Monday, February 10, 2014

Faces that launched a thousand ships, slaps and sellouts

Wakakaka, I just love the Malaysiakini headline for its 'Vox Populi Comments', now re-titled as 'Your Say'.

It's Zahid, the face that launched a thousand slaps, wakakaka.

Wow, in military uniform but has he ever served a single day as a police or military personnel?

And where was this pseudo-pahlawan when Chinese & Indian military/police personnel sacrificed their blood, toil, tears & sweat, and not forgetting lives for the nation?

I thought it was a clever editor who cheekily put up that wonderful line from a Greek myth, but on reading 'Your Say' I note that it has been Malaysiakini commentator Louis who brilliantly used that line.

Louis wrote (rather delightfully): There is Helen of Troy, with the face that launched a thousand ships, and then there’s Zahid of Malaysia, with the face that launched a thousand slaps.

Wakakaka I just love it, ... and he went on to describe how Ahmad Zahid by offering his face for some well-deserved slaps could earn a few billion ringgit for charity, wakakaka again.

Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with what Louis meant by 'There is Helen of Troy, with the face that launched a thousand ships ...' he was referring to Helen of Sparta (rather than Troy as has been popularly depicted), who was the daughter of King Tyndareus of Sparta. In the very very ancient Hellenic age, she was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

We have to view the claim of Helen being the most beautiful woman in the 'World' as a bit of katak dibawah tempurung expression, not unlike the Americans calling their baseball league games the World Series, wakakaka.

Anyway, back to our story of Helen of ... er ... ooops ... wakakaka ... Troy or Sparta, of course (what were you thinking, wakakaka) - it's a lovely story but like all Greek tales, is tragic with all sorts of bizarre twists, turns and tears in which would see father bonked daughter (Thyestes raped Pelopia to fulfill an oracle's pre-requisite for successful revenge), son killed dad and then married mum (Oedipus and mum Jocasta, and from that, we get the Oedipus complex), son killed mum (Orestes killed Clytemnestra for her murder of Orestes dad, Agamemnon), adopted son-nephew killed uncle (Aegisthus killing Atreus), so on so forth.

scholars have had problems with the etymology of the name 'Helen' with some believing it to be of Indo-European origin which then links it to the Hindu Goddess of Clouds Saranyu who like Helen of Troy was also abducted, as sang in the Vedic-Sanskrit Rigveda

Tvastar prepares the bridal of his Daughter:

all the world hears the tidings and assembles.
But Yama's Mother, Spouse of great Vivasvat,
vanished as she was carried to her dwelling.
From mortal men they hid the Immortal Lady, 
made one like her and gave her to Vivasvat.
Saranyu brought to him the Asvin brothers, 
and then deserted both twinned pairs of children

To cut the myth short, two young princes, Menelaus and his elder brother Agamemnon, dispossessed by their uncle of their father's kingdom Mycenae, went into exile and after a bit of wandering around the various kingdoms of Greece, ended up marrying the daughters of the King of Sparta. Menelaus married our famous Helen while his brother married Helen's sister Clytemnestra (again there were also generational tragedies in the latter marriage).

Wakakaka, the story of how he married Helen also involved Helen's cousin, a sweetheart by the name of Penelope wakakaka (kaytee's private joke lah, wakakaka) which was the outcome of a deal between King Tyndareus and Odysseus wakakaka (another of kaytee's private joke, wakakaka).

Okay, just let me catch a breath or two from my too-much wakakaka-ing, wakakaka.

So, though Menelaus and Helen were happily married, along came Paris (or Alexandros), Prince of Troy and a cowardly womanizer. He either seduced Helen (film makers like this version) or kidnapped her back to Troy (more the likely version because she was in love with Menelaus and happily married to him). Paris immoral action started a war that only ended with the total destruction of Troy and Trojan civilization.

Helen and Paris

I had briefly described the myth behind this myth about how Paris got Helen in my post Deceitful Durian of Discord, a Malaysianized play of words on the Greek myth about the Apple of Discord in the Trojan tragedy.

When the mighty combined Greek armada and army were about to set off from Aulis, Greece to Troy to bring back Helen (which they finally succeeded after umpteen blood-soaked and blood-stained years) it was said that the beautiful Helen was 'the face that launched a thousand ships'.

Aulis was located somewhere between the letters 'I' and 'A'
of the word BOEOTIA as depicted on above chart

Today it's known as Avlida

Troy or Ilium was to its north-east in today's Turkey

This poetic immortal line might have come from Christopher Marlowe in his play Doctor Faustus (1592), where he wrote:

Was this the face that launch'd a thousand ships
And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?
Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.

Ilium is another name for Troy.

Christopher Marlowe

Oh blast, I have wandered way off course in the post about slapping Ahmad Zahid wakakaka.

Let's examine just a few comments in Malaysiakini's 'Your Say':

Doc: What's the use of trying to slap some sense into Zahid? Zahid's statement that slapping DAP’s Seputeh MP Teresa Kok does not constitute a threat is not his first - nor will it be his last - idiotic statement.

We really need to identify if Zahid has a brain in between his two ears, or if it is just filled with kangkung to hold up his face.

Not Smart: Zahid, you are the only one who says that it is not a threat, but see for yourself how the public feels about the actions and words of the Muslim NGOs.

By you wanting to protect the NGOs and being selective in your actions, it looks like the slaps are now coming on to your face. The many rakyat’s same views on this matter cannot be wrong.

Even in a family, if a child says “I will slap you” to his/her siblings, the parents will intervene to stop such behaviour, to be fair and to protect the innocent.

We don't know much about your family's background and upbringing, but your actions, arrogance, and words do not reflect well of your character. Ask a child if such words from a stranger would be threatening and may be you can learn from the answer.

You are probably the worst, and the bottom of the 47 percent lot.

... and my choice of the lot, wakakaka:

I suppose some 'heroes' enjoy slapping women

Sali Tambap: This is just playing into his hand. Slapping and punching people are things that he does; there is no need to stoop to his level. Stand on the moral high ground and let him expose himself for what he is.

Perhaps in his life and his philosophy, slapping a woman is the right thing to do.

Not surprising though - maybe he has been there, done that?


Meanwhile over at my post Slapping Stories, I received a comment in his defence by visitor Brabus, as follows (unedited):

I kind of sympathise with the Home Minister.

There is so much serious crime in Malaysia - murders, rapes, gangland assassinations, prostitution, Bibles containing "Allah". 

Some idiot offering money for more other idiots to slap some pipsqueak Opposition MP hardly merits diversion of police investigating resources. If nothing actually occurs, this goes into the "Not For Action" tray.

Ever heard of "triage" ?. Its an ugly but necessary word on the battlefield where the number of casualties overwhelms available medical resources. Doctors are forced to divide incoming casualties into 3 groups - hence "triage" -

First, those whose lives are in danger , but can be saved, and must be treated immediately.
Second, those who have less serious injuries, and can wait their turn to be treated.
Last are those who are too far gone to be saved, and are left to die.

... and this has been my reply:

Brabus, I have to rebut you on 3 points, as follows:

(1) triage is as what you have said, but is a threat to commit violence against Teresa Kok equivalent to the last of the medically injured? It's absolutely NOT as it's not about medical relief BUT about a criminal threat of VIOLENCE against a member of the public, let alone a Member of Parliament. And isn't prevention better than cure, namely, to investigate into that threat of violence and prevent possible physical harm to a people's representative?

(2) Previous Home Ministers had FAR MORE on their plate than this current clown such as the CT threat on both fronts of Malaysia, and the Triads in earlier days were far more insidious and deep-rooted in the mainly tho' not exclusively Chinese society (there were Indian and Malay gangsters as well) and far more pervasively widespread. So this clown can't even cope with the current scene with all the modern crime-prevention assets at his disposal? Then he best resigns from his post. But the truth is he's being not professional nor dedicated to his role as Home Minister, and rather be politicking to his own right wing 'constituency' by refusing to voice due concerns about the (pro-UMNO) threat against Teresa Kok.

(3) But by far worse than the two above, he has PUBLICLY and virtually said it's okay for thugs to threaten to commit violence against others, including a Member of Parliament. Where did he come from with such a mental outlook that belongs more to a kampung gangster, a barbaric hoodlum who believes in the law of the jungle. He is just plain LOW CLASS.

and you will also get a reward of RM1,200
the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM)

But you know, much as I have already expressed my low opinion of Zahid wakakaka, we still need to examine what sort of person this bloke is, and how a minister of HM the Yang Dipertuan Agong could ever bring himself to say such moronic shameful words, that a criminal threat of perpetuating violence on a woman, especially for reward, is not an issue important enough for police to look into, to at least prevent such a crime from occurring.

Let's go back a bit, specifically to 9 Nov 2010, when the then Minister of Defence, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in predictable form as to be expected from the archetypal UMNO so-called patriots, stated in response to a question in Parliament on the low number of Chinese and Indian recruits in the military, that it could be due to the Chinese and Indians being ‘not patriotic enough’.

I remember some retired Chinese and Indian senior officers including a couple of generals were reported by the press as calling him 'stupid'. He was, wasn't he? Wakakaka.

really is this so-called über patriot who had the brazen nerve or insensitivity to talk down on Chinese and Indians as being ‘not patriotic enough’ when he has never been a soldier or a policeman himself?

Well, maybe we can look at his personal values (or lack of) in, say, loyalty which would be directly linked to his so-called expertise on 'patriotism'! OK, we need to go back to 1998 then, wakakaka.

In 1998 Ahmad Zahid was a very close ally of Anwar Ibrahim and then the UMNO Youth Chief who accused his own party president Dr Mahathir Mohamad of corruption and cronyism.

That unusual political biadap-ness to UMNO's icon and No 1 Man was seen as an alleged impatient move by the Anwar faction in UMNO to oust Mahathir out of his party and national positions into retirement so as to expedite Anwar’s final ascendancy to the party presidency and the PM’s post. With the advantage of hindsight that was an unwise and impatient move by Anwar Ibrahim and his faction.

For more, see my post The torment and impatience of Anwar Ibrahim.

In June 1998, The New York Times reported in its World Business page:

In what was seen as a jab at Mr. Mahathir's 17-year leadership, the head of UMNO' s youth wing, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, had called for an end to cronyism and nepotism during a speech to delegates.

"Why were big loans to big businessmen approved so easily when small guys had to wait so long to get a loan of 50,000 ringgit?" ($12,500) Mr. Ahmad Zahid asked.

The prime minister responded the next day by posting hundreds of names of people who have won government projects in recent years, a list which included his accuser, Mr. Ahmad Zahid.


Well, on feeling the full impact of the wrathful vengeance of an angry Dr Mahathir, he abandoned his so-called loyal allegiance to Anwar like a rat scurrying from a sinking ship wakakaka, to embrace his new ‘father’ Dr Mahathir, wakakaka.

Bung Anwar, good luck to your presidential ambitions
(hey, I'm Javanese and we Javanese always say Bung as in Bung 'Karno)
but 'cuse me lah, I have to go ashore to board the train before it leaves,
Eh, what train? The gravy train lah of course!


Yes, Zahid's superior survival skills wakakaka had him confessing that Anwar was the bloke who instructed him to attack Dr Mahathir on allegations of cronyism and nepotism. Okay, but what about his own crony benefits as exposed by the Grand Olde Man, wakakaka?

Oh, that fabled UMNO-Malay loyalty ... wakakaka. 

Oh Ayah, no no bukan saya. It's Anwar lah!

Now, why have I described Dr Mahathir as his new ‘father’ wakakaka ...

… because in his repentant bodek-ing of Dr Mahathir wakakaka and of course simultaneous betrayal of Anwar, he finished his confessional with a flamboyant flourish by apologizing to Dr Mahathir, acknowledging the UMNO President’s rebuke of him as a father-to-son advice wakakaka - for more read the New Straits Times of 19 June 1999. 

Hmmm, perhaps that could explain why Dr M has never forgive Anwar but had since tolerated Zahid, wakakaka.

Who knows, with his seeming natural ease in treachery and betrayal, Zahid Hamidi might well be PM one day wakakaka. Now I say this ONLY because some of my visitors have kept chiding me on my naivety about realpolitik, and not to be so insistent on purity of political purpose but rather to adopt a mamanlai practicality. And hasn't Zahid been more manmanlai than Mr Manmanlai himself, wakakaka!

But anyway, given Zahid’s double treachery, firstly against Dr Mahathir, and then against his mentor-patron Anwar Ibrahim, had he really been qualified to talk on patriotism in his reply to a question in Parliament on the low number of Chinese and Indian recruits in the military?

And this had been from a man who had never served a single day as a soldier or policeman, unlike thousands of Indians and Chinese. His only combat experience had been a mighty political cuff on his ears from his subsequently-acknowledged ‘father’, wakakaka.

Now, am not sure whether Dr Mahathir was angry with him because of his treachery or because Zahid as an UMNO Melayu had failed pathetically in his infamous Pearl Harbour-like strike against him, and a Melayu (especially one from UMNO) failing has been one thing Dr Mahathir couldn't stand, even more than mere betrayal against him, wakakaka!

To reiterate, he was utterly shamelessly treacherous to both Dr Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim. Najib would do bloody well to keep a steady beady eye on this man, wakakaka.

In my post about Chinese policemen and also in my letter to Malaysiakini titled Chinese M'sians, too, have died for one Malaysia I wonder where were these Zahid-like UMNO and pro-UMNO patriots when Chinese Malaysian policemen and military personnel fought, with some dying, for their country?

Aldous Huxley

As Aldous Huxley informed us of the Zahid’s brand of patriotism: “One of the great attractions of patriotism - it fulfills our worst wishes. In the person of our nation we are able, vicariously, to bully and cheat. Bully and cheat, what’s more, with a feeling that we are profoundly virtuous.”

But you know, the most, yes, the most sad thing that I read, with regards to my letter to Malaysiakini titled Chinese M'sians, too, have died for one Malaysia in response to Pak Kadir Yasin's sarcastic remarks in regards to the Lahad Datu incursion and the tragic killing of our policemen that “perhaps there is wisdom in getting more Chinese and Indians to join the armed forces so that they too can die for one Malaysia”, was not about Pak Kadir's opinions, but that of a Chinese - no, not Ridhuan Tee.

I had written that letter to remind Pak Kadir of our brave but now-unrecognized non-Malay policemen and military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty a la tanah tumpatnya darahku.

In my Malaysiakini letter I had stated: All right then, who’s to be blamed for the Malays bearing all the greatest sacrifice to their nation? Surely not the Chinese for in 'less divisive' days, we depended heavily (though not solely) on mainly Chinese policemen (and women) in the Special Branch to win our war against the insurrection of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM), as well as included names and operational details of those killed.

Also see my article for the Centre for Public Initiatives (CPI) titled I wish to remain a Malaysian - KTemoc replies Kadir Jasin though this was about a much earlier episode (by 3 years) to the Lahad Datu incursion.

police in action at Lahad Datu

was shocked and very much dismayed by a comment by Miss Muppet which was drawn to my attention by a blogger friend. Her abysmal and unbelievable utterance was, words to the effect as far as I can remember them, my narrative of Chinese policemen spilling their blood for their country 'was hardly a reality of today’s situation'.

I normally don’t like to comment on her or her anti DAP blogging because of our past friendship. But much as I think I know her and her character and hang-ups, or so I thought, I was still very much shocked by her very ungracious and callous comment.

I had then felt very sad about the vile pit of political viciousness she has irreparably fallen into since her political belakang pusing. And don't ask me why she has done so because I would never ever reveal the story, for I like to respect my own worth and the honour of confidentiality that I pride myself in keeping.

Yup, I had kept quiet about her callous remark for a long long time but perhaps now is the time to share it with you, to show that Zahid can’t hold a candle to her degree of betrayal.

In that most ungracious and hurtful comment on an undeniable fact, that of Chinese policemen being killed in their line of duty for their nation, with some posthumously awarded our nation's highest gallantry award, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP), and also of those who survived and were also awarded the SP, what was she trying to achieve, other than to diminish and belittle the sacrifices of those brave policemen - can you think of a better reason?

Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perksasa

In her callous and insensitive dismissal of the ultimate contributions of Chinese policemen and soldiers as being hardly a reflection of today's reality, she was unbelievable, and unbelievably cruel to the families of those real patriots, and sadly, damaging her own worth for the grave and unforgivable betrayal of her own ethnicity.

And for what, 汉奸?

As Emily Brontë had written in Wuthering Heights:

“You teach me now how cruel you've been - cruel and false. Why did you despise me? Why did you betray your own heart, Cathy? I have not one word of comfort. You deserve this. You have killed yourself. Yes, you may kiss me, and cry; and wring out my kisses and tears: they'll blight you - they'll damn you. …..”

Especially of those Chinese policemen and soldiers who had already spilled their red blood and bleached their bones white in their duties to their country, I was stunned that she had dared to comment so callously of those sacrifices as hardly a reality of today’s situation?

Weren't those policemen and soldiers REAL? Were their blood, toil, tears and sweat REAL? Aren't their surviving children and/or descendants a REALITY of today's Malaysia?

Must Chinese continue spilling their blood to satisfy her perverted Bathory-ish blood lust and her hatred of all things Chinese?

Besides, was she not aware from my letter that it had been written also in part as a response to Zahid’s parliamentary reply on the Defence Ministry’s low recruitment of non-Malays?

Now, that's the REALITY of today's situation when it has been the Defence Ministry’s low recruitment of non-Malays that has resulted in the small numbers of Chinese or Indians in the military today - perhaps less acute in the police - and which those UMNO so-called patriots should take note of.

In earlier years, there had been a tradition and known/recorded history of many Chinese and Indians joining the armed forces and police, even as infantry soldier and ordinary mata-mata, like many members of my own family ….. so f**k those government's lousy bull of an excuse that Chinese won't join the police or armed forces because they only want high salaried jobs.

Okay, I have vented my hurt at her words (I have family members in the police and military and one of them was killed by CTs while on active duty, while my uncles had more than one friend who were similarly killed) so let's return to our dear Zahid.


Since then, we have also heard Zahid telling citizens who raised relevant issues of importance to the state and society to virtually f**k off from Malaysia - for more, see Din Merican's Sheer arrogance - new Home Minister tells unhappy Malaysians to emigrate.

So, did you really expect such a whatever-you-wish-to call-him to consider a threat to slap a woman a criminal act, more so when the criminal act has been perpetuated by a pro-UMNO group?

But you know, angry, sad and hurt as I had been earlier, in the end I still can't get over the Malaysiakini headline so cleverly provided by MKINI reader Louis, namely, Zahid, the face that launched a thousand slaps, wakakaka,

... with even more wakakaka's as I see the the thousand slaps, ships and sellouts connection between Zahid and Helen ... er ... of Troy of course, wakakaka.


  1. This guy who is the home minister is such a stupid gorilla,who has no fu*king brains.He is such a moron that he drags the whole country down to a moronic state and an international laughing stock.Najib should use the broomstick and sweep this idiot out of Putrajaya.

  2. Zahid is an idiot and always has been.When will this boy grow up.

  3. Are you a history professor? Like that ciggy smoking one in UM?

  4. First we have HM Hishamuddin whom we thought to be bad enough.Now we have this stupid stooge Zahid who is even very very much worse.When is this clown act going to stop.

  5. All Najib has to do is ask this stupid homey of his to take a hike.Hahaha.

  6. If Malaysia keeps producing political clowns and the voters keep electing these jokers into parliament,and eventually appointed into the cabinet,then who is to be blame for having these political clowns as cabinet ministers.

    1. clown has the highest votes for a VP, hence he's only two heartbeats away from being the PM of Malaysia, wakakaka

  7. Kaytee,but this clown is special.He has been a minister under so many PM's.But a minister's post is as far as this joker can go.He has been rewarded a minister's post to keep his loyalty as a no question's ask charging bulldog.

    1. wan't that we said about AAB, wakakaka. And this clown is far more dangerous and cunning than AAB. He was on the outer together with Anwar in 1998 yet today he is the top UMNO VP, and where's Anwar in regards to UMNO - that's how dangerous Zahid is.

    2. Agree!

      Only this charging bull can be so insidious in planing for his future by swaying to the right political wind.

      He has horned his skill under the various PMs within that poisonous umno environment.

      Now is his time!

      Within the current mediocre crop of umno top command, he might even be the one that eventually usurping Ah Jib God, with mamakson in toll as 2nd command.

      That's also the reason of his increasing jantang-ness in pleasing the common denominator of those ketuanan ultras within umno.

    3. as I've written he could be the next PM. Muhyiddin is no fight for him - just a 2nd best supporting actor. As for dear Ah Jib Gor, unless he consults Rosmah and/or activates his famous zig-zagging Tai-Chi, he'll be done for.

  8. Umeno's worse nightmare.5:40 am, February 11, 2014

    Honestly.I do not find Teresa's Onederful video funny or entertaining for a CNY greetings..But people who are unhappy or offended can anytime open their big mouths and voice their unhappiness.or grievences. instead of sending out their hired storm troopers,thugs and hoodlums.Afterall,Umno has been screaming that Malaysia is a free country.

    If Umno can make sex videos of Manmanlai,why cannot it counter Teresa's video with another of their own.Well,let me tell you all why.Starring a lady directly in the eyes cause tremors thundering down Umnoputras spines,wetting their the process.Therefore the easy way out is to send out the thugs and hoodlums to do their dirty work..

    1. I haven't seen Teresa's video, but all the brouhaha is just put on to demonize DAP in the eyes of the Heartland, of course with our wonderful police collaborating - no time to investigate slapping threat 'coz too busy chasing nothing-ness in a DAP produced video. Just an UMNO campaign for GE-14. It won't stop here with Teresa's video. Expect more.

    2. The hoo-haa about ONEderful Malaysia, as raised by those umno's hp6-trained pseudo-Goebbels is nothing but hot air to stir up the emotion of the blur-sotong-ised Melayu at large!

      As it stands, none of them CAN come up with a plausible direct/indirect insult reference linked to the Malay, sultans & Islam, except pure sloganeering.

      Yet, there r many, learned or otherwise, just jumped on the bandwagon asking for apology from Teresa. Many had NOT even seen the you-tube play, let alone understand the dialogue used!

      Similar issue was happened at the kangkung fleshmob earlier.

      The herd mentality has been so deeply indoctrinated via yrs of constant shouting of race hatred/fitnah. So much so, so all u need is one man chanting about insulting AlifBaTa, the whole herd would go amok, without even checking WHY that man is doing so & on what basic.

      This country has reached the stage of racial profiling that everyone of US hate. & yet there r many r still syok-sendiri & bending on the idea of teaching the minority 'pengdatang' a lesson about ketuanan!

  9. its faustus. not fautus.


    1. Thanks SK, I have corrected my mistake. Cheers

  10. Your write reminds me my late mother who was a teacher (thanks KT). She said I must read about the Greek civilization. It is the repository of knowledge that provides the basics of education.

    It was a very long time ago when my mother read/thought me about Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, and Hesiod’s poems of Theogony and Works and Days. From her, I learned about the heroes of the ancient Greek civilization, and saw a lot of pictures from the Athenian paintings.

    When we visited Greece and the Mediterranean region, she explained to me about the ancient Greek cities of Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Argos and Thebes. She told me that Izmir in Turkey was formerly a Greek city and so is Istanbul (formerly Constantinople). She also said that Cyrene in Libya and the Egyptian city of Alexandria (founded by Alexander the Great) was also part of the Greek empire. I also learned from her that Sicily, Naples in Italy, and Marseille in France were all formerly Greek cities. In addition, I can still recall when she told me that despite of variety of local dialects, laws, and religious practices, the ancient Greeks shared the same language and civilization.

    The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, said: “ho anthropos phusei politikon zoion”, which we frequently heard in English as “Man is a political animal”. Let’s connect that to the heroic Achilles, portrait as a monolithic and an uncompromising man. A man of unbending principles: Not even bending it just enough to save his own people. Here is a man of constant sorrow, who allowed his dearest friend, Patroklos, to be slaughtered like a sacrificial animal. Here is a man of unspeakable anger, which the Iliad described as the anger of God Zeus, the God that unleashed destructive thunderbolts and fires.

    Indeed, Achilles’ actions had plunged him into the depths of brutality. His hate for his enemy was intense, culminating into an anger that degraded him to the level of a savage animal, to the depths of bestiality. Nevertheless, at the end of the story, he begins to recognize the pain of his people and the drastic consequences that he has brought on the whole community. But it was too late.


    1. wah, hasan, someone asked me whether I'm a professor of history to which I replied 'just a student of history', but it seems you're the professor of Classics. you have my admiration.

      Incidentally, by his act of sulking from the war because he couldn't keep the Trojan slave girl Briseis for himself, he set into motion events that killed Patroclus, his lover, best friend and virtually the only person he loved. In modern terms you could say he was selfish, self-centered and indeed in the end, an unmitigated brutal savage in the way he treated an honorable enemy like the noble Hector

    2. Yeah KT....... In a moment of Achilles' ultimate fury, he even expressed to eat the flesh of Hector, what a ghastly desire?

      I am no Prof lah... I am just a student still learning how to write like you - a brilliant scholar. But HY is a Professor in Classical China.

    3. wah, you're too kind lah, but still. it gives me a much needed excuse to run to the fridge for a beer to celebrate. wakakaka and cheers

  11. Some interesting side issues you have brought up regarding National Security and the Malaysian Chinese. In the early days of the Federation, quite a number of non-Malays joined the Armed Forces, and some were decorated for noted acts of bravery.

    However, since then the numbers have dwindled to almost zero.

    I'm told a couple of years ago when the Malaysian Army sent a delegation to China upon invitation from the Peoples Liberation Army, they were looking for a suitable fluent Mandarin-literate Senior officer to join the delegation.
    The person had to be above a certain rank, because the rest of the delegation were all big brass (all the rest Melayu). They had trouble finding one !

    Can you imagine, a nation with 7 Million ethnic Chinese, the Army could barely scrape up 1 suitable senior officer ? Its a shame on both the Malaysian Army and the Malaysian Chinese as a people.

    Anyway, due to the unfortunate history of the overwhelmingly Chinese CPM carrying out armed insurrection against Malaya, then later Malaysia, the Chinese will always be looked upon with distrust on matters of national security.

    It could take generations, if ever, to erase the mistrust of the Chinese.

    1. Yet the war against the CPM was largely won by the enormous contributions of the Police SB, people like then-Perak SB Chief, Tan Sri Yuen Yuet Leng and Police Seri Pahlawan Perkasa winners, former Superintendent Paul Kiong and Deputy Superintendent Sia Book Chee.

      This is not to take away the merits of our military or the PFF but without the important SB intel the entire operations would have been blind, deaf and only reactive, and would have prolonged the war or even lost much.

      The much touted UMNO-PKR required 'gratitude' should be given to those Chinese SB officers who infiltrated the CPM and gathered the intel

    2. Kaytee is now barred from entering Malaysia due to this revelation.......Hahahahaha!

    3. It needs to be pointed out that the minority of Chinese officers who worked supporting the Government's counter-terrorist campaign at the time were regarded with deep suspicion by the wider Chinese community. They were considered Running Dogs and Collaborationists.
      Their lives and those of their families were in danger, and their social status in the Chinese community was often about on par with prostitutes.

      Sorry, to say, many Chinese at the time were ranging from marginally to deeply disloyal to the Country. You are free to be critical of the government of the day, within reasonable limits, but disloyalty to the country is something else.

      As the previous poster wrote, it will take a long, long time to erase the distrust of the Chinese in Malaysia on matters of national security.

    4. This fella must be a mamak. Tanah melayu is the running dog of Madhater. Hahahahaha! Seriously, mamak is the source of problem in Malaysia since the Malacca sultanate

      1) Malacca lost to portuguese because of mamak
      2) The fella who instigated the Maria Hertogh riot was a mamak.
      3) One mamak declared himself as Indian in Singapore but back in Malaysia, he became more melayu than melayu
      4) Haris Salleh is also a mamak & kadayan like Hasan. We knew what Haris Salleh has done to Sabah. Who say sink & swim with Berjaya? Another mamak......Hahahaha

      When you see a snake & a mamak, please shoot the mamak.........Hahahahaha

      P.S : Shoot means take photo......Hahahaha

  12. TM, absolute rubbish. I have quite a few family members in the police (mostly SB and a couple in the PFF) and the military. They were always treated with respect and I dare say, with a wee bit of admiration and envy. When my granduncle was killed by CTs, so many Chinese community leaders as well as kampung (Chinese) folks attended his funeral.

    Reda my letters to MKINI to note how many Chinese policemen were awarded the SP, and how many more in the military the PGB. And woudl you believe if I were to tell you my uncle said a Malay officer with VERY strong connections to UMNO (his bro was then a minister) had sudden 'tummy problems' when he was called out on ops. Instead two Chinese officers went and were killed by CTs, and were posthumously awarded the PGB.

    1. I stand by my comments, which are true from bad days of the Emergency, in the 1950's, and supported by reports and analysis from more recently published British intelligence.

      New Villagers ostensibly came about to "protect" the villagers, but the reality is many rural Chinese supported the terrorists, and the fortified villagers were necessary to constrict their principal source of aid..

      The "Emergency" lasted so long and reached such intensity at least partly because the terrorists received material and moral support from many Chinese.

      By the 1960's , which is probably the period you write about, the terrorist campaign had been broken, and only hard core idealogues and fools will back a loser.
      On top of that , a growing number of Chinese knew no other country except Malaya / Malaysia, and the disloyalty of the Chinese receded into a mere historical fact.

      The Chinese can thank the stars Tunku Abdul Rahman was such a kind heart. A more ruthless majority leader would have long ago embarked on a much more punitive policy in response to such treachery..

    2. TM,
      Stand by your Cibai comment la......Arsehole........You fucker must be drifter......Time to tell Tok Cik of Perak of your existence & let him goreng you kau kau.

      Guys & Gals,
      Tok Cik is a retired soldier (general) hailed from Perak who hated UMNO to the core. Yes, he's a melayu. Guess why 55% Perakians supported Pakatan Rakyat

    3. What a piece of REAL umno propaganda & twisted ketuanan mouth-wash!!!!!!!!

      If what u said is truth, THE, why were there so many chinapek, all over the the Malaya being intimate/killed/tortured by the CPM? In fact, more than the Melayu, who served for the colonial master to suppress the ordinary Malayans!

      Or u r going to say, Malaya was never colonized, thus those Malayan officers was actually serving the sultans, with the help of the British? How much deeper of a cesspool u r going to dig?

      In fact, if u r REALLY talking about moral/material supports to the CPM, there were Melayu members of CPM, too. The recently published British intelligence reports and analysis points to THIS FACT too. So no Melayu CPM sympathizers, AGAIN?

      BTW, which page & which reports, from the declassified British colonial documents r u refereed to? Care to point yr source?

      Always try to white-wash yr kindred's CPM history. CBMF!!

      Just like Bukit Kepong incident was blamed onto the Chinapek CPM!! The truth fact is Bukit Kepong was led by the Melayu arm of the CPM. It was just so happened that, within CPM they had NOT racial distinction BUT common ideology.

      CB, u r trying to outplay the Javaness Bull, r u?

  13. have you considered that most Chinese villagers were intimidated or forced (on their lives) into giving aid to the CTs, and that the new villages protected them from this threat?

    it was SB intel that allowed the insurgency to be broken, and intel that was provided by Chinese SB officers. My uncle told me that British and Australian officers told him the Malaysia SB was probably among the top 5 best intelligence agency in the world

  14. Special Brunch may have had a glorious past once, but these days its just a secret police focused on perceived threats to UMNO hegemony.

    A political threat to UMNO is hardly the same thing as a threat to Malaysia's national security, but the idiots who run Special Brunch now don't know the difference.

  15. @Looes74 - 2.03 pm

    "Haris Salleh is also a mamak & kadayan like Hasan"

    Hello Looes74,

    I am not a Mamak or Kedayan, ok? I have a pure Malay roots. You want to see my family tree?

    By the way, my family/close relatives have adopted 7 chinese and 1 indian (all girls) since birth. All are married to Malays. Some are even Datins now. My late father (Malay) was a government servant, who was a Malay Collegian though. As I have said my late mother (Malay) was a teacher who was trained at Kirby. She told me of her experience flying BOAC.

    Why don't you fly to S'pore, we could meet at Clarke Quay! I can tell you more about myself which I am sure would be of much interest to you. Wakakaka...

    - hasan

    1. This is one heck of a SB tactics of provoking one fella to spill out his gut

      You die cock stand already? Hahahahaha!

      Guys & Gals,
      As I have predicted, none of the melayu in sarawak got to be CM.........Hahahahaha..........No CB Hasan in Sarawak

    2. Dear Looes74,

      I just want you to know that about four months ago I have dinner on the same table with CM Taib and his wife, me and my spouse, and two other prominent couples..

      Rows and flows of angel hair
      And ice cream castles in the air
      And feather canyons everywhere
      I've looked at clouds * that way

      But now they only block the sun
      They rain and snow on everyone
      So many things I would have done
      But clouds got in my way
      I've looked at clouds from both sides now

      - hasan

  16. hasan, you have to get used to looes - in some ways he's a bit of an asshole for irresponsibly, recklessly and frequently attributing to people all sorts of fabricated relationship, wakakaka, and you know what, he's the illegitimate son of Sukarno and Madam Nhu (Trần Lệ Xuân of South Vietnam's 1st family) and brought up by Michael Foot, wakakaka

    1. I think you got to pay some royalty.........Ask HY who is Balasi.........Hahahahaha

      Who the fuck is Hasan when you have a former soldier called Tak Cik.......Hahahaha

  17. So how kaytee......You can die cock stand now because all the melayus would go amok

  18. @ Looes74 - 7.02

    "Who the fuck is Hasan"

    Hey Looes74 Mulut Jamban... wakakaka...

    You are such a vulgar person. The torrential force of your creed would only create evil empires... wakakaka again and again and again...

    - hasan

  19. Most SB nowadays are BTN trained, and it shows heavily in SB's operational priorities.
    - This is a Malay country
    - UMNO is protector of the Malays
    - DAP is the enemy of the Malays
    - PKR is the traitor of the Malays, and have sold out to foreigners
    - PAS Islam is "sesat" and is dangerous to the Malays.
    And PAS cooperation with DAP, enemy of the Malays makes them an enemy as well.

  20. Medan - Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X mengingatkan agar Indonesia jangan sampai kalah dibanding Malaysia dalam mengembangkan semangat kebangsaan. Pluralisme harus dijadikan perekat ketahanan bangsa dalam menghadapi pergulatan globalisasi.

    "Terlepas setuju atau tidak, kini Malaysia sedang membangun identitas dan memperkuat solidaritas sebagai bangsa Melayu-Malaysia yang unggul," kata Sri Sultan di Universitas Sisingamangaraja XII , Medan, Senin (1/9/2008).

    Dengan penguatan jati diri ini, kata Sri Sultan, Malaysia ingin menegaskan dirinya representasi dari The Truly Asia dengan merekayasa masa lalunya agar menjadi gemilang untuk menunjang masa kininya yang mempesona oleh kemajuan-kemajuan di berbagai bidang.

    "Padahal di masa silam, bukankah kerajaan Melaka tunduk pada Sriwijaya dan Majapahit? Sebab itu kita jangan kalah oleh Malaysia dalam mengembangkan semangat kebangsaan," ujar Sultan.

    Belajar dari sejarah masa silam dan tantangan masa kini serta fenomena Malaysia sekarang, kata Sultan, hendaknya kita siap membangun sebuah bangunan Indonesia baru, dengan lebih mengukuhkan identitas bangsa guna memperkuat solidaritas di antara seluruh warga bangsa.

    "Dalam fungsi pemberi identitas ini, unsur budaya-budaya etnik yang memiliki ciri-ciri khas Indonesia dapat menjadi pembentuk budaya Indonesia yang baru," pungkas Sultan.