Thursday, February 20, 2014

An ode to bullFROG politics

ok ok sayang, jangan lompat okay?

We were told of 12 frogs unwell
A dwarf plus 11 wants to jump
To the original cesspool to swell
The ranks of brothers, & then some

So Mr Manmanlai hung faitee lah
To appease dwarf’s unhappiness
So bullpoo were flung near & far
Giving us the usual dodginess

Hop-a-Long Cassidy was a hero
No jumping but lots of shooting
By contrast De Facto's just a zero
To the dwarf he again caves-in

Invincible Achilles has his heel
The dwarf strike at this point
Giving Brahma an ‘or else’ deal
Thus He surrenders to his Anoint

Please add on where you can, wakakaka.


  1. So which is the devils? Khalid? Azmin? Anwar? All 3 of them plus most PKR top leaders? One thing for sure, Najib.......Rosmah's wife is the best according to kaytee......Hahahahaha

    1. I don't much about Rosmah BUT what I DO KNOW is you fixed Lim KS and Bhai up kau kau in 1999 - tsk tsk shame on you

  2. Hahahahaha. you still never guess where is my voting area in Malaysia and I am not going to spoonfeed you since I have mentioned that I voted in Guildford, Surrey in one of the most dramatic UK political election. Hahahaha! Raja Petra Kamarudin was born in Surrey and 2 Maesat rockets were built in Surrey. Hahahahaha!

    Again, where is my voting area in Malaysia? Guess? I know yours in Ayer Hitam, Penang. So the likelihood that it was you



    Apa macam sikarang? Mati already? Hahahahaha!

    P.S : RPK's UK voting area is in Manchester.........Hahahahahaha!

    1. too bad your bullshitting has gone awry. Bhai's domain was Jelutong then Gelugor, nowhere near Ayer Itam which is ... you find out you lazy bloke

      but since you've been criticizing Lim KS you must be the one who fixed him and Bhai up kau kau in1999

    2. Pretty close. The fact is that you are a Penangite. That makes you the biggest culprit. Again where is my voting area in Malaysia.......

      Another Penang lang just spoken

      Now, who is the bad guy? Anwar? Azmin? Khalid? PKR? PR? Or Najib is the good man.......Hahahahaha

    3. if not sure, shoot all PKR people - sure to hit the major clowns wakakaka

    4. I thought you wanna bring your pom pom out to support Zaid Ibrahim. Come to think of it Zaid Ibrahim work in which country......Hahahaha

      What did Haris Ibrahim say about Zaid Ibrahim?

      "Usual symptoms : talking cock!
      Of course, that is also a symptom of advanced stages of SYPHILIS, so those displaying these symptoms ought not to wait but get themselves checked and not waste their time on other less pressing matters.
      Like offering themselves in the Kajang by-election.
      And talking more cock again."


      So, Haris Ibrahim is also another anwarista. Then you are zaidista or sadista.


      Come to think of it, have you ever aspired to be the next Hunter S Thompson? Bill Murray had done a good portrayal of Hunter. Perhaps, you can meet up with Anwar just as depicted in the video link......That's going to be extremely fun.

    5. as usual, incoherent - no one knows WTF you're talking about

    6. Jelutong and Gelugor federal constituencies pretty close to the constituency Ayer Itam is in???

      looes talking cock as usual - you're either in a constituency or not - there's no such thing as 'pretty close' insofar as electoral constituencies are concerned - but looes is bullshitting it can be, showing he's an expert in voting in double federal constituencies

  3. y all this british, aussie n sporean so busybody one huh?

    1. HY,
      Ktemoc can vote in UK provided that he ever set foot in UK. Of course, he may have to register since UK election commission has no record of kaytee's existence. Me....My record automatically transferred when I enrolled in the university. Likewise for RPK as he was born in UK. Hence why aussie lang can vote in Yingeland.
      By the way, Devan Nair was technically a singaporean who was voted in Bangsar constituency. Hahahahaha!

    2. ozzie deputy sheriff ma, wakakaka

  4. You have highlighted Haris Ibrahim's less than flattering comment about Anwar.
    but ignored his delicious deflation of Zaid Ibrahim's bulls..t in the following article.

    1. AI is the principal manmanlai to eb targetted

  5. Well,one thing I do know is that if Kaytee's favourite Mr Manmanlai do not win by a huge majority,much much bigger margin that the stupid stooge who resign in place for him to stand,then Mr Manmanlai should quit politics once and for all.

    1. Bruno,
      That's going to be a very tough act. I would not be surprised if the majority is halved & BN may say that they have won morally. Of course, anything can happen. Rais Yatim & Shabery Cheek lost their respective constituencies in Jelebu & Kemaman when they were with semangat 46. Rais Yatim lagi best.......I BURNT THE BRIDGES.......Ask Kaytee who is the head of S46.......Hahahahaha!

    2. he'll never! Didn't he promise to retire if PR didn't win GE-13? Now he's even shamelessly trying for a state seat. No principle


    It was painful looking at photos and reports of Anwar grovelling to the Christians in the Kajang Catholic Church.
    I wish the Malays would wake up.
    History has many examples of minorities effectively controlling a country, That still happens under the democratic vote, though it changes the mechanics of the politics.
    Anwar is under the thumb of the DAP Chinese, especially their Christian top echelons.
    The Malays are in danger of effectively losing power in the land of their forebears.

    1. TM, what about Najib in Vatican? Then now, a Vatican emissary in Msia. Or DAP in mosque. This is what is terribly wrong in Malaysia. Politics is shamelessly added to religion.

      If we are doing this to foster better understanding among the faiths, by all means but when the pulpit or mimbar is used for politics.... State & religion should remain separate and any thinking Malaysian should reject their religious leaders if they allow politicians to abuse what we deem sacred.

    2. CB,

      'It was painful looking at photos and reports of Anwar grovelling to the Christians in the Kajang Catholic Church.'

      Ever learn about the story of Umar ibn al-Khattab & the Church of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem?

      Know who & what happened then from yr blur-sotong-ised Islam knowledge?

      U r really one revisionist who desecrate Islam!

  7. what with you and looes74

    1. thesingaporean needs whacking wakakaka

    2. So do Karpal Singh & LKS? One was graduated in NUS. Another one is the news secretary of NTUC. NTUC is based in Singapore. DAP predecessor is Malaysia PAP set up in Seremban. 2 fella who spearheaded this is Toh Chin Chye & Rajaratnam. All of them technically are singaporeans. Hahahahaha!

      By the way, where did Badawi study hah?

    3. pretending to side Pakatan, looes actually betrayed Lim KS and Bhai in 1999 - looes has been showing his hatred for both of them

    4. Hahahahahaha! Where is my voting area? One secret to share with you. Karpal Singh has agreed to fight one seemingly normal case against the education ministry of......hahahahaha........just guess where my voting area is.....I can tell you more.

  8. How come this season frogs are so popular? Is it because of the Kajang by-election? Or is it because of the heavy breeding season in place? Ordinary garden toads or water frogs?


    Bhai bites the dust....

    Another by-election coming soon.
    Kapal Sink, Anwar Al-Juburi....the sooner the country is rid of these dangerous dinosaurs the better.

    1. Ya lor.....these beasties are so dangerous one....our country needs more of the same that we had for the past 50 odd know, those that warned that our country is on the verge of bankruptcy, wakakaka...and more of the ones whose sons who became one of the richest man in this country, worth tens of billions and yet failed to pay back the rm 626 million that daddy took from the public cookie jar to rescue his 'brilliant' son ...... how not to become filthy rich bila ada daddykasi ?

      Lompat Secawan


    BN candidate for Kajang will be Chew Mei Fun.

    Excellent choice.

    I would urge everyone in Kajang to vote for her.
    Far better choice than deformasi master Anwar Ibrahim and Zaid Who....

  11. Since kaytee is a Penang lang, I think he should devote his time to write about his heero called Karpal Singh. Frankly I am not sure about kaytee's being the fan of karpal singh. From where I can from, Karpal & even LKS are the ultimate magnet for the residents. Unlike that CB kaytee who betrayed Karpal & LKS by voting them out in 1995 state election as well 1999, people including in my voting area has been very faithful in voting in time & time again DAP. Hahahaha! In fact, at times, my voting area had been won by DAP with humongous majority.......Hahahahaha! Where is my voting area? Hahahahaha! Do you know that Karpal Singh was graduated in NUS.......Hahahaha! That's in singapore.......Hahahahaha!

    I wonder if kaytee got the cojones to defend karpal singh. The verdict laid against karpal singh is utterly wrong. Of course, the good news is we may have another by election in Penang. Frankly speaking, the more elections, the better

    1. there's no doubt now you were the one who f**ked Lim KS and Bhai in 1999

    2. You are a Penangite voter. Not I. Ah so, you are the major culprit who fucked Karpal Singh & LKS kau kau over & over again starting from 1995 penang state election. Plus you have instigated DAP dissidents to kick start the KOKS campaign.

      From where I come from, DAP has always been there for ages.....Hahahaha.....In fact when LKS kenna fucked by voters such as you, my voting area still stood by DAP. Hahahahaha!


  12. Malaysia needs to move forward to secure its future.

    Leave behind in the dust useless people like Nuar and Bhai.

    1. Thanks to people like kaytee, DAP took 18 years to take Penang. That also by the stoke of luck. I hate these chattering class especially kaytee who turn the world from spinning.......Time to tui lam these bastards such as kaytee......Hahahahaha

  13. With Chew Mei Fun, it will give AA opportunity to roast AI & Khalid in one stroke. Already Puteri Reformasi neutralized by KGB like sting, so AA has open path for President and who knows, a merger with UMNO.

    At least Chew Mei Fun should be given support. She stood for her principles and stepped down under CSL. She will be a welcome voice in Dewan Rakyat compared to the PR slime balls there including Noh Omar.

    Like Harris insider said, PKR owes a full disclosure to the rakyat. It looks like their decided not to say anything or preparing another spin.

    1. Aaargh......what the cibai joke to see fucking useless people such as Chia Kwang Chye come up to power because of voters such as kaytee.

      Tan Kah Choon is spared because he is now with the penang government though karpal singh was screwed courtesy of kaytee.

      Harris also says that he expect disclosure & Haris said that people like Zaid got........hehehehehe.....just read

      I hate to see opportunities wasted because of people such as kaytee. I proposed that these folks should be cruxified. Come to think of it even my mother is far better than Chew Mei Fun.......Hahahahaha!

  14. Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum6:18 pm, February 21, 2014

    I dredged through numerous news reports from the time of the Perak constituional crisis to get the true picture.
    Unfortunately, its my conclusion that Karpal Singh really did state the intention to sue the Sultan of Perak.
    It wasn't just providing a disinterested legal opinion the way a lawyer has a right to comment on the merits of a legal situation.
    If it had purely been a legal opinion , without fear or favour Karpal likely would be innocent , and I would strongly defend him if the court had found him guilty.

    Making an adversorial statement of intention to sue the Sultan is a much graver matter, and very likely put Karpal Singh into Sedition territory. Hence the guilty verdict.

    I think Karpal Singh is finished......

  15. what is the diff btw frog n turncoat?

    1. a frog is a turncoat but a turncoat is not necessarily a frog

    2. agree. frog is common among politician, it is their way of life, that is y we have democratic ie a rights to vote them out, a little longer though, but turncoat is rare among intellectual and educated, unless one is not, nevertheless pretend to be one, n talk big about the good n bad of democracy. pity this poorly educated horde.

  16. From the way I see it, it's very simple. As the political level is tilted to BN & judging from the fact that those candidates contesting are

    1) Yuktes, self promoting opiniated bastards
    2) Zaid Ibrahim, remind me of Ong Eng Guan, the only Singapore mayor whose attitude kinda similar to Idi Amin
    3) Slimy Chew Mei Fun (Slimy char bor just like another slimy gerakan named Chia Kwang Chye who probably would be voted by voters such as kaytee

    The vote would still be with Pakatan. The objective is

    1) Stop BN from gaining further publicity. 50 over years of BN rule is bad enough
    2) Force Khalid to plan out his secession plan........It doesn't have to be Anwar
    3) Selangor would forever remain in the hands of Pakatan till UMNO is mampus

    Guys & Gals,
    Even Lim Kit Siang knew that we don't have such luxury. If you wanna believe people like kaytee, be prepared for another BN rule for 50 more years. Or don't even bother to vote if you are not focused enough. Me, I don't want some cibai folks such as kaytee to waste whatever has achieved. From where I come from, if Najib & UMNO to be overthrown through pinay people power method, so be it.......Hahahaha

    1. Agree Loose47,

      These vainglorious self-righteousness chattering wankers, r the BIGGEST proverbial frogs under the well. As long as there is dirty & stagnant water + occasional fall-from-the-sky crumbs, they would be HAPPY living under it forever!

      The surrounding elements r so used to them that they r willing letting it leads them to their doom.

      In between, every time there is a variant, outside their norm in term of environment &/or behaviour, they start jumping up-&-down, 6-&-7, trying to weigh for the pro-&-con till cow comes home.

      They NEVER realise that opportunity knocks ONLY once in a life time in such a shallow well. Once missed, if would be another life time!

      These frogs, under the well, r either DONT/CANT see the big scheme of the things or they r just playing dumb & writing about conspiracies after conspiracies to convince ALL the others that EVERYTHING is well under the current reign.

      Some r pro bono blur-sotongised well-wishers, while many r paid provocateurs, doing their master's dirty job of stirring racial/religious hatreds to divide the masses.

      They WONT change & by doing so, they expect others ALSO would follow them to their grave using their twisted/chicken-little-ised/change-phobia logic.

      Perhaps, they do deserve a modern Greece sopo scenario - the only fear is after that, would there be a cohesive M'sia left?

  17. Chew Mei Fun has many unanswered questions from the time she was Executive Chairman of Pempena, the MCA-controlled Tourism Malaysia subsidiary. It has suffered multi-million ringgit losses without any explanation.
    And this is 2007 - 2008 mind you, not something that may or may not have happened 29 years ago.

    As far as I'm concerned , Chew Mei Fun is just another BN slimeball ala Noh Omar.

    Her female gender is irrelevant to the issues of ethics and accountability. Women can be just as corrupt.

  18. Its ironic that Karpal Singh may be paying a heavy price for what was at its root caused by PKR perfidy, specifically Anwar Ibrahim - the Perak frog crisis.

    I am a DAP member, and I call upon DAP supporters in Kajang to punish Anwar for his misdeeds, then and now.
    Vote Zaid Ibrahim, vote Chew Mei Fun if you must, anybody but Anwar Ibrahim. That is the true ABU.

  19. for his anti LKS comments it's plain obvious looes74 is an anti DAP person, who votes in Britain and is here to kacau, and who proudly boasts he serves in (drafted into) the Sing Armed Forces. His dissembling nonsense here about Karpal Singh and DAP is heavily tinged with glee at Bhai's current legal predicament. Pordah looes, wakakaka

  20. I don't see anything wrong with being anti DAP.
    I you take off your blinkers, you would realise DAP is also a heavily flawed party, little better than PKR - OK, maybe a tiny bit better.

  21. DAP, just like PKR is riven by infighting and domineering Godfathers who run the party Their way or its the highway.

    The main difference between DAP and PKR is that, to their credit, most of those who left DAP because they can't stand the Godfathers or the stench, have quietly gone on to pursue other interests. Some become social activists, some pursue their own personal careers or businesses.

    With PKR, their immediate destination after, or even before quitting seems to be the BN/UMNO recruiting office.They then proceed to hang PKR dirty linnen , true or false out in public.
    DAP's exceptions are people like Tunku Abdul Aziz, Hee Yit Fung and Zulkifli Mohd Noor.

  22. Okok.. Chew Mei Fun and especially Ng Yen Yen and lot are just as slimy. Harris asked what is the biggest obstacle to taking PutraJaya. Bless his soul but will answering him help us? From day one, PR is a shadow of BN... even untouchable PAS has timber contracts in Kelantan, Kedah etc... So its still a showdown between Harris & RPK. One who would not admit but it trying to ask us to take the lesser evil and the other telling us the two party system are really Siamese twins.

    And maybe like KTee, maybe better go the kangaroo way and leave the mess.