Friday, September 14, 2012

Fabrications & narrow minds

Malaysiakini - Anwar condemns anti-Muhammad film

It's lamentable the 'freedom of expression' enjoyed by westerners has been exploited to vilify and demon-ize Islam and all Muslims. In Australia, on a daily basis I receive hate emails abusing and demon-izing Muslims with sheer utter fabrications - example, Muslims are pushing for Aussie public schools to ban pork in their canteen, Muslims are demanding that Australia's national anthem be sung in Arabic, etc.

When I explained to those who sent the hate emails to me that it's fabrications, they abused me in turn for being a Muslim lover.

The fabrications are so outrageously bullshitty that no clear minded reader would have believed them but unfortunately, they appeal very much to those with hatred in their hearts and vengeance on their minds.

I am aware many of them (Malaysian expatriates) hate Muslims like some Australian bigots for no other reason than they hate Malays. And they hate Malays because they have incorrectly attributed their disadvantages in Malaysia to the so-called ketuanan Melayu or practice of Malay supremacy and the apartheid NEP by the authorities.

When I tried (again) to explain that many Malays suffer (still do) the same advantages, in fact some more than Chinese, and that the ketuanan Melayu and associated NEP freebies are actually ketuanan UMNO and mainly UMNO NEP freebies, they pordah me.

Some (most sadly) even supported and cheered the Israeli military in their vicious war crimes during Operation Cast Lead and in the high sea murder of some Turks on the MV Mavi Marmara by Israeli commandos.

When I explained (alas, again futilely) that if they wanted to equate Malaysian 'nons' to the situation in Palestine, the 'nons' would be like the Palestinians while the Israelis would be the equivalent of Malaysia's UMNO apparatus.

But alas, they have already made up their narrow minds that UMNO = all Malays = all Muslims.

Talking about films, what about the lies about Lim Kit Siang propagated by Tanda Putera? For more of Shuhaimi Baba's bullsh*t, read The Malaysian Insider's May 13 witness defends Kit Siang in flagpole incident.

I have no doubt there are equivalent 'narrow minds' who want to believe Lim Kit Siang did pee on the flag post in the Selangor MB's residence.

I think I like to pee on Suhaimi Baba's evil film.


  1. To some malays, unfortunately and sadly, if umno and its mouthpiece utusan said black is white, then white it is, even if their eyes tell them it is actually black. All they need to do is to just simply close their eyes willingly, then everything is so uncomplicated black and sepet no good, si botol contemptible, malays very good, especially the constitutional malays.

  2. On the Other hand....Muslims like those who killed the US Ambassador to Libya, torched the US Consulate in Benghazi, and attacked US Embassies throughout the Arab world, are just cementing the stereotype of Muslims as a bunch of crazed, brainless fanatics.

    The late Ambasssador Christopher Stevens was a rare American official who had a deep knowledge and respect for Arab culture and Islam in general. And they killed him like a dog.

  3. By the way, the Arab-on-Arab violence being perpetrated by the Assad regime in Syria is far worse than anything Israel has committed in the Occupied territories in 4 decades.
    But Ktemoc has chose to be deaf and mute on Syria. Talk about double standards....Podah !

  4. QoS
    Remember what happened to Mel Gibson when he filmed Passion of Christ depicting the Jews killed Chirst.

  5. So LKS peed on himself.

  6. LKS is a liar. He is a hard core politician for god sake. CAT my foot.

  7. Arab-Arab violence in Syria is heavily supported by Obama and Israel. They give the weapons and are taking risks by helping Al-Qaeda in Syria to overthrow Assad.

  8. If Obama were trully heavily supporting the rebels in Syria, the Assad Army would be a pile of scrap junk metal by now, like Gaddafi's tanks.

  9. Woah....poor pathetic pundek monsterball is still boiling away, kakakaka. Calm down, old man. Don't let your next heart attack to happen at the computer, hehehe. Bewarned !!!!!

  10. "LKS is a liar. He is a hard core politician for god sake. CAT my foot."

    Yeah, najis, moo moo hideen, the mad hatter witch doctor are all honest to goodness soft core politician, for god's sake. 1 Malaysia my foot !

  11. The Palestinian - Israel conflict has got nothing to do with religion just like almost every 'religious conflict' in the world . This are no more than small groups of people using naive robotic masses to serve their own selfish objectives . And what better weapon than religion . People defend their own religion vigorously even if they do not have any understanding of their own religion in the first place . Religion cannot be questioned as anyone question not just the religion but anyone who claims to be a religious leader is automatically labeled as blasphemous . So religion is one weapon where evil people can get the masses to fight and die without knowing what is the cause they are fighting for . Second to religion is race another characteristic easily that can be used to control people . In Syria , which is homogenous , people kill each other but in other conflicts religion and race often converts power grabs as religios or racial conflicts - the most obvious being may 13 1969

  12. Well said, Jeyan !

    Untuk agama, bangsa dan negara !

    Not for nothing all these past celup PMs keep on using that mantra of For Religion, Race & Country.

    But for this trick to work, they need to keep the majority backward and feudal.....see how they rush out bowing and scrapping and kissing these celups' hands when their 'saviours' arrive in great pomps with their bodyguards and entourage.