Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Tragedy of Hindraf

Yesterday Malaysiakini published my article Plagiarism cries, and the tragedy of Hindraf which is an improved and expanded version of my earlier post SARSI? 

I had written it as a letter to Malaysiakini but was delighted when Malaysiakini editor Steven Gan offered to publish it as a MKINI Comment article.

Incidentally my submission to Malaysiakini was prior to Uthayakumar announcing his intention to have HRP (his political party) participate in GE-13 in a number of Pakatan stronghold seats.

How much adverse effect will HRP participation have on Pakatan chances to retain those seats remains to be seen as some Indians have returned to BN's fold while some continue to support Pakatan, and some no doubt will support HRP.

But regardless of the percentage distribution of Indian voters among BN, Pakatan and Hindraf, there will undoubtedly be some adverse effect on Pakatan's chances. 

In a critical situation like GE-13 when we have already suspected the EC of being less than impartial, no matter how small HRP's effect will be on Pakatan, it will be most unhelpful to Pakatan's ability to hold on to the state of Selangor.

It's very possible that those Pakatan strongholds will be rendered by HRP into non-stronghold seats, so is it a coincidence that HRP wants to contest there? 

Ah Jib Gor

When you examine the impossible odds of HRP winning any of those seat, not unlike a snowflake's chance in hell, you have to conclude that Uthayakumar like Darth Vader has gone over to the dark side of the Force, or if we want to be kind, not that it'll be complimentary at all, he has done a silly vindictive dummy spit*.

* Urban dictionary defines 'dummy spit' as an Australian term meaning to lose one's temper and/or indulge in a display of anger or frustration. The phrase is usually used of an adult, and the implication is that the outburst is childish, like a baby spitting out its dummy (pacifier) in a tantrum and refusing to be pacified.

But political dummy spits are costly indulgences (unless of course there is a generous benefactor or backer) so we are forced to think of the worst.

Thus, in my article published by Malaysiakini, Plagiarism cries, and the tragedy of Hindraf, my naughty suggestion ...

This leads us uncomfortably to the suspicion that the DAP has been an unwanted suitor, when Hindraf probably desires someone else. I hope I am wrong but when I read in Malaysiakini’s ‘Tough issues in store for second PM-Hindraf meet’ I see a totally different Hindraf reaction to its meeting with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. Dare I say it has been coquettishly coy complete with fluttering eyelashes? 

ayoyo Aneh, do you like my fluttering eyelashes?

Ayoyo Aneh, do you like my fluttering eyelashes?

... appears rather prescient, not that my analysis requires the intellect of a rocket scientist.

I reckon my title 'The tragedy of Hindraf' has been appropriate because the man who accuses DAP Indian MPs and ADUNs of being mandores is now suspected of being the biggest mandore of all, a mandore of Najib.

Aiyoyo Aneh, do you like our help holding the lei up for Akkai?

And maybe that's why Indian Malaysians have been marginalized for so long.

Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy, please stand aside and let the DAP look after the Indians as the party has promised in its Gelang Patah Declaration.

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  1. The real tragedy - lacking foresight based on 55 years of hindsight.

    Hindraf managed to stir the community base at the hight of the movement. They were blocked from Batu Caves which was the rallying point.

    Today, Pg Tokong's picture is even bigger than "Murugan" on posters but that is Tokong being Tokong. But when you see the community raise Mr. Nambikai's image in Batu Caves and bigger than any Lord around, then you know you are in trouble. Hindraf must be sleeping...

  2. Not that I am unsympathetic to the marginalized Indians, and they can be easily manipulated coz of crumbs pre election time, they deserved to be marginalized for another 55 years because they listen to these so called leaders. They are led by their noses and when election is over and everything is quietened, they will know they have been had, and I can only say, serves them right, padan muka. We won't listen to their grouses - let their kind die in custody, let them cry over demolished temples and let them rot in poverty.

    Fed up of Indian attitude

  3. I respect and appreciate Hindraf's role in late 2007 and 2008 in helping to awaken the Malaysian electorate. It had an impact not just on working-class Indians, but many others as well.
    The sight of FRU shooting tear-gas laced water cannons at defenceless people who were not offering any resistance or violence convinced many people Barisan Nasional had lost its legitimacy.

    However, Hindraf has taken to playing the politics of prostitution.
    I observed the trends in Hindraf's public pronouncements in the last few weeks and months, its obvious they are now virtually a "BN-friendly" party, only bar the declaration as such.
    Oh, they won't be standing on BN-tickets, but they will be playing spoilers, to split the Opposition votes.
    BN-loyalists are not going to bother with them, their main objective will be to siphon off Opposition votes.

  4. Whoever put up that gigantic image of Najib at Batu Caves, doesn't realise that his left hand is in some awkward position, behind the back, hiding something?

  5. Kaytee,months before Warthamoorthy's walzing across the crossway to freer than a bird Malaysiadom,I already said that this thambi has been bought by Umno.

    When he made the announcement in his adopted land of exile,that he was coming home and couldn't care less about the regime detaining and Kamuntinging him.Like he was a blurdy moron thinking that he can take the fools for a ride.For a guy who hopped naked except with only his boxers on,onto a plane covering like a rat in the toilet scared that the SB boys with catch a wind he was fleeing from them.Now suddenly so brave that he finally wants to come home,so near the election to face the music.This is the makings of a man who has his brains stuck in the orang putihs asses for so long,thinking that every Indians are fools easy to take for a ride,except himself.

    1. I believe the Indians may not be 100 percent fools, but foolish enough to say, 'never mind, we give bn another five years and see what happens. Then we can change govt', not realizing this this their death knell. Just ask around and see what you get. Even the Chinese are falling head over heels for the money goodies being dished out, what more the marginalized group.

  6. very well written, so when r u going to write the same about the tragedy of rpk?

  7. the gaffe guy who knows5:50 am, April 07, 2013

    Yes,Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy,you siblings have done the Indians a great injustice,by selling your souls to the Umnoputras.The ones who have surpressed the Indians for fifty six years are now your soulmates and bedfellows.Is your love for money and power the reasons that have turned you siblings to betray your fellow Indians.Hahaha.thambis will always be thambis.Fu*king other thambis till they fall flat on their places,for Umnoputras to stomp over them.

  8. You are lucky that you have similar views with malaysiakini TMI etc etc for they need articles like this to push their agenda. Congrats to you. Contrarian views will never be accepted by them and all of them are just hypocritical pits. I can comment on times magazine worldwide and got it published by them but at these self proclaim free media I can't.

    When are we to realise that both pro bn MSM and pro pr AM need to be fair and balance. When are we to learn to be open to criticism and debate. All pro pr blogs without exception (may be i can exclude nutgraph and 1or two more) censor and ban contrarian views. They play unfair rules. They can repeat irrelevant issues. They can attack personality and some with expletives. But if one gives a contrarian view no matter its relevant and rebutting their repetitous issues they start censoring and banning. Then they take moral high ground they're for freedom of expression. Hypocritical isn't it.

    I repeat all pro pr blogs are like this. I read rocky and he accepts all even pure insults. But pro pr blogs just can't tolerate dissenting views especially reasoned one. For this I don't believe a single word that these pr leaders utter on media. Rubbish.

    1. KJ had his article published in MKINI, so did Helen Ang when she wrote her anti Lim GE articles.

    2. The question is who dictate what is fair and balance, I don’t think to accept insult is one major criteria of freedom of speech. TNG censor my response to one idris in the Malay Unity thread, i guess most that read my comment know I have no difficulty to engage In ad hominem play if one wish to, however it got to stop somewhere, it was purely my bad day if mine is being censored and I don’t think I shd accuse the moderator for being unfair.

      My point is, our ‘fair’ can be easily someone else ‘bias’, hence our advocate of freedom of speech is premised on the idea that there is a market place for us to say something different, in contrarian, in dissent and in disagreement without being threaten, sued and charged in court, but that doesn’t mean one can’t censor what is deemed as irrelevant, unreasonable and trolling.

      I therefore think we have to look at the issue from a macro perspective, and ask question like what our government did to promote such a market place to communicate our idea and view in the context of freedom of speech, for instance, allow everyone to participate in media outlet like TV, radio, newspaper, publication not limited to internet which have confined access to rural area. This media outlet van be bias to both BN and PR as they wish to, fair isn’t it?

      PS/ Just like when we read KT bla bla bla on Jesus n Judas, do you think he would write something similar on Islam? And we see how some people use their twist tongue to ‘spin’ issue knowing that Christianity dost not have much impact toward Malaysian life, unlike Islam, hence to equal the so called bashing Christinity to bashing Islam is the newspeak of those from the anglo land, many are actually half Brit and half Aussie who have the habit to claim they are unbias, third force and wakaka.

    3. Kaytee,

      Ellese do not understand, the problem is with Ellese. Ellese is the problem not the pro pr blogs. Blaming others for Ellese fault.

      I have taken the courtesy to explain to Ellese the attitude and habits relentlessly, but Ellese just refuse to acknowledge and spin into another topic. Ellese is EXCELLENT on it. Nobody does it better.

      Ellese has a denial syndrome. Ellese weapon is to do a personal attack. The same kind of weapon that Ellese's paymaster is doing on Anwar Ibrahim. You'll know they've graduated from the same "college".

    4. "Technology, more than anything else, democratizes voices. It allows people to share. The opportunity now to meet people where they are and to engage in a platform of real, active citizen engagement, as opposed to the inert citizenship that we have" - California Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom.

      Technology has changed how we think & talk. Sadly, politicking means bashing the other and shouting down detractors either to bully the opposition (generic sense). Locally, there is a lot at stake besides the opportunity to serve the people for 5 years.

      Therefore, bias & bashing of religion or particular race serves no purpose. Noted of late is that pro-BN bloggers have stopped this since its counter productive. Yes, we can discuss Christianity in the public square but then, we should be open minded to discuss the impact of other religions to public policy making and national interest.

      Like "Aku Cinas" to be Chinese is bad, Chinese Christian is worst and to top it all to be English educated (or in their words Anglophile), Chinese & Christian is the vilest thing on earth. These so called scum therefore must be DAPsters. This is called generic fallacy. It seems the world revolves around some secret agenda.

      The problem we face is real and present. Dividing the communities will make it worst. Even with the new emphasize on Rukun Negara, it cannot unwind the damage done for the last few years... its a slippery slope.

  9. the mean machine10:21 am, April 07, 2013

    Ellese A,

    hi missy.You are here again?Didn't you just got chased off another blog.Just let CSL entertain you and you will be in his harem,and not a nusaince to serious bloggers and commenters.Uttering your garbage where ever you go.

    1. As one commentator Jenny in a previous post said of this downright dishonest hypocrite....."Selective phrasing and twisting of words too." Incredible the amount of pure bullshit he keeps churning out but cowardly and conveniently knows how to shut his trap and make a quiet disappearing act when unable to counter those who call out his nonsensical hot air posturings.

  10. Trouble with these so called very principle men is they keeps changing their stand. Day one they will shout till their mouths foams that we must stand firm together to rid the country off a very corrupt regime. Next day they will say they will remain neutral. Another day they will say BN is a better party and need to continue to rule. Can you trust these people? We may be stupid to believe that they will help change a very corrupt regime. These people only cares about their personal interest using politic as a stepping stone. Look at the boastful RPK. Is he any difference with the people he used to criticize in the past? The most powerful weapon BN have is MONEY. How they not continue to rule for another 5 years or forever when people we placed so much hope to change the system can be bought with money. Folks, please think carefully before voting. The future of our country and our children are very important.

    1. " Look at the boastful RKP........"

      He and Haris Ibrahim once were a tight team working together in an attempt to bring down a completely corrupted government. But see where they are now after the split ?

      Haris Ibrahim too is not fond of Anwar and his ex Umno gang in PKR, and he's not shy in demanding Anwar and Gang to explain all their shenanigans ( but alas, he was completely ignored ). Despite all that, he's able to carry on with his indefatigable fight to soldier on, even on very limited budget. His emphasis on SABM is quite something, especially with the GE around......compared to the current RKP's malays vs chinese, christianity vs islam. RPK might protest til he's blue in the face that he's not a turncoat, not bought-over, but unfortunately, he's now being seen as to have changed so much that such perception of him as a turncoat prevailed....and his blog is now 'infested', for want of a better word, with cloying @rselickers, hanging on every chinese/christian/DAP-bashing word from RKP.....the RPK who onced described the civil servants in government offices as lazy, parasitic "fuck-face". Now at his blog, he has "kind-heartedly" warned the nons not to rile up or provoke the malays BY PRINTING these so-called provoking comments, so that these malays will in droves go back into UMNO's arm.

      That's the difference between RPK and Haris Ibrahim.

    2. This Buttercup is another Ellese alike, like cut from the same cloth.

      They wallow in the same stinky worm-infested vomit, thus unable to smell their own stench. The trouble with UMNO BTN courses is that they produce such clone-like masses, utterly unable or refusing to see themselves as they are but more than able to see even the "kuman di seberang laut" when it comes to ruthelessly running down their opponents. Outright blatant, amok-ing bigoted melayus are in fact even preferable to these nauseating sanctimonious hypocrites talking bullshit sitting on their facky 'high moral' horses.

    3. RPK is one that provoke and he shifted the blame to his readers reaction and response, help by idiot like rot jam.

  11. It has been said, rightly, that Chinese votes (28% of voters) has only a very moderate impact on the outcome of GE13. The impact of Indian votes is even less significant.
    Uthaya is making a fool of himself hawking Hindraf's support like a prostitute.

  12. Hindraf who? Hahaha, what a joke. Don't waste time over them.
    Much ado about nothing. Who cares? Who bothers?
    Funny that you guys are allergic to Perkasa. But can stomach Hindraf.
    THis is the selective reasoning you people are guilty of.

  13. All I can say is what a shame but nevertheless another feather to Najib's hat for snaring Uthaya and possibly Waytha (I hope not).

    UMNO shows again it is no easy meat and Najib in particular is full of tricks.

    The positive thinking I have is my hope that GE13 is not about race but about the sudah ada versus the belum ada, the patuts vs samsengs, the docile vs the bully, the rights vs the wrongs and upon these new divisions may PR become victorious.

  14. Dear all,

    Didn't realise there were personal attack. Please allow me to defend my name.

    On wave, you have been hypocritical all the while. What personal attack have I written above. I attack and criticize things with justifications just like KT does with bn personalities. You and others do personal attack calling me btn trained lah , has paymaster lah etc etc tak pa pula. These are lies and you have no issue of alleging it. So get out of your partisan mindset.

    To mean machine, I've been censored coz all of them are intolerant of contrarion views. I've recorded all their unfair and double standards to those they like and those having contrarion views. See my blog hakbersuara.wordpress.

    To anon, please stop the lies. No one in bn knows me. It's my views. I don't go to btn. I don't know buttercup. If you don't like moral high ground please apply similarly. LGE and DAP always take moral high ground.for example they always call Malaysian first but always propagate policies of our young to be separated by race. That's hypocritical. Please condemn this.

  15. HY,

    Weved debated this before. When I call for fair and objective media, I call for media giving fair opportunity to both to air the views. This is what US SPJ demands. Just like bbc, they call both views and its the public to decide. Journalists must strive for truth. This is why we condemn pro bn MSM. This is why we condemn pro pr AM.

  16. thanks ellese, yes we debate this before, i repeat because i think you did a bit of stretching by relate some pr blog host action to pr leader stance on media ie freedom of speech, and thus i seek clarification again.

    the diff btw u n me is u want a media to report both side of story bec i think this is quite impossible as I said earlier, my fair is easily your bias, that is why you criticize our fair host for his stance in social democratic but not “allah’ stance or pkr issue while i believe he is bias against anwar but not lks n lge. human tend to be bias hence how do u expect the media that is controlled by human could be fair and balance? you being a muslim and I being a chinese (cultural context) shd know how bias is the western media toward anything islam and china, how could we belive they abide by the spj? we can only try and strive to be fair n balance. thus my view is the people shd be granted the oppouturnity to read from both end and draw our own conclusion, and we know well only those non-partisan and relatively objective media can stand the passage of time. that is why you never see me condemn utusan and tv3.