Saturday, September 08, 2012

Keselamatan Malaysia Terjamin

malaysiakini photo

Above photo is ample proof that the courageous and intrepid police have once again ensured the national security of Malaysia. This priority arrest explains why they could not devote resources to the 'ordinary' type of crimes like robberies, assaults and gangster-ism which currently plague Malaysians. Syabas to the men and women in blue.

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  1. If you scan the police announcements and think a bit, you would realise the sheer massive size of the effort to hunt down and prosecute those involved in stepping on Najib's stupid mug, mooning on Rosmah's ugly photo and flying that funny flag. As if they were hunting dangerous terrorists.

    Those of us who have had the unfortunate experience of being the victim of a crime such as snatch theft , housebreaking ,robbery know well that the amount of investigative effort the police normally put in is trivial or non-existent.

    This is a shameful police force which has completely forgotten their true duty to the people of the country.

  2. syabas to the men in blue?

    Syabas to Najis Razak and Barisan Najis lar.

    as usual , ktemoc completely misses the point.

    As though PDRM is really to blame.

    stupid is as stupid talks.


  3. or mebbe becoz ktemoc the stupid couldnt somehow find a way to blame this also on DSAi and PKR.

    So mebbe he thinks better to just blame PDRM and mebbe people will forget whos really pulling the PDRM's strings.

    Barisan Najis ass licker in action.


  4. Of course...Najib tells IGP...go jump on this case...IGP high boss ?

    But really, Najib is not IGP's boss...that's a piece of ignorance with the police force.

  5. First, he said the police have better things to do, but did not do them.
    Then he praises the police.
    That's a cowardly man, who speaks the truth and got cold feet, praising the police to avoid being investigated.
    Read the post carefully.

  6. KT is using sarcasm or reverse psychology in this article.

  7. Anon of 1:19 PM, September 08, 2012, it's alright . The other Anon (of 11:36 AM, September 08, 2012) is none other than Monsterball. As usual, he shows he is totally idiotic wakakaka.

    As for poor sunwayopal, he is just venting his vitriolic bile on me. a lamentable but essential part of his anwarista life. I wonder how he will be able to go through life with any meaning if there were no me and my posts for him to attack, wakakaka

  8. ala if there were no DSAI and PKR i wonder how ktemoc the stupid will ever pass his days.

    worse still if somehow Pakatan were to win and DSAI becomes PM.

    useless Najis Razak secret fanboy!!

    kakakaka !


  9. "KT is using sarcasm or reverse psychology in this article"

    Dear Anon 1:19 PM,

    Not for nothing RPK is having grouses with a lot of his readers ( read his post on "The Trouble With Mother-Tongue Education")....but over at this blog and many others too, we have a profusion of such malaysians who take things too literally, who could not understand, even to save their very lives, what is sarcasm or irony or having a sense of humour.

    Leave these people alone.....waste of time even to enlighten them....casting pearls before swines ?

  10. mindless moronic Myrmidons wakakaka