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Will National Consensus see Leopard returning to Mothership?

For years I have not let go of my belief that The Leopard which can't change its spots wants to return to the Mothership, wakakaka, kaytee's blend of David Attenborough's wildlife and Arthur C Clarke's sci-fi (eg. the Rama series).

Fiction as you may say, but please read on, wakakaka.

I then realized (still do, wakakaka) my suspicions were not far off when in April 2006 I noticed the Feline Predator's 'homesickness' wakakaka, which I posted in one of my A Bridge Too Far series.

In that post, I wrote of his eagerness to offer his assistance to the AAB government, stating he could draw from his experience in the government, the UMNO one of course wakakaka in which he was variously the very much disliked (by Chinese) Education Minister, Finance Minister, DPM and acting PM, the last when he crowed triumphantly of UMNO-BN Youth thugs' hooliganism in smashing up and derailing an international conference (APCET II), 

..... but not once about reformasi, nope, not once in his 16 years of very powerful UMNO life, and let the bells in the temple ring loudly on that note.

Incidentally, one of those UMNO Youth thugs who smashed up APCET II had been Saifuddin Nasution, PKR's current party sec-gen. For more, see my post Political violence - the nature of the beast.

yoohooo, can you see me?


Back to April 2006 - He claimed his experience as as UMNO Finance Minister between 1993 and 1998 (also DPM and acting PM) could help AAB resolve the crooked bridge affair with the Singapore government. He had then stated:

“I would not discount any possible meeting with Abdullah if he were to ask my views on the issues ... like the negotiations with Singapore on the bridge and even information on the negotiations with Indonesia on border issues.”

Wakakaka, and have you ever heard of him 'ambushing' AAB in Hulu Selangor when the PM went there to have lunch with a religious personality? Mind you, he happened to be there by 'coincidence', wakakaka.

And I was informed by a blogger friend who his special guests were at Nurul Izzah's wedding, those he seated inside his house while his devoted supporters had to do with being outside under his house under tents and such like props.

For a man who loves power at the very top and having tasted the very cream of power (at least until 1998), in a way I can't blame him for yearning for Mothership because the unfettered type of power in Malaysia even until today seems to be only available in UMNO, and thus to re-enjoy that, it would appear he has to get back into UMNO [where also, MCA unlike DAP is very kuai kuai, wakakaka].

Oh, didn't he once challenge via the court the legality of his expulsion from UMNO and thus his removal as DPM? If he had succeeded, he would have nicely been restored into his old position, a process which the game of mahjung has a wonderful term for that, to wit, sek k'ah loong*, wakakaka.

* or in Hokkien, chea k'ah loong

But alas, he sek char woo instead. I had posted the unfavourable outcome of his legal challenge on 08 March 2010 in Federal Court ruling - black yesterday, white today.

Then I had written about the court declaring that Anwar's dismissal as DPM [by then PM Dr M] is lawful because according to our marvellous judiciary in a volte-face to their Perak constitutional judgement, wakakaka, the king as a constitutional monarch was required to act in accordance with the advice of the PM.

Yes, thus I still believe Mr Manmanlai wants to return to the Mothership, and I detect glimpses of this yearning lately in talks of national unity, reconciliation, national consensus, god-what-else-have-you's.

Today, Pak Yasin (A. Kadir Yasin blogging as The Scribe) offers us what he terms as the lastest conspiracy theory abounding in his kopitiam, which he posted as The KKA version of Conspiracy Theory, where KKA stands for Kedai Kopi Assembly, wakakaka.

Pak Yasin, I just love this term and with your kind permission, may use it in my blogging.

Anyway, I hope Pak Yasin won't mind my extracting parts of his interesting post to reproduce here, in support of my belief that the Leopard wants to return to the Mothership, wakakaka, so here goes:

Our theory revolves around the much talked about reconciliation talk that, according to some pundits, will bring together two former friends turned foes – the Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak and the Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

Kajang By-election A Red Herring?

What if all the hogwash about Anwar’s candidacy in Kajang State Legislative Assembly by-election and his taking over the Selangor Menteri Besar post are in fact a red herring intended to hide the backroom manoeuvring involving his camp and the PM’s operators?

What if a very influential aide to the PKR’s General Leader had already called on an equally influential member of the PM’s inner chamber to work out a deal whereby the “Ketua Umum” will join the Cabinet and be given a portfolio that makes him very powerful?

I wonder whether that 'very influential aide to the PKR General Leader had been Saifuddin Nasution who was in London - for more read FMT's
 PKR-Umno preliminary talks started last Christmas on 27 Jan 2014. Wakakaka

I like to deal with international stuff - London, APCET II, etc


PETALING JAYA: Is Anwar Ibrahim’s call for a national consensus between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional a precursor to a planned PKR-Umno peace talks?

Earlier today Anwar told reporters that he welcomed Home Minister and Umno vice president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s positive response to the idea of the national consensus.

He added that he had tasked PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution to respond to Zahid on the matter, but dismissed talk that his call for consensus was an indication of a unity government. [...]

popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin said preliminary talks between PKR and Umno had started in London during the Christmas period last year.

“Saifuddin and Zahid both spent Christmas in London recently where they met to hammer out the details of PKR and Umno meeting at a ‘table talk’,” he wrote in his latest blog posting in Malaysia-Today. [...]

... popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin said preliminary talks between PKR and Umno had started in London during the Christmas period last year.

“Saifuddin and Zahid both spent Christmas in London recently where they met to hammer out the details of PKR and Umno meeting at a ‘table talk’,” he wrote in his latest blog posting in Malaysia-Today, [...]

... Saifuddin was asked if it was true that he had met up with Zahid even before Anwar’s call for national consensus.

He responded by saying that he regularly met Zahid and other Umno vice-presidents, Shafie Apdal and Hishamuddin Hussein. “as they are friends”.

“Zahid, Hisham and Shafie are my friends who I meet all the time – in the past, now and in the future,” he said. He however denied that they had discussed unity talks in their meetings.

Zahid today welcomed Anwar’s national consensus proposal and said that it would be taken into consideration by BN and Umno, but added that it was up to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to make the final decision.

It is uncertain as to how PKR’s Pakatan allies DAP and PAS would see the unity talks between PKR and Umno.

FMT learnt that Anwar had informed his close associates that he would not betray DAP and PAS.

Previously, Umno had invited PAS to be engaged in unity talks for the sake of race and religion but that process never got going.

Unity talks between PKR and Umno would also raise questions on the effectiveness of Anwar/PKR-backed Anything But Umno (Asalkan Bukan Umno, ABU) movement.

Anwar and Mohd Najib Were Once Umno Friends

Okay, back to Pak Yasin's post:

So powerful that it sends the shiver (in this dry burning weather) down the spine of his enemies and the PM’s critics or even gotten rid of them for good.

With the problem in the Selangor Government continuing to fester, Anwar knows the risk of his own people jumping ship. It’s a mistake to underestimate Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s resources and resourcefulness.

He was a business and a manager. He knows merger and acquisition better than Anwar and Mohd Azmin Ali. He could apply his M&A skills to politics.

He has the ability to swing Selangor away from PR if he feels that he is on the losing end. So entering into a deal with the PM is a good way for Anwar to checkmate Abdul Khalid if he harbours such an idea.

Abdul Khalid Was A Businessman, He knows M&A

The picture of Abdul Khalid, Mohd Najib and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin beaming away during the signing of the memorandum of understanding on he Langat 2 water supply project on Wednesday could be telling a thousand words.

The Way To Fight Dr M and Daim

For the PM and members of his inner circle, if they believe that the criticisms by (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad and (Tun) Daim Zainuddin can hurt them, a merger with Anwar is a grand strategy. They can count on Anwar to do battle with Dr Mahathir and Daim.

In one brilliant stroke, the PM strengthens his position, destroys the Pakatan Rakyat and rids himself of his critics. Anwar gets to enjoy the privileges and protection as a member of the government. And they can live happily ever after. [...]

March 29, 1982: Introducing The Newest Member of Umno

But has the DAP got wind of this so as to prompt its supremo, Lim Kit Siang, to ask in his blog: "Who drafted this national reconciliation plan and who had been consulted? This is still a great mystery up to now."

not unlike his son, Uncle Lim is also a mushroom, wakakaka.

So, I will be the last person to dismiss the reconciliation talk and of seeing Anwar being mainstream and politically correct once again. Politics, according to German Prussian politician, Otto von Bismarck (1815 - 1898), is the art of the possible.

For more, please read Pak Yasin's The KKA version of Conspiracy Theory.



  1. WTF... its not mothership-la.. its mother-load. Wakakakaka

  2. In politics anything is possible.Didn't Mahathir take Anwar into Umno,because when Anwar was in Abim he was a real pain in the arse for Mahathir.Every one has a price,and if the price is right the leopard can be a pussycat too.

    1. Don't forget what Rais Yatim & kaytee's respected Ku Li has said. Last check, Ku Li went back to UMNO. Sorry, Ku Li said he never leave UMNO. So what make of LKS & the gang who teamed up with Ku Li, Shabery Cheek & Rais Yatim from 1990 - 1996 then. Semangat 46 included Harun Idris. Lets ask kaytee


    2. Oh I don't know, but looes who knows EVERYTHING wakakaka should be able to tell us

    3. I also that you are the traitor who instigated DAPites to kick start the KOKS campaign. Karpal friend tells me so.......Hahahahaha!

  3. KT is absolutely right about the kerbau longing so ardently to return to the kandang. Many people can see that, too. All those demonstrasi, protests, and fiery speeches that he and his inner circle constantly indulge in can be translated and boiled down to just one sentence thus: "Please, oh pleeeez, Arm No, take us back - can't you see we are on our knees begging you to take us back in again."

    Let me pick your brain, KT -- let's look at the prospect from a Machiavellian point of view -- if the leopard were to get his dearest wish fulfilled, i.e., he gets accepted back into that nest of vipers do you think things will then start to get better (which is to say fairer and more equitable) for the Nons - the fucking chingkies and the kelings (which is how Mamak Teh and his fellow racists in perkosa refer to the nons). This is because the leopard should be cognizant that the Nons have given him tremendous support during his years out in the cold and surely he wouldn't dare betray them too overtly, not that he wouldn't if it is advantageous to him to do so.

    1. The nons have been currently useful to him. Once he doesn't need them he'll revert to his old self. That was why many Chinese didn't like him. As for betrayal, didn't he betrayed DR M, the man who loved him and anointed him as heir apparent? Do you think he'll treat the nons better than Dr M?

    2. Just like what you did to Karpal Singh since 1995.......You voted Karpal Singh OUT. You traitor! Hahahahaha.

      Oh come on la! Political expediency. Frankly, don't mind team up with Taib Mahmud........Hahahahaha! Just Pairin played Mustapha Harun backside just after PBS won the 1985 election

      Yeah, Anwar Ibrahim also has a hand inforcing Pairin to wait outside of Sabah istana IN 1985.........HAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT THE FUCK LA!

    3. tsk tsk tsk my dear looes, you shouldn't allow your guilty conscience of treacherously betraying Karpal Singh and LKS to torment you till you're forced to keep mentioning it and keep attempting to divert the blame onto me. Bhai and LKS have both forgotten about that betrayal by you and your ilk, so relax lah.

    4. Hehehehe......Where is my voting area in Malaysia? Your voting area is Penang. So you are the TRAITOR. Plus you are one of those who instigated the DAPites to kick out Kit Siang from CEC in the 90s. Admit it! Hahahahaha. Teresa Kok's friend me tells me so........In the 90s, she was betrayed by not voted in as MP........Hahahahaha!

      We know who is the culprit! It's you! HAHAHAHAHA! GOTCHA YOU CIBAI......HAHAHAHA!

    5. see! my dear looes, you should not allow your guilt to torment you so much. As I said, Bhai and LKS haave forgiven you so let it go.

    6. We can keep playing this game. Again where is my voting area in Malaysia? Ain't your voting area in Penang? Isn't it Bukit Bendera or Jelutong? Either way you are guilty........YOU ARE THE TRAITOR.......Admit it DAP lost big in 1995......It's all your fault right

    7. Voting is not the only way to betray your politician. For example, you covertly campaigned against him or underhandedly sabo his campaign one way or another. But whichever, obviously your guilt has been enormous, humongously enormous given your incessant attempts to 'release' it by blaming me, a devoted admirer of Bhai. I pity you for your internal torment but despise you for your treachery when furthermore you're a Sing. BTW, has your treachery to Bhai and LKS been connected to Devan Nair whom you admire?

    8. apa la ni 2 foreigner sebuk sangat hal msia? income tax ada bayar?

  4. Wakakaka, a typical scorned charbo-like behaviour!

    Any conspiracy that linked Manmanlai, especially the non-cricket type, KT would jump on & pound on it as if a hidden treasure has been discovered.

    Along the way, all sanctity of logic & deduction is been twisted to suit the scenario at hand.

    KT can NEVER accept a reformer, due to his siege mentality about AI - thus 'The Leopard which can't change its spots'!

    Hello there, the spot is ONLY superficial. Look at the content lah!

    Yasin's spin is apparently KT's long waited mother-lode of a find. He WANTS, so desperately, to pin AI down that a known spin-master's (from the mamak camp), word becomes gospel to KT's (atheist?) mind.

    Coupled with his stored archives of AI's past deeds that he selectively dug up, he tambak, mind u, so quickly that a newsprint special would be put to shame.

    Well, let see........

    1. This morning, I can't bang sai when I saw Anwar in the news. Fuck Anwar, it's all his fault. Ku Li was out of UMNO from 1990 - 1996. Yes, 6 years > (2014 - 1998). Hahahahahahaha! Why not we indulge on kaytee fetishes on anything anwar? This is getting fun! MAS went bankrupt.....Anwar!

      Kaytee sounds like that Indian conservative father

  5. If the feline really were to join the cabinet, then dap and pas will really curse themselves for believing in that feline. And if pas gets wind of this, it might as well be the first to unite with the mother ship and get onto the gravy train. Then dap will really pull its hair out!

  6. Kt, excellent attempt to discredit AI !
    However, you will not succeed !

  7. I would like to play the part of the naive optimist and believe that he will bring PAS and DAP along for the ride. Hopefully, it's an RTO of BN, whereupon our dear PM can jettison the trouble makers in UMNO and the other pathetic component parties....

    1. not just naive optimist but a super duper supreme one, wakakaka

  8. Seriously, any good UMNO is a dead UMNO. Hahahaha! So kaytee loves to support Saiffudin Ahmad which I regarded with much disdain. I subscribe to the notion the enemy of an enemy is my friend. So at this moment, knowing that I don't wanna see Chew Mei Fun win. So CMF & Zaid Ibrahim must be mampus.......Hahahaha, simple stratgy. Don't care the fuck with azmin kah, khalid kah or anwar kah......UMNO/BN must be mampus in a big way. So if kaytee got to weep again, so be it.

    See! I have seen so many wasted opportunities. Penang should have been won by LKS. LKS SHOULD HAVE BEEN CM. BUT BECAUSE THAT FUCKER CALLED KAYTEE, DAP LOST BIG! BECAUSE KAYTEE, LKS & KARPAL LOST THEIR MPship........Hahahahahaha! Let unite together to get rid of people such as kaytee.......because we don't miss the boat of tui laming BN

    1. yes I like Saifuddin Abdullah (not Ahmad lah, you bodoh) but I know you like Saifuddin Nasution the UMNO Youth-Hoodlum-Destroyer of Apcet II, wakakaka, and that's why you treacherously sabo Bhai and LKS. But my dear looes, you should not allow your guilt to torment you so much. As I said, Bhai and LKS have already forgiven you so just let it go. wakakakaaaaa

    2. Hahahahahaha! No! I prefer Devan Nair. Despite his happening in sarawak long long time ago......and also his high handedness in dealing with the SATU gang so as to preserve NTUC, I respected him.........


      I am also the fan of french revolution........Look at how strong france is.........even la fayette not spared......hahahaha

    3. i don't blame you for liking Devan as he is YOUR (former) Sing President wakakaka, and you confirm your Sing-ness by your republican views, wakakaka again

    4. Kt seems to support dap but is aganst AI (PKR).
      But Pakatan is one for all and all for one !
      To destroy AI is no different from annihilating Pakatan.
      Now KT knows why he is unpopular.
      And why he is accused of being paid by BN !

  9. KT,

    Yr sinful has just repeated what Jasmin had written earlier ;

    U must be jumping with joy! A second confirmation about the leopard never change its spot.

    BTW, do read Mohd Fuad's comment to get a better grip about half anmoh's spin. The half anmoh is getting desperate - wondering why, as this is far beyond bruised ego revend.

    To save the Bugis pride? Or the jantan royalty?

    Do tell. Wakakaka

    1. when i use the same logic on bhai, kt retort rationally, when tu rahman or raja anglo spin, kt keep mum or said he lespect their view, aussie std memang interesting.

  10. We've been waiting for Anwar Ibrahim to return to UMNO , something like 8 years now......a long time to wait without results ler....

    1. not for lack of trying but waiting for UMNO to open its doors

    2. KT never misses a chance to insult AI !

    3. And LKS goes back to singapore to become NTUC advisor, honouring Devan Nair's wish. Lim Kit Siang was Devan Nair's press secretary. Hahahaha! Fan Yew Teng buay song with LKS at one point.......You know why......hahahahaha, he joined MDP.....There is also one DAPster who join MDP......Who the fuck he's? Just as you, he was one of those spearheaded, Knock out Kit Siang campaign......YOU ARE ONE THE TRAITOR WHO SUNK DAP in 1995 resulting in many bright DAP lost seats including Teresa Kok,the sassy MP.........

      KAYTEE'S COVER IS EXPOSED........Hahahaha!

    4. anwar is waiting, kt oso waiting, raja anglo more realistic, no wait. that's y he is more expansive. interesting.

  11. kt aka lee tai sor,
    whats next? UMNO Baru 2 if this happens?

  12. Anwar Ibrahim Malaysian hero10:51 pm, March 01, 2014

    Anwar Ibrahim has been in the forefront of dialogue between Muslims and Christians in this country , even as Ktemoc carries out a daily diatribe against him, mostly innuendo and 3rd rate rumors.

  13. I support the water MOU because it is a work in progress that has been long overdue for completion. Undoubtedly, this project will benefit the people. Gamuda offers RM10.75 billion package. Khalid offers RM9.65 billion and of which the FG will chip in RM2.0 billion which will translate to RM7.65 billion for Selangor Government for the M&A of the four water concessionaires. Should be a fair deal - what more to say? However, I pray it has got no linkage between Khalid and BIMB. The timing is that close - it can be seen by some as a suffocating deal, though.

    I would support the National Consensus or the National Reconciliation Plan because of the 52% mandate given by the people in GE13, on the proviso that AI and NR and MY, would leave politics and also MM and LKS and Bhai and perhaps LGE too. The DPM shall be a Non. I would think TR is more than capable to lead the country until the GE14. TR is well experienced and widely respected. I am impressed by his leadership style/qualities in the government and also when he was with Gagasan Rakyat/APU. Simply put TR carries a very good credible image. A life example of how a royalty should behave.

    - hasan

    1. What a lousy sum, u did!

      Selangor's 9.65 + FG's 2 give 11.65, which is 0.9B more than Gamuda's 10.75!

      Moreover, Sel & FG's money come from PUBLIC FUND, while Gamuda's is private.

      Fair deal? My foot!

      On top of that, there r the negotiated contracts for the Langat2 project (estimated ~4.5B) to be easily mined by the long waited cronies for their cuts.

      It smells big time - that Khalid has sold out for some gain, with the disguised water issue dead log solved.

      The biggest give-away is the irrevocability clauses of the MOU - which favour Langkat2 implementation more than the pending renegotions of taking-over of the 4 water concessionaires.

  14. The new Kampungman.10:41 am, March 02, 2014

    Now MB Khalid has become the leper of PKR and the punching bag of Anwaristas and bloggers loyal to Anwar.At the rate the ferocious attacks are being thrown at Khalid,it will be a miracle from the man above if he is to survive the onslaught.

  15. Umeno's worst nightmare10:44 am, March 02, 2014

    Anwar is not worth his one cent worth of salt.He has sunk to the lowest level an creature can crawl.He is the pariah of politics.


    Vote for Zaid Ibrahim, Ktemoc's favourite Gutter Politician.

    I don't mean to be racist, but I find all Melayu politicians the same.
    Very strong "cesspool" smell surrounding all of them.

    Of course, Cina politicians all stink of Babi , which is no better..

    1. where got fair, you discriminate against the Indians by not mentioning them, wakakaka

    2. Being a Bhai, I'm not really in a position to "sniff out" unpleasant body odour racial characteristics from my own side. It would take either Melayus or Cinas to make that assessment.

  17. hasan, i read ellese n rafick debate on this topic for many months, a few hundred exchange at least, khalid drag the issue for more than 3-5 years, now suddenly everything seem okay? what change?

    1. HY... sampai bila nak selesaikan isu ini? Sampai paip air aku menjadi kering kontang dan usang? I am experiencing water rationing now! It shows we do not have enough water. Apa salahnya kita berkerja sama dengan kerajaan untuk kepentingan bersama? The final analysis is water will be under state control. That is a big change meh? I am worried about the timing though... but if Khalid can cap the M&A at RM9.65 billion and FG chips in RM2 billion... that is another big change meh? The big issue here is Gamuda is greedy. Nak lebih dan lebih lagi... wakakaka

      - hasan

    2. Water rationing ye?

      & the water talk has been on-going for 8 yrs+, while the FG feeds her cronies with people's money to help them holding onto the stalemate with the Sel state negotiations.

      Now, not only water is running low, the FG's fund is hard to come by due to fiscal constraints. Thus, the looking for a quick settlement. Win win for Khalid & umno, while rakyat becomes the suckers again!

      Red dot has the same drought & yet no rationing, considering she has limited natural water sources than M'sia. It just tell what should of idiots we have had in the govt!

    3. hasan, if it is for the good of all, then no issue. u recall ellese said he would kick khalid ass if there is no water one day, n rafick bla bla bla defend khalid move, but the impression i have now since air sudah kering is khalid playing politics all this while n treat selangorian like fool, if that is the case, shd we not kick khalid ass as well?

      many claim khalid is about governance n working for the people, if water really run low bec of his indecision n politicking, then he is no diff with one that many here often accuse. i think his time is up. change the mb, i would say.

    4. HY, first you must understand before Khaild had to go on the offensive, AA openly declared war & wanted his position. Prior to that thanks to KTee's mini-bhai and friends, they questioned his stinginess. Besides housing, Khalid has always declared that water to Selangor was priority. It was PR's, especially PKR's big mouth to declare since 2008 free water to Selangorians.

      Kering but only Selangor? Why BN Negeri, Malacca & Johor don't crucify their MB's? Mini-bhai & dopes are super silent on the water & Kajang issue. As stated by some, the preceding MBs prior to Khalid have wonderful track records so much so HRH has now take a personal interest.

      If HRH knows Khalid can make magic rain, he will call him to istana to call a rain man in tomorrow. But to do that, then we expect other rulers to expect the same magic from their MB's too.

      The question or statement made by Khalid which is more pertinent - Selangor has new pipes worth billions lying in stock to replace old ones. Who bought them and why they are lying around under Selangor's assets?

  18. Apa lagi org Malaysia mahu?

    1. Gajah sama gajah tidak bertengkar
    2. Pelanduk di tengah di hormati dan tidak di buru setiap hari
    3. Menguna masa dan sumber untuk membangun negara di abad 21. Ini juga bermaksud korupsi di kawal, kepimpinan yang lebih cekap bukan yang berkangkong atau berlidah dua.

    Ktee pada masa awal menyatakan Khalid tidak mahir dalam bidang politikus. Tetapi, pada padangan hari ini, mungkin dia lebih pandai berpura-pura (secara baik). Sekarang, Malaysia perlu pemimpin yang cekap, jujur, tulus hati dan bervisi... mungkin Kuli (jika Tun tahu bahawa ada rencana untuk menyinkir dia ke tepi, dia & Daim mungkin sokong Kuli). wakakakaka

    1. I suspect Khalid has a strong "Backer"

    2. Me think so too. I just hope it is not daim.

    3. Khalid Ibrahim's backer is in the senior UMNO leadership.
      He's likely gone "rogue" but it wouldn't be the first case in PKR.

    4. you guys are SOOOooooo one track mind wakakakaka

    5. Hahahahaha! So that Najib & Rosmah mampus along with UMNO.......Next Madhater & his cronies.......Hahahaha......buay song hah

    6. your "BUAY" song betrays you as a Sing. wakakaka

    7. One Sing. The other is a KANGAROO !

  19. KT,

    Read this from Dato Sak;

    Dato has unknowingly spilled the beans out of the Kajang Moves.

    Now, let see how the one-stone-two-birds going to pen out!

  20. Fact #1 - the longer the EC delays the election, PR esp. PKR will hang by their own noose. Fact #2 - we respect Dato Sak but common, isn't his latest posting stretching the imagination too far? Fact #3 - the rumor is AA wants to defect to BN. Now spin that its Khalid? Fact #4 - Khalid, an UMNO Trojan? Since when? 2008? 2013? Or when after Mad Dog AA wants his seat? Fact #5 - If Trojan, why have healthy balance sheet? So that he can let BN sapu by Syabas deal? Why not do like Romans do, sapu first, ask questions later like many others before him?

    Well, can go on and on... now even Dato Sak kena keliru beb... spinning his own stories.

    Best of all... BN worried that AI become PM, he will catch & expose all the penyamun.... Dato Sak needs to read more KTemoc.... wakakakaka... ini hasil hisap.... wakakakaka.

    Tick tock, tick tock.... AI's clock is ticking away. First things first... then finish the kangkong & rose. Wakakakaka. Poor Dato Sak..... kena tipu oleh RR.... wakakakaka

    1. "the longer the EC delays the election, PR esp. PKR will hang by their own noose"

      + 1. At present 50% of Kajangites Malays support PR and another 50% support BN, whilst for the Kajangites Nons - 68% and 32% respectively. This will translate to about 4700 majority for AI. But to win the heart of just another 2351 voters is not a mission impossible for BN.

      I think BN is confident of winning Kajang. Instead of last minute campaigning they will be having “Yahana Na - (Betapa Untungnya Kami)” concert at Putrajaya and Pagoh on the 21st and 22nd March. Wakakaka…

      - hasan

  21. All the leopards in PKR,old and new cannot change its spots even just for one Kajang by Erection.The rumour is that Mei Fun is catching up with Anwar.They just want to cut down on his voter support.And Umno/Bn will spent whatever to do this.An Anwar loss will be an added bonus.

  22. KT,what if Anwar won by a majority of five thousand or say three thousand votes and below.Is he of PM or even a state MB material?Never say never is what his loyal supporters are saying.When the impossible happens,where are these morons going to hide their faces.Inside or under their spouses or mothers sarongs.Heee heee heee(donkeys laughing)

    1. there's a possibility Anwar's majority may be less than Lee's IF the Chinese play mahjung wakakaka on polling day instead of voting, but the Biggest Mandore in the world (after he CLAIMed he was shafted by UMNO) is marshalling the Indians to vote AGAINST Chew, wakakaka, so it depends how these work out.

      I wouldn't read too much into it but try convincing UMNO that a lesser majority (say, 4K) by Anwar is not a big deal, wakakaka. HOWEVER if AI's majority is only 1 to 2 thousand only than he is not only screwed in the leadership scheme of things but will delight Khalid to no ends, wakakaka

    2. typo - **than** he is not only screwed - should be **then** he is not only screwed

  23. the kampung girl6:16 am, March 03, 2014

    KT,leopards have spots and tigers have stripes.May I know who are the leopards and who are the tigers.

    1. leopards are those who claim they have REFORMed but in truth haven't, wakakaka. Acording to Chinese supertitious belief, tigers are elder Brothers of leopards

  24. Ini mini miny moe6:26 am, March 03, 2014

    Gani Patail will see that Anwar comes back crawling to Umno or spend the rest of his wayang kulit life in Sg Buloh.

  25. the mean machine6:53 am, March 03, 2014

    Kaytee,Anwar's and PKR's Kajang roadshow has flopped miserably and big time.It is curtains down kawan.Only stupid fools and morons make these fu*cking mistakes.

  26. hentam kuat kuat6:58 am, March 03, 2014

    The PKR's circus has come to town,so do the clowns.Missing are the crowds,out watching Umno/BN's wayang kulit of Mei Fun and Tiong Lai.

  27. The new Kampung man7:18 am, March 03, 2014

    Mr KT,please do not compare the political opportunists to the proud jungle hunters called leopards.

  28. Anwar Ibrahim is well known for him impatience. It is both a strength and a fault.

    On the positive side, he pushes himself and others at a pace which .is amazing for a man approaching 70, and most uncharacteristic of a Malay leader. Anwar Ibrahim is still the core torchbearer for the Pakatan cause. His national criss-crossing campaign was no doubt a key factor in Pakatan winning the 54% popular vote.

    On the negative side it leads him into decisions and actions which can be self-destructive.
    His original fallout with Mahathir was partly his impatience to get to the top.
    916 , whatever the motives, whatever actually happened, was at least partly due to his impatience.
    The patient chipping away at a problem until it is solved or contained, often necessary in Government, is not for him. Ktemoc may call him man-man lai (in colloquial Mandarin it means "don't rush, take your time"....)
    , but Anwar is in reality anything BUT a man-man-lai person.

    On to the Mother-ship theory. The guy has an attention span of a few months, at a maximum. If a solution doesn't show results, he just writes it off, and moves on to something else.
    If Anwar has been patiently negotiating or scheming away for the last 10 years , since 2004, to get back into UMNO , it would be most most unusual of him.
    It could well be actually happening , I'm just saying it is very uncharacteristic.

    1. Selangor is the best example of why Anwar prefers to be in umno. Selangor is precisely where some Pakatan component members (PAS and DAP) have said "NO" to Azmin Ali. If BN has been the majority party in Selangor do you think MCA and MIC dare to say NO to the UMNO candidate, someone like Azmin?

      That's why Anwar prefers to be in UMNO! Besides, UMNO has been and still is the power house!

    2. That's KT logic fir u!

      Hello, it's 2014 & a post 2008 GE12 awakening! Maybe KT is still locked in that period for his nostalgia.

      Since then, the supporters, across all front within M'sia have a changed mindset. They no longer tolerate a Taiko approach that umno so used to. This is especially so within PR. Just look at the dissident voices to tell the pictures.

      If ever KT's leopard never change its spot - that's umno through & through. Not that they dont know, it's just that they dont like the cold-turkey aspect & while the going is still good, make hay while the sun shines!

      In KT's mind, PAS & DAP would be sub-servant to PKR, as if the BN gene is well & proper within PR. SOOOooooo one track mind wakakakaka!!!!!

      KT still think the people of Selangor r blur-sotongs, like the heartlanders.

      My only question is, could the public fall out arising out of this 'politics of possibility', withstand the tide of public opinion - something no one from UMNO or Pakatan can control?

    3. Yeah, weird logic from Ktemoc.

      No evidential link to the original issue, whether Anwar is really planning to rejoin the mother ship.

    4. Dato Sak's take;

      'Is it reasonable for us to imagine that Anwar wants to take over Selangor to use it as a bargaining chip to enter into the embrace of Kim Il Najib and become deputy PM? Why should a person who were once already a DPM and in fact stood in as PM when Mahathir went on an extended cruise on Ananda Krishnan’s luxury yacht, wants to become second in command serving under invertebrate Najib? It’s clear that whoever advances such a theory is paid by Najib to ensure Najib is fenced securely. That theory is as feasible as a camel passing through the eye of a needle.'

      Is KT paid by pink-lip?

      Can KT's camel aqueezes through that needle's eye?

  29. The Kajang Chinese will vote for a Cinabeng, in this case Chew Mei Fun.
    UMNO has solid core support who will vote BN no matter what.
    Of course, all the 3rd parties who are calling for voters to punish PKR for their betrayal will make some dents here and there.

    Anwar is headed for a defeat in Kajang.

    1. don't discriminate against the Indians - you must tell us who the Indians will vote for, wakakaka

    2. The Indians await the arrival of their hero Waythamoorthy to give them direction.
      Both BN , PKR , DAP are all mistrusted by the Indians after so many rounds of betrayal.
      It is likely they will just stay home and listen to Tamil songs on the radio.

    3. But Waytha himself has lost directions what, wakakaka

      And no Punjabi songs for yourself and other "countrymen"?

      BTW I have decided not to publish your other comment because it's too libellous wakakaka

    4. "too libellous"....what do you think this blog posting is ?

    5. Hmmm...........HAHAHAHAHA!

      I do wonder if Kaytee's sister's name is Cassandra.........HAHAHAHAHA!

      "Oh Cassandra, what did you know
      You who bring bad news wherever you go
      You had the gift to see the future TAPI BEH CUN ONE.
      From Apollo so it's said
      And he made no one believe you
      When you would not share his bed........share with whom hah? hahahahaha!
      Oh Cassandra, what did you see
      As you walked the lonely road of your certainty
      Gazing at the ruined city
      That your warnings could not save.........KAYTEE's the MALAYSIA JEREMIAH......or.......JONAH


  30. Get this right.....there is no such thing as a "Moral Victory" in elections.
    You win the vote, or you lose.
    Pakatan Rakyat arguably won a "Moral Victory" in GE13...a fat lot of difference that made. Opposition is Opposition, as long as you don't make the majority numbers.

  31. the kampung girl12:30 pm, March 03, 2014

    Even Hishamuddin Rais prefers to be sued then to appologise to Azmin.Go figure.

  32. the kampung girl12:34 pm, March 03, 2014

    Khalid says that he will go for the PKR number two spot.If the phamtoms do not come out to vote,Khalid has Azmin arse in sight.

  33. @ HY 8.10 pm

    Yes friend, I remember the marathon debate between Ellese and Raffick. But I did not contribute much - very minimal. I mentioned that from the Islamic angle “air, api (power) dan angin (udara)” should not be ever privatized.

    I did discuss a bit about rainfall harvesting and also tube wells. I was against tube wells because of my costly experience where I engaged a consultant and paid RM400,000 to install it, and six months later because of the huge drop in the underground water level, our building sank and cracked badly. We had to spent RM5.0 million to relocate, strengthening of the underground structures and on other major repair works to the building. You also did mention about the many sinkholes appearing on the roads.

    In hindsight, I believe Ellese was right and Raffick and also Khalid were wrong then. Ellese did mention about the need for water catchment area and water treatment plants to support the rapid development and the increasing population and also the weather factor. Ellese said cloud seeding is not effective if you do not have water catchment areas and treatment plants. He did give many western examples. Raffick was more concerned about the huge costs and environmental effects. BTW I think Raffick sometimes comments here in this blog under anonymous. I can tell his writing style.

    On the need for a new MB, I think Khalid will not resign – as KT has opined he has a strong “backer”. I am buying a gallery seat to watch Ibrahim vs Ibrahim, let the fireworks begin… and yes, I can still remember Ellese wants to kick Khalid's ass.. wakakaka.

    - hasan

    1. hasan, i am okay with khalid, i like his prudent n stingy style, i think he shd serve 2 full term. however i oso think he can continue to serve without being mb, i doubt he want to fight anwar.

      n i will definitely sponsor ellese a timberland boots.

    2. "timberland boots".... nah.. he is super duper rich... must him bring down to earth.... wellington boots cukup dah.

      - hasan