Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BN rolling out its old tactics?

It's confirmed that Abdul Ghani Othman (MCA UMNO) will meet Lim Kit Sang (DAP) in the federal constituency of Gelang Patah.

(l) MCA's Abdul Ghani, (r) DAP's LIm KS

Lim has asked for a clean contest, the subtext of his request being that the BN is full of tricks raging from enticing, bullying, intimidating and of course a manmanlai you-know-what from its various apparatus the RoS, EC, Police etc.

But what will be legitimate is the likelihood of a third or even fourth candidate standing in Gelang Patah, backed by BN, to dilute Lim's support, a tactic better known as splitting those votes likely to go Lim's way if there were no 3rd or 4th candidate.

It's an old BN tactic but alas, it's legitimate.

The (not just 'a') 3rd candidate is likely to be Jason Teoh of MCA. Already, as reported by Malaysiakini's MCA supporters vent anger at Soi Lek in Gelang Patah, there is currently a MCA sandiwara to get Jason Teoh to stand as a 3rd (presumably) independent candidate in Gelang Patah.

MCA's Jason Teoh
high possibility of standing in Gelang Patah as an 'independent'

under a 'white feather' symbol? wakakaka

new MCA symbol

MKINI reported:

Should Teoh not be picked to contest Gelang Patah under the BN ticket, they pledged they would give their full support to Teoh to contest as an Independent candidate.

"Can he contest as an Independent candidate? Can each of us donate RM1 to him?" asked community leader Jason Ang Kian You.

No need lah - all will be taken care of mah.

The excited crowd, which had gathered at the Gelang Patah New Village where Teoh was born, responded with repeated loud shouts of "Yes!"

A representative of his 600-strong campaign team, which has halted all its GE13 activities since last night, also vowed to campaign for Teoh should he decide to contest as an Independent.

BN hopes by this tactic, Jason Teoh may siphon off some potential support for Lim Kit Siang.

However, beginning of last year, according to a TMI report titled In Johor, Chinese set to snub BN in polls, Professor Abu Hassan Hasbullah of think-tank Zentrum Future Studies (based at UM) revealed that “… its end-of-year surveys have seen Johor Chinese catch up with and possibly overtake their northern kin in terms of backing PR. Opposition leaders in the state estimate that they won 55 per cent of Chinese votes in the last election but ….. support from the community has surged to close to 90 per cent.”

The Prof described the massive political swing as a “silent Tionghua revolution”.

According to that Zentrum survey, Chinese approval of Pakatan in Johor rose to 68% after the last election, and climbed further to 79 per cent in 2010.

With the latest figures, this could effectively enable Pakatan to pick up 15 federal and 30 state seats in Johor (compared to 1 and 6 respectively on 08 March 2008).

In the same article TMI also stated:

Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman has been pounding the pavement since late October, spending at least four days a week on the ground ahead of the general election as Barisan Nasional (BN) faces the prospect of losing more Chinese votes.

Tellingly, he kicked off with Gelang Patah, Tebrau, Kulai, Pulai and Muar (twice) — all constituencies that have at least a 40 per cent Chinese electorate. The fear is they are beginning to think like their northern counterparts who threw out BN from Penang and Perak in Election 2008.

Apart from meeting voters and supporters, he spends hours each day being briefed by the BN machinery on voter sentiment, detailing levels of support in each suburb and, in some cases, each street.

“He’s been on the ground in all these seats the opposition thinks it can win,” a top official in Ghani’s administration told The Malaysian Insider.

According to reformist think-tank Zentrum Future Studies, Abdul Ghani has good reason to be worried.

So it's not as if BN-UMNO hasn't been aware that Pakatan will move into Johor.

But if Zentrum survey finding is reliable, and the political mood of Peninsula has indeed seeped into the consciousness of Johor voters, then Lim KS has nothing to worry about even if Jason Teoh and a 4th candidate from HRP, Makkal Sakthi or a Hindraf 'independent' (wakakaka) joins in the fray.

Yes, it might have been an old BN tactic but who knows, maybe it still has some value.


  1. During GE12, most "Indie" candidates put up against BN-vs established Opposition parties i.e. DAP/PKR/PAS candidates lost their deposits.

    The "Indie" tactic was originally developed on the presumption pro-Opposition voters are Dumbos.

    The few exceptions to this case occured with true 3-cornered fights DAP and PKR fighting the same seat or where the Indie is a well-known and respected local figure.

    Sorry-lah, as far as my info goes Jason Teoh doesn't quite fit into this category.

  2. We, the undersigned, appeal to Jason Teoh's wife (no wife then mum oso can) for Jason Teoh not to contest in Gelang Patah, not to trust turncoat, especially the foreign one, and give your vote to Lim Kit Siang, but please say no contest for LKS wife, daughter, daughter in law, grandson, grandmother, grandfather .... one son cukup dah.

    Now fucking sign the petition at www.turncoat.com

    1. wonder whether Jimmy Chua will sign too, wakakaka

    2. Azmin, Zuraida and Nasution will sign one. Less women more share.

  3. Ghani might have been a good MB and he might have enough support to bury LKS. He has indeed done a lot for Johore.

    To be objective about it though, every time I drive back from Singapore, I can't help but realise the vast and growing disparities between Singapore and Malaysua as exemplified by the Johore landscape. In fact, the minute we cross the Second Link only we realise we have come back to some backwater state far removed from the dynamism across the Link. Coming back via the Causeway is worse, we see immediately monuments in memory of what might have been the glories of a crooked bridge and we see this new CIQ where getting into and out of are celebrated by unceasing traffic jams. Ghani has done a good job?.

  4. BN has another trump card : ROS, which will deregister DAP after nomination sending all the candidates to be stranded in limbo.

  5. Kaytee,like I said before,Kit Siang will win in Gelang Patah.As we all know what Umno(boh hood)just like their doggy the Mca does to people who have overstayed their welcome.Send them as sacrificial lambs to the opposition.That is what Ghani will be.

    Now look at the frog friendly MP Zulkifli Noordin.Umno has send him to the lion Khalid for folder.This is Umno's way of saying thank you to frogs and traitors.

  6. It will be for the better for Jason Teoh to stand as an independent candidate.That way more support will go to Kit Siang as the voters know that this is a rat sent by his political master to split the opposition votes.He will definitely lose his dposit.But hey,what is a few thousands considered that he might be able to garner at least sis hundred votes from his cheering supporters.That will come to less than twenty dollars er vote.His masters Umno has to pay hundreds to thousands per vote.Liang Chai this Jason Teoh.Hahaha.

  7. Jason Teoh has been campaigning since 2008. I doubt he knew Lim Kit Siang would be coming to Gelang Patah. All along we thought this was a PKR seat. The last candidate was Dr Zaleha, a malay lady.

  8. umno/bn dah jadi dinasaur. how to win a match or a war using an outdated tactic or strategy for everything has changed. they are just digging own grave. so, rest in pieces!!!

  9. But isn't lks playing on Chinese sentiment but claiming to fight for Malaysia an old political tactic albeit a legal one.

    1. DAP's tactic cannot even hold a candle to UMNO......claiming 1Malaysia but outsource IMelayu to its arrays of running dogs Perkasa, Utusan dan kuncu2, BTN, Tunku Aziz etc, all illegally seditious but semua ok lah with Umno Ruling of "ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS" hee hee hee hee

  10. Guys..didn't you have shouted for thousand times that DAP is a 'multiracial party'. Why harping on chinese votes?? People are not stupid as you may think..DAP is a chinese party. action speaks louder than word.

    1. Why UMNO shouting 1Malaysia when it is 1Melayu all the way ?

  11. Why are those who believe in Malaysian first promote apartheid education system separating our youngs based on race and denies races to mix together? Then condemn all effort to integrate in particular 1malaysia.All Imalaysia product are not race based but need base but why do these so call Malaysian first reject these?

    1. Chinese vernacular schools have never restrict students to opnly one race and indeed many Malays and Indians have gone through Chinese medium schools successfully.

      The above open-arms welcoming-to-all policy of vernacular schools is the opposite of UMNO institutions like UiTM, MARA and a number of institutions which restrict students to only Malays [even MCKK is only open to Malays).

      Rights to Vernacular education is a human rights policy espoused by the UN (UNESCO)

      So Ellese who is the promoter of education Apartheid? Your UMNO of course.

    2. If you remember in the 70s and 80s Malaysia was a very strong opponent of Apartheid in South Africa. All the while having institutions that are off-limits to nons. What irony.

  12. Dear KT, I've been going through tons of blogs comments, both pro BN, opposition PAS, DAP, PKR and Dr M's...etc, attending ceremahs organized by both sides, talking to MPs from both sides and observing their actions and manuevres.....and finally came to a conclusion on the action to be taken on polling day:-

    To cast my vote by choosing the lesser of the 2 evils, and you may have guessed who is the lesser evil.....

    We need to give power to the lesser evil so the competition can be more even-handed ...to compete on a more level field...ALL for the better of the RAKYAT.

    50 years of abuse by one strong evil is taking its toll on the country's development, we need to balance them up, the bigger evil and the lesser evil...so that this country can be truly democratic...with a two party system, both are of more or less equal strength...and with this they will strive to better serve the RAKYAT as they now know the importance of the RAKYAT's vote.

    Long live all Malaysian voters...vote to better your own future