Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PKR in Sabah - Déjà vu Sarawak?

Malaysiakini's Intra-Pakatan fights averted in Sabah reported (extracts):

DAP will be contesting four parliamentary seats and eight state seats, whereas PKR will contest 19 parliamentary seats and 43 state seats.

Now, just let me count that sharing of Sabah seats again:

Parliamentary: DAP gets 4 versus PKR's 19

State: DAP gets 8 versus PKR's 43

Average = DAP gets one-fifth of what PKR gets.

Yet PKR competes meanly with DAP over the the Kapayan (state) and Tawau (parliamentary) seats, with PKR taking the Tawau parliamentary seat, in what Malaysiakini headlined as 'Intra-party fights averted'.

Again DAP has to give way to a greedy little monster too big for its shoes.

Flashback to April 2011, and we should recall the Pakatan trio contested in the Sarawak state elections for its 71 state seats.

Then, PKR had some magnificent mathematicians within its fold where they reckoned 71 divided by 3 equal to (initially) 52 for PKR, which subsequently was reduced to 49 (out of a total of 71 seats) for themselves.

After losing 46 of the 49 seats, PKR whined, whinged and whimpered  like a spoiled brat, complaining that DAP should have shouldered some of the burden of facing BN in the so-called 'dark areas'. 

Excuse me, I saw it not as PKR's 'burden' but sheer 'gluttony'. How could DAP face BN in the seats PKR lost when PKR bared its fangs against its allies approaching those seats?

And serves them right if they suffered from tummy ache for their gross gluttonous greed and a very much padan muka loss of pride.

Now, in Sabah in 2013, where the state has 25 federal and 60 state seats, PKR is grabbing 19 and 43 of the parliamentary and state seats respectively.

And when PKR suffers from its usual avarice-induced perut sakit, what then? Blame DAP again?

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  1. many see how pr parties willingly give concession to each other for the sake of fighting a common corrupted regime, only a bigot see greedy and gluttony in almost every pkr issue he touch on. when dap r going to 'loan' their seat to psm n hindraf since dap contest so many if compare against the 2? what warp logic is in some people mind?

    1. DAP is the one giving concession - just look at the disparity in seat allocations

  2. Hua Yong,
    What loan? How's there to loan? You mean Jelapang seat where DAP won with blood, sweat & tears. What the FUCK! Plus the FUCK Anwar said about PSM can't use its logo. And the unresolved seats grabbing by FUCKING PKR

    1. looes, cool down and mind your language

    2. this would normally be too stupid to merit a response, but for the sake to clear your impediment to understand simple english, i try. unlike dap, psm contest very few seats only in total, so base on kt logic and to show dap is not greedy, dap shd let psm have jelapang. which part u dun understand?

      wrt dap won, dun make me laugh la, lembu oso work with blood sweat n tear, n dun tell me dap chinese have no price tag, for a cheapskate like u, one proton saga is more than enough.

      and this is what jeyakumar said "They (PKR) claim it is not only from them but from PAS and DAP as well. They say it will affect the Malay votes in rural areas" again which part u dun understand?

      y all this dap chinese have such slow uptake huh? no read shijing i guess

    3. HY, reason why DAP won't give Jelapang to PSM is that the latter will lose it. In the last election, there was a 3-corner fight in Jelapang involving PSM, where the PSM candidate lost the deposit.

      I'm not sure why PSM is insisting on contesting in a state constituency which had already rejected its candidate kau kau.

    4. BYW HY, I have a couple of photos of Angela Yu Chien posted for you at wakakaka

    5. i personally want dap to be in jelapang, however psm still have great chance if there is no 3 corner fight, but that is beyond the context of my retort to your post. let them sort it out and we dun need people to add oil to fire.

      i am now more interested into angelababy, must be the gap due to age i guess wakaka.

  3. What do you reckon of STAR competing against PKR? From what I've seen, SAPP might not even survive - given the Batu Sapi by-election and DAP's resurgence in urban-chinese areas. But STAR I'm not sure of, they seem pretty confident in KDM interior areas?..

    I think Anwar is being audacious, refusing to negotiate rationally with SAPP/STAR and then in the 11th hour now, trying to come up with some 'compromise' 'solution'. Bangang.

    In any case, I'm hoping this will be the nail in the coffin for both Sabah PKR and SAPP - their usefulness has certainly outlived them.

    I'm hoping they (STAR) are not going to be another SNAP - hopefully they will give PKR and BN a run for their money.


    1. sorry matey, I'm not all that flash with Sabah politics and the new acronyms (of parties)

    2. Objectively speaking for parliament election, PKR vs STAR (and don't forget vs BN too) is a close call and I think anything can happen. It is hard for them to negotiate, as many PKR alliances jumped over from BN because they want seats. Anwar will definitely want to please his own guys first, "who is STAR and Jefferey, let alone SAPP?"

      State election wise, I expect a 1/3 to be won by BN, Pakatan, and SAPP+STAR respectively. SAPP and STAR have their die-hard supporters and don't rule them out just yet. Then, the drama of Three Kingdoms shall begins.

  4. the gaffe guy who know's8:51 am, April 18, 2013

    Kaytee,I have to agree that it is PKR's Umno mentality's greed that is going to help Umno stay in power.If Umno retains federal power we have to blame Anwar and his pet donkey Azmin.They are greedy and power crazy.

    First they screwed up their partners ib Sabah.They want to contest every seats,leaving everybody all upset.Even the PSM,a small party asking for a few seats,also cannot.Bludy greedy fuckers this Anwar and his pet donkey Azmin.

    1. yes matey, though I suspect Azmin is the puppet master pulling even Anwar's strings

  5. 1) Sabah & Sarawak are totally different Malaysian entities when it comes to culture, geographical distance etc.

    2) Since independence, indigenious parties like USNO, Berjaya and especially the most pertinent party PBS have played a part in political direction.

    3) UMNO in Sabah is like a foreign entity but have "localised" due to several considerations, namely...(wakakaka). Its for different reasons that Sarawak rejects UMNO's presence there.

    However, it can be likely that due to the Sulu incursion, Project IC, "bo hoot" UMNO leaders in the state that UMNO may demise in the state.

    4) PAS is considering to run in Labuan. A quick visit there will show visitors that people of Labuan have totally no interest in curbing their religious and civil liberties.

    5) The appearance of DAP both in Sabah & Sarawak was because there were no opposition Chinese parties in these states. Yes, DAP is a Chinese party.

    Conclusion: PKR, DAP & PAS should stay out of East Malaysian politics and just consider forging alliances.

    We are sure Bian Baru has his work cut out for him in Sarawak... wakakakaka..

    PS. But Sabah deserves better than that STAR froggy as leader. Wakakaka. Compared to his brother... another "bo hoot"

    1. DAP in Sabah and Sarawak are all locals and managed by local leaders, unlike PKR which is controlled directly by Peninsula

    2. Yalor... but, but.... nothing is ideal. DAP is still DAP. Sometimes, DAP directions from the chief tokong and the inner circle is same2 or worst than BN... like 2008 in Jelapang (yes, no, yes, no... then the giant leap after the win & Camry episode. Now the present fight with PSM) or even now with the resignation of Fong Po Kuan. We cannot compare today's leaders in their ranks like the leaders of old.

      So in comparison to SAPP and other Chinese "bo hoot" opposition parties in East Malaysia, DAP still holds a strong brand name provided Tokong & others do not interfere.

      But DAP East Malaysia have not recruited any credible Iban or Kadazan-Dusun leaders... wakakakaka.....

  6. It does appear greedy. But if its any consolation, the number of state seats PKR are contesting is significantly less compared to 2008: from 55 to 43. DAP had 10 now down to 8. To be extremely fair to PKR, i dont think DAP are interested to contest in the rural seats which everyone knows is difficult to win. But is DAP's willingness to accept contesting in lesser seats give them the right to contest in all the easy urban seats? I think thats the main issue between the parties. Whatever it is, this is a great improvement from 2008 where 3-corner fights were everywhere. Pakatan could have actually won at least 5 state and 1-2 federal seats if they had cooperated in Sabah.

  7. Kaytee,

    I have said many times that PKR seems to be the weakest link in the Pakatan group.

    Looking at how that PKR spoil brat tries to dominate every single seat in a gullible manner, I do not think Pakatan is prepared to win. To be fair, PKR is not the only one. That "boy-boy" from Penang is another joker who interferes in all candidates list submitted by state level DAP leaderships.

    Susah the end, they only have themselves to be blamed - not on BN, Najib, SPR dan lain-lain


    1. PKR can still be a viable party if Azmin Ali and his people are booted out

    2. Anwar has his balls totally mangled in the firm firm grip of power-crazed Azmin Ali's hand. Which situation is less horrendous .......tada bola atau bola kena picit ? Take your pick....ka ka ka ka.

  8. SAPP announced to contest 8 parliament seats, with only 2 overlapped DAP's 4. Interestingly, SAPP is not stepping in Kota Kinabalu seat. One-on-one fight, DAP will win hands-down.

    So I guess it wasn't a negotiation breakdown between Pakatan vs SAPP+STAR, it was between PKR vs SAPP+STAR.

    So it sums up as PKR nak makan DAP+SAPP+STAR di Sabah.

  9. I just pray PKR will be wiped out in the coming GE. That the two main players Anwar and his crown prince will lose badly.
    It is such a divisive party that caused the disunity of the Malays.
    With the political death of the two, the party will be disbanded and members will join Umno.
    Then it will be like old times - DAP and PAS as the opposition.

    1. the good old days, just your cup of tea, where the DAP and PAS were just mere shadows, their words lost in the wind, their voices on TV muted, only some blurred images of them for a fleeting seconds shown and yet that mamak infor minister declared...."there, who said no air time given to the opposition, we so fair one lah, being one of the most democratic countries in the world", heheheh

      But alas, sorry for the likes of you, those so-called good old days ain't coming back ever again.....60% of the malays have awakened, the split of the malays are irreparable and with alternative sources and exchange of news and infor via internet, very sorry for you the "old times" are forever lost, never be the same again even if PKR vanishes from the scene.

  10. Buttercup,

    Buttrecup,Buttercup my Buttercup.We still have to get rid of the very corrupted Umno/BN.No?

    My suggestion is to chase out Umno/BN from Putrajaya first,then come back and settle the Anwar/Azmin issue.Especially this Azmin is a real pain in the ass for the leaders in PR.He got no brains,yet he is a strategist in charge of Sabah.Go figure.

  11. There will be no DAP logo in any seat GE13, because there is no longer any officially recognised DAP office bearers to authorise any candidates to contest under the DAP banner.

    Clever sleight of hand - the DAP has NOT, repeat NOT been deregistered, but it is now just an empty shell of a party, because the ROS has derecognised all its office bearers. I believe by tomorrow, all banks will be instructed to have the DAP's bank account frozen, because the there are no more recognised authorised office bearers.
    Millions of ringgit worth of funds will now be beyond reach for GE13.

    In their quarrel with PKR, many DAP supporters have forgotten who the real enemy is.