Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No longer any sense of decency

A letter from Ali Kadir to The Malaysian Insider


SEPT 25 – I don’t know about you but I am disgusted with Umno and its sycophants, MCA and Gerakan, and I believe that we have to reject them wholesale for:

1) The culture of idiocy they nurture. There is a difference between BN and Pakatan Rakyat.

Whenever Lim Guan Eng or Khalid Ibrahim is accused of wrongdoing they dont hide. They come out with proof, sue to clear their name and even engage international audit firms. In contrast, till today no one knows how Altantuya Shaariibuus immigration records were erased or why the RM250 million sweet deal was given to Shahrizat Abdul Jalils family or how Cabinet ministers are able to live a life of luxury on RM18,000 a month.

Till today, there has been no rebuttal of the fact that millions of ringgit were paid in kickbacks to the highest offices in Putrajaya from a submarine deal.

Is that Zahid Hamidi?

2) The dumbing down of Malaysia. Umno newsletter, the New Straits Times, reported that local NGOs had received RM20 million to destabilise the government. These journalists must be as dense as their political masters.

And now we have Gerakan politicians going after possibly the cleanest politician in Penang.

See, this is the new strategy of the desperate. if you feel threatened by any individual or organisation just keep on flinging mud at them and hope that some of it sticks.

What Teng Chang Yeow and gang must understand is this: people are aware of the hypocrisy. For nearly two decades, Koh Tsu Koon and Gerakan did nothing and played dead when the state was being ravaged by Umno thieves.

Keris-muddin and Keris-Koh Tsu Koon

And now when they are out of power and irrelevant, they are suddenly talking about corruption, etc.

3) The culture of violence. Roughhouse tactics are being used by Umno and their associates to intimidate undergraduates contesting campus elections aligned with the opposition.

There is no longer any sense of decency. They just want to remain in power and want to silence any dissent.

We have a choice: we either put up and shut up OR we kick them out.


  1. I have found myself, unfortunately, most unenthusiastically, supporting a BN win for GE13.
    We need to prevent the rise of an Anwar Ibrahim administration and, further down the road, a PAS-style Islamic state.

    That is the greater evil which must be stopped.

  2. Ah Looi,

    Let's get this straight, prevent DSAI administration (whose tenure as Finance minister saw reduction and nearing surplus budget and not placing the country in further debt more than half a trillion) and PAS style "Islamic state" where they are now enforcing it in the state of Kelate "oppressing" the non muslim by giving them equal rights as citizen and not 2nd class malaysian?

    Just where did you get your factoids or did you just wake up one day and suddenly feel the urge to start wearing an aluminium foil hat? Did an alien brought you to their spaceship and showed you the alleged DSAI and Nik Aziz 'sex video"? On second thought, it will be pointless debating someone who believe wholeheartedly UMNO's Berita Hasutan, UtuSex 1Malaysia and TV3/4. Or may I call you Ah Loony?


  3. Nick,
    As I said, I support a BN win with great reluctance and lack of enthusiasm.
    However, you just need to spend time reading Ktemoc's numerous past articles why an Anwar Ibrahim administration would be a disaster for Malaysia. Its not loony, those are real facts.

  4. Yet another idiot supporting Barisan najis in fear of the greater evil.

    Bagus lah macam ini.

    truly, there exists idiots in Malaysia and not only a few, in droves !!!!


  5. "Yet another idiot supporting Barisan najis in fear of the greater evil."

    This I agree, this is another one of those idiot who always live in fear. They would rather continued to be screwed by the same devil than reaching out and create a new path/future for themselves. BN thank you for your idiocy.

  6. Maybe Ah Looi is being sarcastic in a subtle way.

  7. "... And now we have Gerakan politicians going after possibly the cleanest politician in Penang.

    See, this is the new strategy of the desperate..."

    Desperate measures against LGE like the Mansor Othman audio clip in TV3.

    Or some tenancy agreement.


  8. Some don't want to rock the boat
    They live in style or in fear of the unknown
    So they will rather get sodomized by the devil
    Then waiting alone for angels to sing them a song

    The years we have been conditioned
    We think Bee Anne has all the answers
    As the years capturing our minds and souls
    We have come to realize we are fools

    Bee Anne has been here
    The day of independence and now
    Slowly the inequality cutting edges
    Yet there are people crying don't rock the boat

    The country crying for a change
    She can't stand the smell of greed and corruption
    The power crazy leaders and followers
    They use force and fear to silent the critics

    It is time to rock the boat
    Let the evil feel the dizziness
    Of the undercurrent swelling it up
    For the day come we can truly celebrate

  9. Just to show there is a wide range of opinion on this.

    I'm all for voting in Pakatan Rakyat and kicking BN out. Ah Looi I am deeply troubled with the prospect of Anwar Ibrahim leading the country, as well the likelihood PAS will push for an Islamic state once it is in power.
    Anwar's undesirability as a national leader is well documented in Ktemoc's blog.
    PAS has a strong leverage on the Islamic state, as the ultimate threat of a PAS/UMNO combination has the numbers to override all objections from any other parties.

  10. Guys,
    Just wake up and get real.
    DAP leaders and members have been engaged in petty corruption for years.
    They never got into the real thing because (until 2008) the voters had never trusted them with any real power.
    Once they have even a modicum of power, they are attracted to graft like ants to honey.
    Just a few months in office in Selangor and Penang - kaboom ! - they have started their filthy games.
    Just a itsy bitsy prelude to what will happen if Malaysian voters are stupid enough to hand DAP the keys to Putrajaya.

  11. Who is the new kid on KT's blog named nick. Just came here and start chastising Ah Looi. Stop pontificating on that good for nothing Sodomy King Lor old boy.
    Ah Looi Is like us all here and KT. We are all against Anwar ever becoming PM. Get that.
    Do your homework before coming here. Din Merican is the best place for you.
    We can never accept fraud, fake and impostor as our PM.
    What Ah Looi said is representative of regular mamat, ah beng and maniam on the street.
    Dont try to be a smart aleck here.


  12. The current posting is "No longer any sense of decency - A letter from Ali Kadir to The Malaysian Insider"

    No mention of Anwar.

  13. Buttercup said ... "What Ah Looi said is representative of regular mamat, ah beng and maniam on the street."


  14. Anon 5.11 pmThe current posting is "No longer any sense of decency - A letter from Ali Kadir to The Malaysian Insider"
    No mention of Anwar.

    Anwar Ibrahim is always an issue whenever anyone puts forward the case that the BN government needs to be replaced.

    Anwar is PR's Achilles heel.

  15. Caravanserai made my day...... ! Welcome back, thought you left this site for good, phew ~ so good to see you here again. As usual, great stuff......

    "It is time to rock the boat
    Let the evil feel the dizziness
    Of the undercurrent swelling it up
    For the day come we can truly celebrate". Yay, you can say that again !

  16. Welcome new kid Nick on-the-blog !

    I might be ambivalent about Anwar but at this juncture, it is without a doubt umno MUST go. These umno shits stink SO much that even heaven find it intolerable and here we mere mortals on earth are suffocating and choking to death.

    Would Anwar be so stupid to alienate the 85% chinese ( and counting! ) who are now sitting on the PR sampan ? And these chinese are not asking for the moon.....they recognize and fully aknowledge that the majority poor are the malays and the natives in Sabah and Sarawak, thus would not grudge any policies to help them; so any new policies to stop the plundering of the nation's coffer and to stop all these nauseating racism and 'ungratefulness' would be welcomed by the nons.

    Anwar should now make greater effort to stop the indians from going back to BN to get more of the abuse they had been getting for so many decades.

    We readers must not be naive....many MCA and Gerakan lapdogs are now shitting bricks fearing that their crumbs will cease to drop from their master's table should UMNO fold you will see them disguising as Ah Looi, Ah Kow and Ah Seng trying to create fear that this country will turn islamic, or that PR will administer the country worse than UMNO.

    Who listens to these lapdogs anymore ?

  17. It would be an injustice if we neglect to include the likes of Kalai and Frog to the Ah Looi.

    Hey guys, cease your futile drivels....we the rakyat had had it up to here with the arrogance and plundering of UMNO.

  18. The guy who tried to subvert the election vote with his 916 Frogs.
    The guy who once threatened to silence the bells of Hindu temples "forever"
    The guy who forced through mandatory Muslim doa prayers at morning assembly in schools, leading to the continuing Islamisation of the education system.
    The guy who initiated the transfer of non-Mandarin speaking Headmasters to Chinese schools, precipitating the tension which lead to Operasi Lallang.

    This guy is unfit and dangerous to become Malaysia's leader.

  19. In case you don't know, the individual above is Anwar Ibrahim.

  20. "In case you don't know, the individual above is Anwar Ibrahim."

    Even the deaf, the dumb and the blind would know it is AI lah. But we have lots more of such in UMNO and these are the blokes who's calling the shots NOW and are attempting to continue to further call the shots for the next 100 more years. Once they get to win GE13 with two thirds majority and have taken back Selangor, habis lah negara rules will be put in and the 'troublemakers' from the opposition will be made lenyap forever.

    But if PR were to win this election, at the very least, the UMNO element in it will not have such a free hand....buffeted as they were by the other opposition parties made up of non malays and enlightened malays. Would AI dare to cut his own nose by immediately renegade on his reform policies as promised during GE13 campaign ? The test will be seen as soon as there is a by election, tak payah tunggu sampai GE14. The 85% chinese and others who are now supporting PR will see to it.

    Yes, AI was despicable when he was with his cohorts in UMNO during those heydays....and he is still continuing to rouse suspicions even now. But at this late stage, better the lesser evil, cliche as it is ?

    Bottom line....UMNO langsung tidak boleh di pakai lagi. That whole Umno ship is teeming with leeches and pirates and bullies and liars and absolutely shameless hooligans, who are now fatcats sitting on millions and billions of stolen money and still hungering for more and more and more.....insatiable endless appetite that's so obscene.

  21. Anon 8,57 pm

    That wanna-be PM has always been despicable from his Abim days, in Umno and now Pakatan.
    If you don't believe, ask people who have worked with him before.
    All his so-called pals have deserted him.

  22. For the people who are in fear of POSSIBILITY of hudud, don't u all realize we already live in a Islamic state courtesy of BN. No less than 2 BN PMs ( najib and the mamak ) have declared Malaysia a Islamic state . The civil courts have washed their hands of their responsibility of protecting non Muslims by letting the Syariah courts decide in disputes involving Muslims vs non Muslims and questions of constitutional importance involving religions . Non Malays now risk losing their children and inheritance when an estranged spouse converts to Islam even though the marriage was under civil law . Worse still , non Muslims risk losing the bodies if loved ones to the body snatchers if Islamic dept zealots without having anywhere to turn to . We have lost all right to comment or give our opinion on issues that may directly or indirectly affect us just because it involves Islam . All under the watchful eyes of BN including so called guardians if the Chinese and Indians (MCA and mic). The largest statue of Buddha in Malaysia is at PAS ruled kelantan , whereas when they wanted to build a statue if the Chinese deity in sandakan , it was stopped by the BN govt because it would have been taller than the mosque . When a Chinese wakil rakyat entered a mosque at the invitation of the committee , BN media and leaders made a big hue and cry abt how a possibly 'dirty' non Muslim female could enter and give a speech in a mosque . When a princess from our colonial master entered a mosque , the MSM proudly showcased the pictures in their front page . For BN foreign non Muslims can enter mosques but not Malaysian non Muslims , more so an elected representative coming with donations. Recently many PAS leaders have been going to churches to foster goodwill with one of BN 's fivourite bogeymen- Christians . So who is the extremist - BN/ UMNO or PAS?

  23. Let us not forget which party is it that had a senior minister raise his Keris menacingly and threatened to use it on non Malays and some of the spectators asked him when?

  24. Spot on, Mr Jeyan. But our Ah Looi pura pura buat tak tau je. All these Ah Looi, or Ah Chua or Ah Yen Yen....all sudah ada one leg in other country mah....and their Permanent Residency passports all on the ready for them and their families, to flee the country at the first sign of trouble and let the rest of the raykat unable to afford to flee to suffer the brunt of any mayhem.

    That is why they can keep on electing the same devil that's ruling us for 55 years as long as they could continue to get some crumbs, which translates to some million dollar homes, some million dollars in several bank accounts, some hidden gold, some hidden assets that the government could not get hold of. During the WW2, these type are called the dirty japanese dogs. No different now....they are the dirty umno dogs.

  25. Well said Jeyan. Just to add the recent raid by the religious authority on Borders is another example of shariah law prevailing over civil laws. Our HM had the cheek to state that JakIm can act on its own independent of the govt. As at now the manageress was prosecuted simply because she is a Muslim

  26. Don't resort to nasty name-calling just because someone is ambivalent about supporting PR to be the next government.
    There aren't enough committed PR supporters to attain the majority of seats. Forget about the BN die-hards, but PR will need to assure and convince the doubters, the fence sitters.

    Those who worry about peace and security (that's a perfectly legitimate concern given Malaysia's history) , those who wonder whether PR can craft a functioning government, those who have doubts about Anwar Ibrahim's past and present conduct.

  27. Fascism:1. Over the board nationalism , flag waving , uniform
    s 2, disdain for human rights
    3. Labeling of anyone opposed to govt policies as traitors
    4. Scapegoats , usually minorities eg gays , Jews as the source of the country's problems
    5. Rampant sexism
    6. Controlled mass media
    7. Obsession with national security and invoking foreigners as bogeymen
    8. Use of religion as a political tool
    9. Protection of corporate entities , usually cronies over that of the people
    10.fraudulent elections . Elections are usually held to show to give legitimacy to the govt but often rigged 11. Rampant cronyism and corruption
    12.virtually unlimited powers to the police to enforce the law
    13. Disdain for the arts and intellectuals.
    14. Militarism. These are prof Laurence britt's definition of a fascist country . Think we qualify as we pass almost ever single criteria

  28. I would like to add a no15 to the esteemed prof's list for fascist criteria.
    15. The use the civil service particularly judiciary , police , CCM , media watchdogs , election commissions etc to serve the ruling party

  29. Jeyan,
    All 14 above are a perfect description of the United States of America.

  30. Anon9:33. Many countries fulfill this criteria but most do it more subtly . The more blatant ones including unfortunately our country and to a lesser extent USA since 9/11 esp