Thursday, June 16, 2016

Je suis Indien

I plan to blog a bit more on the gross insults to Indians by UTM, our so-called institute of higher learning, but for today, this short piece will have to do.

As Meera Badmanaban, a reader of MM Online wrote in to the newspaper on the issue, said: Granted, people make mistakes. We are human. But if you are teaching a particular module, you ought to be at least aware of basic facts. Such negligence and incompetence cannot be condoned anywhere; let alone in a public university, where we invest in our children’s future.

Indeed, and I could personally give you examples of personal mistakes by so-called Malay intellectuals who made silly comments on other religions and culture, but I won't today.

More importantly, Meera also said: UTM has recently issued an apology over the “erroneous” slides. It was a “mistake” according to the UTM Vice Chancellor, in a statement made yesterday. Apparently an investigation is ongoing, and that “due action will be taken”. What exactly constitutes that due course of action was not elaborated upon.

Soon the whole incident may be conveniently buried. Or another scandal may rise; perhaps more idiotic or ridiculous than this one. And the Rakyat will be forced to move on. After all, it is about rules of survival. And one of the most basic rules of the jungle is that only the fittest will survive.

Same old same old, the teflonized 'member kita' will be protected and hopefully with time, people will forget his vile wicked deed.

But no, we must not allowed that; we must insist the perpetrator has to be punished for wicked falsification (not mere mistakes) in insulting someone's race and religion.

The insults, hurts and gross discriminations have been so vile that it led Selva Mookiah, the MIC legal adviser, to resign from the Indian-based party, stating: “I am unable, under any circumstances, to serve a leadership that does not vigorously uphold the sanctity of my religion and race.”

Selva Mookiah has also said that the time has come for MIC to reexamine its role and relationship with Barisan Nasional.

But his most poignant parting words, which moved me deeply, might have been removed from the news article since publication (for whatever reasons).

To the best of my recollection I read him saying as a parting shot to his party: "We are politicians but we are also Indians."

I say Bravo to you, sir.


  1. indian ni bangsa atau nationality? am confused.

    1. c'mon lah, we are all Malaysians but we are forced to remember we are Indians, Chinese, Malays etc etc by our IC dan borang borang kerajaan 'kan? Dan siapa salah tu?

    2. that's why i said before umno, mca & mic (perikatan then) inherited british legacy. we had been forced to not forget the roots. salah siapa? sendiri mau ingat la. no buyer no seller.

      if that bloke said tamils or punjabis or sinhalese then it is different.

      di ostolia, yg datang dari india samada tamils or bhais or whatever dah jadi rakyat, what are they known as?

    3. if citizenship taken up then they're all Aussies

  2. Be careful when an atheist behave like this....... dont be mislead by his act of symphaty. He just want to sow hatred between indians and malay. He's fanning rigorously but let be no fire

    To indians, let not the act of one mischievous few malay/muslim worsen the relationship of indians and malay masses. I am sure majority of muslim do not condone the unrespectful act.

    and to muslim who erred ingatlah larangan Allah untuk supaya tidak menghina gama lain sepert firman All dalan surah Al an Am ayat 108

    " dan janganlah kamu memaki sembahan-sembahan yang mereka sembah selain Allah, karena mereka nanti akan memaki Allah dengan melampaui batas tanpa pengetahuan. Demikianlah Kami jadikan Setiap umat menganggap baik pekerjaan mereka. kemudian kepada Tuhan merekalah kembali mereka, lalu Dia memberitakan kepada mereka apa yang dahulu mereka kerjakan."(QS AL An'am:108)

    1. Mat salleh tinggal booby traps, dok bergasak sama sendiri.

      Manusia hanya ada 2 jenis; baik & jahat saperti buah2an, boleh dimakan & racun.

  3. alahai kt.. tak de cita lain nak diblog lagi ke? asyik nak fanning the fires of hatred dan memecah belahkan rakyat.. ya kenape nak mengadu domba!

    ini no case la. titas is a simple paper.. soalan objektif lagi.. pilih jawab a b c d e. tolong tunjuk ckit soalan titas yang menghina agama dan bangsa lain? kalau slides silap betul kan aje la.. vc utm dah mintak maaf.. sudah lah.

    tak puas? ok la... utm please tolong expose the lecturer.. sack him/her..charge him/her for sedition and send him/her to prison.. for the sake of kt and the indians.

    1. kalau sejarah ugama engkau disalah tafsir tentu ada bidan terjun, badak melompat, bulan gerhana, maka mulut pun berbuih macam sabun FAB. sama sajalah...

      kalau kertas soalan dan fakta serong, maka jawapan yang serong baru boleh betul. oh...ini tak berapa simple oh..walaupun objekif! wa pening cari a b c d e

      sama sajalah I say's like that one what..

    2. lu jangan fening kepala la.. wa punya nasihat.. lu pangkah aje all the above.. kalau pun ada soalan serong.. ha ha

  4. Wakakakaka

    All these mamak & aneh, trying hard to show oneman-up show...