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Slapping stories

Malaysiakini - Shocked by PM's silence over 'money for slap' offer

Malaysia's mighty warriors

So a NGO appears to be getting away with violent incitement, namely, seeking to reward anyone who slaps Teresa Kok.

The remarkable police of course moves at its usual snail pace (if it even moves at all) when it comes to threats against non-BN people, while the IGP, Home Minister and the PM have been deafening by their complete silence - ooops my apologies, the IGP is busy at airports, seaports and land entry points from Thailand to prevent the return of Ong Boon Hwa's ashes into Malaya.

Now, who is this brave warrior who wants to pay RM500 for anyone to slap a woman?

Update: Prize for slapping Teresa Kok now increased to RM1,200

He is Mustafa Hamzah, an activist with the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM). On the PPIM website he is named as the 'Pegawai Kerja' of its Board.

Earlier a group claiming to be from the Council of Islamic NGOs slaughtered four chooks and smeared the blood on a banner with the faces of DAP and PKR representatives.

I don't mind so much that act as Chinese too chaam peh kay (potong ayam putih), so tough luck for the chooks, but to incite people to slap Teresa Kok with a reward of RM500 1,200 is criminal in intent.

WTF, I'm innocent lah
Tough luck, you chose to be white
and in the wrong place at the wrong time

Almost 30 years ago, in September 1987, a Malay man who claimed to be a bomoh slapped Karpal Singh as the latter emerged from a courtroom.

The bomoh as well as UMNO Youth Selangor were unhappy with Karpal for his decision to sue the late Sultan of Selangor, Salahuddin Abdul Aziz, for saying that he (HRH) would not pardon any convicted drug traffickers in his state.

While UMNO Youth did the usual stuff, lodging a police report against Bhai for sedition and proposing he be banned from Selangor, the bomoh by the name of Kiai Arshad Mohamed Gamat showed he was no NATO (no action, talk only).

But the Police SB in those days (remember, we're talking about September 1987) were on the ball and an officer (not sure of what rank, maybe inspector?) by the name of Mervyn Fernandez warned Karpal of the bomoh outside the courtroom intend on violence.

Fernandez advised Bhai to leave by a side door but the Lion of Jelutong wasn't one to creep away from a bully.

He told Ferdandez it was the police's duty to protect him. To cut the story short, while a fairly worried Fernandez was outside busy taking down details of the bomoh, Bhai left the courtroom.

The bomoh, on seeing Bhai coming out, moved towards the Tiger of Jelutong with a tiger's smiling face, wakakaka, and even addressed Bhai as 'Yang Berhormat'.

Bhai thought the bomoh looked friendly enough so he might as well shake his hand; the bomoh made as if he wanted to reciprocate but suddenly swung his hand instead to slap Karpal.

Okay, Big, Strong & (by then) Unfriendly Karpal responded with his lawyer's briefcase which must have been voluminous with heavy law books, and the bomoh felt the full force of it. Tai-Chi-ed kau kau, wakakaka!

Thus it could be said, the assailant was brought down by the law (books), wakakaka.

ubsequently in court on a charge of assault, the bomoh claimed he was guided by a divine hand to slap Bhai and he had already placed a curse on Karpal where Bhai would go blind and die pretty soon.

Even though Bhai laughed off the curse (and as we know, he's still alive after almost 30 years) his supporters took no chance, and dragged him to a Sikh temple for a quickie purification rite.

Anyway, in April 1988 the 60-year old bomoh was found guilty by a magistrate court and fined RM200 which he refused to pay and went to jail instead, just for 2 days.

Today Kiai would have been hailed as a Muslim-bomoh warrior instead of being arrested by the police and hauled into court and then jailed. He would probably be rewarded with more than a mere RM200. He was a man born too early for his own advantage, wakakaka.

Aiyah, how times have changed. Now the authorities are behaving as if they have been bomoh-ed into dumb silence, wakakaka.


  1. The act of the Muslim NGO is un-Islamic. The fatwa given by the late Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran in regard to the ransom for Salman Rushdie’s head is also un-Islamic. In Islam before you give your verdict on ANY person, that person must be given a fair trial first.

    Having said the above, that Amoi is also asking for trouble. Why provoked? Why do a satirical video on a festive occasion where we should be happy and shaking hands with each other!? She calls herself a wakil rakyat? My foot! Show some good example lah.. a montage on hope and unity, cannot meh?


    1. The victim is always wrong !
      Hasan, you are nuts !

    2. @ anon 11.57

      I am nuts? I think you are holding a fig-leaf of freedom of expression to hide the nakedness of your thinking and your bankruptcy of ideas. Wakakaka..


    3. Now, what about the thing u just said? 2x5 s'ja!!!!

      U should pay copyright to KT for his trademarked wakakaka!

    4. teresa is a brainless lks ass kisser. what do we expect?

    5. I am Chinese and I support DAP, although not a registered member of the party. I agree with encik hasan....that Teresa Kok is most unbecoming to greet CNY to the public with a such a satirical video. Btw, the content of the video can hardly be described as seditious or making fun of other races or being 'biadap' is just a play of different Chinese dialects and depending on the emphasis of intonation, the meaning behind the words can be read or interpreted differently.....which could bring forth some giggles and amusement at the 'cleverness' of it all. But it is not very dignified or becoming of a wakil rakyat.

      Anyway.....are some of these Chinese opposition leaders so clueless as NOT be even aware that in such a time as this, it is best not to rouse these slap-happy, cock-blood-splattering Islamic Council fellas to find ANY excuse to create some real blood spattering among the races ?

      Of course it goes without saying the police will watch all these at the sideline with hands folded behind their backs, doing absolutely nothing, with some even thinking "padan muka". We have plenty evidences of these when they would not lift a finger to bring these instigators to book :

      "Muslims step on cow heads.
      Muslims do the butt dance.
      Muslims send stool-like cake to Lim Guan Eng.
      Muslims perform funeral for LGE.
      Muslims burn and step on LGE and Chinese leaders portraits
      Muslims steal the Christian Bibles.
      Muslims threaten to burn the Bible." &
      Muslims threaten to burn down the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

      And to think that these cops came swinging their batons at us 7 fellas holding candles at night vigils and duly brought to the police stations for unlawful gathering ! Woah....these 50 Muslim NGOs must have special clearance for such gathering with clucking cockerels and huge posters of non Malay leaders in tow.

    6. Hasan, clearly you don't make a distinction between what is legal and what is not !

    7. I've grouped all u people - HY, anon213, LKS, Koon etc, in the same category as the Døkkálfar Dwarf!

      U r all suffering the same 'tweaked' political sensitivity due to yr prolong exposure of the underground cave environment of the NEP hegemony.

      U might not known it, BUT others can smell u out easily. Yrs of such exposure has heighten yr guided awareness of the degraded sensitivity about AlifBaTa, while learning to bend over & get f**k as long as it's tolerable.

      Shame on u!

      Dont talk about democracy, Federal Constitution, human right/decency etc - its all hogwash BIG TIME, bcoz yr ultimate guiding tolerance about these issues r just thicker than the earth's mantle! Moreover, its all wrongly directed!

      U want to play honour while shits r been throwing at u. Some even screen apology for slightest bad joke played.

      U people deserve to be mocked, fooled & stepped allover!

    8. aayo y get so hysteric, i am only kidding la, teresa is obviouly the cock sucker type, how can she kiss ass? unless lks is hmmm.... joke oso cannot meh, talk nep pula.

    9. alamak, HY, I would never have expect you to use such language which is best left to vulgar ppl like looes, wakakaka

    10. I think kaytee should start paying royalties.......Your sifu also say FUCK HERE FUCK THERE WHAT

    11. kt, most chinese r conservative, me included, we do not appreciate sense of humour as similar to most western countries.

      the gweilo say "put oneself in somebody's shoes"

      the chinese say "將心比心" jiāng xīn bǐ xīn.

    12. Hahahaha! HY! Hahahahaha! Most chinese are very conservative. Hahahahahaha! Do you see a RPK in Li Ao? Hahahahaha!

      Watch carefully........Anwar Ibrahim kinda like sun yat sen......Azmin ali like Chiang kai shek........Hahahahahahaha


  2. I kinda like hat Josh Hong got to say.....Judging from the situation, I am quite sure that that would be the modus operandi of kowtiming Malaysia for Mukriz.

  3. Islam is a religion of peace !

    1. this has nothing to do with religion. unless there is religion of provoke!

    2. what does the term Council of Islamic NGOs connote ? it......a group of Hindu and Christian practitioners practising a new religious blood ritual of blessing the Non Muslim leaders by smearing cockerels' blood on their faces in the portraits. obvious isn't it ?

    3. so dap is a party of mocking? a party of provoking? a party of christian?

      what does the name teresa connote? it...a christian practice new polititic, by mocking others during cny, christian like to mock others in festive season, christian is a religion of mocking, hah teresa = dap = christian = mocking.....very obvious isnt it?

      u learn this leap of logic from helen right?

  4. This is a mark of a fella who may have become PM Malaysia

    He's a pendatang from Jawa. Perhaps, BN got news from kaytee that BN will win Kajang hands down so they could continue to whack Teresa.

    I know what kaytee going to spin

    Zahid is helping Anwar to win Kajang.......Hahahahaha!

  5. I condemn Both the NGO groups' who incited violence, and Teresa Kok's execrable video.
    Both are extremely unhelpful to promoting civilised debate on current issues in this country.
    Unfortunately some are clearly taking a purely one sided view on the mattter.

  6. Any right thinking person would condemn the words and actions of Mustafa Hamzah and PPIM
    However, Teresa Kok doesn't come out of this episode smelling of roses.

    Many of DAP's Malay Pakatan Rakyat allies cringed when they saw Teresa Kok's video. We are all BN and UMNO critics, but the manner and tone of the video came across as insensitive and disrespectful.

    I'm not sure of DAP's leadership realises this (probably not, judging from their tone-deaf reaction) but Teresa Kok is simply reinforcing a stereotype of DAP's anti-Malay bias.

    This is one clear situation where DAP probably ought to be consulting Anwar Ibrahim or other friendly Malays. You are not going to get long run success in Malaysia playing Lone Ranger.

    1. Compared to this


      Closer to Aussie land, for kaytee's pleasure.......

  7. What benchmark should Malaysian parliamentarians have in regards to behavior & decorum? Westminster of course!! But on both sides of the aisle, we have low grade, degrading parliamentarians that have so much time to make parodies, worry about the ladies monthly cycle, to buck up politically on Viagra, eat mutton or fish since chicken is expensive. Raise toll on one day, then defer the next but still subsidize the toll concessionaires with our money. We are only deluding ourselves big time whether Malay, Chinese, Indian, Orang Asal, Kadazan or Iban.

    Khalid's greatest fault says the journalist is that he didn't implement UMNO's culture into the state meaning.... money, shady characters getting permits, simply spending money on "consultants" (ie. spies in PKNS) etc. Sorry, KTee DAP is just as bad when questioning Khaild, giving AA, RR & their ilk ammo.

    So what do we expect from the rakyat? Just low grade protest based on the monkey see paradigm.

    As for Theresa, she is also insulting Chinese (KTee, you are also mention often here):

    1. That bloke is a chauvinistic Mandarin Nazi (probably a MCA bloke) who is secretly in love with Hannah Yeoh, wakakaka, for Hatred hath no fury like a lovesick boy ignored, wakakaka again.

    2. And most probably, Ms. Muffin was scorned by the Mandarin Nazi (since she is also an object of his affections)!! Someone needs to lock the Muffin up & throw the keys away or at least take a munch on it with a strong dose of vodka. One can disagree against Christianity like dear KTee but a daily dose of fuel mixed with snake gall bladder & chicken blood will ignite the passion of the natives. So much for low-bred politicians and their hirelings.

    3. Oh no don't get rid of the Muffin. We need her to liven up things a little with her comical antics, like how she is now picking up an imaginary fight with fringe commentators in the news of the latest Waytha happening and her skill in turning it into a Pakatan bashing.

    4. Why react with police report? Stupid when it's not a crime isn't it? Just offer RM2000 to slap back that Mustafa. Problem solved.

      By the way, slapping women is allowed in Malaysia. Even some religion encourages it. Don't believe, go read all the holy books.

    5. Hehe....couldn't agree more with such apt nick for such a stiff-necked inferiority/superiority complexed jerk....."Chauvinistic Mandarin Nazi" .......muahhahaha !!

    6. "As for Theresa, she is also insulting Chinese"

      i listen to teresa speech b4 ge13, on treatment of foreign maid during polling day, i asked myself how dap, a socialist party, could allow this bitch to talk like a ....bitch. unbelievable. must be christianity fault.

    7. HY. This is why we may not agree with Shuzheng in his entirety but looking at a Chinese perspective helps. Ms. Muffin being anglophile like most of us (barring you) have a dangerous way of using western syllogism to fool those who are already considered fools but dangerous ones. She may attack Christianity & paint it as evil but modern western thinking (or what she & Shunzheng like to label as Anglophobes) is based on philosophy rooting from Christian thinkers. Therefore the basis even of her faulty thinking and rightly wrong "Aku Cina" philosophy, is the very thing she tries to destroy.

      Therefore, the schism of discarding Christianity ie western thinking over Eastern philosophy & in our case, the return to Islamic civilization minus all these influences.

      In many ways, KTee is more reasonable by arguing the necessity of the usage or certain terms by Christians. We may differ but Ms. Muffin calls for a time "of action" less it be late to turn the tide against an "unforeseen" enemy.

      Teresa being a by-product of both her Catholic background and being anglophile leads to this propensity to oppose & agitate. If by doing so, change can result like Rosa Parks, then by all means. But in a Westminster democracy, change takes place with the ballot & in parliament.

      The DAP we knew no longer exist (ie. the socialist idealism). They are political realist, opportunist and capital rodents.

    8. Hahahahaha! Kaytee may suggest those ephitects to be extended to Anwar & his goons. Huh? Westminster democracy only allowed changes to be taken place through parliament & ballot box

      Why did Maggie Thatcher resign? Hahahaha!

      OMG, if Teresa Kok's piece is so provocative, wait till you read advices from Lord BoBo

      Hahahahahaha! Just read

      Kaytee would be extremely surprised that Art Harun can be bloody uncouth sometimes

      Hahahahahaha! Do you enjoy what Peter Finch said about nemesis?

    9. Correction - Teresa attended Kuen Cheng Primary School in Kuala Lumpur and Chung Hwa High School in Seremban

    10. i know, in fact she speak poor eng, improve during her usm day. i think she is the amiable type, but persistence toward the dap goal. is she an anglophile? i dun think so if eng is one criteria, she is more chinese than helen in many ways.

      both shuzheng n helen thought process is western, in fact most of their criticism n thought toward anglo is basing on their anglo education, not chinese, but that is fine since it make our reading more interesting. the only problem is they create more false dichotomy from the already false dichotomy, which may include our consti.

      those scholar that criticise the chinese culture ferociously is mostly one whose education from both east n west, such as hushih n luxun. they are realistic n lack romaticism. having said that, i despise anglo that look down anything not western.

  8. Can someone enlighten me, on the scale of 1 to 10 {10 been the most racist (cat1) & 10 been the most ganas(cat2)} of these two public act;

    1)Blood sacrifice ritual at rousing protest rally

    2)ONEderful M'sia

    Again, which one of the above is touching on racial sensitivity (1 to 10, with 10 the most sensitive).

    Just for infos, there r 3 questions here.

    1. We all know the obvious, but in this country what counts is the minister's words, and he has decreed that the video have been sent to MCMC for investigation whereas the slap offer does not warrant an investigation. So all you fellas must not oppose.

    2. Your 3 questions are rhetorical, right ? But our mata2 ain't gonna do any tangkap any time soon lah......they might be barred from going to heaven if they take action against their own skin-type.

  9. Decorum.......Huh? Ask Kaytee what happen in aussie parliament

    UK House of Common

    Or you prefer Taiwan's style

    1. Yes, Taiwan comes into mind, including Russian and Eastern Europe talk shows where one politician bashes the other on national TV or takes his gun out.. Maybe next change in the circus called Malaysia?

      But in Taiwan, race & religion isn't in the political mix except shooting opposing candidates. Like said, the way temperatures are going Bhai's "bastard" of the 80's would be mild.

      And worst still, Kangkong's libido has gone soft to stop the madness.

  10. Dear HY…

    I agree that LCC did not join the opposing camp, and it that sense he did not forsake his community. But do you really think it is LCC’s pure sacrifice/conviction to pave the way for Anwar, who he thinks as the right person to lead Malaysia into a new political order? No incentives and inducements promised? Pray, the esteemed democracy has not been used as a vehicle for corruption/betrayal by PKR.

    KT has reminded us that from 27th January 2014(Hari Perletakan Jawatan) to 11th March 2014 (Hari Penamaan Calon), is 44 days. My religion forbids me to believe in numbers but coincidences happen sometimes. Wakakaka..
    Do you think the government of the day would take things easy when the opposition announced that they would be using this forced by-election as a launching ground to topple the government?

    ‘Penantian itu adalah satu penyeksaan’. it is legal – you also agree kan, HY? I hope not to see confusion/aggravation of conflicts to the worst in PKR/PR. Get my drift, my dear friend?


    1. The SOP of the day is... sex tapes, time to buy your win, waiting for your nemesis to make a mistake besides buying time to select a candidate.

      Hasan, ever sat in an exam or interview waiting for your turn to be called and especially everyone has almost been called? They are giving PKR/PR enough rope to hang themselves especially with impending implosion. In a mirror, a reflection isn't as solid as the object (ie. the circus we are watching first in Perak, then Kedah, now Selangor).

      Notice that Puteri Reformasi is very silent? Some are hinting she is a casualty of Russian style operatives within PKR leading to the shake up in Selangor and gearing for party elections since the Great One has already declared going for #1 but the apparent winners with be AA & RR, better if AI loses over sate.

      Go figure... and as a mid-scene intermission, a short play "Onederful". Honestly, with the declining Ringgit, rising inflation, people still have time for this kind of rubbish.

      PS. There is also one theory floating around about LCC's resignation but it sound libelous.

    2. dear hasan, i look at the issue purely from democratic perspective, when frog happen, we think a fresh by election shd be the solution, my point is why we now assert it is a betrayal and abuse of democratic process when there is by election albeit cause by different reason, i dun really have a stance yet.

      as for anwar, to each his own. my justification is similar to anomie, i do expect anwar to return to umno, just like the many sinologist n economist that predict the collapse of china economy from 90' to 00' to 10' to 14', i think it is a waste of my time to do this conjecture thingy. kt have the freedom n time, i dun have.

      i repeat i see kajang move as diverting of issue, not topple of govt or the many fairy tales......n i dun mind to have someting fresh rather than stagnant at certain point.

    3. Dear HY,

      Nevertheless, divergent, or something fresh, or betrayal whatsoever, from the Islamic angle, as far as this by-election is concerned there are Islamic taboos that PKR have already transgressed: ‘Pembaziran + Tidak Bersyukur + Kufur Nikmat’.

      Allah will say: I have already given you what you want, but you have rejected it and thus you are not thankful, and now you are going to waste a lot of money to take back what you have rejected, and you are asking me to give it back to you.

      Normally, ‘Pembaziran + Tidak Bersyukur + Kufur Nikmat’ = Bala’ or Curse. That’s from my Islamic training.

      I think Tuan Guru Nik Aziz and Tuan Guru Hadi Awang need to do a lot of ‘solat taubat dan solat hajat’.

      - hasan

    4. Aiyah ...... how come UMNO after 50 years of ruling with wastages & swindling, God still bless them as you can see, all of them are still living lavishly & happily ever after?????

    5. Aisehman anon 10.05...... you are correct correct.. PR got PAS one... cannot do wastage and swindling... God no bless... how to win Kajang ??? BN no PAS one... so can do wastage and swindling.... God bless them sure.... sure to win Kajang one... ???? - hasan

    6. @Anon 10.05….

      Addendum to your question “how come UMNO after 50 years of ruling with wastages & swindling, God still bless them as you can see, all of them are still living lavishly & happily ever after”.

      The term in Islam for the above phenomenon is ‘istidraj’. “It is when Allah (SWT) gives fortunes to someone whereby Allah (SWT) is not pleased with him. This is what’s called istidraj. Rasullulah (SAW) said: "When you see Allah (SWT) gives good fortunes to his slaves who are always committing sins (disobedient), know that the person is being given istidraj by Allah (SWT)." (At-Tabrani, Ahmad and Al-Baihaqi)”.

      You can read here:

      - hasan

    7. can agree bro, but apart from waiting for bn to make bigger mistake, n being assault non stop from the 3r issues, kajang move seem able to consolidate the 3 parties. n divert the many 3r topic back to economy n peoples welfare.

  11. Teresa Kok is going to get a well-deserved slap on the face any day now....just wait and see....

    1. No surprise with sick people like you Anon 1225 !

    2. Are you hinting that YOU will be the one doing the slapping ? ( 'just wait and see' )

      We SOOOO luv such jantan with big big balls lah....heheheheh. Slapping women. What next ? Raping little defenceless girls ? Ooooo, sangat jantan lah, getting orgasm just thinking about it ....*goes into spasm*

  12. are shuzheng and helen ang working together?

  13. The usual excuse for DAP's unpopularity among the Malays is "years of UMNO demonisation". There is some truth in that.
    The fact is DAP does a very effective job by itself to alienate and antagonise the Malays, even those who are not automatically UMNO supporters. This Teresa Kok video is the latest of many examples of such callousness.
    Of course, UMNO will utilise Utusan Melayu, TV3, RTM etc to the fullest to promote suspicion of DAP among the Malays, but don't just blame the medium. The content of the message from DAP does the damage by itself.

    1. If u want to put it this way - then the 1st thing u should checked is whether the so called sensitivity of the blur-sotongised Melayu has been ' melayu-rised' to such a level that KT's pet cat died is also due to Anwar's fault!

      To put it another way, why don't u tell me scene by scene about HOW Teresa's ONEderful Malaysia degrading the Malays, sultans & Islam?

      By doing so, u might be able to teach ALL M'sians about yr (hopefully al Melayu's) interpretation & tolerant level of AlifBaTa sensitivity. Knowing them can help avoid future mis-understanding, YES?

    2. This is a good one. I have reading lotsa good stuffs from Loyar Buruk. Plus I have been watching lotsa effing shows. I have decided to make peace with Kaytee.

      Forget about Nurul......Got Anwar blood on it. Plus she is a woman. Zaid Ibrahim is no good either especially in politics

      Support Ezra Zaid as new PM for PR. In this case, everybody is extremely happy. That includes kaytee......Wanna bet

      Who the motherfucker is Ezra Zaid?

      He got no issue with gays......I bet with Ezra Zaid as PM, kaytee will finally come back to Malaysia

      Ezra is related to Zaid Ibrahim.........OK mo man tai..........Hahahahaha!

  14. the cuckoo guy who know's12:14 pm, February 09, 2014

    First of all,I find Teresa Kok's video for CNY distasteful.Secondly for such a stupid video,Umnoputras got so very upset,that they were willing to sent out their hired thugs and hoodlums to make fools of themselves.How stupid can these blurdy politicians get/Go figure.

  15. Any of the old time discipline masters can tell you two tight slaps to the face can be very effective getting a wayward youngster to behave himself, while hours of soft advice and counselling ("modern approach") may just go to waste.

    Teresa Kok looks to me an immature "youngster" who needs just such a wake up call to bring her to her senses..

  16. It's a Malay culture thing to slap when they are amok. They don't care about gender nor decorum. Maybe they think it's a macho thing to do.

  17. IF you notice the 500 is under $$ (1200) and not RM. They must have been referring to the Sing Dollar. This must have been preplanned before the ringgit took a plunge to the exchange rate of 2.6
    They have to be charged as treasonous for using a foreign country's currency as the denomination as a price for inciting violence.

  18. Umeeno's worst nightmare11:45 pm, February 09, 2014

    The inaction by the Malaysian authorities over the slaughtering of four live chickens in public is a big dissapointment to animal lovers alike.It just show the powerless gomen and PDRM over a group of thugs and gangsters hiding under the guise of an Umno affilated NGO.The international community is beginning to believe that Malaysia has not only been the most well known corrupted nation,but has dropped to the lowest well known ranking pariah nation status.

  19. The most degrading thing to do is to threaten harm to a lady.These animals must have been born out the wrong hole.Saiful's lovable hole.

  20. For these animals who spilled chicken blood over pictures of the opposition,how are their mamas going to show their faces in public.They would feel so disgraced and shamed to have borned such children into this world..

  21. I kind of sympathise with the Home Minister.

    There is so much serious crime in Malaysia - murders, rapes, gangland assassinations, prostitution, Bibles containing "Allah".
    Some idiot offering money for more other idiots to slap some pipsqueak Opposition MP hardly merits diversion of police investigating resources. If nothing actually occurs, this goes into the "Not For Action" tray.
    Ever heard of "triage" ?. Its an ugly but necessary word on the battlefield where the number of casualties overwhelms available medical resources. Doctors are forced to divide incoming casualties into 3 groups - hence "triage" -
    First, those whose lives are in danger , but can be saved, and must be treated immediately.
    Second, those who have less serious injuries, and can wait their turn to be treated.
    Last are those who are too far gone to be saved, and are left to die.

    1. Brabus, I have to rebut you on 3 points, as follows:

      (1) triage is as what you have said, but is a threat to commit violence against Teresa Kok equivalent to the last of the medically injured? It's absolutely NOT as it's not about medical relief BUT about a criminal threat of VIOLENCE against a member of the public, let alone a Member of Parliament. And isn't prevention better than cure, namely, to investigate into that threat of violence and prevent possible physical harm to a people's representative?

      (2) Previous Home Ministers had FAR MORE on their plate than this current clown such as the CT threat on both fronts of Malaysia, and the Triads in earlier days were far more insidious and deep-rooted in the mainly tho' not exclusively Chinese society (there were Indian and Malay gangsters as well) and far more pervasively widespread. So this clown can' even cope with the current scene with all the modern crime-prevention assets at his disposal? Then he best resigns from his post. But the truth is he's being not professional nor dedicated to his role as Home Minister, and rather be politicking to his own right wing 'constituency' by refusing to voice due concerns about the (pro-UMNO) threat against Teresa Kok.

      (3) But by far worse than the two above, he has PUBLICLY and virtually said it's okay for thugs to threaten to commit violence against others, including a Member of Parliament. Where did he come from with such a mental outlook that belongs more to a kampung gangster, a barbaric hoodlum who believes in the law of the jungle. He is just plain LOW CLASS.

    2. I think there is a parallel here with the then Home minister Hamid Albar some years back when he arrested the reporter instead of Ismail Said who was issuing inflammatory statements. He even justified not arresting Ismail Said as the UMNO party disciplinary action already serves as penalty (blur line between country laws and party laws).

      They are wearing their political hats instead of their professional hats.

      Talking about triage, PDRM have lots of resources - remember how the police went after Alvivi, the girl with the dogs, the girl model who stepped on PM's photos... (latest is the 'Actress in Teresa's video summoned by police' - who says the police have no resources)

  22. I found Teresa Kok's video a childish attempt at satire and really immature.

    Old Chinese belief is that one only really becomes an adult after getting married and having children.
    There is a lot of truth in that, even though there are always those who never really grow up. Adjusting to a spouse and making a marriage work, the burdens and responsibilities of parenting are key to the maturing process.

    Maybe its high time Teresa Kok find a nice man and settled down.

    1. she has a 'steady' and don't ask me who wakakaka because I won't tell, wakakaka again.

    2. And I find yr command truly AHBeng & feudalistic!

      Too much 《周礼》 & cant digesting it thoroughly to suit modern setting - u've wasted yr education.


      Go back to the tempurung that u just crawled out. Dont ever comes out AGAIN!!!

    3. Beng, the home minister is married ?
      He has adjusted "to a spouse and making a marriage work, the burdens and responsibilities of parenting are key to the maturing process."
      His actions show that he's mature ?


    This is a good, balanced write up on the Video issue

    1. I admit I haven't seen Teresa's video but just judging the author solely on his write-up (his assessment/opinions, tones, structure, etc) I really cannot find anything in it to denote he has been balanced about his analysis.

      FMT has a wee reputation of being anti DAP and quite pro PKR. Of course not everyone at FMT is like so, but I have read enough of its articles to detect this.


    Looks like MCA is showing better leadership and maturity than DAP.
    This augurs well for the Kajang by-election. They have a fighting chance to beat PKR's Dear Leader

    1. Seriously ? MCA having a 'fighting chance'? What drug are you on, btw ? I want some too.......what with the barang naik and the 'amoking' threats flying around.

  25. KT,

    U must have done something right/wrong. More & more umno cypertroopers r starting to notice yr blog & starting to ring-fence yr comment page with their signature one-liner!

    Anything to do with that 'Helen of eastern pearl'?

    1. alamak, hope not lah. Hey, maybe they love me 'coz my dear looes has always accused me of being pally-buddy with Ah Jib Gor, wakakaka