Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Lim Kit Siang announced in the DAP Gelang Patah Declaration a 14-point plan specifically for the uplifting of Indian Malaysians. It's a good plan though many haven't been happy with such an ethnocentric scheme when the Indian problems, and let's not deny there isn't - au contraire, there's many - should be remedied as part of a plan for every Malaysian, on a need basis and not along ethnic lines.

Mind you though, Indians face the problem of statelessness more than any other ethnic groups.

DAP announcing its 14-point plan for Indians

But DAP's 14-point plan was deemed not good enough by Uthayakuamr.

Ironically, the current proponents of the so-called Hindraf 18-point demands have been the very people who criticised the NEP, UMNO's affirmative action program that's exclusive to bumiputera Malays.

Instead of asking for the policies, plans and programs of the NEP to be tailored along need (rather than race) basis and thus to include all needy Malaysians, most of whom would be Indians, the proponents of the Hindraf 18-point demands decided to jump on the ethnocentric bandwagon, with an unrealistic expectation that the government will issue an exclusive-to-Indian NEP in accordance with its 18-point demands.

Some of the 18-point demands are actually good but as usual, spoilt by unrealistic and impractical demands in others. I wonder whether the ulterior aim has been to ask for the sky and happily expect and accept a much lower offer. But if that's the case, then may I say that the future of Indian Malaysians shouldn't be subjected to whimsical poker-style bluff by upping the ante to heights of sheer stupidity - eg. ask for 100 billion, and hope (and will be happy) to receive 100 million.

They sure like to attack 5-year old Pakatan
for the 50 year old 'sins' of UMNO & MIC

Let's quickly run through a few of the so-called Hindraf 18-point demands to examine what I consider to be totally and absolutely impractical, unrealistic and really, preposterous:

In an earlier post Marginalization of Indians - the true story I commented on one, its Point No 18. Let's pick that up again and see what I had written:

(18) A minimum of 20 Opposition members of Parliament are elected exclusively by the Indian Community to represent their interest at the highest political level and also as a Parliamentary Democracy check and balance and the same is safeguarded and entrenched into the Federal Constitution and which is to be increased proportionately with the increase in Parliamentary seats.

What kind of democracy or bullsh*t system will that be? I can only think of one word - racist!

Instead of attempting to overcome the evil that is racism, which no one would deny is prevalent in Malaysia especially the worst kind, institutionalized racism, Hindraf has instead jumped on the racism bandwagon by attempting to carve for itself and the people it claims to represent a cozy racist ghetto ...

... and I wouldn't be surprised it expects its own members to play the role of the so-called minimum 20 Opposition MPs.

That's what I mean by preposterous or monstrously absurd or harebrained stupidity. Tell me, just how will that demand help the marginalized Indians? To me, it seems the proposer wants to have his exclusive 20 MPs (no doubt including himself) to lord over and perhaps play the fantasized role of a Bollywood Puratchi Thalaivar, and no doubt to use his exclusive parliamentary leverage to become kingmaker.

MGR as Puratchi Thalaivar

More importantly, how does the proposer expect such a demand to be met, indicating a Kafkaesque mindset that's totally unhelpful or contributory to the real needs of the marginalized Indians.

It's MIC all over again. He might as well ask for the state of, say, Perlis, to become an autonomous state exclusively for Indian residents where he can be its Chief Minister of SARSI (Special Autonomous Region Specifically for Indians).


Then, Point No 3 – Call for affirmative action for all poor Malaysians especially the ethnic minority Indians. A Protection of Ethnic Minority Malaysian Indian Act 2007 to be passed to secure and safeguard the interests of the poor and defenceless ethnic Indian Minority Community.

The 'call for affirmative action for all poor Malaysians' is good, but why add on 'especially the ethnic minority Indians'?

Poor Malaysians are poor Malaysians, regardless of whether they are Indians, Thai, Ibans, Kadazans, etc, or gasp Malays and Chinese.

In other words, I would be reasonable in suspecting Point No 3 doesn't give a fig about the non-Indian poor, but which was added just to sound inclusive.

Uthayakumar in a recent letter to Malaysiakini (and without fail) criticized many of his mandore-rish DAP 14-point blueprint for Indians for its lack of specifics, yet in its demand for a Protection of Ethnic Minority Malaysian Indian Act 2007 to be passed to secure and safeguard the interests of the poor and defenceless ethnic Indian Minority Community, what were/are the specifics of this proposed Act?

Perhaps a SARSI with him as CM?

Point No 4 – on Tamil schools, air-conditioned libraries, non-Muslim religious classes, pocket money for pupils [okay lah, though I strongly disagree with religious classes – and are those to be on Hinduism only?], then demanding ‘A RM 100 billion grant @ 20 billion per year with effect from 2007 to be allocated to Indians under the 9th Malaysia Plan …..’

Can anyone tell me whether any government (let alone BN) will ever approve such a grant?

Point No 6 on business for Indians also demands another RM 100 billion, which I suspect attempts to imitate the NEP investment schemes for Malays. I won’t commend on this – readers, please do.

Point No 7 – 20% of the Government top most level postings (Secretaries General), Middle level Management (Directors) and management level postings, and the same for the Private Sectors, and positions of District Officers, Foreign and Diplomatic Service positions, civil service positions are reserved for Indians for the next 15 years.

Laksamana Muda (Tan Sri) Thanabalasingam
1st Malaysian Naval Chief

Hmmm, what percentage of Malaysia's population would Indians comprise?


And assuming such a preposterous demand is acceded to, how will the government ensure 20% of top most level positions in the Private Sector could be reserved exclusively for Indians?

Why not ask for a SARSI and be assured of 100% reservation of all public and private positons for only Indians?


Point No 10 – 15,000 Indian temples were demolished in last 50 years, and which shall be compensated at RM 10 million per temple.

Wow, I wasn't aware that the number of Indian temples demolished by government actions totalled 15,000.

I just wonder what would constitute such a temple? I ask only because I'm visualizing a Hindu or Indian temple as the one in my kampung of Ayer Itam village, where my family prayed at when I was a kid, namely, the Arulmigu Sri Ruthra Veeramuthu Maha Mariamman Devasthanam, or more familiarly known as the Ayer Itam Mahamariamman Temple.

Mahamariammam Temple, Ayer Itam

And the total compensation cost, presumably to be handed over by the government to the proposer of Point No 10, is only a mere trifling RM 150 billion (yes, billion and not million).

Would an UMNO, Pakatan or even a Hindraf government ever consider giving RM 150 BILLION away as compensation for temples which were demolished by the authority?

The demands are so insanely nonsensical that I don't believe it's necessary to continue commenting on the other 18 point demands. where good points were tragically contaminated by crazy ones.

But tell me, will the so-called Hindraf and its preposterous demands serve Indian Malaysians in the way they should be, and would be as per the DAP's 14 point Gelang Patah Declaration?

Tun Razak's NEP was meant principally to serve the Malays until the economic gap between them and the generally better off Chinese can be closed. The policy has been bastardized to enrich an elite because of someone's humongous chip on his shoulder (I had blogged on this before so won't repeat the same story). The deliberate change in track for the NEP was a gross betrayal of the Malays.

The so-called Hindraf 18-point demand seems to be heading in that same direction, maybe without even its proponents being aware of it.

Hindraf came about because of three principal issues, namely, the brutal, wanton and horrendously insensitive destruction of Hindu temples by an unfriendly uncaring Muslim-dominated authority, the unexplained, unaccountable and horrific deaths in custody of just too many Indians, and the general poverty and hopeless situation (eg. statelessness) among many Indians.

The first public emergence of Hindraf on its magnificent rally was so inspiring that I attempted a poem 25 November 2007 to show my admiration and support.  

Alas, after that, fame and admiration for Uthayakumar endowed him instead with hubris and pomposity, which failed him as he began to antagonise his natural supporters and sympathizers instead of consolidating on that won support for his cause for Indians.

In his arrogant belief he could go it alone, he betrayed himself and in that process, by alienating the very people who could help, betrayed his cause.

It's common wisdom that when a race is oppressed, you will find at the heart of that oppression its very own people playing significant roles in the betrayal. The Chinese were betrayed by Chinese in oppressions by Mongolians, Manchurians, Western powers, Japanese etc, and likewise with the Malays.

The only difference between Wathamoorthy and his elder brother Uthayakumar is that the former adopts a softer approach as opposed to his brother's aggressive style inclusive of vilifications at particularly DAP Indian MPs and ADUNs. But both don't serve Indians well in their unreasonable demands.

What now, Waythamoorthy?

What good will asking Indians to boycott the elections do for their well-being? Remember the Socialist Front who boycotted the 1969 elections? Where are they now?

Incidentally, note that I mentioned 'so-called Hindraf' because we must ask: who is Hindraf? Or better still, who were the leaders of Hindraf?

There were five of them, namely, V Ganabatirao, K Vasantha Kumar, R Kenghadharan, M Manoharan and P Uthayakumar.

M Manoharan
admittedly at times a bit of a loose cannon
wakakaka, but his heart is in the right place

V Ganabatirao and M Manoharan are DAP members, where the latter was elected, while in ISA detention, as an ADUN for Selangor.

I'm not sure what political roles are K Vasantha Kumar and R Kenghadharan currently playing.

Thus, can Uthayakumar and his younger brother Wathamoorthy truly claim to still represent the original Hindraf?

Of course SARSI is a cheeky fantasy, a kaytee's jab at their preposterous demands and the inane absurdity of their 18-point campaign, but gasp I wonder whether they hope to replace MIC in BN? Does that explain Uthayakumar's particular obsession in vilifying DAP Indian MPs and ADUNs as mandores?

Omigosh, could they actually be considering becoming UMNO's mandores? wakakaka.

Dr Rama Deputy CM Penang
chief target of Uthayakumar's mandore-attacks
Uthy jealous kah? wakakaka

In the meantime, sweetie Kasthuri Rani Patto, daughter of one of DAP's luminaries P Patto, is DAP's candidate for Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya. Eat your hearts out, Wathamoorthy and Uthayakumar.

Kasthuri Rani Patto
to carry on her dad's legendary service


  1. The Indian community's problems are receiving excellent attention under the Najib administration.
    There is no need for Indians to trust in those instrumental in the destruction of Kampung Buah Pala. Until today, DAP refuses to own up to that tragedy, even though it clearly occured under the DAP administration.

    1. ... who inherited a BN legal fait accompli in the sale of that land.

  2. 5 Indians = 3 Parties5:21 pm, April 02, 2013

    Of the 5 Hindraf "Brothers", only Uthayakumar has remained true to the cause.

    V Ganabatirao and M Manoharan joined the DAP, while Kengatharan and Vasantha Kumar joined PKR.
    Some other original Hindraf committee members have joined the BN-aligned Makkal Sakthi party e.g. Thanenthiren.

    A lot of emotive words like "mandore" even "traitors" are being thrown around.

  3. Dear KTee & HY, wish I could say, I told you so... a special administrative NEP for Indians. Therefore, it brings us back to the same question, what is the difference between DAP & MCA. Soon, none... Unfortunately, DAP's plans will fall flat on Hindraf's ears and probability Indians as a whole since hate it, or love it , "Mr. Nambikai" rules the roost even to Hindraf's dismal.

    The only way forward for DAP is their Indian juggernaut does a V David & Patto thingy.

    1. hi, not exactly sure what u trying to tell, no diff meant dap care or care less about the indian?

      the prob with dap is they are too impatient to show result of their ability to rule and manage, we cant blame them as this is the only thing that might tell a difference between them n the past administrator, however the buah pala event indicate clearly dap not necessarily are behind the people, and is powerless to fix whatever shit left by bn, and this create doubt of many promises they make before and during election.

    2. BN ( read UMNO) has been scapegoating DAP for years and years and one can't really 100% blame the majority malays for believing as they have been BTN-nised so thoroughly, but for those non malays who escaped such blatant brainwashing to join in these merry DAP-bashing speaks volumne about their own hidden agendas.

      Just as Kelantan's hands are tied with UMNO manipulating all the monies due that state, the Penang admin too is made helpless....one glaring example is the traffic congestion woe besetting that island but the federal govt simply play dead to all DAP's very viable options presented. Same case for the Kampung Buah Pala....leaving very little room for DAP to manouvre as it is the BN admin that created the deadlock problem in the first place. And we all know UMNO will do its dammnest best to frustrate these opposition states even if it bring sufferings to the people at large.

    3. a belated suggestion wrt kampung buah pala, some may call my view a raving without purpose, however by looking at how the issue developed and our indian bro react, pr govt should drag the case indefinitely, rather than put in efffort to solve it. but i dun think dap have the guts, that is why i said in the long term, dap might be just another gerakan.

    4. it's only Hindraf ranting about KBP. And hindraf, which to be unkind no longer commands the support of the majority of Indians, where some have gone back to BN and some remaining with Pakatan.

    5. what to do? ranting is one of hindraf role and what they r good at.

  4. Gee...thank goodness they did'nt ask for an Indian Raja to sit on the conference of rulers...

  5. Trick question on Malaysian poltics - " what is the difference between DAP & MCA"

    Answ: None

  6. Kaytee,as far as the eyes can see,with Warthamoorthy back home in Malaysia,and now at the helm of Hindraf.This movement has become irrelevant with Wartharoorthy here,as this guy has sold his soul to Umno.In authoritarian Malaysia which is like a police state,how can an activist who has to swim all the way across the ocean of sharks to escape political persecution suddenly after so many years in exile,suddenly waltzed his way across the causeway.

    One need not be a rocket scienctist to figure it out.He is a trojan placed by his masters,Umnoputras to create disunity among the Indians who support the opposition.And with his 'wayang' hunger strike,he might be able to fool some of the Indians who sympthised with him.Other that that I think that this guy is a phony.

  7. the mean machine10:46 pm, April 02, 2013

    Hindraf and its splinter parties are just platforms for its leaders political ambitions.All Indians with some common sense should shun them and throw their support totally behind Pakatan Rakyat.

  8. 5 Indians = 3 Parties8:20 am, April 03, 2013

    There are no Indian-majority seats in Malaysia, but the level of support from the Indian masses can be gauged from those seats which have a significant proportion of Indians. Historically, prior to 2008, DAP has struggled to win these, only succeeding where it is also a Chinese-majority seat, winning on the back of Chinese support for the DAP brand.
    DAP's Indian wing only has tenuous links with the Tamil working class. Comprising mainly Lawyers and Bayis (and combinations of these wakakakaka), they have little rapport with the struggling poor. In Penang, DCM Ramasamy has been booed many times in Indian public functions.

    The group with the best links with the Indian working class would be Hindraf, but Najib has successfully co-opted one big chunk into BN-friendly MMSP. The rest of Hindraf are now effectively "neutral" between BN and Pakatan.
    Next is BN (note I don't say MIC) , where the Najib Administration's very large scale disbursement of funds and assistance to Tamil schools and the poorer Indians has been well received.
    I'm afraid DAP and even worse, PKR will have little traction with the Indian masses this time around in GE13

  9. "Next is BN (note I don't say MIC) , where the Najib Administration's very large scale disbursement of funds and assistance to Tamil schools and the poorer Indians has been well received."

    i dun know if the indian realise that the so call well received is due to their courage to stand up and gave their vote to pr, in fact it has nothing much to do with hindraf and hmmm bn.

    1. "i dun know if the indian realise that the so call well received is due to their courage to stand up and gave their vote to pr, in fact it has nothing much to do with hindraf and hmmm bn."

      Help ! Anybody care to translate the above into english ?

    2. i agree is my fault, my writing will never intended for minor, i shd improve. however without sounding like a prick of psuedo-british snob such as yourself, i try stick to topic at hand. y not u do the same by sharing with us your view pertaining to subject in discussion no matter how small or trivial… let start something shall we?

    3. Stick to topic at hand ? Before one could even come to the subject proper, the delivery itself must be such for one to comprehend, for adults as well as for 'minors'. Got it ?

      Besides the atrocious 'england', your comprehend skill is deeply suspected..... in fact worse than abysmal....such that commentators here can't help noticing that the blogger have to point out time and time again that he had ALREADY explained in very plain engrish.

      Ah....you still have a long way to go if expressions in plain, simple english are construed by you as 'psuedo-british'. Better for you to chuck out that convoluted, tortured engrish with the nauseating penchant to throw in bombastic words.....not enlightening in the least, and worse, incomprehensible to anyone.

      Oh, by the by..... what's with your show-off habit, every now and then, to put in chinese characters when 99% of the readers here don't read chinese ? including the blogger I suspect. Height of vanity and thick-headedness eh ?

      Nevermind.....I will try to be less critical since not ALL that's you've written are gibberish....only 80% are.

    4. listen boy, u know jack all about me or any other people here, so kindly refrain from presuming too much, i never claim my english is good and unlike u, i simply didn’t see any point to behave like one kid engaging in a juvenile manhood waving contest just to make oneself feel better. some people write good english, others did not, so what! whats the big friggin deal about good english anyway? did it make your penis grow longer or something? and is that why your reasoning and comprehending ability was correspondingly reduced? oh btw sissy boy, seem like u r addicted to certain sm n cant resist the boredom when no one spank n whip u, dont pick on me as I am pretty normal, cant help much wakaka.

    5. I have terminated debate between Hua Yong and Anon - no more of their ad hominem tiff will be published, wakakaka

  10. the mean machine11:03 am, April 03, 2013

    This stupid moron Chuah Soi Lek wants DAP to contest under PAS banner.How stupid can this fool get.In fact why don't this porno star get his MCA to contest under the Gerakan banner.

  11. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2013/04/03/parliament-dissolved-2/

    Parliament dissolved....
    I'm just eagerly waiting to cast my vote for Najib and BN.

    The voters need to ensure Anus-war Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Abdul Hadi, Nik Aziz, Kapal Sink all be sent into enforced retirement.

    1. Good for you and please enjoy another 55 years of marginalization OF YOUR OWN CHOOSING.....

  12. Parliament dissolved....
    Najib looked sombre at the last Cabinet meeting. This is the first General elections ever where Barisan Nasional is not certain that it will get to form the next government.

    In my mind I still can't believe it possible that the bunch of troublemakers, misfits and idiots like Anwar Ibrahim , Lim Kit Siang, Mat Sabu and Tian Chua might just get to form the next Federal government. I'm very confident the majority of Malays continue to support UMNO. Its the Bl**dy Chinese who are hell bent on voting almost as a solid block for those Traitors in Fuckatan Riot.

    I predict there is going to be trouble if the Chinese actually succeed in boosting the Traitors into Putrajaya. The Malays will not take kindly to this power grab.

    1. aiyah, Chinese constitute only less than 28% of voters, why keep blaming them. for Malay unity? wakakaka

    2. According to data available, the election seats are roughly comprised as follows:
      - Seats of which Malays are the majority (>50% Malay) = 114
      - Seats of which Malays are the minority (<50% Malay) = 51
      - East Malaysia seats = 57
      Assuming that the GE13 voting pattern is highly polarized along racial lines, as being alluded to by some bloggers & commentators (ie Malays voting only BN, Chinese voting only PR), there is no chance of PKR-DAP-PAS ever being elected as the government. Not even with the help of all the East Malaysians votes.
      If PR is ever voted into PutraJaya, it is the Malays who put it there. So stop blaming the nons.

  13. The decimation of Hindraf as a political force seems complete and this is truly unfortunate as, in my view, the group played a very significant role in the results of 2008 GE.

    Whether this decimation was brought about by the actions of BN strategists or by the inherent cultural weakness of the ethnic group which you had expounded is unclear to me and you may wish to clarify.

    But the net result is a complete neutralisation of the movement's contribution to GE13 - with one leader fasting for purpose of clarfying an obviously confused state of directions and the other asking for a boycott (non-involvement) in GE13.

    Whether this complete neutralisation of Hindraf was brought about by 1 or the other reason, it does spell the END of the previously very effective political influence of Hindraf.

    In similar nostalgic manner I also see a similarly effective neutralisation of the great RPK given his gigantic role in GE2008 and now. There is certainly no element of inherent cultural weakness in him to account for this effective neutralisation - in this case, it might be a clear case of brilliant UMNO strategists.

    1. i think decimation or neutralisation whatever you call it have much to do with who play a bigger role in the movement, leaders or grassroots. hindraf lack grassroots, and dont ever truat a so call leader.

      as for the latter, i don see what brilliant strategy except the usual dirty deed of isa, sue n charge, cease one income, bribe n pay, promise million, position n power ..... and since "inherent cultural weakness" is an indian thingy according to kt, i would persist with my usual view....childish egoism, some people ego is too big for thier head and hmmm.. brain.

    2. not "cultural weakness" per se but a religious oppression through the caste system

  14. When Hindraf ask for more representation from DAP, its not right bcoz its racial base. But if Malays ask for more representation in DAP its acceceptable. If Chinese over represent the rest its perfectly acceptable as well. When political party system ensure Chinese dominance its not racial. When DAP wants to focus chinese majority area its not race based. When election campaign plays on chinese sentiments and interest its not racist. But if others do it its race based. This is call social democracy.

    When Hindraf fights for its right its racist and not acceptable. When Malays fight for their constitutional right it's not acceptable. But Chinese can fight for their constitutional right. They have a right to segregate our youngs based on race. They have a right to support segregation policy leading malay students having no non Malays friends. They have a right to adopt discriminatory employment and business practices. Why? Coz DAP does not recognise race and this is acceptable under the social democratic principles.

    Malays cannot unite. Hindraf cannot unite based on racial cause. But Chinese can unite even if it prejudices others by way of opportunity and employment. Again this is a social democratic precepts.

    Every other political party in Malaysia is race ethnic or religion based except DAP. Despite all the adoption of discrimatory practices favouring certain race, its still not race centric. It's call social democracy.

    Man, its incredible how people twist and turn to justify racism.

    1. what Chinese unity? The last time Chinese got together to oppose UNO Education Minister Anwar Ibrahim's education policy, their leaders were arrested under Ops Lalang

    2. "When Hindraf fights for its right its racist and not acceptable. When Malays fight for their constitutional right it's not acceptable. But Chinese can fight for their constitutional right. They have a right to segregate our youngs based on race. They have a right to support segregation policy leading malay students having no non Malays friends. They have a right to adopt discriminatory employment and business practices. Why? Coz DAP does not recognise race and this is acceptable under the social democratic principles."

      Selective phrasing and twisting of words too. The Malays already have schools to themselves - matriculation and sekolah berasrama penuh. Are they open to nons? But Chinese and Indian schools are open to anyone. Mind you, I'm personally opposed to the idea of segregated environment schools be it asrama or vernacular schools.

      By the way, what constitutional rights are Chinese/Indians asking for? Special Chinese rights? An Indian maharaja?

      And to echo KTemoc - what Chinese unity?


  15. Ktemoc is racist ?
    Yes, I suspect so...

  16. I am going to trade mark and register "Hindraf Brand Soap" which will wash away all sins and misfortunes. First free sample will be sent to this "genius" so that his 20% whatnot can look beautiful but only if Najib delivers to the so-called Tamil leaders what he has promised. Otherwise they will all turn into frogs. I forgot it will also be good for onanism purposes.

    I suspect I might lose money if the GE campaign is short. Do you think MIC might lend me a start up capital for my "sabun bisnes?".

  17. time for the aneh to reap the harvest.
    if anwar doubles najib's offer, he will become a saint.
    am i surprise, aneh hindraf?
    your poor indinas will be screwed instead by MIC, now its Hindraf.
    continue to screw, aneh.

  18. In politics you must be guided by your principles. If you allow your principles to be guided by the politics you will ultimately end up in the dustbin of history. And a word of caution. People must come first when institutions are used to defile individual citizens. In those circumstances the protection of the person becomes more important than protecting the institutions. You want to become a high income nation you must be guided by principles. Otherwise you will face the same fate as those European countries that are today in crisis situation. In we are not principled in the policies that we implement then you will find that the very group of people that policy is supposed to protect and promote will end up as victims. May be not all but at least 75% of them.