Saturday, February 15, 2014

Will Top Gun be shot down by friendly fire?

I’m going to be unpopular with this one, wakakaka!

TMI - Air force pilot pays the price for speaking up

When Maj Zaidi Ahmad lodged a police report after the indelible ink on his finger washed off only hours after voting in the 13th general election last year, the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) pilot did not expect to face a court martial and up to at least two years in jail.

He is facing a military court on multiple charges of violating Malaysian Armed Forces Council orders, making statements to the media without the Defence Ministry's authorisation, and sending two text messages which were deemed political in nature.

The 45-year-old jet pilot, who has served the air force for 25 years, was shocked that he has landed in trouble instead of the supplier of the ink and the Election Commission facing the music.

“I knew there would be repercussions but I was surprised that the supplier and EC got away just like that while I am the one in trouble,” Zaidi told The Malaysian Insider in an email interview.

I'm going to look at above from two perspectives, the political and mainly the apolitical military, and will base my reasoning specifically on Major Zaidi's statements as have been reported in the media.

Please note the stress on military as APOLITICAL which means ‘not involved or interested in politics’, the very opposite meaning of ‘being political’.

In a democracy, especially of the Westminster or western type, the civil service and military are strictly apolitical. The individual civil servant (including a policeman) and military personnel may of course vote in a general or state election as his/her due rights as a citizen but may NOT participate actively in politics nor campaign for any political party. I appreciate there have been significant lapses in the observation of this apolitical rule in Malaysia but these don't hide nor diminish the set apolitical ideology especially of our military.

Pranab Mukherjee is the 13th (current) President of India

I am however not very clear whether a civil servant can be a member of a political party of, say, UMNO wakakaka, but a military personnel certainly cannot.

Years ago when I was in Indonesia, my Indonesian friends lamented that their military, unlike Malaysia's, not only wanted to participate in politics but to enjoy a special position in their equivalent of the Dewan Rakyat, like having a reserved un-elected 20% block (one-fifth) of the total parliamentary seats exclusively for military members as nominated by the military authorities. The unusual inclusion of the un-elected military in its ‘parliament’ started with Sukarno and continued with (even enhanced by) Suharto.

One of the arguments I heard from some military officers was that the soldiers were the ones (specifically the Angkatan 45) who fought against the Dutch for independence, therefore the soldiers should have a permanent and significant say in the administration of the nation which they had brought about due to their armed and sacrificial struggles, and not just surrender the entire national decision-making to those civilians who only stood on the side watching their struggles.

While I could understand their argument on the basis of their historical struggle for independence and even sympathize with it, I didn't and still don’t 
support such an approach because that wouldn't be democracy, as it’s a narrow-minded approach which would/will adversely affect the future of their nation and future Indonesians.

However, in late 2004 the Indon military were finally excluded from participation in politics in a revamp of the nation's political structure.

Now, why should the military in a democracy be apolitical (note not ‘political’)?

Rather than provide a long winded explanation, I suggest we look at our neighbour Thailand where the Army, the real political power in that country, can and has on several occasions deposed elected governments to install one they preferred whenever they had felt like doing so ….. as may possibly happen to sweetie Yingluck’s government.

there's something so yummy about a woman in uniform

Would you like that to happen here?

Surely not! So stop politicizing our armed forces or condoning the political participation of their personnel (regardless of which side of politics they may desire to be aligned to) or making military issues into political ones unless there’s clear cut lawless abuse of any individual. And we’ll come to that shortly.

Back at home but some 45 years ago, immediately after the tragic May 13 riots, it was said that the then-DPM, Tun Razak, (but effectively the PM after elbowing poor Tunku aside) thought of imposing military rule as a means to postpone resumption of parliament.

But fortuitously for all of us, Lt General Hamid, then the Chief of General Staff (CGS), an earlier British-style (and more euphemistic) title for Chief of Army, advised Razak against that, for fear that the military (his military) after having had a taste of ruling the country and the power that went with it, might not want to vacate its position of rule when the time for it to do so, as in the eventual resumption of parliament.

That was an exemplary example of the superior standard a Malaysian military man then possessed, understanding and recognizing the supremacy of civilian rule in a Westminster style democracy, and the military’s need to be completely apolitical.

People like the previous Defence Minister (and current Home Minister) with his lamentable mentality wouldn't be considered fit to serve Lt General Hamid as a batman.

Okay, let’s return to Major Zaidi who was reported by TMI as saying “I knew there would be repercussions but I was surprised that the supplier and EC got away just like that while I am the one in trouble.”

Let’s leave aside for a moment his quite correct observation that ‘the supplier and EC got away just like that’ regarding the highly delible indelible ink, and the serial bullshit that the EC peddled out unashamedly as excuses.

Let’s examine his “I knew there would be repercussions” vis-a-vis violating Malaysian Armed Forces Council Instructions or Orders, such as making statements to the media without the Defence Ministry's authorization, and sending two text messages which were deemed political in nature.

Which military officer, past and present, dares to say he/she isn't/wasn't aware of firstly, the apolitical requirements demanded of a military officer, and secondly, the Armed Forces Council Instructions (AFCI), specifically about making unauthorized statements to the media or making political statements (or messages by whichever media means)?

In fact, Major Zaidi himself hasn't denied so, as may be seen by his own admission that his actions would bring about ‘repercussions’.

This means he knew what would be in store for him for his unauthorized actions. It was only his expectations that he won’t be treated so severely (eg. being subjected to a court martial).

Maybe he had expected just a reprimand and a light tap on his wrist for being ‘naughty’ or at worst, a loss in seniority, which by itself is a severe career-affecting punishment. Well, with the advantage of hindsight we could say his expectations were wrong!

So knowing he would face 'repercussions', he now claims he has been shocked with the court martial charges? But then, whatever his expectations or unrealistic hopes might have been, surely as a military man, hadn't he considered that a court martial could be a possibility for those actions he undertook which allegedly have been against AFCI?

Is he arguing he should be exempted because the EC didn't face any punishment?

Maybe he is, who knows?

But then, unlike him a military officer, the EC isn't a military organization, and wasn't/isn't subordinated to the AFCI, nor is it prevented from making statements to the press.

Yes, the failure of the EC's so-called indelible ink has been a black mark on its performance, but OTOH the alleged failure of Major Zaidi as a military man to observe the AFCI, only if proven in the court martial, would have been a direct breach/violation of clearly defined military conduct and discipline.

Some peculiarities in the military may be seen in its laws on ‘desertion’. A military deserter if so found guilty (of desertion) by a court martial can go to prison on long sentences, unlike a civilian ‘deserter’ from his/her job who would get either the sack or be sued for breach of working contract [and if unable to pay up, presumably to declare bankrupt and no imprisonment will be involved].

Another extreme form of military law relates to both cowardice and refusal to obey operational orders during wartime in the field, where the offender may even be summarily executed by the officer in charge.

Hence a military person is subjected to laws and disciplines very unlike those normally for civilians. Thus we should be aware of this, and be less emotional or political, and not automatically accuse the military authorities for being politically vindictive in charging Major Zaidi for allegedly violating AFCI in making alleged unauthorized media statements or sending messages via sms allegedly of a political nature.

The AFCI have been in existence for years since the early days of the Armed Forces, and there have been personnel before Major Zaidi who were charged for violating some of those Instructions. So is Major Zaidi been vindictively charged under some recently created* military laws and rules specifically for a supposedly political-malicious purpose?

* there is irony in this phrase 'recently created' as we'll discover when we come soon to the PKR-linked NGO Pahlawan.

Additionally, Major Zaidi has only been charged and yet to be found guilty. The laws say an accused is deemed to be innocent until proven guilty. It may well be that the court martial may eventually find him not guilty of most if not all of the charges. Let's hope for that!

Now, why have I been prepared to be highly unpopular with this posting wakakaka, which you may observe hasn't been all that sympathetic with Major Zaidi, not that I dare claim he'll be found guilty of all charges. As a matter of fact, I don't know, for example, what he sent in his sms other than what I've read in the news, let alone what will be the outcome of his court martial!

As stated 2 paragraphs above, he has only been charged and yet to be found guilty, and it may well be that the court martial may eventually find him not guilty of most if not all of the charges.

I'm only posting this against the increasing politicization of the issue which I fear may prove to be counter productive to Major Zaidi in the current major challenge he's now facing.

In recent years, there has arisen an unhealthy political doctrine of ‘either you’re with us or against us’ within Pakatan as well as BN (both politicians and supporters), where the actions of one would be attacked regardless of their correctness or value for the nation and variations of this - read my previous post Faustian-ish?

I don't like this one wee bit and will speak out against the lamentable blind-as-bat Myrmidon-istic Bush-ism our politics have been dastardly infected with!

I would venture to say Major Zaidi might have been a wee naive to believe he would just get a light tap on his wrist for his alleged un-military and alleged political actions just because he saw the EC was not punished for its pissed poor performance regarding the ink in the last general elections. He has wrongly compared his military apple-ness to the EC's civilian orangey status.

IMHO, I reckon the best defence he can rely upon is to prove that his sms messages were NOT political in nature, and that's something he has to do since he is a military officer and there's no excuse for being political.

But I wonder how he is going to circumvent his alleged unauthorized statements to the media which he allegedly made publicly in front of a police station after he lodged his complaint about the delibility of the indelible EC ink.

I suspect he might have gotten away with only making the police report about the EC ink and NOT the unauthorized media statements. IMHO, the latter might have been too much of an in-your-face two-fingers salute to the military authorities.

I also don’t believe it’s helpful to Major Zaidi’s cause for the PKR-linked NGO Pahlawan to make too much noise in his defence, and unwittingly turning his case into one where he may be unfortunately identified with one side of politics, when he has already claimed he isn't aligned to any side other than that of Allah swt.

And I am amazed that Pahlawan could bring itself to say that ‘it found it illogical that the army had used a 40-year-old military law to fault the pilot for his police report’.

How recent must a law be to be referred to? 39 years or less? Is there such a rule? Then if Pahlawan considers 40 years would be too old for a law to be used, perhaps all our civil laws should not be ever used again and be thrown out of the window [no doubt much to the delight of pro-hudud supporters, wakakaka].

As to be expected, the politicians are now swarming over the issue with their anti-government motive and thus by default, pro Major Zaidi - later in this post we shall see a different example, wakakaka.

Anwar Ibrahim has said ( report) Pakatan must stand by and defend Major Zaidi where his case will be discussed at a Pakatan leadership council meeting soon, while Lim Kit Siang has been reported by TMI as follows:

Lim said when Zaidi lodged a police report over the indelible ink fiasco, he was acting in his capacity as a Malaysian voter and citizen.

"He was not lodging a police report in his capacity as a RMAF pilot," Lim pointed out.

"Which has the higher calling, loyalty to the Federal Constitution or to the bureaucratic rules and regulations of the military services?"

Much as I respect and adore Uncle Lim, I'm compelled to say he has been wrong in above statements. IMHO, Major Zaidi has not only lodged his police report as a citizen-voter but also issued statements to the media in front of the police station (self admitted) and sent sms messages allegedly of a political nature (yet to be proven).

In fact Major Zaidi himself admitted he made those statements in his professional capacity, stating (see TMI report):

"To me, it is haram (illegal) for a Muslim to be an accomplice in cheating. What more if it involves something as important as an election to choose the country’s top leaders."

"As a civil servant whose salary comes from taxpayers' money, I have a duty to inform the people of the truth, which is that the indelible ink is actually delible," he said.

OK, he is technically a military personnel but we accept his 'civil servant' means the same. But effectively he has declared he made the police report as a RMAF officer (or 'civil servant').

But I'll not discuss here whether he has been right to believe it was his duty as a 'civil servant' (RMAF officer) to inform the people of the truth of the delibility of the EC ink. 

"I am not aligned to any political party. I'm only aligned to the truth."

His wife Shafinah Abdul Hamid and a RMAF technician had also lodged police reports over the indelible ink along with Zaidi.

"Like I said, as a Muslim, I should speak the truth even if I face action (from my superiors). The punishment in the afterlife will be worse if I had lied compared with any punishment in this world.”

Aren't those the statements of a RMAF officer?

Note that the military has NOT charged his wife Shafinah, also a RMAF personnel, for lodging a police report. As I mentioned earlier, I suspect that is because she didn't make any statement to the media.

And incidentally, Uncle Lim, those so-called 'bureaucratic rules and regulations of the military services' are part and parcel of the Laws of Malaysia and thus part of the Federal Constitution. They do NOT exist in isolation. Please do not insult the military institutions including its military laws. They're there for a good reason, as they are too in the armed forces of many western democracies like Britain, Australia, NZ, etc.

I urge Pakatan politicians not to make matters worse for Major Zaidi, nor to unfairly insult our armed forces.

To end this somewhat unhappy post, I like to remind everyone of an event about 10 years ago on (as best as I can recall) 04 April 2004 where Pakatan or its component parties' reactions were then completely different.

Then, General Abdullah Ahmad as Chief of the RMAF was retiring from the air force. On his last day in service, in a farewell speech at (I think) RMAF Kinrara, with all of his being virtually a civilian with perhaps just a symbolic toe left inside of the RMAF door, he said words which effectively encourage the airmen to vote BN which he said was his preferred political party.

He was loudly and resoundingly condemned by the opposition for violating public service codes for taking a political stand. And mind you, that was a man who was then virtually 99.9% civilian in status.

I wonder whether those who now support Major Zaidi (100% military man) in his alleged violation of the Armed Forces Council Instructions on an issue (EC ink), which through no fault of his was already heavily imbued with political overtones, have forgotten that incident, or have now regretted making those condemnations against General Abdullah Ahmad (then 99.9% civilian)?


  1. Ok, kaytee.......I got a solution to this problem.........All military personnels plus their related families.....spouses, siblings, uncles, aunties......ALL FUCKINGLY BARRED FROM VOTING IN MALAYSIA.........


    1. so if one serves in the military one and one's family become lesser Malaysians as per the gospel of looes74

    2. Like you have said before, you too have to make up your mind........Either all military personnels, spouses, siblings & offsprings are not allowed to vote or keep your mouth shut. The whole problem is that there is no mechanism within the military force to address the concerns.

      Don't talk also salah.....Talk also salah.......Do you know that why 99.99% of all armed forces VOTED FOR BN since independent?

      And so........The solution........Military troops NOT FUCKINGLY ALLOWED TO VOTE........PROBLEM SOLVED

      This also extends to royal families.....sultans, spouses, siblings & offsprings...........RPK IS NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE.........HAHAHAHAHA!

    3. as have been happening recently you have been talking cock wakakaka. Every citizen who is of eligible age and registered as a voter is entitled to vote - that is his or her fundamental rights. You are now proposing to disenfranchise a significant sector of these citizens, and for what reason , other than they or their family work in the military. You're the 9th wonder of the world with your childish useless prattle

  2. This is a take of an ex diplomat who served under Ghazali Shafie.......I believe that his words are more credible than kaytee.......At times, this fella is quite supportive of najib......Hahahaha

    "MY COMMENT: Matters are getting out of control here in Malaysia. Now, a Din MericanX Major in the Royal Malaysian Air Force is being charged for providing statements to the media on indelible ink used in the general elections. Since when is a military man charged for speaking the truth? There is always a first time for this kind of stuff. And not unexpectedly, it has to be in Malaysia where even our military court is used for political purposes. We have a serious breakdown in our system of justice. No one is free in this country from becoming a victim of injustice when the Rule of Law is no longer respected.–Din Merican"

    Meanwhile this veteran would fry kaytee's buttock........

    "Tok Cik February 8, 2014 at 12:20 pm
    Being a former soldier my sympathy goes to his poor officer, a fighter pilot by all reckonings, who was doing the right thing. But in an imperfect world like Bolehland bad things can happen, especially if you’re on the receiving end of the BN-led government. The military, like all other instruments of the the administration, has been used for one purpose – to ensure the continued survival of UMNO.

    Maj Zaidi has done what many senior officers, in all three services of the Armed Forces, are shit sacred to do – to speak up and to right the wrongs. The rest are only interested in their “periok nasi”.

    The ‘carma” mentality is so strong among the top echelon of the forces and that includes the air force top brass.

    You can say that military personnel should remain apolitical. But with the state of affairs today remaining apolitical is downright silly. You have to make a stand not with bumbling idiots like Zahidi and the softie Hussein Onn’s son leading the pack."

    Aiyaaa.....Kaytee, why you so like that?

    I like this part......But it will never happen in Malaysia......Ask Tok Cik la......

    1. you people know sh*t about the military and its military law, apolitical doctrine & military discipline. For that person Tok Cik to say bullshit like **You can say that military personnel should remain apolitical. But with the state of affairs today remaining apolitical is downright silly** gives me the shit that one day with him and his ilk in charge of this country we will go down the Thai way. If Tok Cik is a military man who knows his military stuff then I'm the Shahanshah of Timbuktu. Stop listening to such nonsensical bull.

    2. I strongly suggest to come down to Ipoh & talk to Tok Cik.....Do respect that man because unlike you, he fought in the heat of the battle against the communist. And he vouched for the return of Chin Peng back to Malaysia.........YOU KNOW NUTS la........STAY IN AUSSIE LAND......Don't come back to Malaysia

    3. just because you don't like what I'm saying you have made some reckless assumptions about me, wakakaka - don't be childish looes

  3. Aduh.. KT, your post ada viper di dalam... yet I think you are being apolitical. This is a clear case of 'leg before wicket' (cricket Law 36). Batsman sure kena dismiss one.. no chance. - hasan

    1. I ta'boleh tahan ni double standards and hypocrisy - we have to maintain a consistent standard - jaga standard lah or stop moralizing about the actions of the other side when we are doing exactly the same bulshit

    2. Hahahahaha.....Yeah....Hypo such as kaytee as exposed by Hisham Rais,,,,,,,,Don't bullshit about being neutral or apolitical

      Oh yeah hor..........kaytee must be ASEXUAL.......HAHAHAHAHA! OR BISEXUAL

    3. I can understand why people would sympathize with the Major...with some even lauding him for bravery. It is not difficult to see why this is so. Many have suspected that large tracks (if not all ) of 'orang gomen' have been coerced (altho' some of them very willingly and voluntarily do so ) to be the fixed deposit of Umno during election time. Ini semua typical of the cheating game of Umno. So it is rare indeed to have someone like the Major willing to stick out his neck....and to hell with principle like being apolitical in the military. The Tok Cik mentioned above is basically saying....Umno don't play by the rules, and thus we would be stupid and be forever ruled by Umno by sticking to the rules when at the same time, the devil NEVER plays by the rule and without notice, even impose new, unfair rules into the game.

      But nevertheless, we should not shoot down a blogger like KT just because he correctly points out the facts. Then we would be no different from the 'other side' who have the amazing slippery snake-like quality to take the opposite stance in the blink of an eye if it suits their agenda.

      So in a way....we are in a dilemma. We want to fight be principled and noble to win the fight, while the other side fights real dirty and always winning too, gloating and revelling in their 'evilness'. And because we refused to be tainted, we will always lose, forever be lorded over by these scoundrels ? That's why some are even imploring for "god/s" to come to our rescue, wakakaka.

  4. Many think the sanctity of law is an end in itself. For a layperson like me in simplistic term, the law is not an end in itself and is there to serve specific purposes. Namely, to uphold justice and protect the public in general.

    Major Zaidi is a military personnel, a citizen and above all, a person, saddled with the moralistic choice to do the right thing. No different from any of us.Just that most seldom choose to do the moralistically right thing. It is just easier to opt for the easy way out.

    Major Zaidi made unsanctioned statement to the media, yes. In his defense, the media statement in question was not a criticism levelled against the military, nor was he leaking any state secrets. The message conveyed through the media was Major Zaidi professing his faith and his allegiance to the truth. Hopefully the military court hold this in consideration before they meted out Major Zaidi's judgment.

    I agree the apposition should not capitalize on this issue to worsen things, but then again, would intervention by our opportunistic opposition pose any influence on the outcome of Major Zaidi’s fate? isn’t our military er, apolitical?


    1. You have to make up your mind whether the military should be political or apolitical - and not cherry pick depending on your political allegiance and who benefits indirectly from Major Zaidi's actions. At this stage, on the basis of his own statements and media reports, there is no exceptional circumstances to justify his actions.

      It is not in the military's role to moralize about civilian affairs which is exactly what is happening in Thailand and other countries ruled by military juntas.

      The AFCI does not allow military personnel to make unauthorized statements to the media for good reasons - it's the same in western democracies. Are you supporting such a violation because it so happened that the unauthorized statements works in your political favour?

    2. The army and police, while at it, let's throw in EC and MACC should be apolitical.

      Question of the day - Is Major Zaidi's revelation on the not-so-indelible ink be construed as a betrayal of the supposedly 'apolitical' military code of conduct? If so, let's hope common sense and redemption be bestowed on the good Major on the merit of honoring other code on the list, namely integrity.

      Quote: "Are you supporting such a violation because it so happened that the unauthorized statements works in your political favour?"

      The revelation of irregularity and wrong-doings works in every voters' favour. It is not too much to hope common sense prevails in those who are in position to determine Major Zaidi's fate.

    3. Kaytee,
      You have to make up your mind if you are really in pursue of THE FUCKING TRUTH. The point is that you can't brush Zaidi aside from telling the truth. By the way, it's very disappointing because people such as you tend to use the word "political" in any discussion........What the fuck is poltics, anyway? The Price of kangkung fluctuating also considered as politics too......That's why Najib banned the kangkung Mcdonald ads.......Hahahahahaha
      That's why my solution is simple. Since military forces are supposedly neutral & apolitical, so I propose....all military personels, spouses, siblings, relatives & offsprings should be banned from voting.......REVOKE THE RIGHT TO VOTE.........Problem solved.......Anyway, whenever there is a postal vote, BN always win 99.99%.........Come to think of it......It's good for Najib because if any case, Najib become oppos leader, he will never get his military vote

      If you wanna talk about stopping military personnels in talking into the press or step their foot into politics, why don't you have the FUCKING GUTs of reminding HRH of the constitution? The Allah issue.......See! All monarchies, spouses, siblings, offsprings, relatives & RPK should NOT be allowed to vote & talking to the media......Else renounce RPK's royalty........Hahahaha

    4. y lodged report against ec is political? ec is apolitical. n y compare against one that 'encourage' others to vote bn? I think this is apple n orange. thus the article is not unpopular, it is illogical.

    5. HH, that's why there is a court martial which is essentially a military court where the process of a trial will be conducted to deliberate on teh charges against Major Zaidi. There is no presumption fo guilt unlike some plitical parties which demand a dismissal of military procedures with regards to the charges against Major Zaidi.

      As mentioned in my post, (a) Major Zaidi is innocent until proven guilty, and (b) military law is a subset of Malaysian Law and empowered by the Constitution. Military Law does not exist in isolation from the Constitution.

      The military powers have pressed charges against Major Zaidi. Let there be due process without undue interference from political parties.

      HY, as mentioned a military person is subjected to a military code of conduct. I *personally* believe Major Zaidi lodging a police report on the ink is not an issue by itself sufficient to have charges pressed against him, but having done that, he chose to make unauthorized statements to the media and as alleged, sent sms which were deemed to be political in nature - now these two, making media statements and sending alleged politically tinted sms are expressedly not permitted by AFCI. The rule has been there for years and if PKR-linked NGO, Pahlawan, has been correct, for at least 40 years, way before the current state of political acrimony exists. Thus purely on the preliminary basis of the major sending alleged political sms and making unauthorized media statements, all yet to be proven true, he has violated military codes of conduct, and has been no different to that general who likewise had technically broken the code as well.

      I accept your criticism and dislike but I have already anticipated these when I decided to publish this post.

      looes, stop ranting and see my reply to you in another comment

    6. few simple questions : If there are due processes within military to address this question, why would major Zaidi go to the press? Do you seriously believe that military is really apolitical?

      Don't be such a twit la? Hisham Rais is right about people like you. Chattering class........Shoot Those beep beep........Hahahahaha!

  5. 99% cvilian? 1% military? thats a crap.
    thats a political call during his last day of service. and he is still in SERVICE. PERIOD
    if the same man has called for support of PAKATAN, what would be the outcome?
    did the major here call for support of any political party?
    he is just drawing attention to the EC bullshit on indelible ink. is that WRONG? and we all now know the EC was lying thru its teeth all along.

    1. Anon of 11:13 pm

      please see my reply to HY just above,

      Lodging a police report is one thing but based on media reports, the major went beyond that by his extraordinary action of making public statements to the media and also sending alleged political sms all of which are yet to be proven true in the trial. But if found true, then in his actions, he has violated military codes of conduct, and has been no different to that general who likewise had technically broken the code as well.

      AS I informed HY, I accept your criticism and dislike but I have already anticipated these when I decided to publish this post.

    2. ya KT,
      when hitler ask u to shoot, if u dun you break military code of conduct.
      major could have report to the CHIEF of staff, aint it?

  6. What a twisted way of looking at militial discipline!

    Granted, following the chain of command & following official instruction/guideline r paramount in MILITARY OPERATION for its inherent efficacy. Otherwise, no general can man his troop swiftly & professionally.

    However, a clear distinction MUST be uniquely definited so as what's constituted as within &/or outside the accepted militial code of conduct. Otherwise, a soldier is ONLY a slave to his commanding officier, yes?

    In Zaidi's case, what he did IS personal & fall outside the jurisdiction of militial code of conduct. His statement to the press has NOTHING to do with any of the military operation. It's his personal right as a citizen of the country. Unless KT interprets that all military personnel have NO such right.

    Thus, the action talking against Zaidi has gone beyond the ethos of military code of conduct. IT'S NO LONGER APOLITICAL!

    The intention is CLEARLY to give warning to all military personnel to toll the line - ie don't VOTE AGAINST BN &/ or DOING ANYTHING TO JEOPARDISE BN. Or else u will be punished kau-kau!

    KT's understanding of the militial ethos is similar to when the commanding officer dictates a soldier to go & f**k himself, the poor soldier MUST do it to the dot bcoz the chain of command of the militial ethos DEMANDS that obedience!

    What an insight!!!!

    1. please see my reply to Anon of 11:13 pm above

  7. kaytee is becoming a turncoat. he cannot even tell good from bad. the constituition says every citizen has a right to vote. so when the good major was making a police report he was just doing his bit for justice and Allah swt. he probably wasnt even on duty that day nor was he in his uniform. he was doing his part as an exemplary citizen. did he tarnish the RMAF BY HIS ACTIONS. did he implicate the RMAF in his report? did he imply a conspiracy in his report that the RMAF WAS PART OF A PLOT to rig the votes? no...never..he never tarnish nor implicate the force. he just reported that the indelible ink was not that indelible after all and maybe the EC was not discharging its duties properly. so kaytee what kind of man can degrade a hero for what he has done for truth. like he said the punishment in afterlife is greater than on this world. why must you politicise this? where is your integrity and ethics as a blogger?

    1. Jeff, I blog not to please anyone. I'm not a DAP Myrmidon. Your use of the term 'turncoat' is silly and based on nothing more than your anger at me for expressing my views. That's why I blog, and you don't have to come to my blog to read it if you believe I'm a 'turncoat' to whatever cause you might have in your mind.

      Did Major Zaidi as a military person (subject to military law, codes and discipline) tarnish the RMAF image by his conduct? Why don't we allow due process of law to determine that. As mentioned, the major is innocent unless proven guilty.

    2. KT,

      The due process of the military court to determine Zaidi's case is setting a WRONG precedence to the military personnel.

      Basically the INTENTED warning is simply - don't mess with anything that's detrimental to BN rule in the militial environment, U WILL BE PUNISHED!

      The outcome of the militial court is irrelevant, as the warning has been set.

      It's an abuse of the militial code of conduct procedure! It shouldn't be on in the 1st place.

      Totally ultra vires!!!!!

  8. Umeeno's worst nightmare3:04 am, February 16, 2014

    If you are a member of the ruling elite or their cronies,you are entitled to brutalise,rob,rape,offer bounties and even murder,And you will be freer than a bird.If you are not a member of the elite club,you can be an innocent bystander and you will be beaten up like a dog.Or ended up dead in lockup.

  9. If one is a whistle blower and you blew it in the directions of the opposition,you will be well rewarded.

    But if one is a whistle blower and you blew it in the direction of the ruling elite or their cronies,the ruling elite will definitely see to it that you will be permanently retarded..

    1. Elementary Dear Watson.......If you don't have to be a whistle blower for UMNO, They got SB, military intelligence & the fucking police to assist them.....Anything more to say.....arsehole

  10. Your take on the 99.9% civilian General's farewell speech, as pointed out above, needs to be corrected. On his last day in the military he is still 100% military, 0% civilian. And he urged fellow members of the military to vote ONE particular party, while still in uniform and in a military establishment! Now that qualifies as carrying out political activities (campaigning) right in the confines of the military. He probably got away with it because the ensuing disciplinary action will take place when he is 100% civilian. In Zaidi's case, if his comments are free of any mention of political parties it could be taken to mean that the EC weakness of delible ink can be exploited by both sides of the political divide.

    And as HH pointed out , you take on the military tribunal being swayed by antics of the public is a affront to the neutrality and professionalism of the tribunal.

    1. The court can/will be 'persuaded' by the prosecuting officer who may bring up the current political support for him to further assert his case that Major Zaidi has had a political agenda when he made the unauthorized media statements and the sms, and that is why I urge the political parties to cease and desist from exploiting the issue for, I suspect, their own political benefits rather than for Major Zaidi's benefits,

    2. The days when the military is truly apolitical in Malaysia is over since Mahathir's time......Don't bullshit your readers........What are you trying to do? Just like RPK, earning some brownie points to come home right..........Hahahaha!

    3. @looes74....."Just like RPK, earning some brownie points to come home right...." ???? Apa ni ? Is KT a runaway like RPK who surreptitiously slipped away to DU with some charges still hanging over his head ? Alamak....we all know you tend to be incoherent....but this is just waaay out there lah. Don't you EVER read over what you've just written before pressing the Publish button? Would do you a ton of good if you do just that.

  11. I'm inclined not to comment or take sides on Maj Zaidi Ahmad's trial, if the Malaysian military were truly impartial, but sadly it is NOT.

    For more than a generation now, one of the primary criteria of promotion to the senior ranks of the military, just like the Royal Malaysian Police, has been political loyalty to UMNO. This is not the Westminster-style non-political adherence to civilian government direction, but outright political support for UMNO, which has in turn corrupted the senior ranks of the military.
    The General Abdullah Ahmad retirement incident was just a public statement of a retiring officer of what is common mentality among the military command. The military brass are NOT apolitical.

    In recent years I have met many retired military officers who have sinced joined PAS and PKR. Almost all of them have explained that they are not politically inclined people, but the political corruption which has pervaded the military violates their sense of honour and loyalty to the Country.
    The root cause of most of the politicisation comes from the way the VERY HIGHEST levels of the UMNO leadership uses Malaysian military procurment as a means to corruptly gain funds both for funding political activity, crony and personal profit. There is a carrot and stick to this arrangement for the military.
    If the accede to the arrangement, they can share in the largese, which can amount to hundreds of millions of ringgit or even billions Per Deal. If they refuse to comply, their military career is finished.
    The Quid Pro Quo for the Military Brass is they must comply with political direction from UMNO way beyond what is expected of the military by law and by custom.

    Most noteworthy during election time, where it is virtually mandatory for Armed Forces personnel to vote for BN.
    The lower ranks are told outright to do so. Theoretically , the soldiers are still free to cast their ballots for whoever they like, but in reality every one is assigned a serial number upon voting, which also appears on their ballot.
    The only remaining safeguard to the sanctity of the vote is the serial number remaining secret and not revealed to 3rd parties....well, we know how "Impartial" the Election Commission is...

    Back to Major Zaidi. Strictly on the surface, yes, he likely broke military law.

    The bigger picture is, Maj. Zaidi's prosecution, nay, persecution is a Cherry-picked, politically motivated action intended to punish and make deterrent example of him for his temerity to expose the incompetence (or worse) arising from the Delible "Indelible Ink".

    1. your comment "Strictly on the surface, yes, he likely broke military law". What do we do then, or rather what does the military do then?

      You and many others are skating on thin ice by suggesting we support Major Zaidi in his alleged unusual-for-a-military-man's conduct. I appreciate that the difference is you've attempted to provide some reasons unlike looes who raves and rants and recklessly accuses. But even your reasons do not hide what you've admitted (tho' yet to be proven by the prosecution), namely, that Major Zaidi could have violated the AFCI

    2. rules are rules.
      even if blatant law breaker, shh... cause the rules say u keep mouth shut. at best, report to your CHief of Staff, major.
      in this country, that is how it works if you want to keep your stipend.

    3. the rules don't say 'keep your mouth shut'. It's about making media statements without being authorized

  12. My 2 cents worth suggestion , is for the military command to reprimand him for breaking the letter of the law, but stop short of serious punitive actions because his actions involved public interest and did not involve operational matters.

    And (very important) to show that it is truly politically impartial, acknowledge that serious public interest concerns were brought up by the police reports that Major Zaidi made, and make a public commitment that they will look into it.

    That is what the US Army did when a mid-level officer went public with very serious concerns on dangerous flaws in the development of the Bradley Infantry Fight Vehicle back in the 1980's. He was at first court martialled for directly writing to Congressmen with classified information, but the Army later acknowledged in public that those flaws were very serious. The officer's career was finished and he later resigned, without right to a pension, but the US Army did not press the charges any further.
    The Bradley, after its serious flaws were corrected, went on to become one of the most effective and feared armoured vehicles in the world. It killed hundreds of Russian-built tanks - Main Battle Tanks mind you - during the Gulf War.

    People who are narrowly focussed on the strict letter of the law, often miss out, or totally do not recognise the wrong of Abuse of Power.
    Abuse of Power is where those in power have the authority to act, strictly speaking, but they are acting out of intention for personal or political purposes..

    Probably one of the most serious wrongs perpetrated by UMNO and BN after decades of rule without checks and balances, is the Abuse of Power wielding the Prosecuting and Disciplinary powers of various government agencies to target people they want to punish for political reasons.
    DAP itself is currently locked in one such case of Abuse of Power with regard to not only the 1st but the 2nd reconvened CEC Elections.

    Deliberate "cari pasal" by the ROS, as far as I'm concerned.

    Major Zaidi's prosecution - persecution looks to me like a clear case of Abuse of Power.

    1. To spice up kaytee's apetite.......Kaytee should watch this show......Being in the engineering sector just like saari sungip & Nizar, I know how absurb certain people are.........Like what hisham rais, chattering class.........HAHAHAHAHAHA! That includes kaytee......tokok easy

      I like that colonel.........HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      To watch the whole show

      Or you prefer the ending

      Kaytee sounds like that general..........Ptui Ptui Ptui......If kaytee can be the general, Malaysia may be recolonised again.........Hahahaha!

    2. Please use brain......Just watch the whole show......You will know the truth in it.....Frankly I don't see anything wrong Major Zaidi come up in the press........It shows something is definitely wrong with the feedback to high level officers on this matter

      Again Hisham Rais has clearly identified kaytee as a FUCKING CIBAI CHATTERING BASTARDS required some whoop assing........

      Seriously, I am not sure if he's really worrying about military becoming partisan.......As it's, it's partisan already........

      To solve kaytee's problem......revoke the right to vote for all military persons, spouses, offsprings, siblings, father/mother, relatives, ancestors......Problem solved......

      Just like what the emperor china did with criminals.........Better still what happen to the flooding in the book of genesis.......Hahahahaha

      P.S : Kaytee is an atheist........I have checked with loyar buruks.......He's a non persona grate simply because he violated the first commandment of rukun negara

      Believe in God

      Kaytee is definitely screwed

    3. Rocketman, there's a vast world of difference between a soldier writing to his Congressman on his concerns about dangerous flaws in the development of the Bradley Infantry Fight Vehicle and a RMAF officer making media statements not about air force operational weakness but about the EC ink and allegedly sending sms of a political nature.

  13. Lim Kit Siang, the man himself already gave the answer. Simple warning. That explains why in the first place, Major Zaidi got to go out in the open. See! Who is ranting about the neutrality of military forces in line with british tradition. Hmmm......Last check the british navy & military had been messing around in the political arena since the beginning of time till now.....Ok la........The only difference is that starting from 20th century, it didn't mess with mother england politics

    What about kaytee's comment on the royals in Malaysia? I am very lazy to spoon feed guys & gals with facts......Just google......

    Like I say, the solution to Kaytee's question is simple

    BAN military personnels, spouses, relatives, ancestors including mama & papa, offsprings from voting in Malaysia

    Likewise Ban royals especially RPK from voting too.......In fact RPK should stop talking politics.....Else relinquish all royal titles.....


  14. Favourite Colonel Jessup remarks..(few good men)You can't handle the truth.! We use words like honor, code and loyalty,as the backbone of a life defending something..not as a punchline..(tell that to our politicians)
    I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of freedom I provide and then questions the manner in which i provide it. I don't give a damn to what you think you are entitled to..!

    But of course most thought provoking moment was when the 2 marines were Dis- Honorably discharged at the court martial, in spite of being found not guilty..!

    " I don't understand ,We didn't do anything wrong.!" the junior marine protested ,because they were merely following orders by their Col."with the GOD complex".. Jessup.,And Hal, the senior marine, in that moment of sudden clarity , can see it register on his face, said.." Yea We Did, We were suppose to fight for people who cannot fight for themselves.!
    .Like he is saying" we failed to do what is right just coz we were following orders.? Conduct unbecoming a marine..Where is the honour in that?.

    1. Ask Kaytee that question......Why those marines are charged for conduct unbecoming of a marine.......Link it with Major Zaidi & the truth shall set you free

  15. I think Ktemoc is someone who has his head up so high in the clouds, he can't see the ground any more.

  16. Major Zaidi was playing politics on behalf of PKR.
    I don't know what they promised him, but he should have known better.

    He deserves the full force of military law being thrown at him. No compromises.

    1. on the surface it appears he has violated AFCI but don't forget, he's innocent unless proven guilty

    2. tanah melayu,
      i guess it doesnt apply if one exhorts support for BN during his last day of service in the military

  17. Zaidi was exceedingly dumb to allow himself to be used by the traitors in Pakatan.

    Ultimately , the strings are being pulled by Chinese DAPsters in the background.

    So, the Major deserves whatever punishment is coming his way. A deterrent sentence to set an example to others is warranted.

    1. So typical of the Dengki Hasad melayu.....for 50+ years, Umno has been pulling strings kau kau and now....just because for the first time ever, DAP got some well-deserved votes and moved out of the political wilderness and even get to manage a state......ohhhh the envious green-eye jealousy of Umno now cannot be controlled...its bitter bile has turned poisonous in its deep hatred of anything DAP .

      The twisted double-tongue Melayu ranting as always......when faced with the Chinese crowd - will frighten them with visions of a Ulama-controlled PAS taliban country, and DAP will be helpless to do anything about it, even with Karpal's "over my dead body" proclamations. But when faced with the Melayu crowd - will frighten this group that DAP is calling the shot, pulling the string, that Anwar and PAS will be like drugged zombies, listening and doing to the bidding of DAP.

      POOORRDAH !!!!!

  18. Malaysia's Political Generals would be useless if ever a real shooting conflict broke out.

    Look at this Ketuanan idiot masquerading as the Navy Chief.

    The PLA's own website proclaimed the Sovereignty ceremony at James Shoal, 80 km from the coast of Bintulu.
    It will soon be known as Zengmu Reef , a part of China, 1,800 km from mainland China.

    I'm not asking the Navy Chief to be needlessly provocative with the Chinese - I'm telling him not to lie just to please his political masters.

    This is the same idiot who said the Scorpenes were needed to prevent "another 1511"

    It is ironic that while the UMNO government bullies the Chinese domestically with discriminatory policies, its behaviour towards the People's Republic of China is pretty close to kow-tow grovelling.

  19. Many countries have now put in place "Whistleblower" legislation to provide immunity and protection for people who come forward with evidence of corruption, abuse of power or other wrongdoing in high places, be it government or private sector.
    There is a recognition that serious malpractice, especially those condoned by very senior people, often never gets prosecuted or even come to light at all. It is usually protected by layers of official secrets legislation , commercial confidentiality , or internal disciplinary rules .
    There is never any "blanket" whistleblower immunity, but there is recognition that reasons of Public Good or Public Interest may override the requirements of government secrecy and commercial confidentiality.
    Malaysia has a Whistleblower law, but very few people have any confidence in it, because of the depth of corruption and power abuse going up to the very highest circles, with official interest in covering it up.

    In Major Zaidi's case, his police report on the Delible indelible ink could be claimed as legitimate whistleblowing, but his widely distributed SMS is not.
    Ktemoc may be right in that he forfeited his "protection" by going to the media.

    What is the right answer, Where is the right balance ? Who knows ?

    1. I don't think the whistleblower protection act could be applied for him, even assuming he didn't make any statements to the media.

      Technically if an EC employee (not an outsider) whistleblows about something naughty going on in the EC, say, along the lines that the Commissioner of EC had knew about the ineffectiveness of the ink as an indelible marker yet allowed its use, then that employee can be considered as a bono fide whistleblower (of EC). But Major Zaidi is not an employee of the EC. As a voter who is NOT an EC employee all he can do is to make a police report, FULL STOP.

      OTOH, if Major Zaidi had reported to the MACC about the missing F5E engines then he would be a bono fide whistleblower (of the RMAF) where he would then be protected from repercussions from the RMAF, either by concealing him as the source of the report or in some other ways.

      But making public statements to the media means the person doesn't care about protection, having taken to the public domain to voice his report.

    2. my grammatical mistake above - should be "the Commissioner of EC had known" not "had knew"

  20. ok kt, I can't comment much as I dun read much abt zaidi political stand in yr writes. maybe u know more. however the 40 years old law does indicates rule by law n selective prosecution. no?

    1. the 40-year old law, very much younger than our federal Constitution and most certainly eons younger than the laws of this country which we inherited from the British, is meant to ensure military personnel don't make media statements of their own a la 'suka-sendiri' which may bring disrepute to the armed forces OR worse, misrepresent incorrectly to the public military policies, conduct or intent, etc, such as the military having a political preference (like the Thai Army).

    2. R u sure u didnt MISS out the distinction between personal &/or militia media statement as stipulated in this 40-yr old baby?

      Did u know how was it 'born' & why?

      Search deeper u shall see, wakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ktemoc's defense of the military prosecution of Mj. Zaidi, and his critique of those who criticise the military action , makes sense in the context of an apolitical and impartial military.
    Sadly, the BTN-ised Malaysian Armed Forces are no such thing.

    Ktemoc is too focused on the fine print (Armed Forces Council Instructions) and blind to the big picture (Election Commission acting as a political agent and a politicised Military Command).

    Ktemoc is still dreaming in terms of British Royal Navy or Australian Air Force standards....but this is UMNO's Bolehland...

  22. I must say , there is a fairly good, decent debate going on here regarding the various aspects of the controversy.
    One point of view missing from the to-and-fro arguments is that Civilians and Military personnel are held to very different standards of discipline and rules of conduct.
    The battlefield is probably closest thing there is to Hell on this Earth.
    The Roman military was The Superpower of its time. The Roman Army understood very early on that stern, uncompromising even brutal discipline was necessary to the army surviving and carrying out its task in war. Otherwise the army gets defeated and soldiers die.

    And so it still is in today's modern army.

    A soldier obeys orders and regulations, there are no Ifs and Buts.

    So Major Zaidi had a legitimate , serious concern on the Indelible Ink which could be washed off, but he absolutely cannot violate Military regulations.
    He will be punished if found guilty.

    1. Pax Romana

      I agree with Kaytee and your reasoning the need for military/trained personnel of the code be held to a higher standard.

      I cannot speak for all the commenters but the general consensus I gather from the comments that are supportive of the good major is the acknowledgment the Major is right to expose EC's misgivings about the ink. Regardless your stand whether Major Zaidi be persecuted in military court or not, there is no taking away the reality what the Major did was just. (Unless there is a military law somewhere that explicitly states 'thou shall not rat on your sister agencies no matter what.')

      On breaking the law, Major Zaidi should face the court. Yes. It is just that his punishment should commensurate with the crime and compassion be accorded where justifies. What good is the law if it is just a set of regulations set in stone devoid of humanity and conscience?

      As an officer who vowed to uphold the law and code, major Zaidi should face the consequences. It's just that it is imperative to note what the Major did and what the law stood for is not in contradiction to one another.

    2. HH, it's not a question of ratting on sister agencies. For a start, EC is NOT a sister agency of the RMAF. The Army, Navy and to a much lesser degree, the Police are. And the issue regarding his pending court martial has nothing to do with ratting.

      An order exists for military personnel NOT to make media statements without authorization, regardless of the topic whether it's about the EC ink or about the Swedish charges against a Malaysian couple, etc etc etc.

      And the worst would be for a military person to make political statements (which in modern circumstances would include those carried by sms). Note I brought out the incident where General Abdullah Ahmad made a political statement in his farewell speech in April 2004. Note that I did NOT say he was right nor did I condemn those who criticized him for his breach of military policy, other than to just compare his remaining service with that of Major Zaidi Ahmad, to show the political bias of those who are supporting the latter.

      Discipline including adherence to the military laws/codes/instructions/orders is the bedrock of the Military, where bedrock means the underlying beliefs. principles and value system of that organization so that there is order within the military and its fighting efficiency is not impaired.

      If one joins the military but can't or refuse to maintain that discipline then one has betrayed the trust and expectation of the organization in him.

      Major Zaidi is not the only person who has ever been charged with breach of the AFCI. Nor is such a case unique to Malaysia as our military laws are drawn chiefly from British and Commonwealth military laws including those of India.

      There is an unfortunate politically motivated insinuation that he is being victimized for his actions which he now faces legal charges. The danger of Malaysian politics (applied equally to both political sides) is for political parties to take sides in every bloody issue even if the issue is not of politics, in fact even apolitical ones like what Major Zaidi is facing.

      This political interference (obviously for political gains) has the dangerous effect of politicizing and poisoning military persons into believing they can do what they like, basically to f**ks with military laws and discipline, because Party A will support them even if they breach military regulations to say something to Party B's disadvantage, and vice versa.

      Having said all the above, just remember this - Major Zaidi is innocent of those charges unless he is proven guilty. And that's the job of the court martial to determine whether the charges against him can be proven, and not that of Lim Kit Siang or Anwar Ibrahim or Najib or the Defence Minister or even the Chiefs of the Armed Forces and Air Force.

  23. How naive can one be -

    ' Major Zaidi is innocent of those charges unless he is proven guilty. And that's the job of the court martial to determine whether the charges against him can be proven, and not that of Lim Kit Siang or Anwar Ibrahim or Najib or the Defence Minister or even the Chiefs of Armed forces and Air Force.'

    If the power that's be can keep their hands & legs off the court martial, we wouldn't be at this shit stage of sopo development now.

    KT is expecting the fox to keep his chicken safe & sound!

    1. two wrongs don't make one right - the military must remain aloof from politics and maintain their standards of discipline

  24. Looking at a bigger picture, the outcome of the court martial is irrelevant which ever way it decided.

    The warning has been set & that's good enough to deter any future similar case from happening, knowing most M'sians rather like one kaipochi less one trouble avoided!

  25. hey kt see this and tell me what the god major did.....

  26. Under Discipline Offence No 13.

    It's also useful to note an example of what I have written in post, the rather uniqueness of military law where failure to escape after being made a POW is punishable (see No 5)

  27. Incisively written and correct to a fault!!!!!