Sunday, April 21, 2013

Strange happenings (1)

Last week strange things happened, though one could argue that a few, though predictable, were still considered strange or, a better word, bizarre.

Firstly, there seems to be a toning down of the Altantuyaa case to a level now almost inaudible.

As I had lamented in my other blog Ktemoc Komposes about the repetitive 'murder' of slain Mongolian, Altantuyaa Shabiibuu, for political benefits, though mind you, a few were sincere but in general the rest were for exploitative political gains.

PKR mourners for Altantuyaa prior to a by-election
would they be mourning for a neighbour down the street?

In my amateurish wannabe-poem Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again I wrote as if in the shoes of the late Altantuyaa, an Altantuyaa who would have been highly cynical of many who claimed to moan for her (extracts only):

But the loudest noises are they calling for ‘justice’
Though, I smile cynically, ‘twas not meant for me
Their shrill proclamations & belated outrage (sigh)
Startled even great Gujir Tngri and the 77 siqar

Grandstanding acrobatics, their excuse to dispense
With all norms, purportedly all for me (wry smile)
I must confess I view with scepticism and distaste
As I would professional chest-pounding mourners

Gnashing Colgate mint-flavoured peroxide-d teeth
Wretchedly wringing manicured Ulan oiled hands
Shedding date-expired plastic bags of lo-salt tears
Proclaiming to be 11th hour paragons of ‘justice’

Even Ataya Tngri rolled his ancient eyes upwards
While Emegelji Eji cackled with caustic laughter
The ancient pair could see abacus shaped hearts
Clicking furiously and shaming Casio calculators

By sheer speed of their computation of advantage
What to extract, exploit, extricate from my name
Squeezing the very last speck of desiccated blood
From my hyper cold shattered fragments of bones

Eager hands raided the ossuary for me to be laid
As stepping stones for the progress of a demigod

'murdered' not once but several times over
by various Malaysians

Maybe those 'abacus shaped hearts ... clicking furiously and shaming Casio calculators' have assessed that now there are enough of other issues to do away with 'extracting and squeezing the very last speck of desiccated blood from Altantuyaa's hyper cold shattered fragments of bones'.

Secondly, one that was predictable but yet bizarre has been the so-called MoU between Waythamoorty and Najib.

For a shocking start, Waytha forgo the issue of Indian deaths in police custody when this topic has been one of the three important grievances that brought out (the original) Hindraf on 25 November 2007 - see another of my wannabe-poem 25 November 2007.

Remembering Francis Udayappan
whose death in police custody has not been satisfactorily explained
but alas, in photo only his mum but no PKR mourner

maybe Waythamoorthy & N Ganesan will take it up? the mourning I mean, not the issue as the MoU with UMNO doesn't include this

In a previous post The Tragedy of Hindraf I wrote: This leads us uncomfortably to the suspicion that the DAP has been an unwanted suitor, when Hindraf probably desires someone else. I hope I am wrong but when I read in Malaysiakini’s Tough issues in store for second PM-Hindraf meet I see a totally different Hindraf reaction to its meeting with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. Dare I say it has been coquettishly coy complete with fluttering eyelashes?

Sadly I was proven correct when Hindraf's adviser N Ganesan sneered at DAP for adopting 11 of Hindraf's points in its so-called blueprint as an act of plagiarism, where the accusation of plagiarism was so outlandishly ridiculous because Hindraf issued its blueprint with a demand that Pakatan or BN picked it up.

As I had written in a piece which Malaysiakini published as a 'Comment' article Plagiarism cries, and the tragedy of Hindraf instead as just a reader's letter:

Plagiarism is an academic abomination, a commercial crime in some intellectual rights cases, and an indictment of policy bankruptcy and incompetency in politics if, say, Party A were to steal policy ideas from Party B.

Waythamoorthy, hope you know what 'pembelot' means
If you don't, read the story of Mir Jafar, another Indian pembelot

But Hindraf is neither Party A nor Party B in the current scheme of things. Hindraf drew up its blueprint not as an academic or commercial item, but to demand that either side of Malaysian politics adopt same if they wish to have Hindraf’s support in the coming general election.

Thus, we would have expected the organisation to be happy with the DAP for adopting most of its blueprint. But bizarrely, it has now accused DAP of plagiarism of its policy when in the first place it had wanted political acceptance of it.

It appears Hindraf is either confused over what it wants or it has been the wrong side of politics which has adopted its blueprint, hence its chagrin and rather absurd accusation of plagiarism against DAP.

No, Hindraf wasn't confused.

DAP's Gelang Patah Declaration embracing 11 of Hindraf's blueprint points was those of an unwanted suitor.

Waythamoorthy and his adviser N Ganesan wanted and was waiting for Mapillai Najib to pick it up. And Najib did, but on only 4 of those points which pointedly omitted the issue of Indian deaths in police custody.

Mapillai Najib a.k.a Aneh Nambikei

Yet Waythamoorthy and Ganesan would rather have a lesser and more diluted BN MoU than DAP's Gelang Patah Declaration.

As S Thayaparan, who has been noted to be fairly disdainful of and acerbic with DAP and the party's policies, wrote in his Malaysiakini article Burying the hatchet BN uses to hack Indian community:

So not only did Hindraf sign a practically useless (because it is not only not legally binding but also made by parties unknown) memorandum of understanding with an alliance they claim are the perpetrators of all the injustices the Indian community faced all these decades and continue to face, this so-called memorandum does not even include elements from their own blueprint that would benefit not only the Indian community but all Malaysians.

The Gelang Patah declaration, which was a rip-off
* from the Hindraf blueprint, had more teeth in it than this useless document. Therefore, the question is, why did Hindraf even bother to be a party to it.

* the term 'rip-off' is hardly appropriate because the aim of Hindraf's blueprint was for it to be adopted, hence it would be ludicrously absurd to say it was plagiarized or ripped-off, but as I remarked, S Thayaparan has been noted to be disdainful of and acerbic with DAP and its policies.

I believe we may safely assume why Waythamoorthy and his adviser N Ganesan prefer to be in the UMNO bed with Najib.

Hindraf's new lover boy

Kugan died in police custody
now abandoned and forgotten by Hindraf?

You know, one could argue for them that they assessed the reality of the political situation and chose BN as the better suitor despite it being responsible for the woes of Indians directly or indirectly, including Indian deaths in police custody for the past 40 plus years, because the UMNO-led government is likely to be (again) the next government.

But what took our breath away was what Waythamoorthy did next, something that was beyond the agenda of Hindraf.

Waythamoorthy called on Indians to return to BN to ensure the coalition wins with a two-thirds majority!!!!

poster from Zorro unmasked

S Thayaparan's MKINI article seems to be appropriately titled
'Burying the hatchet BN uses to hack Indian community'

Why? Was that necessary for Hindraf's interests?

By that call, Waythamoorthy went from being a Hindraf negotiator to being an UMNO campaign supporter. Thus it would not be wrong for us to assume Waythamoorthy and N Ganesan will campaign for UMNO's Zulkifli Noordin, Ibrahim Ali and Hishamuddin Hussein, three politicians who have been particularly nasty or unsympathetic to the rights of Hindus, to ensure BN wins with a 2/3 majority.

Waytha and Ganesan, you guys are supporting a bloke who insulted me?

And it's not as if Waythamoorthy doesn't know what sort of people BN has. He stated quite unabashedly that it doesn't matter whether Rama or Ravana rules the country, a very direct expression of his knowledge that BN is evil but he doesn't care. Ambiga Sreenevasan was furious by Waythamoorthy's arrogant acceptance of evil to justify his personal political preference.

Before we leave Waythamoorthy and his bed mate UMNO, let's reflect on what S Thayaparan, who was until Waytha's bizarre action highly sympathetic with Hindraf, said in his final paragraph:

“According to the agreement, should BN retain federal power, it would set up a new unit under the Prime Minister's Office to implement the details of the MOU.”

"Let me guess, this unit would be a kennel next to the PM’s Office, right? All I can say is, to whichever Hindraf lackey appointed to this unit, remember when you are walking down the corridors of Putrajaya, when you meet an Ibrahim Ali or a Zulkifi Noordin, keep your eyes to the floor and never bite the hand that feeds you."

"Always remember your place. You earned it."

new section in PM's Department

It's been a fairly long post so I'll continue with the other strange points in my next posting.


  1. If the voters are not as gullible, perhaps they should by now be sick and wary of those people or organisations that make sudden U-turns, heaping praise on the side they opposed not so long ago.

    And lump them together with the Zulkifli Nordins, Tunku Azizes, Chandra Muzzafars, Helen Angs, Chua Jui Mengs ...

  2. You are a superb writer and my dictionary gets a good work-out every time I read your blog and I have read almost all of everything you have written. You are in my view a almost Renaissance Man

    And yet your thinking is linear, serial and parallel. A winning formula for the art of writing a whole lot anything and simultaneously saying almost nothing. If you are striving to be a nothing nothing then your writing about Hindrad and MoU is practically NOTHING.


    1. you mean like your comment? wakakaka

  3. I don't know what to say about CJM.....Welcome the power of sulking.....PKR has gotten the creme de la creme. The happenings in selangor, johor, kedah & pahang lays fault on PKR especially Azmin Ali

    But then as always, DAP will emerge as the biggest winner the newly formed government. I am absolutely sure what Azmin gonna say when DAP rightfully demand for important posts such as Finance & Home

    Azmin Ali,
    You kenna defeated because of your arrogance

    1. A DAP-dominated Federal Government would be a very dangerous experiment , though I have been a DAP member for 30 years and currently working my heart out on the DAP campaign.

      There is a definite possibility BN will no longer be the Federal Government on the morning of May 6.
      If that comes to pass, DAP will take its rightful place in the Government, but a wise leadership will understand it will necessarily be a Malay-dominated Pakatan Rakyat Federal administration. There are no ifs and buts about it.

      Fortunately, at a practical level on the ground, there is excellent cooperation and mutual respect between DAP, PKR and PAS.
      PKR Malay members are working the kampungs within urban DAP seats, and DAP members putting out the message in rural towns to support PAS.

      I will leave the animosities to the keyboard jockeys here.

    2. It's not possible for DAP to dominate a Pakatan government, considering the number of federal seats each component party contests.

      If it happens that DAP has the most number of federal seats among Pakatan members, then it will mean Pakatan has lost GE-13 to BN.

    3. Kaytee,
      This is the part I simply can't understand or perhaps it based on statistical analysis. Aha! As a person with engineering background, I may agree with you on that basis but then again we have seen again, DAP manage to sapu all seats.....Hence not impossible for DAP to win more seats than PKR or PAS.......But of course not combined.
      Of course, that's also one of the reason I extremely pissed with PR component parties especially Azmin Ali who has bee arm twisting DAP even before 2008 GE.

      You know of one Mr Bean (a melayu christian in Din Merican's blog. He would be extremely sadden by your mentality. I am sorry.......while I may buy the argument that the no of melayus in the cabinet representation but I disagrees with the disposition that important post such as Finance & Home Affairs should be left out of DAP hands
      FUCK YOU IF THAT HAPPEN......I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS! We can always appointed a DAP melayu as Home Affair Minister through the senate.....Aspan Alias......DAP should be the one leading the way because dap is the most principled party

      P.S : You are a dap member, so what! DAP top notch nearly wanna fought my dad's case nong nong time ago......That's how much I am going to release over here

    4. Precisely. This fact is conveniently overlooked by those pro-BN people (DrM, Helen ...) who are trying to scare voters that a BN defeat is a Chinese DAP overthrowing a Malay UMNO government.

    5. rocketman, no worry, on the ground we work great regardless of race n parties. here in the virtual world we are having some fun with all this keyboard jokers, include the so call voltaire admirer who censor comment (ask ellese), a pap fanboy cum umno paid cybertrooper, and many two protagonists in one (i learn new words everyday) instigator, most of them are now at offshore waiting for Waythamoorthy's sort of good fortune wakaka.

  4. Well, his mum gave him a very apt name " wayang moorthy".

  5. Dear KT,

    As always, love the pictures/graphics you have so aptly chosen accompanying your articles. As said...... a picture paints a thousand words. The last pic really tickles........exactly what suit Hindraf/Waythamoorthy now........ a doggie house tucked so cozily in the new section of the PM's department.....wakakaka

  6. The veil is beginning to lift over another strange happening, as the BN scheme is becoming clearer.

    Najib scored here with achieving 2 aims : to get Ibrahim Ali to contest, and to appease the nons that it is not his fault.

  7. I will remember Altantuya when I cast my vote in GE13.
    And remember Teoh Beng Hock as well.

    Mr 1Malaysia makes my skin crawl.

  8. hindraf, kulim wonder,ibrahim ali and 1malaysia-what a combination.
    not a squeak no more on kulim wonder, from you, KT?

    1. he's gone from Kulim, to be slaughtered by Khalid Samad in Shah Alam, wakakaka

  9. I'm waiting for Ktemoc to come out with an a virtual endorsement of Dacing....
    Vote for DAP
    Do not vote for PKR and PAS unless the candidate is really very exceptional....


    1. your mum would be proud of you, if you believe you can vote for DAP and endorse Dacing. What will we do without you, wakakaka

    2. "Vote for DAP
      Do not vote for PKR and PAS unless the candidate is really very exceptional...."

      Your logic doesn't work for the many of us who are registered votes where the candidates are BN, PKR or PAS (no DAP).

      Since DAP is only contesting a minority of total seats in GE13, that is a virtual endorsement for voting Dacing for those who are in areas other than DAP contested seats.

    3. i thought that was a facetious remark to wakaka our wakaka?

    4. Yup, I was having fun with Ktemoc's logic or lack of logic.....wakakakakakakakakakaka....anyway I'm a Hindraf supporter....wakakakakaka

    5. no nid for me to endorse dacing; waythamoorthy has more than done that already, wakakaka

  10. I don't blame Waythamoorthy.
    After 55 years of neglect, the Indian community has scant resources to pull themselves up. The need in the Estates and urban slumps is dire.
    The Chinese can afford to rebel and thumb their noses at BN. The Malays can remain secure in the knowledge that whichever party governments, their needs will be taken care of.

    Tha Indians cannot. They need a commitment for assistance from whomever is most likely to be in power on May 6 - and that is most probably BN at this moment. So a BN endorsement it is.

    If Waythamoorthy calculated wrongly, well, he will have to deal with Pakatan. But Pakatan is running on a platform of justice for all, and we will hold them to their word.

    In the end , an endorsement by Hindraf of BN for GE13 was the least bad course of action.

    1. but i now start to subscribe to kt view that a big possibility of the 55 years of neglect is due to bastardise community leader like waythamoorthy. this useless idiot deserve shit.

    2. For 55 years MIC was part of the ruling party, and party to this so-called lapse/neglect.

      Now this wonder kid Hindraf can do what MIC has failed in 55 years!

  11. KT, you do not know what happened to this aneh in Sg Buloh. Not many people can tahan the mental and physical torture in there. Not many can take the threats to their family outside when they can do nothing in there! It would be a human thing to agree wth your captors to end the torture and to sign any declaration or agreement so to stop the Pain.

    Heroes look good in movies and comic books only!.

    1. what sungai buloh, bloke was enjoying life in Mother England

    2. this i can agree, my many uncles n cousins went thru the experience due to their left inclination, most of them chose to fade out n we dun really expect hero, but this waythamoorthy is entirely diff story. ask him to eat shit.


    1. hat's how the British with a small company of soldiers could conquer India and make the country the jewel in the Victorian British crown, and that's how UMNO could make the Indians into garbage collectors and cheap labour for the operations of rubber plantations .....

      ...... because the Indians are forever being sold down the river by their own people.

    2. Friend, That's a beautiful piece of forgiveness and comradeship.
      Eat you heart out DAP !

  13. This discussion is really so funny... even bringing out the best in HY ("eat shit?"). Wakakaka

    We wonder what the wealth of Samy Vellu (years of income as minister, allowances etc) compared to the GDP of Tamil Nadu? People say that much homage is given to him when he visits Tamil Nadu since he is one of the most sucessful sons coming from there.

    Now WMoorthy brother says he wants to fill Samy's shoes... hmmm. in what way? Wakakakaka...

  14. What has happened to my new hero Vell Paari? Why he has not denounced The Dog?

    Has he been nominated?