Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pakatan Habis-habisan?

Three-corner election fights always favour BN (and its predecessor Perikatan). In fact it could be cheekily said that the Perikatan-BN coalition invented the 3-corner election fights which have kept it politically safe and sound as the federal ruling coalition for the 60 years of independence, punctuated with brief occasions of fright for UMNO as in 1969 and in the period 2008 to 2014.

Ah Chek Ah Chim Ah Hneah Ah Sor
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The end of the Pakatan dream may be marked from the beginning of the notorious Kajang Move, a PKR initiated stupid selfish self-serving move to satisfy its intra-party power struggle but with the DAP subsequently and stupidly joining in. I gave my speculation on why the DAP was so dunggu-ishly moronic as to join in on what was obviously a PKR intra-party feud in my post The sex of Malaysian politics.

Since the Kajang Move, the two most powerful members in the short-lived Pakatan coalition, PAS and the DAP, have gone their separate ways but inconceivable as it may seem or sound, there are signs the two so-called irreconcilable enemies may be considering a 3rd marriage, given their stale sad sorry results from the two 3-corner fights in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar.

Note: If not counting a loose agreement among Gerakan, DAP, PPP and PAS back in 1969, the 1st PAS-DAP (together with PKR) marriage was in 1999 ending in personal political disasters for Lim Kit Siang and the late Karpal Singh who were both booted out of federal parliament by Penang Chinese voters for their naughty slutting around with PAS, and the 2nd in 2008 which was far more successful ..... until the advent of the PKR-initiated Kajang Move in 2014.

Mind, some hardcore unrepentant PAS members like its research centre director Zuhdi Marzuki, refusing to swallow his pride, bitterness at its near wipe-out (compared to its narrow loss of a very slim 399 votes majority for the BN candidate in Sg Besar in the last GE) and furious chagrin at being upstaged by Amanah and ...

... particularly at the DAP who has rechanneled previous (2013) Chinese support for PAS towards Amanah, have buried his head in the sand vis-a-vis the reason why Chinese now shun PAS, and ominously/childishly predicted more losses for the DAP as well as ...

... threatened PKR (wakakaka) of course as a bargaining tool, having already known Azmin's preference for alliance with PAS rather than Amanah or even DAP.

Meanwhile, the losing PAS candidate in Sg Besar resignedly said his defeat doesn't matter as his victory in the afterlife is more important. Well, we can only generously wish him well in his afterlife affairs.

Anyway, I trust PAS in all its arrogant go-it-alone political journey after its acrimonious breakup with Pakatan Rakyat last year has finally woken up from its wet dreams of taking Putrajaya by itself though its wet dreams involved its wishful hope for support from the Chinese in some 60 plus federal seats which have ethnic mix of voters like in Sungai Besar to the cold reality that the Chinese support it had enjoyed during its Pakatan membership is no more, and it is likely to remain a provincial political party, well at least until the Chinese voters can be disenfranchised, wakakaka.

But apart from the already disadvantage of 3-corner fights, I wish to touch only on one point, namely, Chinese swingback to BN. That could be attributed to the following:

(a) Fear of hudud, where the BN Chinese components (MCA and Gerakan) had quite effectively labelled Amanah in the same gene pool as the already dreaded PAS.

(b) Release of detained Sekinchan's fishermen by Indon authorities with credit claimed by DPM Ahmad Zahid, a man who claims he was brought up by Chinese, wakakaka. But WTF, it works in his and BN"s favour.

(c) Too much play by DAP on national level issues which either whooshed over the voters' heads or did not arouse nor motivate them to vote against BN. The DAP made the same mistakes as they did in Sarawak.

(d) In Sg Besar at least, many Chinese have been disappointed by the Khalid Ibrahim-Azmin Ali led state government. Far too f**king ketuanan mentality.

(e) I dare say Mahathir's campaigning was counter-productive rather than helpful. Many Chinese still remember him as a man who didn't and doesn't like Chinese, and who only considered them as citizen-voters when he needed them (eg, Chinese saved his ass in 1999 but in 2013 he berated them for not supporting BN and also condemned Najib for giving the Chinese too much attention a la almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman, and demanding that Najib focus on Malays).

(f) Thank you, Azmin Ali. Need I say anymore?

 Ah Chek Ah Chim Ah Hneah Ah Sor
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  1. Back to a square one? "3 corner-fights" will be Najib's ticket to 23 years of pmship?

  2. Why fight the Government in-between GEs? Won't change the Government, so why not try our luck for some goodies until the next GE? Chinese are pragmatic people and so are the Malays & Indians.

    Come GE14, then, we see whether we have a chance to change Government or not. Otherwise, no point breaking my rice bowl for nothing in return.

    Understand DAP?

  3. I have said many times,over and over again.The GE16 will be the earliest,the opposition will ever have another shot at Putrajaya.That is the earliest.The latest,will have to ask the political gods.May the political gods bless,have mercy and forgive the opposition politicians for fucking up.Time and time,over and over again.

  4. In this coming US presidential elections,Republicans led by their presumptive nominee,"Bigot/Racist Donald Trump" will meet it's Waterloo this coming November.Many Republicans defending their senate and congressional seats will be totally wiped out.

    Democrats,led by Hillary Clinton will make mincemeat out of Donald Trump,and most probably win by a landslide and take back the senate this coming November.And also maybe the congress too.

    The Republican Party will be punished so badly this coming GE,that the party will be forced to clean house,and revamp and move back to center right.It is now so extremely to the right that it has chosen a racist bigot as it's presumptive nominee.

    The opposition too,has to lose so badly in GE14 for it to clean house,for new younger generation leaders to take over.With the present moronic leaders in the opposition fold,Umno/BN will be having a fiesta enjoying the spoils of war in the coming two or three GE's.May the political gods have mercy on the opposition leaders for failing the rakyat.