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The ‘Kajang betrayal’ and Princess Diana

My letter to Malaysiakini published today.
5:44PM Feb 3, 2014

The ‘Kajang betrayal’ and Princess Diana

In many ways the ‘Kajang betrayal’, a betrayal of the Kajang voters as I see it rather than ‘move’ that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) euphemistically calls it, is timely as it reminds us of the pattern of controversy in the Anwar Ibrahim-style of politics.

It has been a deplorable style which was previously illustrated notoriously by the shameful 916 episode, a lamentable attempted coup d’etat based on political defections after the 2008 general election, and the associated ‘frog’ hunting expedition to Taiwan by a PKR team in pursuit of Barisan Nasional (BN) members of parliament to ‘persuade’ them over to Anwar’s side.

Then there was Anwar’s rather premature jubilation in 2008 over the political defection of Nasarudin Hashim, then an Umno assemblyperson for Bota, Perak over to PKR, and his pompous declaration that the defection reflected “... the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave”.

Nasarudin then showed his amazing political ‘flexibility’ by returning to Umno shortly, together with three other Pakatan assemblypersons, which led to the collapse of the Pakatan Rakyat state government in Perak. It was not a ‘wave’ envisaged by Anwar.

There have also been allegations that he hijacked the Bersih 3 rally, resulting in what we saw as an undesirable civil commotion between some demonstrators and the police. And there were other politically controversial incidents.

But in this Kajang betrayal, we have been informed that it was, variously, a decision to “strengthen” or “save” PKR (we heard both versions), a “tactical” move which soon became a “strategic” one to combat the evils of Mahathirism following the pending disposal of Prime Minister (PM) Najib Abdul Razak, then to showcase Selangor as a shining example of Pakatan rule, also to resist racial and religious incitements, and so on so forth; until we also heard it is to make Selangor as Anwar’s launch pad to take Putrajaya.

As a Malay would say of PKR’s transforming justification(s), semakin tambah semakin lemak, an increasingly richer embellishment with such succeeding attempt to explain Lee Chin Cheh’s abandonment of the people of Kajang who had just voted for him as their state representative a mere nine months ago, in order to facilitate Anwar’s entry into the Selangor state assembly and hopefully, his eventual appointment as the state’s menteri besar (MB).

Give them a few more weeks and I’m confident those embellishments will attain Ben Hur-ish proportions.

Mind you, I was a bit disappointed that PKR didn’t include in its Kajang betrayal the promises that it will also save PM Yingluck Sinawatra of neighbouring Thailand and democracy from that nation’s equivalent of Perkasa plus plus, resolve the China-Japan dispute over some island territories, and to communicate with the spirit of the late Princess Diana, the last of which is guaranteed to be popular with the Chinese voters in Kajang who I heard are like me, enthusiastic punters of ‘Empat Ekor’ lotteries.

Hasty action to deal with party problems?

But I would recommend to PKR the use of “strategic” rather than “tactical” as it may then indicate to the public of PKR’s deeper thinking and far sightedness, and avoid the impression of whatever issue the Kajang betrayal is supposed to solve, had been a hasty action to deal with some PKR party problems, just as a hypothetical example, the acrimonious feud between Azmin Ali and Khalid Ibrahim over power and control.

PKR’s Rafizi Ramli is the self-admitted ‘brains’ behind the PKR action, which is now supported by some leaders in Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) and the Democratic Action Party (DAP), both component parties of Pakatan Rakyat, the loose political coalition which has nominated Anwar as its current head.

Rafizi's explanations have been articulated and well-delivered, even unto incorporating a bit of psychological sulking (merajuk) to elicit sympathies from Kajang voters as in his gentle dare for Kajang voers to reject PKR if they feel the party has manipulated the democratic process, but of course at the same time reminding them of the greater stake in the issue, of Anwar being punished if they don’t vote for the PKR de facto leader.

Admittedly, the warning of escalating Mahathirism is as frightening as the fear-mongering of some Umno leaders and Umno’s mouthpieces. Saying this, I somehow sense I might be omitting something about their similarities - hmmm, I wonder what?

Anyway, the PKR explanations seem to invite agreement and sympathy even from sceptical me, if not for the following observations:

(a) For such an important Pakatan ‘strategy’ it’s puzzling that the secretary-general of DAP did not even know of the sudden PKR-initiated action, let alone being consulted or at the very least, informed. Lim Guan Eng confessed he was completely in the dark about Lee Chin Cheh’s resignation. Should a Pakatan ‘strategy’ be initiated by PKR alone without prior consultation with the leaders of its political allies? I believe PAS was also not informed.

That Lim Guan Eng’s father and DAP chairperson Karpal Singh have now come out in support of Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘strategy’, long after Lee’s resignation was announced, does not mean it was not other than a PKR initiated ‘tactic’. Perhaps the DAP and PAS saw the need to maintain a cohesive Pakatan Rakyat and to quietly swallow PKR’s action as an unavoidable fait accompli.

(b) Lee’s resignation was announced as if the move was prepared in stealth (maybe it was), and probably known among a small coterie in PKR.

Nathaniel Tan, an erstwhile ardent supporter of Anwar Ibrahim and once his personal assistant, wrote of being informed by a top PKR leader messaging him, saying: “I guess I’m always the last to know. Sigh.” He also reminded us in his Malaysiakini article ‘The dearth of transparency and democracy in PKR’ of the following pithy but rather succinct check list:

“Let’s carry out a simple thought exercise: How did the decision to carry out the Kajang plan come about?”

“I don’t know, do you?”

“Many have speculated (myself included), many claim it happened one way or another, but the truth is: nobody outside the nebulous ‘inner circle’ has any idea.”

And that was probably why even Anwar Ibrahim himself, when pressed for comments immediately following Lee Chin Cheh’s resignation had to take several days before he could or was prepared to answer, leaving the press then to Azmin Ali and subsequently Rafizi Ramli.

Wasn’t it supposed to a Pakatan strategic move, but obviously one in which Lim Guan Eng, the secretary-general of DAP and PAS leaders and even some PKR leaders knew nothing about, and which Anwar couldn’t provide an explanation straightaway?

So strategic and secretive?

Perhaps it was so strategic and secretive that only four people know about it, namely, Lee Chin Cheh who had to resign his state assemblyperson post, Rafizi Ramli, the self-acknowledged brains behind Lee’s resignation, Azmin Ali and (I truly hope) Anwar Ibrahim.

NGO Bersih has criticised the Kajang Betrayal, and so has its former chairperson, Ambiga Sreenevasan. Human Rights lawyer Edward Bon has been incensed by it. PAS Youth was livid with rage and earlier on vowed not to support Anwar’s candidacy in Kajang, while Selangor PAS has started to stake out their claims on the MB post.

The list of unhappiness over the Kajang Betrayal goes on, while constitutional lawyers have their days discussing, dissecting and displaying their knowledge on the federal and Selangor state constitutions.

Now consider an alternative scene which would have avoided all the brouhaha: PKR consulted PAS and DAP. The resignation was announced at a Pakatan (and not PKR) press conference immediately following a PKR assemblyperson’s resignation.

The PKR assemblyperson who had volunteered to resign was Azmin Ali of the Bukit Antarabangsa state seat. Azmin Ali explained his noble self-sacrificing decision as only giving up a state seat while still remaining a federal member of Parliament (MP) for Gombak and where he would continue serving the people of Bukit Antarabangsa in his capacity of MP. Lee Chin Cheh would not have been required to abandon the people of Kajang!

Alas, that was not to be. I wonder why? [admittedly writing this with a smile].

But it does tell us, nay, remind us of the way PKR acts unilaterally and then would label those actions as being of Pakatan Rakyat provenance, presenting both DAP and PAS with fait accompli they dare not reject for fear of a disunited coalition.

Today the ‘Kajang betrayal’ is only about a state constituency and probably the MB position of Selangor. What happens tomorrow when Pakatan Rakyat does eventually rule in Putrajaya?

In the meanwhile I do hope, on behalf of Kajang-ites, that Princess Diana will in her eventual visitation provide us with the means to secure financial compensation for expenses in the coming by-election.

Addendum 04 February 2014: - Analyst: Will Rafizi quit if Selangor isnot toppled?

PETALING JAYA (Feb 4): PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli is taking a big gamble on de facto Pakatan Rakyat leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who will contest the recently vacated Kajang state seat, according to political analyst Khoo Kay Peng.

Khoo questioned the basis for Rafizi's reasoning that Pakatan must strengthen its base in Selangor in anticipation of Barisan Nasional's (BN) attempts to take the state "by hook or by crook", asking whether Rafizi was willing to step down if his predictions about BN's machinations were unfounded or untrue.

Speaking to, Khoo found the political picture painted by Rafizi - that a faction aligned to former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was moving to "remove" Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak – to be quite far-fetched.

"If there already is a power struggle (in Umno) to bring down Najib Razak, then all of this will make sense. He also said that this (move to field Anwar in Kajang) will strengthen Selangor as the state is in a dangerous position of losing power to BN via dirty tactics.

"But how can they lose Selangor when they hold more than two-thirds majority here? And even if Anwar is incorporated into the state government, what can he do if people want to leave the party? If they are truly concerned over the scenario, then call for a state-wide election and let the people choose again.

"My question now is: Would Rafizi be required to step down if he failed in his assessment and drags Malaysia into very dangerous waters where they utilise the democratic process to resolve an internal problem?

"Since he painted this picture and if his predictions are untrue, will he take responsibility and resign?" Khoo asked.

"We can't have a precedent like this."

Khoo also believed that Rafizi's statement was just "an immediate reaction" because no one in PKR, Anwar included, could give a properly justified reason for the so-called "Kajang move"


  1. Kaytee,
    As far as PKR is concerned your analysis is irrelevant.PKR always has the ability to brush black as white.They have Azmin,Rafizi,Netto,Nathaniel and now William Leong to provide reasons why Anwar must become MB Selangor to cure the ills the world is now facing.Latest from William Leong, Anwar as Selangor MB will thwart any backlash from cutting down on quantitative easing by the US Treasury and Federal Reserve! Can you believe what they can come out with Kaytee?

    1. you're right of course and their bullshit will reach Ben Hur-ish stature, but I need to say all I have said.

      Incidentally Nathaniel has become disenchanted with Anwar and condemn his former boss in his Malaysiakini article

    2. Really, totally dischanted. Just as you have misread Rafizi desire to destroy the monster. Hahahaha!

    3. Abdul Rahman,
      Kaytee has mistaken that Azmin wanna memampuskan Rafizi by asking Rafizi to stand in Pandan. Told him already that Rafizi is Azmin man la. Hahahaha.
      Meanwhile, Hisham Rais has his opinion on what's really happening in Selangor.

    4. let's return to two military terms, strategic and tactical, wakakaka. Strategically Azmin will need to politically kill off Rafizi, and vice versa for no two tigers can remain on the same mountain; tactically they now need each other

  2. Firstly PKR cannot decide unilaterally that Khalid step down as MB. So far there are vague references that many Aduns are not happy, how many ? The proper way is to call for a motion of no confidence, if the dewan says he stays he stays, if the dewan say nay then Khalid steps down as MB, vacates his seat and creates a by election in his constituency. That is the democratic process,
    Vijay Kumar Murugavell

    1. fully agreed matey. If it comes to Anwar versus Khalid, then the 15 PAS and 12 UMNO ADUNs will support Khalid (the latter exercising enemy of my enemy stuff) = that makes 27 + Khalid himself = 28 -- alamak, hung parliament lah, wakakaka unless Khalid has a couple of PKR ADUN supporters

    2. Time for a history lesson to Vijay & Kaytee

      1) Who is Mohammad Nasir of Kelantan?
      2) What happened to him in 1977?
      3) What did Ibrahim Ali do during that time?

      You can formulate more questions......My point is.....done that....end result UMNO win........

      If you guys still so sua ku, ask Nik Aziz.......Hahahahaha

  3. And ada lagi from PR believing and defending the PKR position. The term "pea size" brain seems an overstatement to describe their mental prowess.

  4. It is obvious that the engineer who engineered the betrayal had ignored the imperial politics of consensus and consultation. Perhaps, his reason is they are all sleeping partners – yet to be legitimately married.

    Some more, obnoxiously, gives a gentle dare to the electorates NOT to turn themselves into cannon fodder ready to be launched over Putrajaya. Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk.. What a sheer intoxication of one’s own self-righteousness and power.

    - hasan

  5. KT,

    For yr reading pleasure, & hopefully along the way educate those real CB pea brain troglodytes;

    Note especially those answers that deal with the royalty;

    - We have a major problem in Selangor. This issue of race and religion shows the abdication of the Prime Minister and the government. They are either ignoring this or dismissing this or passing the buck to the state. (meaning, get the state to deal with the sultan, tricky umno moves, yes?)

    - Then, in any talk of the change of leadership, you must also know the constitution, the sensitivities, and the need for consensus. And when you accept the role of a constitutional monarch, it is not just a constitutional or legal interpretation. It is a deference, and respect is due to the sultan. (meaning how to deal with that sultan with constitutional or legal interpretation, BUT also deference. ie giving face lah)

    Hopefully yr prospective green horns CAN mature to this stage, even though many old (political) birds r dying wayside just for trying!

    1. How many times this CB kaytee going to listen? What's the point of bragging Tunku Zain to be the next leader when he can be the next YAM Tuan Besar of NS after his father. Unless Kaytee got inside story that Jaafar family is planning for a counter coup against Mukriz family in NS. Jaafar was a Tunku's plant to control NS.......There you have UMNO testicles. Oops! Tentacles........Hahahaha!

      Since kaytee loves young boys running around with shorts........Why not find something even younger? Start with Ezra .....? I am not going to spoon feed kaytee with basic politics

      1) Ezra who? Hahahaha!

      Kaytee seems don't know much about Kajang's history

      1) Who was the Kajang adun in 2008?

      The answer my friend is to follow the trail......You can always ask hisham rais........He knows selangor politics better........He knows selangor sultan better.....Is that why RPK so gahrah? I love to see RPK vs Hisham Rais.....Me, I will support Hisham Rais any time

  6. Khoo Kay Peng take on LGE.........


    Lim Guan Eng has performed a flip-flop on the undersea tunnel project.

    Previously, he has promised to conduct the DEIA before going ahead. Now, he says if DAP is re-elected, he is going ahead. This is one of the most unscrupulous politicking I have seen in years in Penang.

    NGOs, even those who confessed loudly that they are staunch supporters of LGE must tell us what and how they can persuade the DAP strongman to consider his decision and to respect all rules and regulations concerning the building of a mega infrastructure project that may cause social, economic and environmental implications.

    Once started, Gurney Drive property prices are going to drop 30%. Construction works will drive people, residents and visitors away from the area due to congestion and inconvenience.

    Can Lim Guan Eng push through the project without even giving us detailed information? I hope LGE does not push his popularity too far.

    He told The Star:

    "The DAP-led state government will go ahead with the proposed undersea tunnel if re-elected.
    Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the rocket DAP's symbol represented courage, progress and unity and that the party would stand by its vision for the benefit of future generations.
    “We dare to make policies for the future Penangites, including building the country's first undersea tunnel.
    “Some people do not agree with the project but we must think of our children we must be courageous enough to do this for them,” he said."
    His administration has chosen to keep mum on all pertinent technical and probing questions regarding the project. His insistence of using his supermajority and God-like popularity to push through the project is most unscrupulous of a leader.
    I hope concerned Penangites and NGOs will continue to put pressure on the super popular and populist leader to consider and stick to his promise to conduct all necessary studies before starting the project.
    Is this smart courage or misguided egoism?

  7. Lagi Lagi LGE by Khoo Kay Peng..........

    And he called LGE his friend.......Hahahahahaha!

  8. Kaytee,
    I changed my mind......You go to fight with Khoo Kay Peng, another Penang lang. Better that way......Hahahahaha.......Khoo Kay Peng say that LGE is bullshiting.

    More quotes from your good penang peng you, khoo kay peng

    "You claimed that the project is a “desperate” effort to decongest traffic congestion on the island and bring about smoother traffic flow on the mainland of Seberang Perai. You pointed at the failure or reluctance of the federal government to entertain the state’s numerous requests to help improve public bus service on the island as a main contributor to your administration’s desperation.

    If given a choice, you concurred that improving public transport is still the best option. You said; “Much as we prefer the public transport option, one must not forget that public transport in whatever form is the exclusive prerogative of the federal government. Even if it is funded by the state government, nothing can be done without the sanction of the federal government. Therefore, regurgitating the homily that we should be investing in public transport instead is akin to beating a dead horse.”

    Here is where I am going to attempt to get you and other politicians to see our viewpoint. First, if the reluctance to explore the public transport option is due to politics why should the people be made to suffer the consequences of our deplorable state of politics?

    In a matured democracy, politicians should be able to differentiate between when to engage in a political battle and when to cooperate for the common good of the people.

    However, you are implying that the people should ultimately be burdened with an expensive alternative project proposed by your administration because of the reckless and endless political bickering between the two coalitions.

    As a voter, I am merely sending a message to you and other politicians to start paying attention to the real needs and plights of the people. As a leader of a state government, it is your prerogative to try to reach out to the federal government to work something out for us. I am sure it is not an easy task as you may have tried before but your administration must not give up. A state government must find a way to work the federal government if both are going to continue to be lead by two different competing coalitions.

    The outcome of not working together is going to be catastrophic for the country. This project is a good example. The state is ‘desperately’ needed to approve a RM6.3 billion project that may or may not provide a long-term solution to the congestion problem."


    1. looes I'm going to, have to, be stricter with you. You're now throwing non-thread issues (on Penang CM) in this post about Kajang. I will not publish any more non-thread comments by you.

  9. First of all, let me say I'm very much against this Kajang by-election occurring.
    It is a serious abuse of the democratic process for PKR to force a by-election to attempt to resolve its internal problems. Nothing that Anwar has said so far justifies the move.

    However, I'm never starkly anti-PKR or anti-Anwar the way this blog is, haha. I do have sympathy with the political problems that PKR Selangor faces.
    DAP is fortunate that it does not have such issues, Its Penang Chief Minister is also a top policy maker, but I dare say if a similar situation ever arose in DAP, the solution would be equally intractable. A State Chief Executive who is out of line with the Party's objectives and policies is no small matter.

    Khalid Ibrahim has done a laudable job in the administrative and financial aspects of the Selangor government. However, politically, he has been a contradiction - at times both a weakling and a loose cannon.

    The "weakling" bit was obvious during the issue of the "Allah" Bible-raid
    It has been repeated umpteem times that JAIS and MAIS are formally independent of the elected Selangor state executive.
    However, there was nothing to stop Khalid Ibrahim, as the state's chief executive to come out strongly to state that such a raid, the manner it was carried out, including using Police arrests, is inimical to religious tolerance and mutual respect in Selangor.
    An important aspect of leadership is using positional influence - clearly voicing your views on what YOU see is the right and wrong thing to do, even if it is beyond your formal powers to act. Obama, for example, does it often.

    Many of us who overall like Khalid's administration were deeply disappointed with his tepid response.

    The "loose cannon" bit relates to the recent settlement of the Selangor Water supply ownership issue.
    For five years Khalid played hardball with Syabas and the Federal Government on the water resources ownership. Many of us supported him, in spite of having to put up with inconvenience and water supply disruptions, which we suspected were "engineered" by Syabas. We are well aware Syabas is run by UMNO cronies and acts as an UMNO proxy.
    Just recently Khalid suddenly settled the water issue with the Federal Government, on no better terms that what he could have got 5 years ago. No consultation with the public, and (according to Anwar) no consultation with PKR or its Pakatan Rakyat partners.

    So, PKR and Anwar have a genuine problem with Khalid, but , they should never have taken the path of forcing a by-election. Its an abuse of the democratic process.

    1. Rocketman. as always I value your comments, though in this one I can only agree with most but not all of them.

      For a start, wakakaka, and I have said this before, I am not anti PKR per se but anti PKR bullshit and PKR ketuanan-ness. However I have never trusted nor like Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali and their inner coterie which now includes Rafizi Ramli. But many would be gasping away in amazement and disbelief if I were to say I had defended AI a couple of times (including in a letter to MKINI) and even complimented him though admittedly wakakaka, not often.

      Khalid Ibrahim is more of a CEO in a business conglomerate than a political leader, which has been why he has, as criticized, acted unilaterally on some Selangor state issues without consulting Pakatan allies - maybe he isn't even aware he had to.

      He is also one who **has to** look upwards to a Tai Kong whether this be AI, Dr M or "someone" else, and this may expalin why he was reluctant to comment or make a stand on the Allah-word issue.

      Because of my perception he needs a **leaning post**, I opine he doesn't have much top-leadership qualities (to be, say, PM) though he is certainly not a bad MB compared to some clowns before him. He has his weaknesses but overall he is far more acceptable than the Døkkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka.

    2. Rocketman,
      People jump ship without election also got problem. People resign & make way also got problem. Ah so, I got a solution. Let turn Malaysia into a absolute monarchy state & appoint RPK as the Sultan above all sultans. Hahahahaha!
      Whether it's internal problem, external problem or kaytee's private problem at night with his wife because Anwar's fault, the fact's

      1) One assemblyman resigned
      2) Law stated that by election would be conducted within 60 days.

      Hence, your opinion, kaytee's opinion or even my opinion is irrelevant. Anwar has made his case in Kajang. There is a by election. Then let Kajang decides. If Anwar lost, Kajang voters would give some piglets to Kaytee for his ultimate rejoice. Hahahahaha.
      Who say DAP never has the problem? Who's the Anthony Loke's predecessor? Heard of KOKS campaign? Teng chang khim? Boh Cheng Hau? Hahahaha! Don't talk cock la.
      Ok, Khalid has certain things great including screwing up DAP twice on the exco allocation. Precisely why DAP kinda hands off this time round.

      Yeah, playing hardball with syabas & finally give up.......Hahahahaha! Fact doesn't lie one

      Khalid's U turn. In this case, Maggie Thatcher got more cojones.......Hahahaha

      As much I respected Khalid, seriously hehehehe........You should ask CLF residing in aussie land

  10. looes' slanderous statement "... or kaytee's private problem at night with his wife because Anwar's fault ..." reminds me of a former office worker who loved to fling suchlike fabrications against other bachelor office colleagues when he wanted to potong in on their girlfriends. In the West, such sabotaging smearing verbal-assassinating fabrications are known as "When did you last beat your wife" questions/statements, indicating whichever way the victim of such a smearing sabotage choose to defend himself or rebut that slander ends up looking worse. Best tactic is to ignore such "When did you last beat your wife" questions/statements, but there is a long term danger in adopting silence over such salacious slanderous nonsense because before too long, people may start thinking those slanders were true. looes loves to play such games where obviously he is an expert in incremental character/reputation assassination.

    looes appears to be one who thrives in obscene vulgar slander and character assassinations, not unlike many UMNO mouthpieces. I wonder which cesspool he uses?

  11. Calling....calling....calling one Looes74 ....the warning bell is ringing, wakakaka.... the writing is appearing fast and furious on the wall.....cull your tongue lest you follow in the footsteps of Monsterball and that Vulgar Drakula Forgot-What's-Bloody-Name.......Tuan rumah blog ini sudah naik marah lah !

    Sudah sangat lenient dah.....bagi Looes ni manyak freedom....maki2 fcuk lah, cakap2 "bukan tiga bukan 4" lah ( translate from cantonese 'kong sam kong sei' ), goes off-tangent tak ikut benang ( prone to non-thread goosey goosey gander wonder wildly off track ) dan macam2 lagi.

    Mesti lah tahu macam mana draw the line lah......jangan lah take advantage sampai duduk atas kepala, lepas tu kening di situ pulak, wakakaka.

    1. correction...." lepas tu KENCING di situ pulak".....