Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Will Kajang provide a surprise?

TMI - BN boleh menang DUN Kajang, kata Pak Lah

you know, in 1987 he was on winning Team A while I was in Team B
16 years later I became PM while he .. heh heh .. ta'usah sebutlah ... heh heh
I'm NOT as sleepy as you may think .. heh heh heh

Bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berkata Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bukanlah halangan besar untuk Barisan Nasional (BN) menawan kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Kajang pada pilihan raya kecil 23 Mac itu.

Katanya, BN boleh memenanginya jika berjaya menjelaskan isu semasa yang dibangkitkan terutama daripada pembangkang.

Good lord (wakakaka), can it be true that Anwar Ibrahim bukanlah halangan besar untuk BN menawan kerusi DUN Kajang pada pilihan raya kecil 23 Mac itu? [not a major obstacle to BN winning the Kajang state seat in the by-election?]

But everyone is assuming it'll be a walkover for Mr Manmanlai. Even RPK has in his post The Palace Power Play written:

Anwar Ibrahim is going to win 80% of the votes in Kajang, says the Pekida veteran, a hardcore Datuk Harun Idris man since way back before 1969.

Considering that almost 50% of the Kajang voters are Malays, 40% Chinese and
10% Indians, this prediction may be true after all. With the Chinese mobilised behind the Dong Zong and the Indians recharged by Waytha Moorthy’s recent resignation from the government and his condemnation of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, it appears that Anwar may be able to sail in with a much larger majority than what CC Lee won in May 2013.

Is it possible the unthinkable may happen?

Of late, Anwar Ibrahim has been accused of Ops Lalang. Technically that's not true as Dr Mahathir (then PM and Home Minister) was the person who okay-ed the police launching the pre-emptive sapu-semua-masuk-lokap dragnet but only after MCA Minister Lee Kim Sai was coincidentally away in Australia for holidays, wakakaka.

Lee's then-bete noire, Ah Jib 'Tee' (at that time not yet 'Gor', wakakaka) was of course UMNO-teflon-ized and needn't take any holiday leave abroad, wakakaka.

hello there, isn't that Chandra Muzaffar 2nd from left?

But it must be truthfully said that Anwar was the man who started the education ball rolling towards its acrimonious fiery climax resulting in the draconian Ops Lalang when he as Education Minister initiated a policy that, in the perception of worried Chinese parents and teachers [correct or otherwise], threatened vernacular education and thus the future of their children.

Thus it could be said he or his ministerial policy brought the Chinese together, wakakaka, achieving the unheard of 'Chinese unity' for an elusive illusory moment of glory but which turned out to be substantially ill-fated for quite a few people, wakakaka.

All political parties that had vast interests or investments in the Chinese community, like MCA, Gerakan, SUPP, DAP and other Chinese-based parties saw no alternative but to congregate together with Dong Jiao Zong* at the Shaolin (wakakaka) Hainanese Association Building, beside the Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur, to protest against what they saw as the vile policy of then-Education Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

* comprises both Jiao Zong (The United Chinese Schools Teachers' Association) and Dong Zong (United Chinese School Committees' Association)

the humble Shaolin Temple
 the one not razed by Manchu troops
(there were 2)

Mind you, today Dong Zong wants Anwar to (as reported by FMT) "... help to resolve the issue involving the donation of a 100-acre campus land in Sepang to New Era University College which has been delayed for 14-years.

Yap also hoped that Anwar would allocate land of at least five acres for the reinstatement of the Yu Hua Chinese secondary school, and ensure that higher education institutions under the Selangor state government would recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) of Malaysian Independent Chinese secondary schools."

Do you think Anwar will say 'yes' or 'manmanlai'? wakakaka.

After Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and poor Chandra Muzaffar plus many others were served free nasi kari kosong in Kem Kamunting, Dr Mahathir explained the necessity of Ops Lalang as (words to the effect) Chinese history had shown that it bode no good when Chinese parties gathered together at a temple to protest against the government.

the not so humble Thean Hou Temple in KL
Malaysia memang Boleh lah, wakakaka

Though the Chinese political parties and Dong Jiao Zong had actually gathered at the Hainanese Association Building, it was the Thean Hou Temple next door that was seen as symbolic of Chinese rebellion.

Dr Mahathir was of course referring to the Shaolin Temple as a centre of rebellion (or sanctuary for rebels) during Qing (Manchu) dynastic rule. Hmmm, I wonder whether in saying that he was a kungfu movie aficionado or a well-advised PM, wakakaka.

Okay, the BN campaign to discredit Anwar Ibrahim in the eyes of the Chinese voters in Kajang continued with stories of his involvement in the May 13 incident. Though I'm well aware of him being the UMNO Education Minister whose education policy lit the fire that led to Ops Lalang, I have to admit I haven't heard of his involvement in the May 13 incident before, therefore I have nothing to say on this.

But if this story were to find traction with the Kajang Chinese, especially the middle age and elderly group, then he could be in trouble ... at least with the more senior Chinese.

From all these stories about Anwar and his past relationship with the Chinese now emanating from BN, the crucial element for victory in the by-election seems to be the key Chinese voters, who once again find themselves in an awkward kingmaker's role, one which they dread and don't want (for fear of annoying one old man and the 'apa-lagi-Cina-mahu' group, wakakaka).

Whatever, BN has now thrown the kitchen sink at him as well, in the unlikely person of Ibrahim Ali.

Ibrahim Ali claiming he was speaking in his personal capacity and not as the Perkasa Chief has not only voiced his support for MCA's Chew Mei Fun but played on Chinese feelings as can be perceived in the following Malaysiakini report Why Chinese sacrificed in Kajang:

I like Chinese lah ... er ... during my off office hours
or Boss will be marah one


According to the former Pasir Mas MP, a Chinese candidate was “used” by PKR to trigger the by-election to solve the party's internal issue when there are other Malay candidates who could have stepped forward. 

“The question is, why was (Kajang incumbent) Lee Chin Cheh the one chosen to resign (to pave way for a by-election)? Why not Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyperson Azmin Ali?

“Why sacrifice the Chinese as tools? Azmin is also a state assemblyperson and he is also (PKR de facto leader) Anwar Ibrahim's strongman. Why didn't he make the sacrifice?” Ibrahim asked.

Actually I have to admit I had asked that question myself more than two weeks ago in my post The ‘Kajang Betrayal' and Princess Diana (also as a letter to Malaysiakini) though it wasn't so much about a Chinese giving way to a Malay, but more about Azmin Ali sitting pretty comfortable in BOTH his Gombak and Bukit Antarabangsa seats for all his big talk about the imperative of someone in PKR making way for Anwar to gain access into the Selangor DUN. I posed it in a wakakaka way as follows:

NGO Bersih has criticised the Kajang Betrayal, and so has its former chairperson, Ambiga Sreenevasan. Human Rights lawyer Edward Bon has been incensed by it. PAS Youth was livid with rage and earlier on vowed not to support Anwar’s candidacy in Kajang, while Selangor PAS has started to stake out their claims on the MB post. 

The list of unhappiness over the Kajang Betrayal goes on, while constitutional lawyers have their days discussing, dissecting and displaying their knowledge on the federal and Selangor state constitutions.

Now consider an alternative scene which would have avoided all the brouhaha: PKR consulted PAS and DAP. The resignation was announced at a Pakatan (and not PKR) press conference immediately following a PKR assemblyperson’s resignation.

The PKR assemblyperson who had volunteered to resign was Azmin Ali of the Bukit Antarabangsa state seat. Azmin Ali explained his noble self-sacrificing decision as only giving up a state seat while still remaining a federal member of Parliament (MP) for Gombak and where he would continue serving the people of Bukit Antarabangsa in his capacity of MP. Lee Chin Cheh would not have been required to abandon the people of Kajang!

Alas, that was not to be. I wonder why? [admittedly writing this with a smile].

But it does tell us, nay, remind us of the way PKR acts unilaterally and then would label those actions as being of Pakatan Rakyat provenance, presenting both DAP and PAS with fait accompli they dare not reject for fear of a disunited coalition.

Today the ‘Kajang betrayal’ is only about a state constituency and probably the MB position of Selangor. What happens tomorrow when Pakatan Rakyat does eventually rule in Putrajaya?

BTW, has anyone in Kajang receive an 4-Ekor from Princess Diana, say, like 916? wakakaka

cuba 916, okay?

Then we are told by none other than the Royal MB, Khalid Ibrahim, in the Malay Mail Online that Leaderless Selangor BN no threat to Pakatan, where he said the BN "... is still licking its wounds from the general election and unlikely put up a strong fight in Kajang."

"At the moment Datuk Seri Noh Omar is still struggling to get his team together. At the moment I do not see leadership.”

Political analysts said Khalid with these words has written off any possible challenge in Selangor by BN

Now, doesn't this just whip the rug mightily off from under Anwar's feet, effectively undermining the excuse given by Mr Manmanlai and his inner coterie, namely the Razzler-Dazzler Embellisher and the Disquieting Døkkálfar Dwarf, that the Kajang Betrayal was vital to forestalling a pending UMNO ferocious takeover of the State Government.

And it might have also put paid to the preposterous warning raised by Mr Henny-Penny from DAP who informed us: 'Goodness gracious me! If Anwar doesn't win in Kajang, the sky's a-going to fall down on Pakatan; I must go and tell the king.' Wakakaka.

But seriously speaking, does AAB have grounds to be so confident that Anwar can be stopped in Kajang?

Let's look at's Does Zaid have secret backers in PKR? Why don't you read this up yourself, wakakaka.

Now, some pro PKR media and my visitor looes74 have of course excoriated poor Zaid Ibrahim for his wish to stand as a candidate in the Kajang by-election. But Jong a reader of The Ant has written in to support him and has succinctly pinpointed the real reason behind PKR's Kajang Betrayal in his letter Silly to suggest Zaid is looking to ‘kill’ Anwar in Kajang. I take pleasure wakakaka in reproducing his letter to The Ant here in full:

I disagree with your statement that Zaid's looking to "kill" Anwar and "…hoping to please the BN, and perhaps gaining tenure and stipend in the armies of the ruling coalition…" You sound silly and ridiculously dramatic!

Whilst I defend Zaid Ibrahim's right to contest in the Kajang by-election, I don't take him seriously other than for the attention and an opportunity to a platform to be heard, to speak his mind on the many issues that had upset him for many years. We recall he was sabotaged in the 2010 Hulu Selangor by-election and the PKR party election allegedly by arsonists from within.

After Zaid left the party, Azmin Ali successfully managed the deputy president post and has since been gearing to root out Khalid Ibrahim from the MB seat which he had been eyeing for a long many years. Anwar recently confirmed he had never promised Azmin the MB seat. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

Like many, Zaid wants to prevent this happening the best he can, to make sure Azmin does not get his way again with the help of Anwar who has not been decently kind towards the MB even in full public view.

For Zaid to take this role upon himself in a “comeback” in favour of Khalid Ibrahim, shall we call that -- A friend in need is a friend indeed? Politics -- it's so unpredictable, isn't it? They say in war you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times!

Kajangites/Selangorians going to the polls must make sure "a vote for Anwar is not a nod to remove Khalid Ibrahim from the MB seat", or to be construed as such?

The people's mandate must not be taken advantage of, to twist and to favour some blue-eyed boy's political ambition!

Døkkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka

Aha, Blue-eyed boy! Hmmm, I wonder whether I can claim credit for being the first Malaysian blogger to label a certain someone, wakakaka, AI's 'blue-eyed boy' in the way someone once told me I was probably the first to use the term 'cybertrooper', wakakaka. Well, if not, I know I can claim another as a first, to wit, the Døkkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka!

But once again seriously speaking (or writing), is Anwar now in trouble with his prospects of being elected as the ADUN for Kajang?

And as I had written earlier, this might have been the reason why the EC had dragged its feet in announcing both the nomination and the election dates for the by-election, an unusual EC action which brought severe criticisms from Ambiga Sreenevasan.

Time after all is required to discredit a popular candidate but one who carries too much baggage from his UMNO days.


  1. Hi Kaytee,
    My take is come 11/3/2014 Anwar will not file-in his nomination paper for the Kajang by-election.Someone else will do it on behalf of PKR.Reason? By then it would be pretty clear to Anwar that TS Khalid will not abdicate the MB post and the Selangor palace will not swear him in as MB.The Selangor palace would have ordered Royal MB Khalid not to abdicate.After all Khalid already made it clear that he has many more things to do as MB.Shut-off from MB post Anwar will come out and say that after listening to advice from Pakatan leaders and friends he has decided to concentrate on his role as Opposition leader.He will go down to campaign for the Pkr candidate. Graceful turnaroung!

    1. yes, see my response to your updated comments below

    2. Just like what LKS did in 1981 sending his comrade Chen Man Hin to the slaughter in Seremban. Hahahaha! It was LKS who challenged Lee San Choon to a fight in any chinese majority constituency.

      Yeah, anything can happen.........Didn't Lim Kit Siang lose to an unknown China Kwang chye? The question is how does it beneficial to kajang voters....It's one need to skin kaytee for greater good. By all means......Hahahaha

    3. looes' "what LKS did in 1981 sending his comrade Chen Man Hin to the slaughter in Seremban"

      as usual, looes has to talk cock. What nonsense has been his "sending his comrade Chen Man Hin to the slaughter in Seremban"? Seremban was an established Chen's stronghold. How could Lim KS send someone to his own stronghold to be slaughtered? Don't tell me you believe in MCA's propaganda that Lim 'chickened out'? Are you a closeted MCA man like that monsterball. wakakaka

    4. Kaytee,
      Did LKS challenge Lee San Choon to a political duel? Yes or No? If the answer is yes, why Lim Kit Siang chickened out from fighting Lee San Choon in Seremban? Don't give me bullshit that this is chen man hin's stronghold.
      I strongly doubt that you are ever a DAP supporter. More of a gereakn closet supporter instead

    5. Lee San Choon chose to contest in Seremban which was Dr Chen's stronghold - these are undeniable facts. Stop trying to demonize Lim KS - you and your ilk had done enough damage to him and Bhai in 1999 and should be ashamed for that rather than keep hounding him

    6. The fact is LKS has challenged Lee San Choon to a political duel. I don't see any issue why Chen Man Hin can't vacate his seat to allow LKS to challenge Lee San Choon. But why he didn't...........This is also an undeniable fact

      Again, my question to you.....Where is my voting area in Malaysia? Guess? More likely it's you who are attributed to LKS & DAP kenna wiped out from Penang during the 1995 state election......You tell LKS to use the robocop ads right........HAHAHAHAHA

  2. if mahathir oso join anwar in prison, i asked my kajang frd not to vote pkr.

    i like zaid, but i oso know he is a clown.

    i am curious what is khalid stance.

    cybertrooper is all out to remind chinese voter of education issue, even cheap (expansive is racial) anglo did that, but the most memorable is soak the keris.....

    1. education issue, keris, they were all in same gang, jadi same same

    2. Ku Li

      1) Ketuanan melayu
      2) Petronas
      3) Bank bumiputra

      Why kaytee support Ku Li who had gone back to UMNO? Lock stock & 2 smoking barrel with plenty of cojones.........Who is the biggest bullshits?

      Oh I like this clip

      Anyway, I believe kaytee is a Hunter Thompson's clone residing in Ozland........In his house, there is an Anwar puppet where kaytee loves to instruct his dingo to attack the puppet

      Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha!

      The difference is......Hunter always present in the events so he can give accounts on the happenings......

  3. manmanlai?
    can be more manmanlai than Najib?

  4. Hi Kaytee,
    Anwar has until 11/3/2014 to test water whether he can be sworn in as MB of Selangor.So far the prospect looks bleak and will continue to remain bleak come 11/3/2014.So my take is come 11/3/2014 Anwar will not file in his nomination paper for Kajang by-election.Someone else will shoe-in on behalf of Pkr.Reason? Khalid will refuse to abdicate and it will be clear to Anwar that the Selangor palace will not swear him in.Anwar can contest and the state assembly can file-in a motion of no confidence against Khalid.But that will trigger a state constitutional crisis which Anwar will not want to be blamed for.Pakatan partners will not forgive him for that.So this Kajang treachery is another 'gempaq' act from Anwar which he will recoil come 11/3/2014. Anwar will come out to explain that after listening to advice from Pakatan leaders and friends he has decided to concentrate his role as Opposition leader and refrain from contesting Kajang.Of course a week before that Azmin and Tian Chua will organise all the kompang squad clamouring support for Anwar and insisting that Anwar contest Kajang. Do you share my reading Kaytee?

    1. very plausible. My belief about the Kajang Betrayal has all along been that he's doing it for the Døkkálfar Dwarf, for his blue-eyed boy to be MB one way or the other (as de facto MB, acting on behalf of the Big Boss). So Anwar on seeing all that you have raised and throwing in the towel even before the game starts is a likelihood because in reality he personally isn't really interested in the MB post.

    2. Abdul Rahman,
      Seriously it's detrimental to any HRH especially HRH Selangor to muddle himself into politics. Especially Hisham Rais got plenty of proofs on what's happening with this HRH selangor including HRH Selangor involved himself in officiating a Hard Rock Cafe in Melaka with Ali Rustam & Idris Haron who happened to be the present day chief minister.
      Like I say before even Lim Kit Siang did chicken out for almighty fight between Lee San Choon in 1981 by election. I cringed to see how kaytee going to defend LKS. Perhaps he won't as he's a closet Gerakan supporter. Hahahaha! Mind you it was LKS challenge Lee San Choon to a fight. Hahahahaha!
      Hmmm.......Adbicate......Hmmm......See why I am not very happy with the royal interference in politics........History will tell that it's the royals & the royalists normally lose their heads. Why Khalid refuse to retire/resign? Hehehehehe!
      Anyway, I am a simple man......If kaytee got to skinned, so be it......Hahahahaha!

    3. I now have the suspicion looes, so damningly critical fo Lim KS, was in the group that caused Lim KS and Karpal Singh to lose in 1999.

    4. Hahahahaha! So, kaytee is up to weed or something........Hahahaha! Which area I vote? Hahahahaha!

    5. you claimed to have voted everywhere including Sing and UK, so what shall I believe, wakakaka

    6. I have voted in UK because I am a commonwealth citizen just like RPK. Hahahaha, my name is printed in the electoral roll once I enrolled in the university where RPK was born. Did I tell you that I vote in singapore? That's news.......Hahahahaha, time for you to get some weed la.....

    7. go back to UK then, leave Kajang to Malaysians

  5. No More Bullshit Please10:19 am, February 20, 2014

    I doubt Anwar's role , whatever it was, in Ops Lallang will have any bearing in Kajang.
    Especially since it was a Barisan Nasional government which carried out Ops Lallang, MCA never said anything about it for 27 years, and MCA is STILL in the Barisan coalition.
    Its like spitting in your own face.
    If MCA disowns BN actions and policies then and now, that would change the equation, but that is not the case.

    For the younger voters like me, they were either still children then or not yet even born. Its just a historical fragment for them, of little consequence to their daily live or future , which is what voters are concerned with.

    1. you're especially right on the last part - most younger voters don't know the Anwar who was in UMNO and who I believe hasn't changed his leopard spots, unless they or their family have been affected by his policies. They/you think he's an ace despite his showing he's still the same old Anwar - check 916, Perak revolving door backfire etc = Sabah 1994 elections

    2. Kaytee,
      Seriously what did Anwar do to you? You seriously got personal problems with Anwar. It's time to go on. Like I say, if people like you needed to be gunned down for greater good, I would support it. Hisham Rais is right about people like you. The chattering class. The ultimate objective is to make sure that UMNO is dead. Even if it means obliterating people such as RPK. Hahahahaha!

      P.S : Ku Li betrayed the people by going back to UMNO.......Hahahahahaha! Don't bullshit me la...........Ku Li is ok but anwar is not ok. What's next? If kaytee can shit in the morning, it must be anwar's fault..........

      Kaytee did not study in chinese school......Kaytee should fuck off for speaking on behalf of chinese educated fellas

    3. are you another azmin ali? wakakaka

    4. I am Zaid Ibrahim's son's good buddy. I am fully supportive of his son becoming the PM of Malaysia. Unlike you, he got no issue with Allah along with cina & yindian lang

    5. you're an Anwar supporter - don't deny that. BTW. did you thank him for his policy to send non-Mandarin speaking headmasters to vernacular schools in 1987 which led to Ops Lalang, which incidentally led to the incarceration of Lim KS and Bhai? 12 years later, you and your gang voted both DAP leaders out.

      Did you thank Anwar as UMNO Education Minister for imposing mandatory weekly doa to include non-Muslims schoolchildren?

    6. Nah! I am UMNO/BN hater. I wanted to see UMNO dead. We supported Ku Li in the 90s because we thought that UMNO can be buried.

      By the way, what the fuck did you so upset over the chinese education thingy? You are not chinese educated, are you. Seriously I don't really understand......If LGE can forgive him, what's up with you? You are on weed or something really happen to your sister's cat right.


      FUCK YOU LA! Don't play play with those who have been through the chinese schools la.........Arsehole......Hahahahaha

    7. Kaytee,
      Oh the way, I am Ezra Zaid's supporter.....I bet Zaid Ibrahim may even give up contesting in Kajang in favour of Ezra Zaid......Then Ezra can play this in Kajang...........HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    8. if u claim u r an UMNO hater, then u should be hating anwar; if not, then u r an UMNO lover

  6. Did you read this piece? Saw this also in MT.

    "Erna Mahyuni, The Malay Mail

    I wouldn’t want to be a PKR supporter right now. The “Who gets to be Selangor MB” game is getting pretty old and rather symptomatic of the prevailing malady permeating our country — having the wrong priorities.

    Umno’s culture of selfishness and infighting with poison pen letters and hidden knives in the dark is well-documented. But to see the same culture of factionalism and infighting in PKR makes you wonder if the party is just a rebadged Umno. Same crap, same people (stop recruiting ex-Umno people already, Anwar) but just a different party name"

    When you think about it long enough you have to wonder why the hell PAS and DAP want to sleep with PKR/UMNO?

    As for TS Khalid, talk about enemies within! The Sultan has already decreed no royal interference so the MB will have to go it alone. He is doing a very good job countering the various "sabo" manoeuvres. The exiled RPK also seems busy helping TS Khalid with documentation evidence from whilstleblowers and deepthroats.

    Banyak pusing kepala reading blogs that are pro or anti PKR and Anwar.
    Bottom line, Kajang voters should elect someone who won't sleep on the job like CC Lee.

    1. Erna Mahyuni is absolutely right that PKR under AI and AA and coterie is just a rebadged Umno. I have been saying that for years. Only blind bats like looes74 can't see that UMNO clone for what it is

    2. Hehehehehe, so USA & UK are blind during WW2 when they decided to ally themselves with Stalin who was once allied with Hitler........Hahahahaha! Political expediency, dear watson......If need to fry zaid ibrahim or you for the greater good, so be it

      Just like what happen to Uzzah........Hahahahaha

    3. when the USA/UK allied with USSR against Germany, did they foresee that Stalin would become respectively their nations' president and PM?

      when we replace Najib with Anwar, who becomes PM? Will that be considered as a change? That's why you're as blind as a bat, or just plain stubborn in refusing to accept the truth of who Anwar Ibrahim really is!

    4. Big picture, man, big picture...

      IF PKR under AI and AA and coterie is just a rebadged Umno, working together with PAS & DAP, can bring down the umno hegemony, so be it!

      KT's die-hard view - that umno rebranded PKR can do what it likes once PR reaches Putrajaya - is too pathetic & shallow. (does he do it on purpose?)

      He obviously think that those PAS & DAP people r been pak-lah-ised on their jobs. Wakakakaka!

      As for those self-righteousness morons, who think that they r above all the 'visible' political treachery - ONE WORD - wankers, as in waiting for someone to do the dirty work for u, while u rant/curse at one extreme then go back to a meek sleep-walking zombie-like life, until the next big issue hits!

      Keep this in mind - this time there is no safety net for anyone of us - if an external financial crisis hits & it WILL. (chicken

      Let's just hope there is enough little time left for PR to lessen the pain, bcoz by then BN is not only stunt & doesnt know what to do (same like trying to salvage MAS!!!), most of their key players r probably shaking legs somewhere else with their accumulated ill-lode!

    5. Oh my god, kaytee........Stalin was the general secretary of USSR by ousting his rival, Lenin.

      Again political expediency, dear watson!

      Come to think of it if David Marshall can't survive, you think Zaid can do anything better. Even JBJ has kicked the bucket & his protege turned WP into a PAP clone.......Hahahahaha

    6. Re your quote "KT's die-hard view - that umno rebranded PKR can do what it likes once PR reaches Putrajaya - is too pathetic & shallow. (does he do it on purpose?) He obviously think that those PAS & DAP people r been pak-lah-ised on their jobs."

      my prediction is that once Pakatan wins majority rule (assuming it can), f PAS and DAP attempts to curb AI and Azmin Ali, he will divorce PAS and DAP unless they come to heel at his orders, for he will then merge with UMNO to form government, with PAS and DAP as the Opposition. This is a scenario that cannot be dismissed with a man like AI won't allow (to him a useless thing like) a mere promise or pledge to stop him. After all hasn't he shown that he can break any pledge at will as he did by not retiring after GE-13 as he promised to?

    7. And the pigs will fly..........Thousand & 1 possibilties.....Which is why we should obliterate UMNO........

    8. So, u prefer what umno is doing to the country now?

      U might be right about the rejoining umno part, but u forget about the VERY possible rebellious backslaps that those who vote these possible froggies into power.

      The angers can no longer be tamed by the old umno-ish tactics. Marked my word, the country would be in chaos! The rakyat wouldn't tolerate the reversing of their hard-earned & long waited ABU by any means. AI & gang wouldn't be too stupid not to see this simmering fact.

    9. too late, rakyat mudah lupa

  7. In the political arena, the fella who made the least mistakes who would turn out to be a winner. Lim Yew Hock made a big blunder by angering the chinese educated base. David Marshall made a big blunder by reckless charging without much after thought

    This is a much bigger FUCKING CIBAI bullshit I ever hear from a guy whom kaytee so much loved or adored. If he's Hunter S Thompson, perhaps I understand. But this guy aspires to be greater height......Yet he can come up with fanstastic reasoning. I think it's time for his son to take over........Hahahahaha!

    I thought perhaps there is a possibility that Zaid might win but with this statement.....The likelihood that Zaid may withdraw from contesting is greater...........HAHAHAHAHA!

    P.S : I strongly suggest that PR should stop attacking Zaid.......Just like him talk

    1. who the f**ks care about Singaporean pollies except of course looes74 who served (or still does) in both Sing and Britain's armed forces and voted there as well (after Michael Foot adopted him) wakakaka

    2. History, dear watson! Independent mavericks such as David Marshall & Ong Eng Guan never survived.

      If I were Kajangite, why do I have to waste vote on Zaid Ibrahim? So as to give BN much psychological effect in sinking the pakatan. To satisfy kaytee's exerting revenge on Anwar especially what he has done to kaytee long long time ago.......Pourquoi? Pourquoi? Pourquoi?

      Zaid may even go back to UMNO. Ku Li did go back to UMNO........Stop bullshit us

    3. but you're not a Kajangite, who I hope will teach AI a lesson for misusing them for his own interests

      Parce que! Parce que! Parce que he is not to be trusted, and he will the one to go back to UMNO which he has been dying to do so since he was released from jail. He rathers that than shares power with DAP and PAS once he has achieved his goal with their help.

    4. Huh? In the process giving BN the psychological wonder power in sinking Pakatan. Just like what happen to Ku Li with the so called christian head gear

      What the fuck you are smoking? Last check that you are not even a KLite & let alone a selangorite. Hisham Rais is right......Time for you to mampus for the better good

    5. you're the one smoking if you can even support anwar after all his 916 bullshit

  8. With all the predictions/speculations on the Kajang b/e, will there be any surprise, if at all? Not likely.......

    1. The question does it beneficial to us if anwar were to lose......

      Look at the possibilities......If LKS & Karpal Singh never lost to the then rookies such as Chia Kwang Chye & Tan Kah Choon, you think DAP would be in such a story state now......It's all kaytee's fault.......Like many chattering class, they are fickle minded bastards......good to be fried till chao tah

      What's the main objective? The main objective is to see UMNO MAMPUS. Along with Najib, Rosmah, Zahid & Mukriz himself. Not sure what is kaytee's driving.....Very sure Mukriz would be PM.......I don't want that to happen......Hence, PR got to win in Kajang by election.......Once UMNO mampus, then we talk about mampusing the UMNO remnant

      It's elementary la........Stalin killed so many people but why on the love of god, USA & his allies got to ally with Stalin

    2. don't stop at just Najib, Rosmah, Zahid & Mukriz - continue with Anwar, Azmin, Nik Nazmi, Rafizi, Saifuddin Nasution ..... wakakaka - that's the real ABU!

      Atone for your cruelty and treachery to Lim KS and Bhai in 1999

    3. The one in power is now Najib, Rosmah's wife & soon to be Mukriz......Get rid of UMNO first la, thamby........Toddy no enough right......Hahahaha

    4. why hesitate and split and vacillate - get rid of all the rotten ones in one go mah.

  9. looes, let me summarize my replies to your comments above here. You're squirming like a cacing kena abu (abu, wakakaka) wen I gave you a wee taste of your own medicine. Thou doth protesteth too much - too defensive lah. Pordah

  10. Dear HY...

    "i like zaid, but i oso know he is a clown"

    I think it is not fair you pigeonholed him with a simplistic term. There are so many clowns in PKR too. They make many lunatic moves that invite catastrophe to the party and society. They should be written down meh...!

    - hasan

  11. Many people are having split hairs over this issue including kaytee.......He includes Haris Ibrahim's take on Kajang's issue but he missed out this

    What did Haris say about Zaid?

    "Usual symptoms : talking cock!
    Of course, that is also a symptom of advanced stages of syphilis, so those displaying these symptoms ought not to wait but get themselves checked and not waste their time on other less pressing matters.
    Like offering themselves in the Kajang by-election.
    And talking more cock again.
    Of course, if they are checked and found to be disease-free, then I suppose if they still want to get into the by-election fray, their incessant cock-talk there may offer some welcome comic relief.
    Good of you to try and save Pakatan, Zaid"

    I got a solution to everybody......Ezra Zaid should stand instead.....Problem solved.

  12. hasan bro, there r many clowns, yes, agree, but zaid is one of them.

    khalid n zaid is not politician, i think we can label them as technocrat, which is of great help if pr come to power. they shd leave politics to politician like anwar. i dun know what zaid trying to achieve.

    i dun know who appointed khalid to be mb in 2008, i guess anwar do have a role in this, unless kt n u can show me otherwise, therefore the many speculation i read from kt remain as speculation.

    i have no issue if anwar become n mb or pm, as long as he lead by example, and know how to make full use of technocrat like khalid n hmmm...that clown.

    start with selangor is not a bad idea.

    1. HY… Lawyers make better politicians and administrators. They are well trained in justice and equity and the importance of the independence of judiciary, which is important to the people on the street. If the law cannot protect them whom can they turn to? Our first three PMs had legal background. Zaid Ibrahim has shown a lot of potentials - yet to be unleashed.

      AI was trained and groomed by Syed Hussein Alatas and Mahathir.


    2. hasan, i can agree, but anwar dun fight lks, lge, nik aziz, m sabu to achieve his dream.

    3. anwar lead by example? wakakka, but wait, you're right provided we know what sort of example (wakakaka) he demo, the good or awful ones, the latter of which he has been showing a plenty

    4. plenty like what? let say compare to father n son?