Thursday, February 06, 2014

Damn 40

For some reasons the figure 4 (and its associated 40, 4K and 40K) seems to be popular with some Malays, wakakaka.

However, the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese avoid it like the plague as it is the homonym for 'death' in their languages (shi, si).

I recall my kiddie days when my mum warned me not to utter that word during Chinese New Year (pantang) especially when we played p'a kau (cards).

In the game of 21, getting cards totally 22 or more means lu si liao lah, with that dreaded word slipping in. So how mum, I asked? She instructed us to use the colloquial kampung word kian wakakaka. Kian means mati juga. And by the by, we were allowed to use mati word if we wish, wakakaka.

Other Chinese euphemisms for 'dead' which could be used without violating the Chinese New Year taboo were k'iao hare (dead shrimp), koo-dare (probably a patois version of k'iao hare), maatong k'iao (something dead, I'm lost here, can anyone from Penang help?) and paangchet (punctured, wakakaka).

The Japanese have been as innovative as my mum when counting - ichi (1), ni (2), san (3) - all derived from Chinese lingo, and thus so far so good - but when it comes to shi (4, also the dreaded homonym for 'death') they cleverly switch over to bumiputera (indigenous Japanese) language and have 'yon' (4) after the ichi, ni, san ... my late mum would have admired their lexical 'cornering' skills, wakakaka. 

Maybe the Malays like 4 because in Islam 4 can auspiciously represent the 4 Archangels, 4 Rasidun (rightly guided caliphs), 4 sacred Islamic months, 4 witnesses (as required in cases like alleged bonking outside the authorized marital ambit) etc etc etc.

Musa pbuh (Moses) spent 40 days on Mt Sinai before he came down with the ten commandments. And Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was 40 years old when he received the first revelation from the Archangel Jibril (Gabriel).

I wonder whether the Islamic version of Noah has rain pouring down on Earth for 40 days and 40 nights as per the Judeo-Christian version?

Scholars reckoned the Judeans adopted either the Greek myth of Deucalion or the Mesopotamian Utnapishtim, both being flood legends with ark and all which preceded the biblical account by a few thousand years. It's more likely the latter when the Judeans were slaves in Babylon and picked up that myth and incorporated it into their own biblical tales, as they did for the Moses story of being picked up from the river.

Anyway, according to Wikipedia, the planet Venus forms a pentagram in the night sky every eight years with it returning to its original point every 40 years with a 40 day regression (some scholars believe that this ancient information was the basis for the number 40 becoming sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims).

In the first Bersih rally (in days before it was subsequently hijacked) the figures for the rally crowd being bandied around was 4K by the mainstream media and 40K by non-mainstream media, wakakaka.

Years back in Kelantan someone wakakaka claimed that 40,000 Thais would be coming down across the border to vote for BN. Years later, this 40,000 became Banglas, wakakaka - same bloke same 40K, thus must be his fave number. Maybe there'll be 40K of Taiwanese or Mainlanders this time, wakakaka, hopefully the China doll type, wakakaka again.

But more relevant today, that damn 40 is back again, to wit, the 40% registered Chinese voters in the Kajang state constituency (N25).

Unfortunately for the Chinese, once again they are thrust (unwillingly) into the political limelight as the 40% registered Chinese voters in Kajang seem to be the crucial factor in the coming by-election, making them the king-maker, a political role they don't wish to own as one old man will be bloody pissed off, 40 times over, wakakaka.

However this time someone's fave number wakakaka will favour Anwar Ibrahim, because those 40% Kajang Chinese voters (almost all) will, as I said yesterday, spit out anyone from BN especially a MCA candidate.

According to political analysts, this probably has been the principal reason that Anwar or his lil' Napoleons had the axe put on Lee Chin Cheh's neck so that Mr Manmanlai can be assured of almost all of the 40% Chinese support in Kajang; and then all he needs will be just another 10 to (for added safety) 20% from the remaining pool of 48% Malay voters and 10% Indian voters. Kow tim!

This probably has been ALSO the principal reason that the EC has, most unusually, dragged out the election and nomination date to its max permissible time limit, to give BN plenty of time to scratch their collective head for a suitable by-election candidate.

The EC's explanation for their unusual heels dragging in determining the by-election schedule has earned for them a scornful sneer from Ambiga Sreenevasan for its 100% (not 40% wakakaka) pure grade bull.

Nalla or other BN Indians can forget about contesting there. Sorry, it's not your Indian-ness but your BN-ness lah, wakakaka.

Similarly, an UMNO candidate will find it hard to win support from the 40% Chinese voters, not because he/she is a Malay but because he/she is UMNO, for the Chinese are mighty pissed off with UMNO's (including Dr Mahathir's, Utusan's, Perkasa's, Ali Rustam's, etc) demonization, condemnation and vilification of them since May 2013.

And MCA? Thus, can you now see why they have been so desperate for a reasonably popular Chinese candidate like Lee Chong Wei?

Mind you, MCA won more than 12K in the last election. But has this base support of 12K been chipped away by the UMNO's demonization of Chinese since May 2013? ... which reminds me of an old African saying "Don't f**k around with Mother Crocodile until you have crossed the river", wakakaka.

Or, is the 12K MCA's fixed deposit? wakakaka.


  1. My extended family is from Kajang. They definitely will NOT vote BN this by-election, but Anwar still needs to convince them. Otherwise it will be Mahjong or Chess for them instead of the polling station.

    1. Kaytee must be overjoyed. Time to release some piggies for the slaughters. Hahahahaha!

      I stumbled across the brotherhood of man songs.......It seems Kaytee has affinity with the Figaro. Kaytee has been persistently condemning Anwar for more than 9 years ever since he started blogging......Why? Something to do with this

      Sometimes I do wonder if kaytee is an ABBA's fan........(Guys & Gals, semiotics lesson extend to songs.......Use your brain to catch I am saying to say).......If Kaytee's, would kaytee condemn brotherhood of man since Fernando & Angelo song are quite close

      Brotherhood of man - Angelo

      Abba - Fernando

      Hahahahahahaha! I believe that anwar would be singing this song

      Ok la for kaytee.....Perhaps a simple song will soothe him.........Many years under torment......Glimpse of hope that anwar be mampus in Kajang......Hahahahaha

  2. CB KT,

    I'm angry. In fact very angry. So much so that this profanity used on u is still not deemed enough!

    As u read this & probably the news about those umno lumpenproletariat's despicable act of sacrifice ayam in public place to vent their pended up frustration again Teresa's onederful M'sia satiric.

    Bloody 50+ blood-thirsty hooligan can do what they want in a public place. & the M'sian enforcement cunts CANTdo a thing about it!

    Talk about public display of threat! U would NEVER get any of that in yr cozy Oz!

    Let me tell u, this is the phase 2 of their grand plan to re-enact May13 act2.

    Their actions r getting boaster & more daring with the unspoken approval of the paying umno elites.

    If u r really so up-tight about yr righteousness, put yr bloody pen down & come back & ready to fight for what u believe when May13 act 2 goes into phase 4!

    It would be long to reach that!

    Otherwise, CB KT, u r really a tokoh scum.

  3. Just in from an (un)informed umno mole, phase3 would be the day when th federal court allows for the appeal of intervention in kalimah Allah court case.

    The tun is still six&seven about how to proceed to save his ass(reputation)!

    U keep syok-sendiri at Oz, while the blur-sotongs r REALLY been hot grilled slowly at the heartland. Most of them wont just turn amok, but they would come out in full (large number). At that time, their emotion would be fanned more, to heighten the emotive charges.

    Phase4 (yet to determine flash-point but definitely A-word related) is when the agent provocateurs start their role-playing & the rest would be, like cocok likes u like to say - the rest is history!

    Treat this as a wakakaka grandmother rumour & u would be safe iff u happened to tokoh like CB KT DU!

  4. From the intensity and heat coming from this blog, you would think Anwar Ibrahim and PKR have perpertrated one of the gravest sins in Malaysia in recent history.

    I disagree with the path they have taken - PKR should find some other means to solve their internal political problems in Selangor, but I'm not jumping up and down getting all worked up.

    The reason is far graver wrongs are committed every day in Malaysia by the ruling Federal party. I , for one, have had a grandstand view of some of these wrongdoings, and occasionally had to handle some of the sewage.

    It would be stupid to stab Anwar Ibrahim either from the front or the back over the Kajang by-election.

    Cutting your nose to spite the face, as they say....

  5. Bottom Line, the Chinese will vote for "Chi Key Yan" or Our Own People.
    Anwar is toast if MCA manages to get even a halfway popular candidate.
    As it is, the section of people who value transparency and due process are very suspicious of the latest Anwar maneuver, and may vote Against him.

    There is already an underground race-tainted campaign to create dissatisfaction why PKR replaced a Chinese Rep. with Anwar.

  6. It's a walkover if Liow is nominated as a candidate !

  7. I'd love to see Nallakarupan contest in Kajang.
    Even better to have a debate between Nalla and Anwar.

    They can trade revelations about Anwar's activities in Tivoli Villas.
    Compulsory for Azmin to listen he is indirectly involved wakakakaka...

    1. Wait till you get the part when kaytee lose money in the forex when anwar was fm. Hahahahaha

  8. Ktemoc,
    Just an come you keep dead blogs on your blogroll ?
    Some of them haven't been active for months or even years.

    1. I do pruning at regular intervals, tho' I have retain a couple in hope they'll return.


    I think Pakatan Rakyat, especially Anwar Ibrahim have only themselves to blame for the race and religious tension in the country.

    A strong UMNO would be much more moderate, more benign, more conscious of the rule of law and more tolerant.

    1. What u r NOT saying is - let's bend over & let umno f**ks us kaw-kaw!

      U aint no Dr. Joseph Goebbels!

      What a wet-in-the-ear green horn! u got to re-learn MassComm101, CB!

  10. Dear Kaytee

    Helen Ang is really ripping into PR and the evangelist. She wrote the following more than 3 yrs ago. I wonder what changed/?


    1. as with every mystery there is an interesting story behind it, wakakaka

  11. Dear Kaytee,
    Can you please enlighten me with at least a smither of information without having to divulge to much?

    Thanks for your articulations

    1. Haven't you heard "Curiosity kills the cat" wakakaka. Besides, if I were to reveal anything about why, she'll commit suicide, wakakaka.