Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Decency missing!

You walk into a supermarket to buy a few tins of baby milk powder for your child and after viewing the products ranging from Dumex (as a kid I loved ... er ... this one, wakakaka),

..... S-26, Neo Baby, Susu Kambing Merah, Enfapro, Purenat

..... to a host of unpronounceable Japanese brands,

..... and being a patriotic Malaysian though not of the amazing standards of wakakaka über patriot Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, decided on the Chap 3 Kepala brand.

On arriving home you discovered to your horror that all 6 tins of Chap 3 Kepala susu you've paid for have ‘use-by’ dates which expired last year, specifically in May 2013.

What would your reactions be? How would you feel?

Naturally you feel cheated by that dishonest, duplicitous and deceitful Super.

Now change landscape from a commercial to a political one.

Hindraf Chief Waythamoorthy has resigned from his senator and deputy minister positions in obvious dissatisfaction with the BN for not honouring whatever MOU he and Najib had signed – and I’m putting it mildly, because the more applicable words than the euphemistic ‘dissatisfaction’ would probably be ‘f**king pissed off’, ‘disgust’, ‘fury’, etc etc.

My visitor looes74 may be approached for more steamy examples as he has a flair with the words that Waytha probably had needed after realizing he had been taken for a ride, mind you, one on which he was a willing captive-passenger, wakakaka.

Obviously Waytha’s resignation in disgust from his senatorship and deputy minister position didn't and won’t do much good for Najib and UMNO’s credibility as honourable or sincere or reliable political partner.

So ... if you are a dedicated UMNO cybertrooper what would you have done to possibly disguise the foul air and sh*t swirling around UMNO and the PM Office that ensued from Waytha’s resignation, and if possible to kill two birds with one stone, also attack DAP at the same time?

Maybe you can offer a ‘use-by’ statement by Waytha whose message had obviously automatically expired with his recent resignation, but nonetheless you place this one-year old Waytha’s message at the top of your blog when Waytha resigned from the BN government.

So I presume, if someone doesn't see the expired ‘use-by’ date of 03 May 2013, the reader may even mistakenly believe Waytha is still saying (extracts):

The Dacing (the Pakatan/Barisan Dacing) hangs in delicate balance one day before the elections. When it hangs in balance like this, even small additions to this side or that will determine the tilt of the Dacing. This is the historic opportunity that I speak of. The Indian minority, small as it is, can determine which way the Dacing will tilt.

We perceived this opportunity some months ago within Hindraf. We decided that we should use the opportunity to do a quid pro quo (an exchange) with the political parties on the two sides of the Dacing in order to gain for the Indians what should have been theirs rightfully, but never was. […]

BN has conceded that they had made mistakes in the past and are willing to look forward to new relations with the Indian community and to put in place new policies for their welfare. Instead of continuing to dwell on all the errors of the past, we have decided to look to the future and work on mending the relationships with BN and to start the work of correcting the serious socio-economic problems of the Indian community. This, as I said at the outset is a historic opportunity – we do not know what the future holds, what we can certainly know is what we have now.

I give up lah!

Yes, at the same time of Waytha's resignation from the BN government, you show Waytha’s anti Pakatan message of 03 May 2013 at the top of your blog, presumably at a glance as if it has been made a few days ago, and you headline his one-year old accusation of Pakatan's 'Hitlerite Blackshirts* tactics'.

* Strictly speaking the Blackshirts were fascist Italian paramilitary armed squads, though the term also came to be labelled on ultra right wing goons of other nationalities in Britain, Nazi Germany and India.

Benito Mussolini with his Blackshirts

Not only that, you then publish a cartoon of your hated Lim Guan Eng as a jackbooted strutting stormtrooper.

image 'borrowed' from 'Pilihan - Anda' blog

Now, this has been the official Hindraf statement for Waytha's resignation, as reported by The Star Online:

Hindraf secretary P. Ramesh said the central committee unanimously decided that Waytha Moorthy should tender his resignation, claiming the government had been “dragging its feet” in delivering its promises to aid the poor Malaysian Indian community.

“Hindraf owes its loyalty to the Malaysian Indian poor community and to them only."

“We did the most unthinkable - signing a pact with our one-time nemesis, entirely in the interest of the Malaysian Indian poor and in the honest belief that Barisan Nasional will fulfil its promises."

“We have given up hope of that happening, after eight months of trying.”

Selling expired milk, selling expired message on an expired political stand/allegiance – what’s the difference!

What would be the aim of both?

At least the manager of a supermarket can plead that the staff who stacked the shelves had not been vigilant,

..... but if you are a blogger and post a year-old statement made by Waytha during his romance period with Najib as he was about to join the BN government but which original message or belief by Waytha has now expired, at a time when he has resigned from his minster's job and his senatorship in disgust with BN, what does that make you?.


  1. KT, you must understand that she has to provide her flock their daily kick to feed
    their addiction.

    Also, she has republished her earlier rant about your tudung comments. Looks like
    a tit-for-tat action on your criticism of the Chinese policemen sacrifice.

    1. It's one thing to take a political stand, whatever that may be, and I would have respected that decision. But in wanting to ingratiate oneself with a particular political side, by disowning, dismissing and even fabricating nonsense to diminish one's own ethnicity's heritage, culture and history is utterly despicable. In this, I respect Ridhuan Tee more because at least he claims to be a Malay and not "Aku Cina"

    2. "... ingratiate oneself with a particular political side, by disowning, dismissing and even fabricating nonsense to diminish one's own ethnicity's heritage etc ..."

      Looks like her behaviour is some kind of masochism game that she and her
      followers are having a good time in what is, she once said, "our playground".

  2. There is an easy solution - cut off the source of life juice!

    Many probably didn't realise HOW much ad money these bloggers made from naff-nuff, ad-sense & the likes.

    For popular blotters, that figure CAN be in 5-figure number, though most r in the region of thousands.

    So DONT visit the site u deemed irrelevant to yr cause. Let those sites survive on the ego of their choirboys. Eventually, they die of natural declining readership due to repeated old tunes that even the choirboys r bored to follow.

    So, see to it & beginning now..

  3. Kaytee,it serves Warthamoorthy right for sleeping with the enemy.He did it for his own personal interest,well being and of course the financial rewards.When he announced that he was coming home,almost six months before he actually came home from the UK,I already said that a deal has already been made between him and Najib's men.No fool,not even a moron who ran away from the ISA would voluntarily come home.

    When he crossed the causeway there was not even SB boys to welcome him home to Kamunting.Go figure whom he fooled.The PR smarties who fell for his sob sob stories of the plight of the Indians and his Hindraf declaration.No wonder Mr Manmanlai is not the present PM,because good leaders do not get fooled by morons.

    1. I grant he has redeemed himself by resigning

    2. It is not so easy to redeem oneself from treachery.
      On top of his personal and public treachery of silence on his brother's unjust imprisonment.
      The irony was his ascension to Deputy Minister occurred on the same day his brother was imprisoned.

    3. "He has redeemed himself by resigning."
      Are you serious, KT ?
      Isn't he thrown out by UMNO ?

  4. Waytha is now just discarded used toilet paper.
    Pakatan would be wise not to take in this now homeless child. Being stabbed in the back once is more than enough.

    1. As Kulasegaran (MP for Ipoh Barat) said, DAP fights for ALL Malaysian poor, not just one ethnic or religious group which unfortunately Hindraf is. A parochially approach to politics will only invite equally parochially reactions from other ethnic or religious groups (and I know we're at this moment thinking of PAS, but we will have to deal with this one day).

      Additionally, Hindraf doesn't have the base support of organizations like (religiously) PAS and (ethnically) UMNO, MCA and MIC (the last has a 50+ years' head start on Hindraf), so with its religious-ethnic grouping and small base support, and the unlikelihood of attracting support form non-Hindu non-Indian support, it won't survive for long politically. so how is it going to help Hindu Indians?

      We also need to remind ourselves that Waytha's Hindraf is only a shell of the original Hindraf, where 4 of its 45 leaders are already in Pakatan (2 in DAP and I think the other 2 in PKR), while the 5th, Uthayakuamr has politically disassociated himself from his brother Waytha.

      In politics it should not be a matter of not taking in so & so if the person can sincerely serve the rakyat - for example I hope one day Zaid Ibrahim will join and be accepted by DAP, and I would like to see Waytha and a more mellowed Uthayakumar (wakakaka) and perhaps even Saifuddin Abdullah be in DAP too.

    2. typo above, should be "4 of its 5 (not 45) leaders are already in Pakatan ..."

    3. I very much doubt the statement that DAP fights for all Malaysian poor.
      Melayu poor can go eat cake , based on DAP's pronouncements as well as their behaviour in DAP-run Penang

  5. "So ... if you are a dedicated UMNO cybertrooper what would you have done to possibly disguise the foul air and sh*t swirling around UMNO and the PM Office that ensued from Waytha’s resignation, and if possible to kill two birds with one stone, also attack DAP at the same time?"

    by shitting about indian n chinese civilisation? turncoat is so predictable but i didnt know he is that cheap, a cybertrooper? must be a expensive one, since anglo grow up sucking white mama milk.

    1. HY your target is not my target where I talk about the 'coincidence' of Waytha's resignation and the appearance of his 'open letter' made a year ago, then in favour of BN in a manner as if it is 'recent'.

      Of course you're entitled to your opinions as we do. But aren't you a wee racist in saying words like 'anglo sucking white mama milk'? Isn't thsi what we want to escape from?

    2. He is NOT predictable BUT rather playing wayang kulit subtly & skillfully!

      U've to give credit for him to play psychology, after all HOW MANY of his readers r game enough to think out-of-the-box about what he'd written?

      Most r just like a herd of domesticated cows - feed me with yr daily dose of spurious 'intellectual' hay (argument), then they would moo to the chorus of this cowherd! These cows feed him with the ad money, so he can continuing his tokoh in his mother'sland.

      This is especially so when he deloyed his now frequently used one-liner-answer to dispute/humiliate his blog commentators. More often now, he just censored bcoz he was hit kau-kau & cant gave a decent reply!

    3. as I told HY, this post is about a different person, not your target (yours same as HY's) - my response to HY above applies to you too

    4. Wakakak, cant we stretch the argument just beyond the topic discussed but still under sopo?

      Izznt it the theme of the present discussion about treachery & one-up con-man-ship?

      What's the main difference between these two person, besides the colour of their skin?

      Or yr post is just REALLY about Waytha & Hindraf? Or that Helen of what?

    5. well I haven't stop you, have I, wakakaka

    6. i am being personal, not racist, moreover mine so call anglo a statement of fact. n i am being specific, i talk abt one particular anglo that want to generalise 2 civilisations.

      and how this "by disowning, dismissing and even fabricating nonsense to diminish one's own ethnicity's heritage, culture and history is utterly despicable." different with what i wrote? not an opinion? more proper eng? more factual than mine? nothing to do with race?

      i am vely neutral when come to cybertrooper, especially the umno one wakaka.

    7. HY, whether personal or sweeping, the description 'anglo sucking white mama milk' is racist.

      A Chinese or Malay or Indian being proud of or praises his or her race's history, culture and heritage per se is not racist but if he or she condemns, demeans or slanders ANOTHER race, then that is racist

    8. kt, i disagree, but if u choose to insist, fine by me.

      however, i agree one who condemns, demeans or slanders another race is racist, that is what the anglo did exactly but i dun hear anything fr u, instead u call one that did lots of introspection despicable, as usual, u r double std.

  6. the tormenter who really torments4:31 am, February 13, 2014

    Warthamoothy is like the voters who voted for Umno/BN.These people cannot think the best for themselves.They have to be guided,hoodwinked or sweet talk to jump into bed with the enemy.Serves these people right for not using their brains to figure out for themselves.

    1. well, as the saying goes "better late than never", so let's hope Waytha will do the right thing in GE-14

    2. By contesting in Kajang......Wanna bet, kaytee? Hahahahaha

  7. Would Zahid have the bolas to test Teresa's skill and challenge her in kung fu fighting?

    1. I wouldn't want to test a ... er ... person like him

  8. Ktemoc, how come you are not on Nuffnang ?
    Given the amound and (mostly) high quality of traffic to your blog, you can make a pretty sum, without being beholden at all to UMNO , DAP or anyone else.

    1. I blog for fun, not for profit, but looes74 and a few others don't believe me, accusing me of being a paid cybertrooper for UMNO, MCA, DAP, etc but never of PKR (sob sob) wakakaka

    2. Hey,
      Najib's loverboy can also be free......But in return of something more valuable........Hahahahahaha!
      Since kaytee likes to support Zaid Ibrahim.....Ok, let ask Ezra Zaid to be the next PM......But first become MB of NS.......Hahahaha.....under DAP banner......hahahahaha

      P.S : Who the fuck is Ezra Zaid? Hahahahaha!

  9. KT, a small request for your indulgence for a little non-thread fact.

    This is for people like TM, EA & the jest who took Tun's words as gospel truth. Tun once claimed "nowhere else in the world except Malysia do you have vernicular (read Chinese) schools". Obviously the Tun is not or pretend not to know this :

    "....... the school solidified its international reputation by winning the U.S. Department of Education’s Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award, the highest honor in the nation."

  10. Aiyah, wrong link, please delete the earlier submission

    1. this one

  11. Alor, Adenam is chosen as Taib's successor. Taib has resigned from his post as well as his adunship in Balingian. That means by election......Yay! I wonder what kaytee going about this by election.....

    1) Taib should serve till he mampus.

    Hisham Rais has spoken on people such as you......Hahahaha, eat this

    Hisham's take on selangor event......See the difference

    Another idiot talk cock

  12. "you show Waytha’s anti Pakatan message of 03 May 2013 at the top of your blog, presumably at a glance as if it has been made a few days ago, and you headline his one-year old accusation of Pakatan's 'Hitlerite Blackshirts* tactics'..."

    Virtually it has no literary value... perhaps just to pander on the baser instincts of her loyal audience. What else?

    - hasan

  13. I'm inclined to be sympathetic to Waythamoorthy, his disappointment with the lack of progress, and (more importantly) the lack of any real commitment in the BN Federal Government to tackle the problems of the Indian poor.

    However, the relatively recent events last year surrounding Waytha's Hindraf wing mutating into a BN appendage leaves a nasty taste which is not easily forgiven.

    On March 8 2013, the ROS suddenly approved the registration Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (Hindraf) after years of the Government demonising Hindraf and banning it as an illegal organisation. On March 10, Waytha began his hunger strike, with daily diatribes against Pakatan Rakyat, DAP and PKR. On March 22, Waythamoorthy swiftly recovered his strength and met Najib.

    In hindsight, it is obvious these were all orchestrated events, with the objective of preparing the public for Hindraf's "agreement" with the Government on the MOU, and call to support BN for 2/3 majority , and Waytha's elevation to Deputy minister.

    Any similar level of political maneuvering by... ahem.. Anwar Ibrahim... would have attracted condemnation by many, especially Ktemoc, and rightly so. far as I'm concerned Waythamoorthy stands condemned for the cynical political theater which he foistered on the Malaysian people last year, and the way he stabbed Pakatan Rakyat in the back at a critical juncture, just before the General Elections.

    1. whether it's anwar or waytha's sly manouevring I had condemned and will continue to condemn - check my post on my pieces on Waytha, such as SARSI etc wakakaka

  14. Its good to remind ourselves of Waytha's anti-Pakatan attacks prior to his entry into the BN Government, to be sure we know what kind of person we are dealing with.
    So H.... A.... may well be doing us a favour.

    His pitiful and pathetic current situation as a piece of discarded BN trash does not redeem his earlier unethical actions.

    1. stale milk of a different kind is now being dishonestly sold

  15. Kg. Buah Pala in Memoriam12:28 pm, February 14, 2014

    Can't really blame Waythamoorthy.

    After all the proven NATO (no action, talk only) from DAP and PKR, there were really only two options. Go it alone, or link up with BN.

    The Indian community is in too dire need of succor for Hindraf to go it alone.

    Hindraf knew well BN's poor track record, but Najib had clearly stated his intention to help the Indian community, and Hindraf felt it had nothing to lose.

    After so many months, and no results, Waytha decided to quit.
    Trying to work within the BN system was not a bad decision in the first place, but having seen the lact of action, quitting the Cabinet position is the right way to go.

  16. Did Teresa Kok misuse DAP funds ?

    Now, I really don't care two hoots if DAP funds get misused and they get into financial trouble.
    However, if Teresa Kok has been dishonest with the money in her care, it needs to be widely publicise to make sure the public knows her true nature.

    1. inconvenient as it may be for you, evidence would first of all be necessary

  17. Waythamoorthy has managed to get himself into an unenviable situation of being distrusted and disliked by every side , except perhaps his hard-core followers.

    Pakatan supporters regard him as treacherous, arising from his actions last year.

    BN supporters now likely equally consider him untrusworthy for his latest actions quitting the Cabinet as well as his statements while in the Cabinet, behaving like an Opposition operator from within.

    MIC supporters will treat his resignation as Good Riddance

    I'm one of the original Hindraf marchers, tear-gassed and sprayed with water cannon at Batu Caves. I'm more of a social activist , no interest in pure politics as such.

    Waythamoorthy still has my respect.

    Perhaps he should position himself as a social activist.
    There is no avoiding being political on issues surrounding the Indian poor, but you can opt out of actually being an politician. That is for snakes and scorpions, like Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang.

    1. that's cute, blaming Lim Kit Siang for the political issues surrounding Indian poor

    2. As far as I'm concerned, DAP has been equally treacherous in its dealings on issues concerning the Indian poor.

    3. OK, I'll inform DAP's MPs Karpal Singh, M Kulasegaran, Sivakumar, Kasthuriraani Patto, Charles Santiago, Gobind Singh Deo, and

      DAP's ADUNs J Arul Kumar, S Veerapan, P Gunasekaren, Kamache Doray Rajoo, Dr Ramasamy, Jagdeep Singh Deo, Tanasekharan, R Sanisvara Rayer, A Sivaesan, A Sivasubramaniam, R Rajiv, V Ganabatirau, and

      DAP Senator Chandra Mohan.

    4. So, I count 1 DAP Mandore in Dewan Negara , 6 Mandores in Dewan Rakyat, and 11 Mandores in various State Assemblies.

      On the politics of Mandorism in and understand...

  18. Looking at the big picture, UMNO has effectively defanged HINDRAF and relegated it to the sidelines, riven by factions, isolated, shunned by both sides of the political spectrum. Score one for Najib! (The Muppet/Muffet/Muffin is just a minor player and of no significance).

  19. The aneh is really an idiot if you ask me, obviously Najib and gang will ask him (albeit indirectly ) to f**k off after the13th general erection as he is of no more value now.