Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Judah ben Hur has arrived!

Remember our notorious Election Commisison and their ever-changing bullshit about the very delible indelible ink?

The EC leaderships were so inept that they wouldn't have been able to even save their two miserable lives if that had depended on decent plausible reason for the so-called indelible ink becoming easily delible, preferably provided in the first instant the explanation was required.

Their excuses were exceedingly and easily knocked off the perch of credibility for sheer moronic implausibility:
  • EC staff didn't shake the ink bottle well enough 
  • silver nitrate in ink reduced on advice of Health Ministry as it might cause kidney damage and cancer - New Health Minister S Subramaniam retorted PORDAH to EC 
  • ink deliberately made more delible to allow Muslims to perform ablution prior to prayers (the apparatchiks' standard resort to 'agama' to save their skins - then why even bother to claim ink was indelible or to use it?) 
  • ink had edible oil (why was it there then?) 
  • some bastards deliberately rubbing off the ink, wakakaka - surely this one is the best or perhaps worst BS that was. 

Weren't those two EC clowns mediocre? But then 'mediocre' would have been too kind a word for them.

But now, someone has decided to outdo them, their greatest critics, wakakaka.

A couple of days back, in my letter to Malaysiakini yesterday titled The ‘Kajang betrayal’ and Princess Diana (anyone dapat 4-D yet? wakakaka) I discussed the reasons excuses provided for that f**king around of the democratic process (no, this time it's not of frogological nature, wakakaka) were, variously:

  • to “strengthen” or “save” PKR (we heard both versions)
  • a “tactical” move which soon became
  • a “strategic” one to combat the evils of Mahathirism following the pending disposal of Prime Minister (PM) Najib Abdul Razak,
  • to showcase Selangor as a shining example of Pakatan rule,
  • to resist racial and religious incitements,
  • to make Selangor as Anwar’s launch pad to take Putrajaya.

Oh yes, the santan was added each day until it beat the richness (lemak-ness) of my fave Penang chendol at Padang Brown. As a Malay would say of PKR’s transforming justification(s), semakin tambah semakin lemak, an increasingly richer embellishment with such succeeding attempt to explain Lee Chin Cheh’s abandonment of the people of Kajang so as make way for Anwar Ibrahim’s entry into the Selangor state assembly and hopefully, his eventual appointment as the state’s menteri besar (MB).

Political analyst Khoo Kay Peng was reported by as saying in its article Analyst:Will Rafizi quit if Selangor is not toppled?, that he found the political picture painted by Rafizi - that a faction aligned to former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was moving to "remove" Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak – to be quite far-fetched, meaning it's preposterous or outlandish, or in uncouth language, bullshit, wakakaka.

"But how can they lose Selangor when they hold more than two-thirds majority here? And even if Anwar is incorporated into the state government, what can he do if people want to leave the party? If they are truly concerned over the scenario, then call for a state-wide election and let the people choose again."

So ... I wasn't the only one who didn't accept the 'semakin tambah, semakin lemak' excuses coming from the PKR coconut.


Oh BTW, Khoo, the answer is 'no' to your question as per the's article title, Rafizi won't quit lah - he's PKR, you know, wakakaka!

And I wrote rather presciently, Give them a few more weeks and I’m confident those embellishments will attain Ben Hur-ish proportions.

Well, Judah ben Hur has arrived, and in style too as per the Year of the Horse, wakakaka.

good lord, it's Charleston Heston, former/late President of the NRA
is it true some in NRA shoot bullshitters in the mouths, wakakaka

TMI's We need Anwar in Selangor to prevent Putrajaya declaring state of emergency, says PKR informed us:

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim 's presence in Selangor is vital to prevent Putrajaya from declaring a state of emergency to wrest control of the richest state,  PKR strategist Rafizi Ramli said today.

He said Barisan Nasional/Umno had done this in Kelantan in 1977 when it declared a state of emergency and subsequently grabbed power from PAS.

"This is one of the possibilities which we cannot rule out based on the escalating race and religious tension in Selangor," he said in response to why Anwar needed to contest in the Kajang by-election.

BN Youth smashing up international forum Apcet II in KL

would this hooliganism by BN Youth require a state of emergency?
Guess who was the acting PM when it happened, wakakaka
(hint: it was not Dr Mahathir. Note the word 'acting', wakakaka)

Can you spot Saifuddin Nasution the PKR sec-gen among the thugs, wakakaka
(maybe he was there as a frontline observer, wakakaka)

Though Khoo Kay Peng has already provided the answer to the coconut bull, wakakaka, I would love to present some of TMI commentators' views (those who ARE actually supportive of PKR, wakakaka), as follows:

Ok, I think Rafizi should stop spurting out justification for Kajang Move. I think most of us already accept although quite bitterly, that it is as an important move. So just stop giving excuse and move on.


Next he will say Anwar for Kajang cos it it is to avoid coup d'tat. Good joke...and he should just shut up. Don't disgrace PKR any more.


Just a thought.
If BN should be planning an emergency to take over Selangor, what's the difference with Anwar in the State Assembly or not? I believe other PR politicians are equally capable to withstand. Whatever the reason, PR is still a better State Govt compared to BN. Only concern here is, make sure Anwar is not appointed as MB. This will open a floodgate of taking the ppl of Selangor for granted and insulting their intelligence


PKR still has not explained how the Anwar factor will prevent UMNO from doing what they say UMNO-BN is going to do. Yes, we voted for PAKATAN. But for PAKATAN not to be another UMNO-BN. We want to know, how is that going to make a difference? We will respect a good and intelligent answer. And if that answer is not good, we may just not vote for PAKATAN in the next election to let you know how we feel and that the electorate and tax payers money are not to be toyed with.

Rafizi 's sequel punya sequel explanation.....even Fast n Furious sequels can't match the speed of his pusing cerita..

Initially, Anwar was needed to ensure "resurface roads, proper rubbish collection, street lights well-lit..."

Now, dangling the putrajaya carrot - why? Oh yeah, cos pemuda PAS sudah apply the brakes.

What do you guys propose to do should BN come bulldozing its way for an emergency rule? Ask Anwar to 
step inside the phone booth and come out with his superman suit?

cepat cepat, UMNO coming liao lah!


If BN does the unthinkable (and we know they are exceptionally capable at such things), they will still face the wrath of the electorate; this isn't 1977.

What we don't need is another umno rising out the ashes - namely, PKR.

You know, when someone over-explained or worse, kept changing the explanations, you can bet that he/she didn't get it right in the first place or more likely, had been spinning, so the EC is now facing stiff competition, wakakaka. Pot and kettle eh? wakakaka again.

But c'mon lah, have some faith in Anwar, Rafizi and Azmin, wakakaka. Give Anwar another chance lah, okay? Wakakaka!


  1. KT,

    That's why RR is a strategist, while u r easily fall prey to yr vainglorious self-righteousness! Alone the way, losing the big picture sense of scheme, due also to yr pet hate about the proposed antagonist AI!

    U hate umno, & yet time & again, u help this racist hegemony up their ante (un)knowingly. How long have u been 'involving' yrself in the scheme of M'sia politic, such that u CANT see the BIG PICTURE?

    I would have thought that old birds like u, would has a trained intuition about political treachery way before it happens. This six-sense explains why LKS's call for a possible re-enactment of the May13 due to the currently increasing racial/religious happenstances. His sense is strong BUT his fighting spirit has mellowed, possibly due to his age, thus the call for apology for the kangkung flashmob.

    To paraphrase Clinton - 'it's politics, bodoh!'

    Moreover, for a strategist worst the money, Sunzi's art of war must be played closed to the heart. So as everyone is confused, friends & foes alike.

    The Kajang Move has played its effect.

    1st everyone is caught off-guarded, especially so umno.

    There r conjectures, postulations, spins & (horsing goodness) political analyses by self-proclaimed 'experts' (KT???). R these people in the loop of the scheme, or they r just dying to give their two sen worth, indirectly giving some breathing time/space to umno to re-think/re-direct its next moves?

    See how quiet is umno now? What happen to all the pro-umno ngos' 'aggressive & provocative moves' NOW? Anymore inconsequential police reports about kalimah Allah being filed? Teresa's CNY satire piece just shown how dis-orientated & lack of projected follow-ups r the umno propagandizing machinery alone their railway-track scheming!

    U SHOULD read Dato Sak's latest piece -, to have a slight glimpse of this out-of-box thinking.

    & it's brilliantly targeted & captured by RR.

    Some of u MIGHT shot back & say this is another bull, just like those conjectures etc mentioned above.

    Never mind, time WOULD tell & 1st thing 1st - onward Kajang!!

    1. BIG difference between strategist and bullshitter, and quite frankly no one is confused. Everyone but the most blind-bat anwaristas know that it's all about Anwar serving Azmin in his feud with Khalid.

      UMNO/BN is quiet because it doesn't have a candidate (it is prepared to nominate) that won't be spit out by the 41% Chinese voters in Kajang who would/will vote against BN, and not because of Anwar's popularity - and that's one reason why Anwar has chosen that seat, but ironically it proves the point that Rafizi's scare info about UMNO taking Selangor over by emergency rule is pure grade bull, and also because we all know should that ever happen, Anwar can do f**k-all about it.

  2. The Kajang by-election is an amazing cornucopia , with something in it for everyone.

    Anwar will likely be able to claim victory possibly eventually be Selangor MB.
    BN can claim "moral victory" from being likely to reduce the PKR majority ( a good number of people are unhappy with the PKR "betrayal")

    PKR is going all over the place making all kinds of explanations.
    Anti-PKR critics are having a great time doing a turkey shoot.

    PAS may well end up with the Selangor MB seat.
    DAP will exact its pound of flesh.

    Kajang voters will get all kinds of Goodies once the campaigning starts.

    Everybody goes home happy.

    Who says by-elections are bad ?

    1. I sure would like to know what's in it for Lee Chin Cheh. Let's keep an eye open for that.

  3. Keep Calm.......
    Keep Calm.......

    Very Good advice to Ktemoc, who seems to be all worked up over Anwar Ibrahim...

    You never know, Kajang voters just may end Anwar's political career.

  4. I dun quite understand what is so betrayal or undemocratic about by election, or to be specific, this by election.

    1. nothing wrong with any by-elections. It's the unwarranted resignation by Lee Chin Cheh that was a betrayal. Kajang voters elected Lee Chin Cheh to represent them; hardly 9 months passed before he abandoned them and their trust in him, and for what? but the facilitation of Anwar Ibrahim into the Selangor assembly because of PKR internal politics (and let's not pretend it has not been that). It's an abuse of the democratic process.

      The Kajang people have been disrespectfully made into play tools for the personal interests of some PKR pollies. Why didn't Azmin resign from his Bkt A'bangsa seat to enable Anbwar to stand in it, when he as Gombak MP, could still serve Bkt A'bangsa in his MP capacity? Because he lusts after the MB position and to be MB he must cling on to Bkt A'bangsa state seat and f**ked out Lee from Kajang.

  5. I am PJ Utara and far removed from the Kajang hullabaloo. I just view this as a betrayal to the Kajang constituents for LCC to quit. Giving it a label of "strategic" doesn't erase the rising bad smell. Kajang folk have been taken for a ride.

    And then when Anwar comes up with "what I will do when I am MB" is seriously laughable. Just remember this peeps....he has been thwarted and outsmarted repeatedly, gone back on his word countless times, unable to access and influence the necessary parties to effect a firm stand on ANYTHING (take for instance his stand on the often sullied 3Rs) and yet some quarters want to use him as the battering ram into Putrajaya via the MB's office. Strategic huh?

    I recall his timed late entrances into the Bersih ralles and the pathetic attempts to usurpe Ambiga and Haris's thunder. Anwar was never the teamplayer. Anwar the de facto leader of the weakest party has been riding the coattails of PAS and DAP. And now Bn ammo is targeting Teresa Kok. Next on the target hit list would be a PAS brother.Nothing will stop BN from creating an Emergency to thwart Anwar in his tracks yet again.

    In the meantime go supermarket and stock up ok?

    1. U forget to thank KT big time for u to gain yr 12-piece of silver.

    2. 12? you're like some pro Anwar people who couldn't count, eg. that 140 beats 82, wakakaka

    3. See yr inherent ego?

      Who r u to tell me about the AMOUNT that I quoted?

      Yr bible? My holy book? Or MY CHOICE?

      In yr syok-sendiri sense (it's this another of yr Freudian slip???); 140 does beat 82! Then, do u actually realise that in certain counting order, 82 can beats 140! Know which one?

      What a prick!!!!!

    4. wakakak, that's what you 916 people believed, that 82 beat 140 - wakakakakakaaa

      and your "cleverness" based your 12-pieces of silver on wakakaka 12 apostles, wakakaka

  6. Walau-eh, what a 10/20 hind-sight! Wakakakaka, have to do a LOTF act too, just to go with it.!

    Let's give u some more 'irrelevancies' to shoot turkey;

    1) Who sack Azmin from PKNS board?

    2) Who r the holy of the holies members of RR? Azmin & gangs?

    3) R there kataks waiting to jump, on the command of someone, & who that someone is? Again, Azmin & gangs?

    4) 'UMNO/BN is quiet because it doesn't have a candidate (it is prepared to nominate) that won't be spit out by the 41% Chinese voters in Kajang who would/will vote against BN'? Do they still have one? Lee Chong Wei?

    & who is talking about the response to Kajang Move? I meant the ON-GOING kalimah Allah provocations as hinted by that piggy Nor & is simmering all over the Selangor heartland. Then, how could u know what's happening HERE, when u r so cock-sure comfort, spilling out yr usual AL-bashings UD?

    5) 'strategist and bullshitter' - who's who. Soon, time (within 6-months) will tell. Will KT then retire from M'sia sopo writings & be naturalized Ozzie so as not to face the Kajangites?

    1. in my 9 years of blogging I have been consistent in my alerts about Anwar and his questionable reformasi credentials and I haven't been proven wrong yet

  7. Last night I dreamt of Princess Diana. She was dressed in white, with her neckline opened, revealing her bosom through her white chador of modesty…her eyes peering through and staring straight at me. I gazed at her beauty with my mouth opened.
    Before I could say a word, she said, “Charles is stupid. He thinks he could be the ruler. He does not know that her mother will outlive him and thus he shall not become the King.” Exorcised, I asked her… “Princess Di, what about a 4D?” She said, “What a stupidity to pass up a sure thing for a more promising possibility, you also run the risk of losing both the sure thing and the promising possibility”. Then I suddenly woke up and found myself lying on a couch, and for a little while I thought I was Dodi…

    1. a 'wet' dream but don't it drown you, wakakaka

  8. Sun Tzu's game being played out and UMNO dummies are still waiting for the order to march into battle.

    And we have KT here trying to divert attention from the real battle. What a hypocrite who can't see that his spinnings don't work anymore to the intellengentia public.

    1. as I wrote above, in my 9 years of blogging I have been consistent in my alerts about Anwar and his questionable reformasi credentials and I haven't been proven wrong yet

  9. Unless a significant no. of disgruntled PKR (MPs) members abandons en-masse ,perhaps led by high profile names in the PKR ranks.and joins the other side. maybe UMNO dangling the MB or even juicier carrots on the federal level.? Perak just needed a few of those and look what happened..! afterall, betrayal to many politicians is just like changing into a better suit and improved environmenr....far fetched? perhaps ..!..still tamer than rafizi's caution....

    1. there are only 14 PKR ADUNs. Even if all of them defect, it won't allow UMNO (12) -PKR (14) to hold majority rule as PAS + DAP = 30 ADUNs in a 56 seat DUN in Selangor. But we may be confident that NOT all PKR ADUNs will defect, nor will any PAS or DAP people.

  10. Since we are on the subject of Ben Hur......

    This might interest "Allah" warriors and various other race/ religion / royal supremacists...
    Ben Hur was a Judean and the "Ben" has the same roots and meaning as "Bin" in Arabic, meaning son-of.

    A lot of these words are not Islamic copyright as many "Katak Bawah Tempurungs" think , but are part of the ancient common heritage of the Semitic peoples, long pre-dating Islam.


  11. Still on the subject of Ben-Hur.....

    I was a Secondary School student when the movie was released (circa 1960) ...

    Of few points to note.
    The movie had a heavy dose of Christian ethos in it (proselytization ?).
    At the time, it was freely shown without restrictions in Malayan cinemas. Today a similar movie would probably be banned, or restricted to Church audiences only.

    I remember going to watch Ben Hur together with my Malay classmates. We mixed very freely in English schools in those days.
    I don't recall a single one of my Muslim friends ever became Murtad from watching Christianity-tinged movies or socialising freely with Chinese and Indian Christians.

    1. Ben,

      U r talking about a sub-species of Melayu, who r almost extincted!

      The extinction comes, the moment BTN was established by that infamous mamak - to strengthen AlifBaTa just for the Melayu ONLY.

      Nowaday, majority of the Melayu r arabised, with many of their OWN traditions disowned/discarded due to the interpretations of the ulama.

  12. Hooray to KT, soonest there would be a ‘Dato’ title infront! U minion takes note!

    Already, EC is starting its usual umno gung-ho move – 55 days till vote casting & 12 days of campaigning!

    Of course, EC would work its usual ‘wonders’ of electoral black magic. But umno still needs outside inputs, so that this ‘delayed’ election can works her magic fuuly in Kajang.

    That’s where KT comes in, free-lance & blur-sotong-ish (someone like KT, tsk…tsk..!!!), working for his sworn enemy!

    How so?

    BN/umno’s paid spin-masters/cypertroopers r known species, even though there r now licensed & underground versions. The moment they spell ‘A’, the content is trashed. Many well-read city-dwellers would NOT takes two hoots about their writings. They CAN only play to the already-converted. The effect would be minute at best in Kajang.

    Sworn umno bashing writer like KT, is a different catch altogether. The Kajang voters, especially those fence-sitters & recently dis-enchanted, would take note, especially when its content is hitting PR rather than BN, a rather un-usual piece of Brutus-ish rants!

    So, umno gladly stretches the election duration to the maximum, so as to let pieces like KT’s to be well fermented, among the Kajangites. After all it’s to their advantage, yes, KT?

    So, big picture again?

    Or u r just bend on vending yr egoistic & personal anger, just like that half-anmoh.

    1. wakakaka, so pathetic lah. Actually I'll work pro bono to be against Anwar and Azmin, wakakaka but I wouldn't say no to donations (beer, cash or bah-kut-teh) wakakaka again

    2. Dato KT, kindly pocket your wage etc and shut up !

    3. So, readers be warned!!

      KT is a small picture man, who is willing to sacrifice BIGGER common good to satisfy his personal vendetta ego!

      He had said so even pro bono!

      Anyway what's a difference between pro bono & free-lance? One comes with hinted donations while the other is totally personal?

      No wonder, loyar always use pro bono, rather than free-lance. Is KT a legal vulture in his spare time? Wakakakaka

  13. Datuk Wira Ktemoc has a nice ring to it , yeah ?....hehehe...


    Never read so much crap from Zaid Ibrahim before, on the subject of the Kajang by-election.

    Has he gone bonkers ?

  15. Pu****k!

    Try answering this;

    1. how about this wakakaka

  16. Hello Anon @ 9.23am

    “ Of course, EC would work its usual ‘wonders’ “

    Look how cleverly is EC in making their point!

    Jangan ikut rasa nanti binasa. Biar lambat asalkan selamat. Nin Man Zou…


    1. I selalu ikut otak, majanx2 business pula!

      Hati punya hal untuk bini s'ja. Lain, tak masuk kira pun.

      As a supposedly independent & impartial commission, it's not displaying the required trust that the rakyat place on it.

      EC, as it stands NOW, is a puppeteered cukong, nothing less.

      Cleverly is not the word, scum that bite-the-hand-that-feed-it is the most appropriate word.

    2. To the EC it does not matter what people think of Najib or Anwar. You are absolutely right, for that matter the EC is not even bother what the majority wants. What matters most to the EC is to follow the rules. In this regard, the law said 60 days. Has the EC broken that rule? Why do you want to protest? You are the one who is ‘headwind-ed’ or ‘kepala angin’. You want to be the judge, the jury and executioner because of your uncontrollable internal militant wrath to overthrow the government.


    3. Playing for words...tsk...tsk.. never know that yr can be one-up on semantic, just like that half anmoh on democracy (HY has given a very abridge counter-argument)!

      Yes, EC has not broken the rule. It's still within the 60day period, but historically when did EC ever be so gung-ho about stretching to the legal limit?

      Every time, in the past, EC would conduct the by-erection as quick as possible - ALWAYS to the advantage of the puppeteers.

      What gives this time? Waiting for the 3Rs to ferment kau-kau kan?

      About ‘headwind-ed’ or ‘kepala angin’, u r preaching to the wrong guy.

      Know who r most prone & proud about their 'amokness'? Some of u r so high on it that it MUST be encoded in yr gene! For u people, everything MUST be well-defined, otherwise the keliru set in. Emotion overshadows logic - thus the often quote of hati over otak! Yr ancient knew u people SO MUCH better than the more 'advanced' u!

      Then, '....uncontrollable internal militant wrath to overthrow the government.' Yes I would do free-lance (not similar to KT's pro bono) to kick umno out of PutraJaya. & no need militant approach, bcoz this umno govt is self-imploding sooner than its shell-life.

      Meanwhile. u can do better to preach to yr blur-sotong kindred about causing another May13 to strengthen yr tongkat urge. Bcoz, when that happen, there might not be anything left for the ketuanan (closet one likes u too) to be proud of & to scheme on!

  17. Yeah, kaytee is having a wet dream that finally his nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim. Yes, The one who fingered his sister's cat would lose the election. Just like Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang & Mahathir bin Mohammad nong nong time ago......

    While you giys & gals are fighting, just eat this pile of shit

    It seems people never ever learn........

    Hisham Rais has made a good case about people like kaytee

    Awal sekali saya ingin menerangkan kepada ‘kaki bising’ yang membuat bising apabila DUN Kajang dikosongkan. Kaki bising ini dikenali sebagai ‘ chattering class’ atau Kelas Berleter. Dalam kes Kajang merekalah yang mula membuat andaian diawan-awan. Adaian tanpa memahami realpolitik. Tanpa berlatarkan pemahaman politik berasaskan kelas dan ekonomi.


    Kelas Berleter menentang rasuah. Mereka mahu pilihanraya bersih. Tetapi apabila diajak bersama berusaha menjatuhkan United Malays National Organisation mereka dengan pantas akan mendabik dada sambil berkata bahawa mereka ‘ non partisan’. Bermakna mereka tidak menyebelahi Pakatan atau Barisan. Secara tetiba ilmu pelajaran dan fikrah mereka menjadi kontot apabila orang ramai terutama anak muda ingin menggulingkan United Malays National Organisation. Mereka menjadi takut dan kecut melihat ombak ribuan anak muda ke jalan raya. Kelas Berleter ini gagal memahami punca utama yang menyebabkan Malaysia menjadi saperti Malaysia hari ini.



    1. Bravo, demonize or try to shut up those who disagree or tell the truth, wakakaka

    2. I strongly suggest you should read Hisham Rais's article carefully. Plus after do some meditation. It's good for your soul.

      By the way, don't listen too much of this song........Hahahahaha......Jigsaw.......That's an aussie band lei

      Again you don;t really seem to know what's happening in selangor. Not even in Kajang. Ok la, you are just an aussie lang la

    3. Let's see if I am one of those 'non partisan' :

      a. I march with the Bersih rallies....shouting myself hoarse and braving all the toxic yellow fumes and air pedas

      b. I donated and will continue to donate ( bukan banyak sangat'alum lah have to keep body and soul together too, hehe ) whenever Haris Ibrahim puts out the begging bowl, or whenever RPK sounded the clarion calls ( during those days when he was still 'himself' sebelum dia sudah jadi 'aneh' ), or donate to those causes which work towards preventing this country walking to its doom.

      c. I participated in those night vigils and ended up playing hide and seek with the officers coming at us with batons and whatnot

      d. I signed countless petitions hoping for some meaningful solution

      e. I volunteered to participate in whatever capacities applicable during the election period, be it in the counting rooms, the distribution of flyers, ferrying the voters to the voting booths etc etc

      f. I read blogs and put in my 2 cents worth, if this count for anything at all, hehe

      g. I make sure to vote at every GE, even if I have to cancel important event or have to travel miles to come back to vote.

      BUT MOST IMPORTANT of all.........I take note of the exhortations of our new leaders in the Oppositions....that is....we are NOT like Umno, we will NOT be like them, we BELIEVE in reformasi, transparency, accountability.

      So if one of my new leaders made 'fishy' move/s that appear to be lacking in transparency, not credible, untrustworthy.......should I remain silent and be like the die-hard supporters of Umno, to believe blindly and support blindly, should not other words, be very partisan ? But did not our new leaders keep reminding us NOT to be like those fanatical Umno supporters ?

      You just can't have it both ways, you know

      If there are a lot of the people out there who are still unclear, still unconvinced, isn't it the duty of the leaders to take heed and reflect/rethink, instead of attempting to ignore or even shut these people up ? So how different are you from Umno when you have full power ?

    4. What's yr BIG picture gain????

  18. just to explore further, how is it a betrayal when kajang people is again given a choice to choose who to represent them? i think this by election is in fact pretty democratic. but of course it is up to the kajang people to swallow or reject pkr reason or excuse.

    democracy is an interesting topic, if u do read the mt host on democracy, he talk only majority rule, but not minority rights, he also assert that hitler come to power thru democratic process, but never mention that it’s the subsequent loss of democratic rights that create a 'evil'. pity this turncoat that have to write shit even though knowing that he cant wiggle himself of this very basic fact of democracy.

    and i think anwar is equally consistence if not more, he is with the opposition for more than 9 years.

    1. HY, the thing is the people of Kajang HAVE ALREADY made their choice of representative in Lee Chin Cheh. Hasn't it been a betrayal he abandoned them? And for what or rather for whom? Surely you don't expect me (and Ambiga and a host of pro Pakatan people like Neil Khor, etc etc) to believe that bull coming out from PKR??

      Anwar consistent? He has been trying to get back into UMNO for years, showing glimpses of his true colours on a number of occasions, like the crooked bridge affair which I posted years back, and 'ambushing' AAB in Hulu Langat. When Nurul was married, guess who had to be outside and who were treated like most honoured guests inside his house?

    2. KT....I am imploring you.....please refrain from wasting any more time to even trying to explain the umpteen-th time, what is what to some one who can't even differentiate between food and foot, wakakaka.

      Imagine even coming up with this idiotic question...."is it a betrayal when kajang people is again given a choice to choose who to represent them?" ..... is this sheer stupidity or total clueless-ness ? Or maybe both ?

    3. Dear HY, to me, his image, integrity and credibility to lead the country have been tarnished. When he was in the government he had done nothing to fight against cronyism and corruption. Did not he and his family members as well as his coterie/crony are also in the list of those who received government related contracts/projects? To me, his pledge to retire from politics if PR did not win the GE13 has cost him the little credibility that he has left with.
      Indeed, the right of recall should be electorates’ initiated. What are the issues that Kajang voters are not happy with? Did the Kajang voters yell “We want Khalid out and we want AI or AA or RR to be the MB”? Who admitted that he had master-minded the Kajang Move? How much money will PKR allocate for this forced by-election just because “If I become the MB of Selangor”. Can we just say lets cap it at RM250.0 million? How much will BN spend? The EC has allocated RM1.6 million. Is it not a clear betrayal to waste the peoples’ money for an uncalled-for democracy?


    4. Why so selectively, economically?

      Or u can only see as far as Kajang?

      Imagine if Pemou really retires & forces a new state election in S'wak, how much WOULD that cost? One thing for sure, cost of Kajang by-election would be a real peanut in comparison.

      A clear betrayal to waste the peoples’ money, yes?

      Play the moral issue again? What's the difference, again?

      Closer at hand, the RM400M 'compensation' to the toll operators is ACTUALLY what? A run-away profit, coming out of tax-payers' money, to the umno cronies!

      A realistic administration, with people's money at heart, WOULD have renegotiated the toll contracts, to reduce the one-sided guaranteed toll increment. Only in M'sia, can such concession contract be allowed in a almost monopolistic business venture!

      Again, who blunders this money?

      Dont u mentioned about TNB, an idiotic organisation (disguised as business), whose 'business skill' is to ask for tariff increment in order to survive. If those morons at TNB really know business, they would have save million of profit from EX hedging. Ever heard of an ultility monopoly losing RM400M just on FX?

      There, u have it on a-clear-betrayal-to-waste-the-peoples’-money 101.

  19. "Crooked Bridge Affair" was initiated in 2003, by which time Anwar was long ensconced in Hotel Sungai Buloh..
    What's it go to do with Anwar ?

    Or maybe like Mafia Dons, he still worked plenty of deals by proxy even from within "HM Hotel" walls.

    1. Read my to see how he was trying to worm himself back into AAB's grace and of course UMNO the party, wakakaka.

      This was what I meant by "He has been trying to get back into UMNO for years, showing glimpses of his true colours on a number of occasions, like the crooked bridge affair which I posted years back ..."

  20. @anon 12.27 & 2.08pm

    I would love to give some validity to your argument. But alas, I just couldn’t. Because I feel that you have invented/factored in a great deal of irrelevant assumptions/imaginations/fore-sights in order to buttress your position. In fact, your analysis and distillation of the facts and issues in the post/article is very negligible.

    Your comments are not based on felt ideals but are more akin to slander. It is an outlet of your emotion, not to solve the problems, but to intoxicate and inculcate hatred, frustration, vanity and the destructive fury/mayhem of 513 in the minds of the readers.

    Your ‘hati’ is so ‘keras’ and filled with hate for the Malay race, religion and royalty that it makes you see the reality upside down. You would just love to uproot the Malays from their ancestral land and bury them in the dustbins of history, wouldn’t you? Tsk...Tsk...Tsk...


  21. Ha, given speak to cover yr ass?

    U cant give ANY validity to my argument bcoz u have NONE!

    And I believe, for all the readers here they KNOW who's the one that r bend on inculcate whatevers that come with the May13 mayhem.

    Like I mentioned before, I DONT waste my hati, keras or not (anyway isn't this fitnah & against yr religion's teaching??), on people like u.

    Tsk..tsk.. just like some of my Melayu pals said, the current crop of Melayu Baru has two faces - one with thin skin while the other's thick. When facing criticisms (constructive/demoralising) by others not from their own kind, they get marah quickily. That's bcoz they r using the thin skin face. However in the situation of ' orang UMNO masuk kedalam rumah kita, meniduri anak2 perempuan kita atau pun isteri2 kita, maka kita katakan- tidak mengapa kerana UMNO itu Melayu.' the thick skin version is used.

    Indeed, yr ancient ancestors r much much wiser than the modern one! Care to guess whose fault?

    BTW, care to point out where I'd mentioned/implied to uproot the Malays from their ancestral land and bury them in the dustbins of history?

    Call yrself a Muslim? Yr fitnah is, same as those hooligans who performed blood sacrifice ritual in public, desecrating Islam to no end!

    U r just a closet racist & hypocrite that has been exposed!

    So, all u cant extract yrself out of the cess-pool u made yrself fell into, is to give ad hominen attack. Ask KT what's that he seems to have pick it up quick recently.

    1. My threads are mild and polite and always related to the topic as posted. Yours aren’t. The Malays said ‘merapu’. It is you who abused and ridiculed me and do you expect that I would not show my hurt and displeasure? If you throw mud at me then you can expect me to throw it back at you.

      I read you as an ungrateful person who believes that Malays and Chinese are natural bitter rivals and you have acted upon that belief in your writes and perhaps in your personal life too. You are nothing but a bounder who has forgotten his place and who has brought damnation upon his own head. Period.


    2. Dont throw rubbish at me!

      ' ungrateful person who believes that Malays and Chinese are natural bitter rivals and you have acted upon that belief in your writes and perhaps in your personal life too.'

      Dont used one-liner like this when u ran out of facts (iff there is any in the 1st place!!). Demolish my argument with F-A-C-T-S lah. Or could it be the truth fact WOULD make u keliru?

      Still DONT understand ad hominen argument,..Tsk...tsk, I demand my seed money back in producing people like u!