Monday, June 13, 2016

Wasn't Prophet Muhammad pbuh the last prophet of Allah swt?

Malaysiakini - Hadi rains damnation upon 'sin' of voting wrong MP

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has warned voters in Sungai Besar that they might suffer divine punishment if they elect the wrong MP on June 18.

Electing lawmakers, Hadi said, is an obligation and voters would be responsible for the MP’s actions in the Dewan Rakyat.

"If what is said (by the MP) is wrong, we would have sinned and be damned by Allah," he warned at a ceramah in Sungai Besar last night.

PAS had previously said voting for its candidates would earn voters divine rewards in the afterlife.

How do you expect me to be other than an atheist when we get baloney like this?

Back in June 2015 Malaysiakini published 'We fight Umno as Allah told us to fight Umno' in which it was reported that Perak PAS Youth representative Mohd Syakirin Hussein told his party delegates to PAS Muktamar:

"Islam doesn't teach us to fight because of Umno, but to fight for Allah. [...] we would not fight Umno if Allah did not tell us to."

"We fight Umno because Allah told us to fight Umno."

He was not unlike Pak Haji Hadi Awang today, the latter threatening pious Muslims in Sungai Besar with damnation if they don't vote for PAS.

These modern day priests for some mysterious reasons (only known to those priests, wakakaka) would have Allah swt whisper to them who He condemns or/and wants defeated.

Yes, isn't it strange the PAS priesthood caste seems to be always in contact with the Almighty even though Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was definitely the last prophet in Islam. And Allah swt would only speak to prophets. Are they claiming they are prophets too?

One day Allah swt will punish them kau kau for blasphemously misusing His divine name.

Allah's punishment for misusing HIS name? 

But alas, there seems to be a universal baloney bunkum bullshiting brotherhood among priests, irrespective of their religious denomination.

Take a much earlier example, some 3000 over years ago, just prior to the Israelite battle with the Philistines at Gilgal, Samuel the priest condemned King Saul resoundingly, though in a far more serious manner than the Pak Haji's threat.

The Israelite High Priest Samuel had earlier instructed King Saul and his army to wait at least 7 days for his (Samuel's) arrival to perform the mandatory pre-battle sacrifice (olah or burnt offerings) to YHWH.

After 7 days of waiting Samuel did not turn up. But across the battlefield the Israelite army saw 30,000 Philistine chariots and 6000 of the enemy's horsemen about to attack them. It was just inconceivable and blasphemous to the Israelites to enter into battle without performing the olah ceremony to their god. It would be akin to entering into battle minus their cawat.

Hardly surprising that those Israelite military were frantic, in fact highly demoralized and near collapsing as they waited and waited and waited for Samuel to turn up as promised to conduct the burnt offerings, but they saw him not.

Let's recall what the bible tell us in 1 Samuel 13:6-8 (KJV):

When the men of Israel saw that they were in a strait, (for the people were distressed,) then the people did hide themselves in caves, and in thickets, and in rocks, and in high places, and in pits.

And some of the Hebrews went over Jordan to the land of Gad and Gilead. As for Saul, he was yet in Gilgal, and all the people followed him trembling.

And he tarried seven days, according to the set time that Samuel had appointed: but Samuel came not to Gilgal; and the people were scattered from him.

On seeing his army highly demoralized and about to cabut away on their own, King Saul made a damn good last-minute field decision and conducted the burnt offerings himself so as to motivate and ready his army for battle.

It was undeniably an excellent decision expected of a highly commendable military king who had tremendous initiative, could think on his feet and more importantly, was courageous enough to extemporize to save his army from a dire demoralized situation.

But the moment he made the burnt offerings, guess what? Wakakaka.

Samuel leapt out from behind a bush and yelled at King Saul: "Aha, caught you, you blasphemous bastard, you did not wait for me as I had instructed."

More formally in the bible, as per 1 Samuel 13:13-14 (KJV), this was what that sneaky treacherous priest said to a startled king:

And Samuel said to Saul, Thou hast done foolishly: thou hast not kept the commandment of the Lord thy God, which he commanded thee: for now would the Lord have established thy kingdom upon Israel for ever.

But now thy kingdom shall not continue: the Lord hath sought him a man after his own heart, and the Lord hath commanded him to be captain over his people, because thou hast not kept that which the Lord commanded thee.

Sadly, many Christians fail to see that Samuel was an "interested" party who had a grudge against Saul because he lost his rule over the Israelites to the first democratically chosen king of the 12 tribes, namely Saul from the Tribe of Benjamin.

Samuel's conflict of interests in his grudge against Saul reeked of nefarious ill intent, bad faith and evil punitive purpose, all for his self interests.

Prior to King Saul being chosen by the Israelites to be their first ever king, the tribes were under the control of the judges (priests). Samuel was a ruling judge and had wanted to pass his command baton to his sons. But the Israelites were pissed off with his two boys because they were utterly corrupt. They then had enough of priests and voted for Saul to be their King.

Thus Samuel, having lost his powers over the Israelites to Saul, was definitely out to get the King one way or another. The above showed how Samuel was prepared to trap Saul during a most critical military situation even at the expense of demoralizing the Israelite army immediately prior to battle. The self-interest self-serving selfish seditious scum.

Using that deliberate sneak ambush of his king, Samuel claimed god had removed the Israelite equivalent of the 'mandate of heaven' from King Saul.

Nonetheless the Israelites were wise enough to be pissed off with Samuel's two boys (one probably reincarnated into a JAIS officer in Gombak who made a woman caught for khalwat performed a blowjob for him). Today we have the advice of Kassim Ahmad, who told us:

“This priesthood caste did not exist at the time of the Prophet or the four caliphs. They only emerged about 300 years later by appointing themselves as interpreter of religion for Muslims,” he said.

“They (Muslims) view their religious leaders like gods and goddesses, that these leaders are seen to be protected from maksum (protected from sin) and must decide on everything about their lives.”



  1. When pak lah was asked when was the elections going to held, the reply was 'saya belum dapat ILHAM'. No this guy sudah dapat wahyu wor!

  2. kt.. u can remain an aethist forever.. hadi has no issue on that. the most important thing is that there is no compulsion. earthquakes occur almost every other day. similarly, climate change bringing unpredictable weathers happen everywhere bringing with it a lot of carnages, sufferings and miseries to all people irrespective of religion, culture and race all over the world. nevertheless, we might die a violent death but yet we can still feel inner peace and calmness at the point of death and to live a blissful life after death. if u believe in being an athiest can give u whatever ending that u might hope and want.. please just move on. hadi is not stopping u a bit. all and including u r free to decide on everything for how they/u want to live their/ur own live(s) in this world and the afterworld.

    1. my point is that priests and ulamas have the hypocritical audacity and blasphemous deceit to misuse and abuse the Almighty's name in their mortal political cause

    2. You despise those who have been recruiting and advocating the name in persuit of their agenda and I don't blame you for that but you subconsciously admit that the almighty exists.

    3. as an atheist I don't. But in informing those who believe in an Almighty I have to use the same language as theirs to tell them the priests have been abusing their Almighty's name

    4. KT views Hadi's Islam and its rites as labyrinthine with the followers needing Hadi to guide them, which provide KT with a field day to give his abuses and jibes.. wakakaka.

    5. This is a generic question. When I say you, it doesn't mean you kt personally.

      How do you know or admit or acknowledge that your parents are your biological ones? You were not anywhere to witness the 'the work in progress' or the making of you.

  3. Thats KT's paradox. He needs to abuse all the believers especially the more knowlegable ones to suppress his innerself that questions his hollow atheism