Monday, September 03, 2012

Khalid Ibrahim from frying pan into fire

Malaysiakini - A fancy, well-equipped bus for PKR polls tour all paid for by Khalid Ibrahim's own money (not Selangor state public funds). The PKR polls tour would be headed (not helmed wakakaka) by Anwar Ibrahim.

Malaysiakini photo

Malaysiakini - State sec adhered to all procedures, says Selangor MB with regards to why HRH Sultan of Selangor was not invited but Anwar Ibrahim (only an economic advisor to Selangor) inexplicably became the state Merdeka celebration's guest of honour.

Why did Khalid Ibrahim as MB of Selangor make such (no, not just faux pas but) a terrible blunder, a monumental breach of protocol?

Anyway, do you see the connection between the two, the bus and the Selangor State Merdeka celebrations?


C'mon, give it a try, a guess!

I am also guessing wakakaka.

I think Khalid Ibrahim is in trouble, which has been why he blundered humongously in giving precedence to Anwar Ibrahim instead of HRH.

The sort of trouble that comes from within PKR, it being their favourite hobby wakakaka.

I guess he's insuring himself for the next federal and state election, and his future position as MB Selangor.

And how does he do that?

See above two issues.


  1. Kaytee,why don't you write something about Umno and it's siblings for a change.Go man go,give all you have about the corrupted goons who are about to be chased out to slumberland.

  2. No, Please don't simply spread UMNO disinformation (or is that deliberate??)
    The Event in question was a Merdeka EVE celebration - an informal affair, with pop stars , games and entertainment thrown in - low brow stuff which the Sultan of Selangor has never attended, and not been invited in the past.
    My reading of this is Umnofied officials around the palace chose to make an issu out of this when this was never a past issue, including from BN days.

  3. I really pity Khalid. Being played out left, right, front and center by Anwar and Azmin.
    Our pal is a corporate man who is not at all politically savvy.
    He is like the Malay proverbial mentimum or cucumber.Digolek luka, kena golekpun luka.
    This guy shoukd just leave Keadilan.

  4. monsterbaby, the police and armed forces withdrew from the Selangor National Day procession; of course we knew they did so due to instructions from their bosses (for political reasons and not because HRH was not invited), but nonetheless their originally programmed participations indicated the State's celebration was not just an informal affair.

    Though in this post I offered a possible cause for Khalid missing out HRH and making instead Anwar as the principal guest in the state's Nat Day celebrations, I cannot, for the life of me, understand how Khalid could have been so stupid as to make such a monumental blunder in not inviting HRH, regardless of whether the celebration proceedings was formal or informal, UNLESS there was already an agenda for Anwar to hog the limelight when delivering his (pre-election campaign) speech at the celebrations (for max impact), and where the presence of HRH would not be convenient.

    Poor Khalid has been under siege from within PKR, but his action to leap out that PKR frying pan (by bodek-ing Anwar mightily) has now landed him in the royal fire - hence my choice of title for this post.

  5. "UNLESS there was already an agenda for Anwar to hog the limelight when delivering his (pre-election campaign) speech at the celebrations (for max impact), and where the presence of HRH would not be convenient."

    by reading your preceding article and the above, dont u think khalid is doing the right thing? i think u r the one that should make up your mind, politics or no politics from the royal, so ur guess is just a guess or gas.

  6. I think there are more important issues than whether khalid made a mistake by not inviting the Sultan . I am more angry about police wanting to take action against Pak Samad for reciting a poem or some youths for holding a flag ( since when did reading poems and holding flag become a crime in this country ?). I am angry that an opposition bus is splattered with red paint and windows broken but police being more interested in an elderly man reciting poems . I am also more angry with the federal govt trying to protect the cronies while state govts being on the side of the people . I am angry about being made to pay more than RM50000 when I buy a decent car just because of APs . I am convinced this govt is only interested in staying in power , not running the country . This is proven by the way they hijacked Merdeka day into BN day . Your blog did not seem upset that the common man was no invited for the Merdeka day celebration though public money was used but the issue of the Sultan not being invited is being overblown though HRH never attends this event even inthe past . I think selangor and Penang are being run much better than the previous regime . Even my Chinese contractor friends were happy when PAS ruled Terengganu because they were paid on time and they did not have to bribe officials like now under BN. I don't think Pakatan is perfect or anwar is an angel . But I can see a lot of promise in more rational nonracial approach of Pakatan than I can c in BN. Also have to give credit to Pakatan for having kicked out racist like zul and Hasan Ali who are now supporters of this current regime . Your blogs main focus seems to be an underlying anti anwar theme . For me , I am going to take my chances with the angel I fon't then the devil I know!

  7. As a dr I look at the country as being consumed by cancer (BN), the country being consumed and destroyed internally by its own dysfunctional disease components rather than without . A like all cancers , the treatment is not going to be perfect and carry a lot of side effects , esp a cancer that has been allowed to propagate for so long. Like all treatment of cancers, most of the side effects are going to at the beginning when the cancer tries to fight back. This is something this country has got to go through to cleanse itself of this cancer. The treatment we propose is not perfect but has shown promise in some areas already ( Penang and selangor). If we keep waiting for the perfect pill to cure it his disease , we will wait forever and the cancer will eventually destroy us.

  8. My dear HuaYong, you are totally confused. While my article reiterates my political conviction that royalty in a democracy like M'sia which maintains constitutional monarchy should butt out of politics, it's not the same as the courteous protocol of inviting HRH to a National Day celebration, where the constitutional (not political) head has a unifying role to play - it was up to the MB to decide and he had done so, but with my observation it was a stupid decision which provided ammo to UMNO to shoot Pakatan by stirring shit about a biadap Pakatan in the Heartland, which incidentally PKR and PAS have hope to win votes from. It is frustrating that people cannot distinguish the difference - so it's little wonder Pakatan never wins hearts and minds in the Heartland.

    Jeyan, while I share your frustrations, just a couple of corrections to your incorrect belief. It actually took PKR and PAS ages to kick out those two treacherous rebels, very reluctantly, and only because those two went on and on until the most pro Malay-Muslim unity people in PKR and PAS could no longer hide or disguise the fact that they were obviously on UMNO's side, so I wouldn't give PKR or PAS any credit. In fact, even until today there are still PKR and PAS people who still support Zul Nordin and Hasan Ali, and want them back.

    It'd true I'm anti Anwar and if you people who cry ABU yet cannot see there's no difference between Anwar-Azmin and UMNO people, then you deserve to be conned for another 35 years (not counting the Tunku-Hussein Onn years).

  9. kt, i think u r one that confuse, the biadap or not biadap is one major criteria whether the royal should cease onvolvement in politics. yours idea is the typical thought of have one's cake and eat it too.

    it is apparently a political event, no?

  10. u still dun get the essence of tm when he wrote "but what they are doing today can be read as "clawback" to regain what they lost."

  11. I go to Helen Ang's blog to get the truth about DAP and I come to Ktemoc's blog to read the truth about PKR.

    Who says blogs are not reliable ?

  12. "you people ..... cannot see there's no difference between Anwar-Azmin and UMNO people, then you deserve to be conned for another 35 years (not counting the Tunku-Hussein Onn years)."

    As a neutral observer, not a PKR supporter but with no particular axe to grind against Anwar (I don't know much about Azmin), I think that is a rather extreme position which I cannot agree with.

    No doubt at all Anwar is a flawed figure, but waiting for Mr. Right to come around is definitely a recipe for another 35 years of defacto UMNO dictatorship by default.

  13. Rocket,an, like most PKR members/supporters, you're working on a premise which I don't agree with, namely, that Anwar MUST be the one to lead Pakatan into Putrajaya.

    Thus, my anti Anwar stand does not automatically translate into pro UMNO, which your premise (above) has led you to believe, and thus voicing to me your disagreement and that I have adopted a rather extreme position, or that I'm waiting for the perfect leader

    I'm all for voting UMNO out from government but I'm also for voting out Anwar and Azmin.

    Note, voting UMNO out from government is different from voting out UMNO.

  14. When come to making a blunder, I think Khalid "gagap" is second to none.

    And when things get blown up guess what would be Khalid's favorite solution? Issue a gag order! No?

    I agreed 101% with KayTee on this!


  15. Ktemoc, just to correct a possible misconception, my DAP membership is older than Lim Guan Eng' I'm definitely no PKR member.

    I support Pakatan Rakyat for sure.


    I may have been unsafe for the Selangor Sultan to attend the Merdeka Eve celebrations...hahaha

  17. Rocketman, what I had meant to write was that you are like ... - my apologies, there was no intention to suggest you're a PKR member

  18. i think anwar is fine and one of the rational candidate among pr to lead, not a must but realistically a much better choice in the current scenario.

    nurul is there bec of anwar, this is a fact. i dun know we shd call her an illusion or insurance. one from dap? another 50 years. one from pas? hmmm....maybe. pray tell who beside anwar?

  19. I think ktemoc is in lala land.

    There is no way DSAI will not win Permatang.

    I think all these innuendoes against PKR and DSAI is in the hope fools and idiots among the Malaysian public will vote against other PKR candidates.

    Be careful of what u read, ktemoc the stupid's forked tongue is just one small rung below that of Najis Razak.


  20. The slip in protocol will blow over and be long forgotten, come election day, the one day that the common folk hold immense power in their hands via the voting slip, they will be thinking about other more pressing issues.