Thursday, April 11, 2013

MCA - a sorrowful inglorious end

How I should title this post, was my problem, and not a dilemma as I had initially wanted to say; but no, it was never a dilemma, perhaps at most a certain sadness for me. I thought of a Chinese poem I read in a book my Uncle gave me years ago:

Mighty is God on high,
Ruler of His people below;
Swift and terrible is God on high,
His mandate has many statutes.
Heaven gives birth to the multitudes of the people,
But its mandate cannot be counted upon.
To begin well is common;
To end well is rare indeed.
 - 1st paragraph, 255th poem in Shih Ching (Book of Songs), circa 600 BCE

The last two lines 'To begin well is common; To end well is rare indeed' applies most poignantly to what I want to blog on in this post.

It's about the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA - 馬來西亞華人公會) or as Penangites call it informally (abbreviated name), Ma Hua.

Mais the short form for Ma-Lai-Say-Ah (馬來西亞) or Malaysia, and Huastands for Chinese, thus Malaysian Chinese Association.

Incidentally, Huaalso means glorious, though at this point in time, there is nothing glorious about Ma Hua, no, not with its leadership begging for crumbs - see Malaysiakini's Please don't make us 'eat egg', S'gor MCA tells voters - and worst of all, its party president Chua Soi Lek's lack of gumption as evident in his reluctant resistant reprobate refusal to stand against Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah, ironically a MCA hor siew (tiger's lair or stronghold).

In CSL's refusal to meet Lim Kit Siang in a MCA stronghold as his predecessor Lee San Choon did with Dr Chen Man Hin in Seremban, a DAP stronghold, he demonstrated to the world that Ma Hua is now ingloriously and most definitely not a representative of Chinese Malaysians.

The word Hua, if spoken in a different tone or written in its unique Chinese character, can also stand for flower, and which was why I had written in an earlier post MCA - three strikes and you're out! about hibiscus flowers in a haiku.

Initially for my haiku, I had thought of referring to a flower more identified with Chinese (Oriental) culture like lotus, chrysanthemum or peony etc, but I finally decided on the hibiscus as, apart from being our national floral symbol, it's quintessentially Malaysian in character.

In that post I had enacted a scenario where a courageous CSL, for his personal honour, prepares himself for his final combat with his nemesis Lim Kit Siang, in a showdown to show who Chinese Malaysians support as their representative. I had written:

Visualise a Chua Soi Lek preparing for his final battle in Gelang Patah knowing he will probably lose (I know it’s difficult but let’s try anyway). He drinks three cups of wine as gestures of apology to his god(s), family and especially to the Chinese community for the sins of MCA, and pens his final political poem a la the 5-7-5 syllable haiku:

In our summer of glory
Hibiscus flowers once bloomed for my people
They now wither equally well

I intended the haiku to show that Ma Hua had once done commendable deeds for the Chinese community 'in [its] summer of glory', and let's not dismiss its past merits such as its Malayan citizenship efforts for Chinese, vernacular education including scholarship, welfare program for new villages, etc.

Chinese 'new villages'

In the last line 'They now wither equally well', I attempted to portray a repentant CSL accepting his and his party's pending political demise (its withering) as 'equally well' as basking in the glow of MCA's past merits, and thus done with courage and grace (CSL meeting Lim Kit Siang head on in Gelang Patah) as the samurai would in his seppuku.

I had wanted, perhaps in my unrealistic imagination, CSL and his Ma Hua to go down in courageous glorious flames so as not to shame Chinese Malaysians regardless of their political preference, and who knows, as per the western phoenix, rises again from its ashes in the future as a re-born clean and repentantly-conscious Ma Hua.

But blast, instead CSL cowered behind the UMNO sarung and even shoved UMNO's Abdul Ghani Othman forward to take his place in a supposedly Chinese showdown. Thus CSL effectively Paraquat-ed his hibiscus plant with its glorious blooms by his inglorious action of clinging on to the hem of an Umno man’s sarung.

MCA's candidate in Gelang Patah?

And today, we read in TMI that CSL whimpered: Don’t ask me about MCA seats, [it's] all up to PM.

Now, is that the president of Ma Hua or Ma Chau Kau, where chau kau or in Mandarin zǒu gǒu 走狗 means running dog (lap dog).

MCA on right

In his twice-abdication of his Ma Hua presidential responsibility, first, by shoving the Gelang Patah standoff with DAP into Abdul Ghani Othman's hands and then, by handing over his oversight of MCA candidates' placing in GE-13 completely into Najib's hands, CSL is undoubtedly the worst party president ever in the MCA's glorious as well as inglorious history.

Yesterday, TMI in its editorial Is there still a point to MCA’s existence? stated:

Even its closest ally, Umno, has little confidence in the party that was formed in 1949, to champion the interests of the Chinese as we head towards Election 2013.

Umno plans on fielding its candidates either in all of the DAP seats or most of them in Johor as the Malay vote is more dependable than Chinese support, according to its strategists.

That is sound political strategy.

In fact, Umno leaders have a better chance of scoring more Chinese votes than MCA.

Isn't the last sentence above the most tragic indictment of how far Ma Hua has fallen? It has the same degree of shame for Chinese Malaysians as when Gaffar Baba became the President of MCA in 1985.

Once MCA President

TMI then piled on the sneer with:

This is because the MCA is viewed as a party with little power and influence, and its leaders seen as sycophants lacking the gumption to speak out on anything except to attack its rival the DAP. [...]

Privately, Umno leaders are concerned that MCA leaders cannot even muster enough support to make a difference in Johor, a bastion for Barisan Nasional (BN).

Never mind the Chinese vote; Umno is concerned that even the Malays will not back BN if a MCA candidate is put up.

So, if a party that says it represents the Chinese in Malaysia but cannot be counted to win the Chinese vote, what is its value?

And as for MCA's at-times questionable role as a conduit for Chinese business to the UMNO-led government, TMI hammered the final nail into MCA's coffin with:

Chinese business interests used to go to MCA leaders as a bridge to better ties with Umno and other senior government leaders.

That has not been the case for years.

Chinese businessmen have been working directly with Umno interests for years without any need for MCA.

Stanley Koh, a former head of MCA research unit in FMT's Should we pity MCA? in reference to Donald Lim's begging the Chinese for votes and Ong Ka Chuan's 2008 similar shameless appeal, wrote:

Donald Lim: 'Please don't let MCA eat egg'

According to English theologian Frederick William Robertson (1816-1853), there are three things that deserve no mercy: hypocrisy, fraud and tyranny.

Many of MCA’s detractors would say that the party has been guilty of all three sins.

In 1986, the party’s think-tank pointed out the need for electoral reforms, arguing that Barisan Nasional’s gerrymandering of electoral constituencies made a mockery of the one-man-one-vote principle.

What has MCA, as Umno’s oldest partner in BN, done to press for reform from this unjust system? Nothing.

The party’s leaders have not lifted a finger in defence of democratic values, but have certainly been raising their hands in support of constitutional amendments to legalise and perpetuate this injustice. They did this in 1973 and again in 1994.

Current party president Dr Chua Soi Lek has even openly rejected accusations that the electoral system was unfair and accused Pakatan Rakyat and polls watchdog Bersih of lying about irregularities in the voter rolls.

According to Stanley, MCA has more than just a passive role, when he informed us:

Yet Chua, who has sat in many MCA steering committees over the years, is fully aware that the party leadership has been working in cahoots with Umno, which has a special relationship with the Election Commission.

The minutes of MCA meetings on the delineating of constituencies over the years would give ample proof that the party’s state leaders have been working hand in glove with the various chief ministers and menteris besar to preserve BN’s strategic election interests.

Instead of answering the public’s call for fairness and a just electoral system, the MCA has been ditching democratic principles and values for its own interests.

Stanley Koh has been completely spot on that Ma Hua, no longer its once glorious self, deserves no pity.

There have been some allegations that DAP move into Johor has been more than just winning seats, and about deliberately killing off MCA. While that is debatable, there isn't any need for such alleged DAP action.

Hmmm, which one is the MCA candidate?

What has become cheerlessly crystal clear in the last couple of weeks is that MCA has killed itself, thanks to the actions or non-actions of its party president Chua Soi Lek.

Let me end with another sad haiku for MCA:

The mountain had awaited you
But you choose instead a miry swamp
Alas, no lotus are you


  1. With the rumoured view that TSMY is also putting pressure on the list, meaning most MCA candidates in Johor or even every Malay dominated area MCA is not fielded speaks more woes for their demise.

    Politics is about peception. For years, the pro-UMNO bloggers have banged away at the Malay-Chinese divide especially DAP. So it makes political sense to capitulate on this perception by fielding an UMNO candidate to take on DAP, thus entrenching this divide further for a clear win.

    And where was MCA in all this? Especially CSL? Attacking PAS... wrong strategy but too late.

    But worst still, as Sakmongkol alerts us in his lastest posting, while Pompey burns, the MCA is still trying to divide the spoils like the last few decades after the demise of their titans.

  2. Kaytee,

    CSL is not biting. Seems he isn't even standing for any seat. Funny thing for a politician to do.

    1. scared to stand in GP, so to save face what course could he have otherwise taken? He sits as president to nurse his son up the party echelons

    2. Will there be anything left for the "crown prince"? Oh, the billions in MCA's coffer that is something worth "inheriting".

    3. Is CSL the first ever full time president of the MCA? Even as a full-time president, it's hard to see MCA surviving beyond GE13.

      So, is it going to be a UMNO led government and a DAP led opposition? Malay govt vs Chinese oppo... not good for the country.

  3. Kt,
    It has to end somewhere somehow. Do I feel sad for MCA? Should I?

  4. The way the support for BN is moving, Najib is leading Barisan Nasional to a 2/3 majority victory.

    Don't worry, after that the Chinese community will come crawling back to BN and ,yes, Ma Hua to negotiate for support the community needs - in education and in access to business opportunities.
    An emasculated Pakatan Rakyat is going to be Blo*dy useless to satisfy those needs.
    Alas, at that point the Chinese are going to find themselves negotiating from a position of weakness, having lost almost all voice in the government. Dong Zong may not even get pass the guard house of the PM's office.
    That's the prospect that I feel sad to contemplate, happy as I am to see the coming BN victory.

    1. Dei ma hua, you speak like a true lap dog....waiting for your bacon ? ~ How much is ~ the doggie in the window ? ~ Wouw Wouw ~

      Don't be sad......lick somemore, lick more vigorously, the master will come round, will relent and will consider throwing again those crumps you've been salivating for. Wouw wouw..... good doggie, good boy, ( *pat, *pat )

    2. I don't understand why different opinions can't be tolerated without these condescending verbal attacks of calling one a running dog. Is it so difficult to accept that some ppl don't think along your lines. How about countering the person's argument with facts or data or with a bit more wit for a change.

    3. How can BN win 2/3 majority with MCA losing? Tak masuk akal btul, if you ask me!

  5. As DAP increasingly sheds all pretensions at not being a Chinese party, its Indian branch increasingly finds itself adrift and alienated from the party.

  6. Kaytee,the day porn actor Chuah Soi Lek took over as president of Mca from OTK,was the beginning of the end for Mca.Now everything is falling apart,piece by piece.Soon after the GE the Mca will follow Gerakan and fade into the sunset.

  7. i didnt know shijing have such insightful phrase, shd thank the host that seem knowing anything and everything. however i think mca strategy is okay one, good dog or coward dog still a dog, most chinese cant tell the diff so why fight a losing war, just wait for dap to show their arrogance and mistake then come back.

    btw, the mt host finally admit he change, actually no big deal, he shd have said it earlier since everyone know, but now he blame it on dap chinese show that the intellectual of a sixty years old might have very little different when compare with a 16 years old. what happen to english education? that is the problem whn one dont read shijing wakaka.

    1. MT host is now just a rogue BN operative, cashing in on his past reputation, but his reputation is dwindling to zero rapidly.

      He must be praying fervently BN wins, otherwise life will get very tough for the "new" RPK.

  8. I think Semi Value is a better leader than Chua Soiled Legs....seriously....
    He's hardworking, fearless, takes good care of those who come to seek his help, near and far, and he's been faithful to his wife all this time...

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. someone might hand u your a pail, and u will still call it a spade. That's because u've already made up your mind. Well, good luck with that.

      All i can say is, we live in a multi-racial country. The most important thing is racial harmony. Without tolerance and a bit of compromise, Malaysia will be a failure.

      And fyi, the person who labelled the chinese as descendants of prostitutes lost his job. What more do u want, behead him?

    2. Already made up our mind on insisting that a pail is a spade ? typical ! look like a dog, walk like a dog, wag like a dog, snivel and salivate like a dog, grovel like a dog and YET is not a dog ? To paraphrase......a running dog by any other name, is still a running dog, so good luck with that.

      And all you can say is ....."Without tolerance and a bit of compromise, Malaysia will be a failure." WTF.....if the running dog is not so consumed and preoccupied with its bits of scraps, it would have grown some backbone and stand up for the minority's rights so that the big bully will not be so embolden with its kris rattling and threats, hence the country will not be so racially divided now. Should not the big bully who has been 'without tolerance' be the one to be having ' a bit of compromise' ? And which running dog made it possible for this situation to reach this dismal stage now ?

      FYI, if the running dog is not a running dog but a good,clean dog with some integrity, would we even have such a situation where the nons are without doubt 2nd, 3rd class citizens in their own country....with .the chinese described as descendents of prostitutes and the running dog should not take any credit for the bigot getting his comeuppance for such is the rakyat's hue and cry at this outrage that's seen to his dismissal, although it is just a tiny slap at the wrist.

  10. Hmmm...I must admit there is a certain logic to UMNO's winning strategy for those dangerous Chinese mixed-seats currently held by MCA.

    No matter how DAP swings the campaign, there is always a hard-core of Chinese voters who will vote Barisan, almost regardless who the candidate is.

    Those mixed-seats also have significant Malay voters. The loyal UMNO-supporters BN can count on. There are also Opposition sympathisers , often PAS supporters. These may be tend to vote DAP in a DAP-MCA match. However, if the BN candidate is a Malay, they may be more likely to vote along racial lines and support BN.

    Its no guarantee of winning, but an UMNO candidate vs. DAP in those problematic mixed seats may actually give BN more votes compared to MCA.