan traditional culture.

  6. Kalau tak suka....boleh balik Tongsan....

    1. hakikat macam ni, tanpa sokongan cina dan hindu, britain tidak membenarkan kemerdekaan malaya.

      jadi di proses bincang kemerdekaan negara kita, adanya give & take antara semua kaum di malaya, dimana cina dan hindu sokong kempen kemerdekaan tunku and sebagai quid pro quo, mereka dianugerahkan kewarganegaraan. Sebagai warganegara, Malaysia adalah negera mereka. Tidak operlu bagi mereka balik tiongsan maupun bharata (india)

      sebaliknya, kalau anda ta'suka, anda bolih balik ke indonesia

    2. Boss boleh guna perkataan yg senang faham tak? Quid pro quo apende tu? Hehehe. Mano si pakcik Bruno ni..

    3. quid pro quo = lu tolong ai, ai tolong lu. wakakaka

  7. Kalau PAS dan kerajaan persekutuan dah beri jaminan tak apply untuk org bukan islam maka terimalah. Pasal apa org bukan islam dok menyebok. Kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut bertanyalah dgn sopan pada yg berkenaan.

    Anda ada hak mengetahui dan berhujah, tapi menghasut orang ramai dengan niat berkhianat dan mengadu domba itu bukan sifat yg baik walaupun anda seorang atheist
    Pergi jjumpa wakil kerajaan kelantan dan berbincang dalam bats batas kesopanan.Anda boleh tidak bersetuju tap tak usahlah mewakili golongan islam yg fasik nanti menimbulkan kemarahan org islam

    1. jelas dan terbukti bahawa undang2 syariah telah singgung, sentuh mahupun ancam kedudukan yang bukan Muslim, spt yg dibincang di komen2 atas

    2. Undang2 keluarga islam (nikah cerai, inheritance) & hukuman kesalahan jenayah saperti minum arak, berkhalwat, beli 4 nombor ekor (hudud) adalah sebahagian dari undeng2 syariah. The cases that you mentioned are not hudud related offences.

      Sebelum nak mempertabatkan mahkmah syariah (nak tambah ke 100 rotan - lidi kelapa, selipar, pelepah pisang tak boleh ka?) seragamkan dulu undeng2 yg adakerana they vary from state to state.

    3. kenapa nak hukum, pukul dan menakut-nakutkan sj, seperti nik raina di menakut-nakutkan dan diganggu walaupun jelas beliau tidak salah

  8. Kemerdekaan malaya? Ish ish ish!

    Halo anhea, in one of ur articles earlier you did mention that malaya tak pernah dijajah kecuali our kampong & melaka. Mana satu ni? Adakah Kt pun mudah lupa?

    1. benar - secara teknikal memang negeri2 di semenanjung malaya tidak pernah dijajah kecuali negeri melaka olih ferringhi, belanda dan british. negeri2 pulau pinang dan singapura telah dijual kpd british dan menjadi crown colonies. melaka juga. ketiga negeri2 dipanggil british straits settlement

      tetapi pada saat itu dan sebelumnya tidak adanya negara yg bernama malaya, hanya negeri2 seperti kedah, perak, pahang dll.

      maka bagaimana pula negara malaya terwujud? di tahun 1946, penjajahan british cuba membentuk malayan union sebagai british crown colony (negara kepunyaan raja british) yg terdiri olih kesemua negeri2 sultan dgn crown colonies (PP, Melaka dan Sin) tetapi olih kerana bantahan pihak melayu, konsep malayan union tsb dibatalkan tetapi (itu kecerdikan orang putih yg begitu licik) digantikan federation of malaya dimana raja2 negeri2 di semenangjung masih diketahui oilh sultan2 tetapi dimana federation tsb dibawah pemerintahan/kuasa british

      jadi, walaupun negeri2 bersultan masih diketahui olih raja2 tertentu, sebenarnya kuasa pemerintahan/kuasa adalah di tangan british.

      justru pimpin tempatan diketuai olih tunku mencari dan mencapai kemerdekaan utk negara malaya pada 31 ogos 1957, yg mana selepas itu, kuasa pemerintahan dikembalikan ke orang2 malaya, dan negara malaya dibentuk

      yes, it was a rather strange twist of historical fact, colonial power play and reality. Kemerdekaan on 31 August 1957 not only brought independence from British rule but more importantly, formed Malaya as a united nation (called a Federation). Prior to this (Fed of Malaya) there were only separate sultanates

    2. Can I safely say that melayu sampai sekarang tak cerdik & the nons are not smarter either.

    3. Singapura kena jual tapi our kampong dipajak kpd east india co which is non-existent now. Legally, both the island & province wellesley including pulai jerjak, pulau aman, pulau tikus, pulau betong etc are part of wilayah kedah darul aman.

    4. although Penang was initially leased to the Poms by Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah, after a an armed tussle to regain the island when he found out that Francis Light's promise to protect Kedah against Siamese and Burmese encroachments did not have the support of the British authorities (Light acted on his own without approval) the sultan was forced to cede the island to Light's to the British East India Company for an honorarium of 6,000 Spanish dollars per annum

      Cede means 'serah' or given away officially. Bukan kepunyaan Kedah lagi.

      Honorarium means payment did NOT mean legal obligation nor recognition of Kedah's right of possession, macam pocket money to keep the sultan quiet. This was what happened to the so-called sultan of sabah. The british and subsequently the malaysian government paying the Kiram family an honorarium doesn't mean shit regarding the Pinoy claim to sabah

    5. Cede ka serah ka honorarium ka, ini semua playing with word & melayu pun angguk kepala & terima saja. Mat salleh bijak la. Tapi sekarang rm18k/tahun dibayar oleh fed gomen, kalau tak silap.
      Pulau batu puteh case pun sama. Singapore just maintains the light house, it means they don't own the island.

      How come china managed to 'retrieve' hong kong? Cud they have possibly learnt from kedah/penang faulty lease agreement.

    6. cede = surrender sovereignty, bukan sama erti 'lease'
      cede is by loser, annex is by winner
      israel annex golan heights tetapi syria todak cede

      pulau putih menjadi singapura punya berdasarkan Sing occupy pulau ni buat beberapa tahun tanpa dicabar olih Malaysia/Johor yang memberi maksud malaya/johor tidak berminat maupun mempunyainya

      pulau hong kong yang di-cede-kan kpd british menjadi kepunyaan british sebagai crown colony tetapi kowloon (mainland) hanya di lease saja buat selama 99 years - bila kowloon dikembalikan kpd china pada tahun 1997, british sedar bahawa susah nak memerintah hong kong tanpa kowloon (bekalan air dll), jadi britain 'cede' pulau hong kong balik kpd china

    7. Kowloon was leased but not forced to cede unlike penang & seberang prai. Why?. Yes, pulau batu puteh had been conveniently forgotten & when singapore wanted to claim ownership, baru terhegeh2 nak cari bukti. Ktm land @ tanjong pagar?

      This shows that melayu masih tak kuat, kurang cerdik munkin lagi 100 tahun kot baru ok.

    8. nation like Kedah or China ceded land to their victors (British) after losing a war or conflict. There was a limit to what Britain could do to make China cede Kowloon so instead it leased the part of mainland - less troublesome and it got to use a land as if ceded to it though only for 99 years which was a very long time

      ktm land has always been malaysia's - singapore didn't anex it. najib as pm decided to and has agreed to develop it together with the sing govt.

      sebenarnya melayu cukup kuat kalau dipandang olih cina dan hindu di malaysia. hanya intra kaum, kumpulan melayu sangka mereka ta'kuat

    9. Ktm land, felda, petronas & apa lagi, dia ingat bapak dia punya ka? The time almarhum tunku unilaterally kicked singapore out, the island was still not in one piece due to the railway track from woodland to tg pagar.

      It had been singapore's pain in the ass until najib taroh gam. How cud he swap our sovereignty with ringgit & sen & why our armed forces did not say anything? Ini harta yg tak ternilai, very strategic logistic.

      Sekarang dia bagi rakyat malaysia pain in the ass.

      So, melayu dilihat saja kuat only on paper. Cheers!

    10. "why our armed forces did not say anything?"

      Armed Forces ta'boleh, tidak berhak bermain politik - ni seditious. Armed Forces hanya alat kerajaan yg dipilih olih rakyat melalui proses demokratik. Jangan2 menggalakkan tentera mengambil peranan politik

    11. Tentera ambil alih politik? No, I never meant that. But is it wrong to 'advise' & remind the lawmakers (read wakil2 rakyat) abt our sovereignty. Oh ya, soldadu have no say, nak beli ini tak boleh sebab menteri kata beli itu lagi baik.

      And how bout advisors to pm such as defense strategists or sifu or other politicians? Tanah yg tak ternilai ditukar jadi duit. Melayu bodoh.

  9. it is not melayu tidak pandai.. yang sebenarnya the british tunjuk depa punya might.. gunboat jingoism lah! lihat lah apa yang terjadi selepas jw birch dibunuh.. puntum dan datuk maharajalela digantung sampai mati oleh inggeris dan sultan di exile ke seychelles.. ini membuktikan bahawasanya melayu tidak bodoh.. mungkin the nons kot..?

    1. Mat salleh jadi tuan di tanah melayu without firing a single shot. Mereka datang dibentang karpet merah dgn ucapan selamat datang kot? Bila nak berambus, letak syarat2 lagi..phew! Apapun, ali saifuddin (brunei) cerdik. Di malaya, adik beradik bertelagah sesama sendiri, berebut apa entah. Ini sejarah.

    2. AA dengan RR pun bertelagah. Amanah dengan PAS pun bertelagah. PH masih bertelagah. Namun, BN dari masa Perikatan dahulu lagi sehinggalah ke hari ini masih tetap mantap bersatu. Thus, they deserve the red carpet and heartiest welcome to rule and administer this country. A well-taken/deserved parting gift from the colonialist, which is strongly being protected until today.

    3. Investigations & legal process on 1mdb are in progress, sama2 kita tunggu & lihat siapa yg kena. adakah umno baru akan lebih mantap atau tertiarap.

      Kerajaan bn (british viceroy) terus memerintah kerana ikut cara bekas tuan depa, ie pecah & perintah (parti pas diujudkan & parti komunis diharam). Inheritor of british legacy.