Monday, April 22, 2013

Strange happenings (2)

Continuing from Strange happenings (1) ........

In my previous post I mentioned that last week we noticed strange things happening, such as the virtual disappearance from the political scene all mentions of Altantuyaa Shariibuu, and the remarkable but lamentable 'return to BN' by Waythamoorthy, self proclaimed leader of Hindraf, an organization formed to protest against BN's marginalization and brutal treatments of Indians in particular the unexplained deaths of Indians in police custody.

An important note to remember is that Waythamoorthy was NOT part of the 5 Hindraf leaders who were incarcerated by the UMNO-led government under the Internal Security Act (ISA), namely, V Ganabatirao, M Manoharan , K Vasantha Kumar, R Kenghadharan and P Uthayakumar. While they languished under draconian detention, he was safely ensconced in Mother England.

“Waythamoorthy wants the Indians to give BN a two-third parliamentary majority. But there is not even a squeak from this newly recruited ‘Umno mandore’ when Zulkifli [Noordin] was named as the candidate [for Shah Alam]. Waythamoorthy has smeared the name of Hindraf and all our sacrifices have been in vain.”

- S Sanjay (former Penang Hindraf deputy chairman)

But he has now completed his triumphant return without any harassment by the authority to claim ownership-leadership of Hindraf, undertook a "fast" purportedly to raise notice of Hindraf's grievance and its demand published as a so-called blueprint, rejected DAP's adoption of 11 of his blueprint points as plagiarism (whatever that meant?), travelled to Putrajaya to attend a meeting with UMNO despite being more than two weeks into his fasting, returned to the temple to collapse from his fast a few days later, and then signed a MoU with UMNO which has only 4 points from his blueprint (in contrast to DAP's 11 points) and then exhorted Indians to return UMNO-BN to victory in GE-13 with a TWO-THIRDS majority

'Twas certainly a busy period for him and his adviser N Ganesan.

Remarkably, the so-called MoU which he effusively enthused as 'unimaginable' (well done, Aneh Nambikei, wakakaka) does not question nor raise queries about Indian deaths in police custody. What can we say about the Hindraf under Waythamoorthy?

In this post we leave him and his mob to enjoy their new established friendship with UMNO as he campaigns strongly for a BN victory with a two-thirds majority (presumably a new important point in his so-called Hindraf blueprint).

In this second post on 'strange happenings' which occurred just last week, we observed the hitherto believed-impossible, the development of a nascent cooperative entente cordiale between PAS and DAP.

The entente cordiale came about from a combination of mutual interests (for Pakatan Rakyat to win GE-13), hutang budi by DAP for PAS willingness to allow the eventuality and necessity of DAP using its Bulan Purnama as the party symbol for DAP candidates (thanks to RoS initial implied threat in rendering the new DAP CEC not legal) and of course PAS staff working late into the night to prepare the letters of authority allowing DAP candidates to use PAS logo.

Though the option was finally not required, no doubt to the immense disappointment of pro BN bloggers and reporters who claimed in their bizarre conspiracy theory that DAP exploited the situation as a deliberate ruse to use PAS logo to gain Muslim support, ...

... DAP supporters will not forget PAS' cooperative willingness to tide DAP over an unpleasant and very crucial period with their loan of PAS party logo.

Thanks also to PKR for similar actions for DAP in Sarawak and Sabah, though the price to pay was surrendering Miri and a state seat to PKR.

PAS has also benefited from the cooperation, demonstrating to the Malaysian voters it shares with DAP a common political goal and a common political ideology (at least on one point) of anti corruption.

By its association with DAP, it resets non-Muslim attitude towards its political ideology and existence. Pak Haji Nik Aziz, its spiritual leader, stated to his personal (and party) delight that the day has finally arrived when the Chinese and Indian Malaysians no longer fear Islam and an Islamic party.

But this is only a start, for there are still many policies and details to work out to consolidate and enhance the entente cordiale.

Okay wakakaka, we must not forget the input of Anwar Ibrahim in bridging the humongous gap between two diametrically opposing ideologies, that of Islamic PAS and secular socialist-democratic DAP. The gap has now narrowed considerably to be almost invisible ..... but as I said, there's more work to be done. 

Nonetheless, the exhilarating exuberant ebullience of the kaam cheng between PAS and DAP, apart from fulfilling Subky Abul Latif and thousands of PAS members' wet dreams and giving many of us orgasmic goose pimples, must surely merit a mention in this post on Strange Happenings.

Next, I wonder why BN still throws mucho money into its campaign for Penang, giving the impression they haven't learn anything since Gerakan's debacle in its Psy concert and the mismanaged yee-sang which turned out to be Korean-free, wakakaka.

where's that Korean?

Gerakan should have by now realized Penangites can't be bribed. Penangites are the very people who invented the political strategy of 'sending DAP to Parliament to make noise while keeping BN in state for domestic development'.

But even this strategy was abandoned in 1969 and indeed, again in 2008. Now, that they could see a state government that's clean, accountable and transparent, why would they change the status quo!

Yes BN, why throw good money after bad ones? Could it be that both were not worth keeping?

Thus this silly Gerakan-BN action proves BN hasn't changed in its belief it could continue to buy the voters' hearts with the '600 Janome' approach which we witnessed in the 2007 Ijok by-elections. Maybe BN expects Penangites to show gratitude? wakakaka.


But throwing good money after bad ones in a totally lost cause, I dare say, merits a mention in Strange Happenings.

Finally, Najib, for a man who wants to win with a huge majority, fails to nominate the best candidate for the federal seat of Pandan while selecting the worst candidate for Shah Alam. Pakatan should thank him for two federal seats.

Once bitten, twice shy

Indeed, a week of Strange Political Happenings!


  1. Even more strange is that PAS decides to challenge PKR is certain seats because of drug dealers and communist in the latters ranks. They discovered photos of Lenin, Marx in this person's office... Whoever it is, the guy lacks something compared to a American jock's locker photos.. Wakakaka..

    So we start with the areas they are both contending... Chegu Bard... wakakaka...

    No wonder Malaysia is still trying to figure how to make DVD's... wakakaka...

    And both sides are asking for our votes... time for tea tarik boys... wakakaka

  2. BN, especially Gerakan in Penang decided to go down fighting, ya....

    Thousands attended the free makan at the padang in my neighbourhood. The vast majority came just for the free food.

  3. I will never forget the early morning hours (1 am) of November 26, 2007, in the aftermath of the Hindraf rally, when FRU - controlled by the UMNO-government - fired chemical-laced water cannon into the compound of the Batu Caves Hindu temple. Two of my cousins were there.

    The UMNO-controlled FRU violated a place of worship.

    To this day the UMNO government has never admitted , let alone apologise for the incident.

    Waythamoorthy is a traitor , and his currency is treachery.

    I'm sure his kickback is worth much, much, much more than a Jenome sewing machine.

  4. Makkal Sakthi Lives8:46 pm, April 22, 2013

    It is obvious that many Indian leaders have concluded that the best interests of the Indian community (and their own interests, of course) lie with supporting Barisan Nasional.
    This is regardless of how intensely they advocated Opposition politics to start with.

    Chandra Muzaffar (don't get confused by that Arabic-sounding name), Nallakarupan, Gobalakrishnan, Thanenthiran, and now Waythamoorthy.

    Who is to say they are wrong ?

  5. finally a well written article, keep it up for 14 days, that's all we ask. on the contrary, we see how the turncoat n kt sweetie put in last effort to continue manufacture fear, disgusting!

  6. All of these ills of BN against the malevolent rule of DAP ?

    WTF !!! DAP has no track record of governing Malaysia because you buggers have not been elected yet !!

    Any moron with half a brain can easily sling all kind of shit on anybody but using only shit as ammunition to attack BN, Hindraf and anything you don't like will only make DAP (chinese) and the likes of you shittier.

    You are no friend of indians but I must give you credit again for your amazing ability to write a whole bunch of stuff and really saying absolutely nothing. You need to find some things of real substance to write about and put your talent to good use!


  7. dap have no past experience to govern but according to the ag report, they did quite well in penang, however i certainly agree if one want to claim that dap have no track record to neglect the indian for 55 years. and i also certainly agree that bn/mic is the best friend of indians, sure, they could be. just like pigs "could” fly. but I say that’s rather unlikely. if you can’t grasp the concept of odds…well even with your real substance and talent, i can’t possibly teach you everything.

  8. Bersih 3.0 participant8:54 am, April 23, 2013

    Right now, Ambiga Sreenevasan is probably one of the Indian leaders with the most credibility and respect.
    However, being a high-caste and highly educated woman, it is difficult for the Tamil working class to connect with her.
    Its like she's from a different world.

    Just too bad. The Indian community really needs more leaders like Ambiga.

  9. Trying to smother and soothes your readers first before embedding finally doubts, fear and logic talk?

  10. Warthamoorthy has soul himself,kitchen sink,toilet and washer dryer.Throw in the rod and sinker too.These traitor has let down his fellow Indians by being a mandore of Umno.But it is okay as his bank account is flushed in cash,rumoured to be millions of dollars.Compliments of Umno with the hard earned tax payers money.

  11. Nomination Day for GE13 , April 20 was also Teoh Beng Hock's birthday.
    The morning after GE13, May 6 will be Altantuya's birthday.

    It is said that those who died suddenly under tragic or violent circumstances need closure before moving on to the next life.

    I believe the outcome of GE13 will bring about that closure to both Teoh Beng Hock and Altantuya.

    Remember Teoh Beng Hock and Altantuya when you cast your vote.

    1. Hear ! Hear !

      Yes......Remember Teoh Beng Hock and Altantuya when you cast your vote.

      Thank you for this reminder.

  12. Kaytee, could you please write the words of a song (set to the tune "Delilah" of course)to our beloved pariah, Mr Why-Lah Moorty? "Oh, why, why" has a nice ring to it, I think. You could include references to Altunya's murder, etc etc. On the other hand, no point in wasting time on that shit.

  13. KT,
    Please tell who in his right mind will want to giveBN/UMNO or for that matter PR, a 2/3 majority? Who is this imposter/pretender claiming to speak not just for the Indians (the last time I checked there were MORE THAN 10 parties/outfits that claimed to be just that!) but for ALL MALAYSIANS? The fasting "sandiwara" must have really got into his bloated head!

  14. Kaytee,
    For goodness sake, stop whack those folks la. Whether Hindraf support kah or not, the yindians can only give 50% support to Pakatan. Guess how Yingeland ran over Yindia.
    Time to engage this CLF fella in Din's blog. He resides in Aussie land just as you do....Just fuck that beep beep Hua Yong. Read this article

    This is the comment from your alter matey, CLF......Please fucking hell comment. Better go to Din's blog to join in the rumble. I fuckingly hell quote "

    What wild card?! Just convene an EGM to reconcile the CEC lah – after the GE is over.
    Enough of all this lah.. Whatever happened to Proactive measures? Remember, RoS is beholden to the constitution that the Party or Society governs itself. It cannot impose additional and extrinsic rules, as long as the basic societies act is followed.

    As i had said many times over – there are certain bureaucratic loopholes the Goons can and will employ, all because the Opposition – especially DAP has no decent advisers who are ex-gomen bureaucrats, in particular from PTD. I discussed this with someone who had worked in RoS and yes, it’s quite routine.

    It’s the second letter that was unwarranted and inflicted unnecessary anguish, that boomeranged back at the idiots who drafted it. The timing and wording was in a sense maleficent.

    All this paranoia goes not show that all these talking heads are unable to understand simple bureaucratic principles, governmental codes and procedural-legal matters. Karpal Singh was right – he is of the opinion that since the Investigations are on-going, the CEC remains intact until proven guilty. They still owe an explanation to RoS.

    What this article conveniently brushes aside, besides the ‘technical glitch’ is that the complaints came from disgruntled DAP members themselves! The party itself seems like it is organized like a Triad, without the Criminal Intent – a very blur one when it comes to dealing with the Feds.. Tell me i’m wrong.


    It's time to meet your adversary la......If in australia, tell me where, I wanna come

    1. Hmmm...a meet up amongst American,British,Australian and Singaporean keypoh about Malaysia affair? Great! Tonight I am having tea with kinraran, serdangan, puchongan,kajangan and we are going to discuss Obama wakaka

    2. Just read this! Wouldn't you vomit blood when you are from PSM.....Oh I forgot anything Anwar or Azmin say is correct

      Kaytee would definitely would not agree

      Lagi more vomit blood from our heavenly snake from PKR

      It seems that PKR folks besides sulk can even cakap besar. What a bullshit statement from PKR. Guess why DAP still insist in using their logo instead of PKR/PAS. Wanna bet if Azmin Ali will say that finance, education & home affair is off limit to DAP even if DAP wins the majority seats in New Pakatan Government

    3. azmin is just a political pygmy who draws strength from anwar.

    4. fully agree PSM vomit blood “PSM has agreed to adhere to the committee’s decision but DAP did not respond. So why blame PSM alone?"

      btw, our meet up at mamak concluded that we will support obama for a third term wakaka.

  15. "finance, education & home affair is off limit to DAP"
    Absolutely.....we cannot trust these to PAP fifth columnists

  16. Correction sir, for the use of the PKR logo in Sarawak, DAP had to surrender two Parliamentary seats, Miri & Sri Aman

  17. Thanks to the ROS saga, DAP and PKR can 'amicably' settle the seat dispute. A win-win because, by giving the 2 seats to PKR, DAP has a reasonable explanation for its grass roots. I really think that when we read of all the seats tussle, it is not always the greed of the parties, but leaders have to consider feelings of grassroots who have laboured on the fields. What ROS had meant for evil, God had turned it for good!!! Yay!!