Friday, February 14, 2014


TMI - Sarawak’s Anglican Church praises Taibfor ‘bold stand’ on Allah issue (extracts):

Southeast Asia's Anglican Archbishop Datuk Bolly Lapok today expressed hope that Taib's successor will maintain the spirit of inclusiveness which Sarawak has enjoyed under Taib.

"The Anglican church in Sarawak commends Taib for his bold and unambiguous stand on the Allah controversy.

Church says I'm okay what!

Wow, what a bloody good chap outgoing Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud must be!

But then, you can always trust the Church to deal with anyone who does not obstruct or hamper the Church or promotes it in its 'work', and that includes even the utmost evil - eg. Dutch Reformed Church of former white supremacist South Africa for supporting apartheid - read this - Dutch Reformed Church? Now you know why I despise that word 'reform', wakakaka;

Catholic Church for its dealings with the Nazis during WWII;

Catholic Church and Ngô Đình Diệm, president of South Vietnam in the early '60s and his regime's oppression of Vietnamese Buddhists and policy of ketuanan Catholics, etc,

..... and we haven't even touched yet on the Church in South and Central America.

But Lim Guan Eng?

You know I'm a supporter of DAP but Lim GE's recent statement to MCA to emulate Taib Mahmud must be considered as the worst mistake in his entire career. No, more than just a mistake - it was bloody STUPID!

Guan Eng must from now on bloody well watch out for his words, or he'll lose my support!

in its literal meaning


Meanwhile, stale rancid milk continues to be sold at the De Deceitful Discount-store, though the brand has changed from Cap Tiga Kepala

... to Cap Tiga Kelapa.



  1. You should put "De Deceitful Discount-store" on your blog roll......
    After all , its really a very well written blog, even though opinions may vehemently differ...

    1. I've always admired her prose but now that's sheer too rancidly toxic for me

  2. Hey Kaytee,
    I am very disaapointed with you la. You should bring out your pompom to support your loverboy, Zaid Ibrahim........Hahahahahaha!

    1. I'll advise my Kajang friends to vote for him, wakakaka

    2. Advise is useless one......You must bring your pom pom.......HAHAHAHAHAHA

      If you can sing like this also can

      Or this one also can

    3. Pom pom? For someone who was brought up by Michael Foot wakakaka,you are too Yankee doodle doo lah wakakaka


      Wat lah man.....This is potong steam laaaa......

      Wanna contest, contest.....

      What next, send his son to contest..........HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    5. Plus that fatty is your son........HAHAHAHAHA......The chinaman la

  3. I think there was a tone of deliberate irony , even sarcasm, in Lim Guan Eng's suggestion that MCA emulate Taib Mahmud.
    You should know that "praise" is not always praise, sometimes its even directly the opposite of praise, or praising someone insincerely is meant to condemn somebody else.

    Here's my defence of the Sarawak Anglican Church and indirectly (horror !) Taib Mahmud's administration.
    Taib Mahmud is, of course , a very, very bad example of a Chief Minister, but as they say, nobody is ever totally bad or devoid of anything good.

    Compared to the rest of Malaysia, even Sabah , Sarawak has set a fine example of religious harmony and tolerance. Relations and social interaction between those of different faiths (and its not just about Islam vs. Christianity) are relaxed in a way probably not seen in the Peninsular since the 1950's. Some of this is the historical tolerance of the people there, but I dare say part of it is a progressive attitude in the State government administration, at least in this one area.

    This is likely the first and last time you will ever read on this blog anything positive I have to write on BN and Taib Mahmud....hahaha

  4. Kaytee,most politicians are just plain stupid.They always talk using their heels,instead of using the brains they were born with.Just look at the home minister and his collegues when referring to Teresa's Onederful video.Are they just plain stupid or dumber than a moron.

  5. Robert Clive, who was made a Baron, commuted suicide on 22.11.1774, when he was investigated for having made a fortune larger than anyone else’s.

    Yet, history regards him as a hero. We can see his statue at King Charles Street, Whitehall in London, and also at Shrewsbury Market. There is also a Clive Museum in Powys, Wales.

    History, but of course, also regards many non-White legends and heroes that died manfully with sabre clenched in their hands defending their land, people, race and religion as bigots and barbarians.

    Thus, there are many people who think they are not wrong to consider mutiny is not anarchy if it is a struggle for freedom, and terrorists are not diehard extremists but freedom fighters who are indeed heroes and martyrs.

    Against the aforesaid backdrop, if we were to give a detailed examination to the ‘soundless’ proposition (Reference Post - OutSyed The Box): If Taib Mahmud had become our PM there would be no ‘Allah’ issue and there would be less or no confrontation in our multiracial/multicultural society, as in Sarawak: Would we not be drowned by hue and cry of horror and bewilderment, as we take sides and erecting barricades to defend our respective positions?

    It only demonstrates that how educated we are, we would never ever be able to turn platitudes into a genuine modus vivendi, to strip away the layers of age-old prejudices and phobias, which divide and make the conflict amongst us. Heck, well… let’s just forget it. Wakakaka…

    What about Zaid Ibrahim for Kajang and also Zaid Ibrahim as our next Prime Minister? I do not know Zaid but I know his sister, Hamidah, quite well. Zaid has done quite a number of good things for the country though. Bravo Zaid. I salute you.

    Nevertheless, Zaid also has weaknesses, but who doesn’t? Sometimes, I do wonder how ZICO could be a large and a successful legal firm! But Zaid Ibrahim for Kajang certainly deserved attention rather than mere dismissal.

    - hasan

    1. I'm a Zaid Ibrahim supporter

    2. Meanwhile, where is the Tonto, while the Lone Ranger is waiting for the missus to give permission to contest?

      A lone voice with no echo, how to achieve ANYTHING of consequences? Teach Anwar /PKR a lesson about politic ethos, wakakaka, u guy MUST be still dreaming!

      While the closet ketuanan freak ranted about Robert Clive, closer at home there is no place for one, Ong Boon Hua, to lay claim for RIP in his beloved land of birth!

      Contradiction against contradiction - that's the game as envisaged by evil learned one to con the blur-sotongs of the land.

    3. Anon,
      See, there are groups of people who hated Anwar & the group who believes Zaid Ibrahim is not the one & hence I propose to recommend Zaid's son for the next PM. Perhaps, his son should stand in Kajang......Hahahahaha!

    4. What? Tonto and Lone Ranger? Come on lah brother… you are so comical man! If you want to engage me, can you please interject with a sound bite that is more substantive? I am sure you can do better than that!

      From my training, my concept of a great leader is a person who can achieve maximum results by employing minimal resources. Understand? Or is it beyond your ‘otak kelapa’?

      Are you dreaming? If you read my ranting carefully, I am juxtapositioning Robert Clive with somebody else. Wake up and please read again. But since you have brought up Ong Boon Hua, I can juxtapose him with Tipu Sultan (google, please).

      I grant that you cannot turn your back on OBH. I have no issue here. Likewise, as a Muslim, I cannot turn my back on Osama Bin Laden. He does not even have a grave. With thanks to Ketuanan Barat.

      You said I am a evil learned closet ketuanan freak? I will take that as a compliment. Thank you. There are so many more here, at home. By the way I do not think the blur-sotongs have ‘otak kelapa’ like you very clever only at spinning and contradicting facts and manipulating messages. Wakakaka…..

      - hasan

    5. It is stated that there r basically 4 types of people in the world, with the closet evil learner freak as the most despicable. So if u take it as a compliment, so be it!

      Equating Osama with OBH - now that's clearly indicating how well 'learnt' u r - same like those f**kers, who refuses to allow OBH's return even in death! Ketuanan Barat does so ketuanan blur-sotong follows! (Chronologically, it should be the other way round, yes?) Is that what yr version of Islam taught u - an eye for an eye? Moreover, since taiko Barat can do it, so must u!

      What an insight in the art of contradicting juxtaposition. U put many of like mine to shame.

      Here is a sound bite with more substantive (yr claimed) - who said that Amoi deserved the racist slanders, due to the ONEderful Malaysia satirical farce WITHOUT knowing/understanding the content?

      There u have it!

      BTW, from yr continuing pedestallic 'learnt' performance here, my seed money in uplifting u is a definite total lost!

    6. Ayo yo…@ Anon 11.36 am

      You sound like an unschooled bitch. Please go back to school and learn to be civil when you want to argue. It is your notions not emotions that matter most to me. I am looking for your positive points that I can agree and support. So far nothing much.. “elek…!”

      I have said I have no issue with OBH. Thus I have no objection if he wants to come home and died in his homeland. I also said, as a Muslim, I wouldn’t turn my back on Osama – meaning that I am on his side. I did not agree with the Americans putting a bounty on his head, killed and dumped his body in the ocean. We have the Ketuanan Barat to thank for – that is “perli” in Malay. What’s your issue here? Why manipulate my write? “Pordah..!”.

      Why bring TK’s issue here. I have already given my point of view. She is indeed looking for trouble. If I were she I would do a good video to appeal on her Non DAP supporters (Malays especially) in Seputeh, so that I would be returned with a bigger mandate. After all you like to call the Malay as blur sotongs – why not educate them and win their hearts. Why she wants to provoke the blur sotongs?

      As KT said in “Will Top Gun be shot down by friendly fire?”… “In recent years, there has arisen an unhealthy political doctrine of ‘either you’re with us or against us’ within Pakatan as well as BN (both politicians and supporters), where the actions of one would be attacked regardless of their correctness or value for the nation and variations of this - read my previous post Faustian-ish?....”

      KT is damn bloody right… He has got my full support; there should be no politics in the cockpit, camps, ships, jungles etc… If any uniform personnel are not happy with the government or the EC he/she should vote with his/her feet. Obey the laws/rules. If you break the law, let the law takes it course. Ada faham?

      Oh I am grateful for your seed money of course - for sponsoring me all the way up to postgraduate level. Thank you and thank you again.

      - hasan

    7. Another one of those vainglorious cerita dongeng coming out from an exposed closet ketuanan freak!

      Good for ego, trapped within a tempurung of self-denial. Thus when caught red-handed, all the hp6 + ad hominen arguments r been displayed.

      Schooled? Post grad? Perhaps those r as good as the one obtained by that Javanese bullshitter!

      U still don't get it, don't u? It lies with that twisted Juxtaposition u proposed, stupid!

      I'm just using yr own medicine to para-phrase the sorry state of OBH, as handled by the BN govt & yet u come up with yr grandmother dissertation about ketuanan Barat. Basically what u implied was since the ketuanan Barat can do it, so r the bigoted BN, disregarding the teaching of the Islam & a signed state document.

      U asked for a sound bite thus I quoted yr take on TK -caught again?

      For a truly educated & impartial party, one would have taken the approach just like AzmiSharom. Watched, understood & gave proper comment. Instead, u tracked into the same racistic path & said she deserved the back-slapped for insulting the Malay, sultans & Islam, which were all hogwash!

      In fact, even right now when u r trying yo salvage yr cess-pool fall, u r still trying to hide yr presumed AlifBaTa hurt by pretending to be an 'enlighted' one!

      Talked about evil learnt one - look at yr house mirror NOW.

      BTW, u r no KT - who could be stubborn, single-track minded, BUT is not evil in action. Whereas u, right from the beginning has been trying to play yr subtle ketuanan game disguised as a liberal.

      Let me points u to yr latest Freudian slip - '...If any uniform personnel are not happy with the government or the EC he/she should vote with his/her feet.'

      Sound familiar? The constant ketuanan chant of if u don't like the BN govte migrate lah!!!!!!

      Talk about taking ketuanan out of herd mentality within the bigots - u might be able to hide the ketuanan but u can NEVER hide that herd mentality!

      Itu lah yg di katakan bodoh sombong. Faham ta'?

      Lastly, regarding to my seed money in uplifting u, u should be ashamed of yrself for wasting that money/opportunity for other Azmi/Rafizi alikes, who could turn out much better than u.

      My money was/is been contributed & that's OK - for been a M'sian - but u have become that hated part of the elite that even yr own kindred r cursing for wasting an opportunity for some othet NEEDED one than u.

      Post grad eh!!! Good for wall flower at best. At worst it's just another piece of wall paper ONLY!!!!

    8. From your write it is not difficult for all to see that when you cannot address the topic discussed you will fall back on a puerile argument about this country of which you think has been devoid of any sociological and socio-political hope for (what you think) the subjugated Non-Malays. The locus of this, you have no medium to discuss real questions and thus turns to abuse. You are what you think. I don't think I can help you much then. Perhaps, you should see a psychologist or a psychiatrist

      Well people say a picture on the wall paints a thousand words. BTW, I think Azmi Sharom and his wife have quoted many of my articles as their source of reference. Bye… PERIOD.

      - hasan

    9. Another grandmother story of irrelevancy!

      The way u answered factual arguments, makes u sound like one f**ker known as Ellise!

      Perhaps both r the one of the same!

      BTW, ever heard about the story of green evolves out of blue? That's HOW Azmi over-takes u by the miles! (Otherwise go - check with HY).

      For one who could quote ChuangZi in Mandarin, surely that's sasasui lah. Or again, plagiarized from somewhere, without knowing the truth meaning?

      Indeed, a picture on the wall paints a thousand words. A slip of tongue, proves one's true inner motive!

  6. I think it is rather unbecoming of Ktemoc to continuously attack another blogger who has never said a bad word about him and has not made any criticism in return.
    kt's attacks are becoming Ad Hominem , rather than debating issues.

    1. so you like stale expired milk then

    2. I don't have to like expired milk to criticise your behaviour.
      I'm saying your behaviour is getting ugly, by indulging in one-sided personal attacks.
      Have to "jaga standard" as you say, unless you prescribe to "You are Either With Me or against me"

    3. This is a problem with atheists with few notable exceptions such as Michael Foot. Those who never believe in god thinks mightily about himself. Anyway, atheists not welcome in Malaysia because they broke the first commandment of Rukun Negara.......Believe in God

  7. Thanks to an atheist called kaytee........Now Sabahans & sarawakians wanna secede.....They can't bear the cries of folks especially an atheist called kaytee dictating which words to use.........HAHAHAHAHAHAH!