Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pariah Phobia

Malaysiakini - Dr Siti Hasmah: Need to follow-up on LGBT guidelines

Siti Hasmah said she believed the guidelines, published by Yayasan Guru Malaysia Bhd and the Putrajaya Consultative Council of Parents and Teachers Association, were produced by those who were knowledgeable on the issue. 

“I feel that the guidelines were produced by those who have experience, there must be a follow-up so that it would be good for teachers as a guide,” she said.

However, she admitted that she was not so knowledgeable on the LGBT issue.

Me too (i.e. not an expert on LGBT) though from my reading of Australian newspapers I believe 'gays' may be of either gender, but obviously the Malaysian experts have brilliantly classified 'gays' as males and 'lesbians' as females.

Okay, let me read what those experts say about the gays and lesbians - remembering their 'gays' are male homosexuals.

Symptoms of gays - attracted to men

NOOOOOooooo! Really? I wouldn't have known that gays are attracted to men without their amazing expert information.

Symptoms of lesbians - attracted to women

NOOOOOooooo (again)! Lesbians attracted to women? Amazing! Again I wouldn't have known this without these experts advising us.

But what is Toh Puan Dr Siti Hasmah doing by urging those LGBT experts to take follow-up action, considering she is the mother of Marina Mahathir, a staunch defender of the rights of those human beings who have been labelled as LGBT?


  1. Interestingly, Marina Mahathir has also fallen silent over the publication of the LGBT guidelines by the UMNO government. While she hasn't come out supporting the document - such a 180 degree turnaround would absolutely destroy her future credibility - her silence may be partly due to pressure on her to 'toe the line' or at least not sabotage UMNO's agenda.
    I still do not trust her as some sort of ostensible champion for the downtrodden.

  2. She a wanna eat and keep da cake at da same time. But then in this boleh country, semua nya boleh laa.

  3. In the lead up to GE13, UMNO is desperate with a capital D.
    The latest attack on LGBT's is to shore up their "Conservative Rural" base.
    Pakatan Rakyat is seen by this voter group as weak on LGBTs. Anwar has been painted as one himself (he may actually be hahahaha)and there are others in Pakatan who are openly for LGBT rights.

    Even Siti Hasmah, who was held in high esteem partly because she stayed out of politics, has been conscripted into this campaign.

  4. Do you wear V-neck and sleeveless clothes that are tight-fitting?

  5. Her husband, Dr M came out with a statement about American mothers who “sleep around with just about anybody” and he contrasted that with Asian cultures.

    He should look in his own country where cases of baby-dumping, baby thrown from flats, daughters abused by fathers, bohsia etc are not uncommon.

  6. "Do you wear V-neck and sleeveless clothes that are tight-fitting?"

    Yes...very often. for me its a most comfortable outfit.

    I don't think I'm gay...far from it hahaha....

  7. To anon 11.12am,

    Watch out, they are targeting people like you!

  8. I oso like to carry sling bag....but i only like gals. How ah ? Gay or not ?

  9. I carry a man's handbag when I'm out and about, too.
    Technically called a messenger bag.Its actually very practical for a busy man who has to move around. Of course, the design is obviously different from a ladies bag.

    It really should not be embarrassing or suspicious for men to carry a handbag.

  10. Wow! Looks like so many LGBTs follow Ktemoc's blog !

  11. He was not gay when he was young in Penang.
    Poked too many backsides, poked wrong one, ran to Australia.
    His extreme cowardice has made him a gay now, after discovering he is suffering from incurable diseases and illnes.

  12. Did you now that gay used to mean "happy".
    That is still the main meaning in the dictionary.

    But if you state in public that you are gay, you will attract a lot of dirty looks.
    A lot of people will start sitting further away , and a few may start moving a bit too close..