Thursday, April 25, 2013

New career move?

Read also Malaysiakini's Is love still in the air? by my Penang laang, Neil Khor (extracts follows):

When a political party has to resort to karaoke to get its message across, you know that it is in trouble. The MCA Bukit Bintang team’s performance has now gone viral but not in a good way. They wanted to sing their way into the hearts and minds of voters. Unfortunately, the song they chose undermined the message they wanted to spread. [...]

... this rather poorly executed music video demonstrates a bankruptcy of ideas. Mimicking a music video does not make one popular; translating one’s conviction through a new song is what convinces people. We don’t need a bad rendition of someone else’s song, we need BN to come up with its own song.

Compare this poor rendition to the Ubah music video. No one is expecting our future leaders to sing fantastically. GE13 is not American Idol. What we need from the candidates is that they sing their own composition and sing it with conviction. 

Pakatan Rakyat’s cross-generational and multi-ethnic performance encapsulates their core message. If we want change that is meaningful, we need the cooperation of all Malaysians. We may not sing it like professionals but it is our own song, our own anthem.

No such coherence in the BN. The BN close connection with Perkasa strikes a discordant note. Apparently, there is so much love for Zulfklifi Noordin in Shah Alam by Indian voters that Najib Abdul Razak had to publicly say that Zulfklifi is a champion of the Indians. 

I am not sure how someone who denigrates the Chinese and Indians as “illegal immigrants” and who think the Ganges River is not holy but dirty can so convincingly turn a new leaf. But miracles do happen and lets see how Shah Alam votes come 5 May. [...]

In the case of the non-Malays, so long as BN can keep the company of Perkasa, it has no business getting our votes. We can always vote with our feet like the members of MIC Shah Alam who quit the BN coalition.


  1. pkr kicked out a racist to where he belong. we malaysian especially indian are very clear who zul nordin is, only shit like waythamoorthy, vargo, temenggong, joe, sap and mutu that are blinded by $$$$ would not hesitate to kiss this zul nordin arse.

    1. Wait a minute! What about Gobalakrishan? You have not settled with Arulchetvan yet....Or you wanna bring that jelapang incident

      DAP so good give away Miri & Segamat to you guys. Sure win seat.....Some more fight for you guys....What do we get in return? FUCKING CB SAI RIGHT?

    2. first of all, if I may direct your attention to present day april 2013 where we are facing a general election and briefly divert your attention from keep turning back the clock? frankly I am no more interested into the jelapang incident of the most principled dap hee, not sure about you though but can we move on? I hang banner for dap until 1.00am last night, what have u done? and what do I get in return?

      btw, u haven’t reply how much umno pay u to write shit.

  2. A long campaigning period will show the true mettle of candidates. What do you do for 2 weeks? So like a badly planned outstation bus service, you either keep showing a wrestling tape or a badly produced gangnam makeover to keep the passengers happy.

    Even with consultants (worth millions), the uno numero can only copy even down to the campaign bus. That spells trouble especially when photos appear of large crowds even in Putrajaya wanting to give dissenting voices a hearing ear.

    The MCA sing-along (due to lack of funds from the head honcho), Donald Lim's near empty makan free events or CSL repeat of Yen-Yen's "hello, are you there? rhetorics may not spell the full end of UMNO but certainly of MCA. After all CSL also loves Zul and forgives him. Wakakakaka

  3. Me and my whole family and most relatives will continue to vote for Dacing, because BN is good for Progress, Security and Harmony.

    All we will get from Rocket, Moon and Blue Eye will be Discord, Hudud and Irresponsible spending

  4. It is the election (silly) season, where the politicians on both sides seek your approval to become the ruling class again, so amidst the promises, condemnations etc, you will be asked to believe that a leopard can change its spots. So Zulkifli Nordin who have been consistently spewing diatribes against the nons, suddenly turns benevolent and is even described as the champion for Indian issues. And the almost surreal atmosphere of these 2 weeks will culminate in the ascension of which of them to be ruling over us for the next 4 to 5 years.

    1. Correction, if bn gets to rule again, it will be for another 50 years.

  5. Mahathir, in an interview, has described the purpose of fielding Zulkifli Nordin and Ibrahim Ali which is at odds to that described by Najib.

    Dr M: Perkasa candidates picked for polls 'are for us' -

    According to Mahathir, 'us' (Malays?) need support from Perkasa, and so what if the nons (mainly Chinese) vote someone else.

    And he is talking again about assimilation etc, just as in his infamous book 4 decades ago.

  6. This is kinda the fuck I don't like

    Fuck you la, Anwar. You mean DAP do lathing one ha. I dare to say it's DAP effort that help this fucker Chua Jui Meng getting Segamat. What fuck DAP get in return

  7. in return, we will assign dap the task to deal with singapore pap on many outstanding issue, this fucking singaporean must learn a lesson what arrogance means.