Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So desu ne

Malaysiakini - Don't blame PM for your failure, KJ slams Waytha

Khairy Jamaluddin has come to the defence of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak following the attacks from former senator and deputy minister P Waythamoorthy.

The Umno Youth chief said it was unfair for Waythamoorthy to blame the prime minister for the Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (PHM) chief’s failures to effect changes.

“He was not a team player and wasn’t effective in advocating his cause,” said Khairy in a series of Twitterpostings (left) today.

The sports and youth minister also claimed that Waythamoorthy had demanded that all government allocation for the Indian community be parked under the latter’s discretion.

“That’s not how the government operates. Waythamoorthy wanted to control the money, bypassing ministries and agencies.




“When he didn’t get this, he quit and blames the PM,” Khairy tweeted. [...]

In a letter of apology issued yesterday, Waythamoorthy said that he had been under the impression that his department would be allocated the funds to implement the programmes.

Aha! so desu ne, wakakaka

Malay Mail Online - Najib wants Tamil schools to handle upgrades directly

nah nah nah pordah thambi

Datuk Seri Najib Razak today proposed giving Tamil schools direct access to development funds for upgrades, after red tape slowed allocations of RM560 million from efficiently reaching the schools.

The prime minister suggested that the school boards of the 523 Tamil vernacular schools nationwide take over the responsibility of tendering out projects, which is currently under the purview of the Education Ministry.



  1. "Aha! so desu ne, wakakaka"

    Hai! Kawaisou desu ne.... wakakaka

    - hasan

  2. What did everybody tell you before you were appointed deputy minister ?

  3. I know the members of a number of Tamil school boards, and their general quality (or lack of).

    My view is Najib's decision to give the school boards direct tendering authority is absolutely the wrong move, and an invitation to malpractice and leakages.
    The right way would have been to streamline the Education Ministry's procedures, as well as making the Tendering process more inclusive ( "100% Bumi Only contractors" rules are jarring when it comes to Tamil school projects).

    As for Waytha....the less said about him the better. As of now, he is a walking disaster, mistrusted by BN and Pakatan alike. He's abandoned and virtually denied his brother in his moment of need.
    If you understand Hindu culture, Waytha has committed a deep, deep wrong.

  4. Lagi so desu ne,

    Here is a fair take of KT's other postal boy, Zaid;


    1. Zaid Ibrahim is not ‘so desu ne’… Zaid is of a much much much braver character than “Alahai siapa itu nama…? ”

      Read here:

      And here:

      - hasan

  5. Kare wa (waythamurthy ) totemo Baka. or as is exclamed..A Ho..! ( アホ) ( WaythaMurthy)
    kare wa shinjite irukare Najib.no kusai no kuso..nan dai yo!
    kusai= stinky , kuso(excrement)

  6. No More Bullshit Please5:28 pm, February 19, 2014

    Kee Tuan Chye hit the bullseye/ bullshit right on the spot with regard to Zaid Ibrahim.

    I don't know why some people are so enamoured of that lightweight politician (he may be otherwise heavyweight in physical terms due to his love of good food and whisky).

  7. Why are you using Nipponese phrases to comment on an Indian issue ?

    Of all the races in Asia, I am allergic to the Japanese.
    I do buy and use Japanese branded products, because either there is no choice, or they are good price/quality value.
    I don't have to like the Nipponese , and I don't, at all.
    69 years after World War II, Japan still does not own up to the atrocities it committed. Most of the younger Japanese have been educated to think that Japan was somehow forced into defending itself from Western bullying , culminating with the injustice of the Atomic Bombs. The whole part on the offensive , often brutal Japanese criminal aggression been denied.